– The normie bento head is here –

Are you a filthy casual? do you have friends and leave the house on friday nights? are you active on facebook? not living with your parents and think anime is gay?

Well than this head is for you!

The normie bento head is the answer to all those overpriced, no mod, weird alien neck mesh heads, that you see on the market. This head Is SLUV/Omega compatible so you have a wide selection of skins, makeup, hair bases and other options. The head is also full mod so you can add those finishing touches.



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32 Responses to – The normie bento head is here –

  1. Clau says:

    you spelt maitreya wrong

  2. Someone says:

    That description is simply the best thing ever lol

  3. Anii says:

    showed one of my normie friends this head and they went crazy for it and snapped it up and couldn’t praise it enough, they were shocked it “has a good mouth” and even more surprised it was mod… I mean really why are some creators making heads no mod anyway ?

    anyway got a skin that’s a pretty good match for kemono looks great and super happy tnx

  4. serves to show them. xD

    and ah well. i guess it’s a matter of time until some mod creator creates lower-head cap to cover that hole

  5. Rikku says:

    And it’s Omega ready no relay no installer, nice! Most creators miss this completely. Thanks Uti. Snapping it up now.

  6. Anii says:

    got a question would it be possible (if wanted) to include the mesh eyes from avatar 2.0 with the normie head? I mean they already have their own separate eye hud and they are rigged/should work fine with this head right ?

    suppose the LL eyes are ok I just think the 2.0 mesh eyes are better(could maybe even sell the separate?)


  7. anon says:

    Will there be addons or maybe even a really simplified rig for this? You know for like braces and monster teeth. Or should the default/avastar LL head be a good enough base to do that with?

  8. Enderlife says:

    Did you want to make this?

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  10. catweb says:

    I have designed skins for AV2 body and head. Can’t work out how to get these into Omega form for the Normie head – any advice out there?

  11. Kon says:

    I hope, in future, there will be also a male (not anime) version ^ ^

  12. thesarali says:

    Are there any mod bodies that fit really well with this that are in the “filthy casual/normie” market?

  13. orcaflotta says:

    I consider myself random and irregular af. Can I still use the normie head? Or would that be considered a faux pas? And why would I even care about such insignificant opinions?

    Ok, shut the fuk up and take my money!

  14. JosieV says:

    Anyone know this shape and skin is from? https://gyazo.com/649abdba419406fb52d83aecc4c7d877

  15. Kris Ojasuu says:

    I am using the Normie head with Kemono body and I can make the skin tone blend but there seems to be a shading difference.. as if it shades the body differently to the head. Is there a way to fix this or it’s just how it is and gotta be patient for the bento anime head?
    screenshots-> https://imgur.com/a/h4tHL
    it’s as if it casts a shadow on one but not the other..

  16. Willa Va'nilla says:

    I wish this worked with TMP body. :( I feel like crying right now.

    • It should work if the TMP is using the standard LL neck connection, how else are people supposed to make their TMP bodies work with their LL heads

      • Willa Va'nilla says:

        I don’t know, i had asked TMP live help if this would work with the body and the person told me no, that only their mesh heads would work with the body so now i’m confused and even more unsure than ever. i tried the demo for the normie head but it had a space between the neck connection as if the normie head’s neck was too skinny for the body) i would really like to purchase this head though, it looks so cuteee and efficient. ;c

      • well thats lame, no wonder i never see anyone use TMP or make clothes for it

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