– Early WIP bento anime head –

So i dont have much to show yet but started working on a bento anime head



Still gotta decide on many things like the shape of the eyes and nose, maybe add the option to choose between a few different eyes and noses like you can with the ears, figuring out how to scale and position the head onto the SL avatar’s neck will be tricky too since the head is going to be rigged.

There is also another bento head in the works thats going to be released soon, it was just my bento experiment human head but it looked decent enough to be a product so im in the process of getting it omega applier compatible.



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25 Responses to – Early WIP bento anime head –

  1. Alyssa Brightstar says:

    omg, it look great!

  2. Freya says:

    How exciting :D Looks great so far!

  3. bronislav84 says:

    I’m so happy and excited! Keep up the great work!

    A question: About how much chance is there for the new anime head to be Omega also? I know how Omega works and with the shape we love it’s anything but standard, but maybe at least partly Omega would be possible? Would it be possible to support Omega makeup in addition to your own brand’s existing appliers? Yes I realize the answer is probably zero chance, but I’m curious if there’s any way and felt like I had to ask to be sure

    • Well omega wouldnt work, this isnt the SLUV

      • bronislav84 says:

        Hmm yes I figured. Not even skin though?

      • its not SLUV compatible, meaning its not possible because SLUV has for example a human nose, how would you even map that on a sharp, pointy anime nose? where would the nostrils part of the texture even go?

      • bronislav84 says:

        Good point! Nose texture intended for non anime heads would be hard to apply to an anime head. Pun complely intended BTW. Maybe necks though? I have a skin that that has an awesome neck part, and that part applies to the part of the mesh head just above the body, which as far as mesh goes is part of mesh heads.

        That is assuming you somehow get the head to position properly on bodies other than Kemono and Avatar 2.0 of course. Would love to use the new head with non anime bodies though. Are you considering some kind of neck fix to extend the neck if necessary? Not all bodies have a neck fix :(

        Seriously though thank you Uti for this!

      • yah i might make some kind of neck extension to make it compatible with non anime bodies

      • Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

        For me when it comes to omega, I would only hope for tattoo compatibility, skins would just looks strange either way even if they where compatable. But from what I understand, that won’t be possible.

  4. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    Lovely to some progress that this is happening, however how will it be with the general shape? Will it be adjustable to look more mature? Or will it be separate? I remember you mentioned something like that a while back when Bento was still new, but what is your opinion on that possibility now that you are more familiar with it? I’m asking since I tend to like to explore sometimes mature or adult rated zones, so maturity in the looks tend to be a slight issue.

    • WELLL, you have full control of every appearance editor slider if your head matches the default LL avatar head, but since this is an anime head, it will need custom joint positions to work and custom joint positions dont work with a lot of the sliders, but some of them do work so we will see how much the head can be changed, im hoping the general shape of it can be changed.

      • bronislav84 says:

        So what you were talking about before about bone conversion is not actually possible? Like if the cheek has to be here but we are putting it here, make it work with the cheek slider. That kind of thing is turning out to not be possible?

      • The appearance editor sliders control 2 things in bento face bones in order to change the face shape, the scale and the position of thsoe bones position. Like for example, nose tip is changed by changing the scale of the nose tip bone, but nostril width is controlled by changing the position of the nostril bones, moving the bones apart or closer to each other.

        If the head uses default LL bone positions for the face bones, both of these 2 things can be controlled by the appearance editor sliders, however the anime head is not a standard human face so the bones need to be moved to custom positions to match the anime face.

        Now the problem is that LL has disabled bone position changing through appearance editor for meshes that use custom bone positions, they explained that there is some kind of a conflict between custom positions and appearance editor positions due to the ass backwards way the game code is written and they are too lazy to rewrite the code to make it work, so they just disabled it instead.

      • bronislav84 says:

        I see, thank you for explaining that. So it will be as bento as possible with what the Lab allows. They’re so lazy

  5. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    Ok, If I may have two more questions.

    How will it be with the general shape, especially the back of the head? What I mean is that the Venus appeared somewhat squashed which I assume was to make room for hair while the regular M3 looked like a proper head when without hair.

    And how will the eyes be set up? Will they be scripted like before or will they be rigged to the base eyes? The reason I am asking this one is to know if it will be doable to have custom eyes that have depth, like some cyborg eyes, or will we have to settle with textures?

    • head shape will be somewhere in between m3 anime and venus, want it to not clip with hair but not look all awkward as well, eyes will be like the M3 heads because anime eyes are too big to work with eyeballs, they would be sticking out of the sides of the head and there’s all sorts of other problems, but you could alpha the eyes out and put in your own eyeballs

  6. Anii says:

    1/just to clarify this is an entirely different project to m3 or a continued more advanced/updated version?

    2/if it’s own thing would it be possible to have this be UV compatible with m3 skins (maybe even the appliers?) to give it a “head start” o-< (wink) in available mods ?
    (sorry bad pun)

    3/kemono bento beast head a future possibility at all? or maybe beast mouth is just an "option" under nose type?

    "yah i might make some kind of neck extension to make it compatible with non anime bodies"

    4/please! also consider neck extensions for m3a2 m3 and venus with respectable uv maps for each most solutions exist are imperfect hodge podge of overlapping meshs.

    5/whats the pricing ideas for the bento human head and does it differ much in looks from m3a2? (would love to see some pics of that too) the only reason I don't currently have one other than m3a2 is the high starting prices.

    Thanks ♥

    • Anii says:

      forgot to add looks great excited to see how it turns out!

    • 1. Well its a new head, not an existing one so if this was an update, witch head would this even be an update to lol, and it uses bento for expressions, not the traditional hidden prim method, the traditional M3 system would not work with it, so its a new project, This head is gonna be an M4 head.

      2. I originally wanted to do it like that too, but this head will have 2 different noses you can choose from the HUD and one of the noses wont b compatible with M3 textures :C, but im going to try to make it as close to the M3 UV standard so that it would be easy for creators to port existing skins to it.

      3. I dont like putting the cart before the horse so i didnt think that far.

      4. Send me an IM, i will give you a neck extension that works with mesh bodies like maitreya and stuff.

      5. the human head will be somewhere in between 400L and 600L, probably 575L dunno.

      • DS says:

        Thank you! This is a super exciting project to hear about and I’m happy I’ll (probably) be able to port my old M3 head texture to the new product!

  7. Ashlette says:

    I like the second design more :D

  8. Mohozumi says:

    Great !!!  I love your products.
    I combine M3animeHead & KemonoHead and use it now, (Human eyes & Feline muzzle)
    but It has two mouths,
    so I wish I can buy head like this… : https://imgur.com/a/mxOC4

  9. tempest1408 says:

    Excited for this! Really looking forward to changing the nose. It is such a cute anime head! <3

  10. Naomi Seto says:

    Looks good! Hope there will be an update of the Venus as well! I did want to ask though, any plans on adding customizable options, like make up layers? I’d like to gussy up my avie once in a while, without having to readjust everything on the head to match. @_@ Anyways, can’t wait to see more!

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