– wip – anime man head –

Another M4 bento anime head im working on, didnt post this earlier cuz i didnt have much to show yet. This is a little something i always wanted to make but didnt have enough time and motivation.


I All the anime guys on SL looked like dykes and kids with strap on beards or girly looking pretty boys, but no one has made an anime man head.

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  1. Raven says:

    Thanks for this! And I agree.. I’ve tried the BJD bento head and it just ended up looking like some Jpop reject XD That’s probably about the -manilyest- head out there so this is a welcomed product!
    Keep up the great work Uti!
    And even though people will probably bitch about this head like they are the Normie head, keep on with with what you’re doing and screw those other guys!

    • Kotten Hayd says:

      Hi, Raven. I love your Damien head and i think it’s look like on anime. Your bento head nice too if someone knows how to edit shape :>

    • pikangie says:

      This. I also gave up on Bento myself, so I am probably just going to use this if I ever need a bento head, hopefully allowing texture mods. It’s finally a head that people can use for adult male avatars. I was irked when I would see people using M3 or Venus for male adults, but they can only pass as younger than 16 imo.
      This head fits the “Otome” and “Yaoi” bishounen look.

      Any plans for this head to fit the Kuroo body, by the way? I feel it’d suit that best since it’s a body made just for anime-style mature male avatars. I think that is my only concern.

  2. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    So we have to possibility of 4 new anime heads, and all Bento at that. Sign me up.

  3. Rikku says:

    Okay….Ima put you on my list of psychics… Seriously, I was just thinking about how this would go over great with those with male or more masculine avi’s. Cool! Throwing out the word to anyone who will listen, heheh.

  4. Anii says:

    wow great to so many new projects! wondering if the new body idea/project is still in the works?

    • Anii says:

      also wondering any experiments/ideas maybe using animesh to animate the older m3 eye/mouth without needing to make the head bento and get rid of all those mesh frames?

      (as far as my understanding of the beta animesh tech it can do this currently)

      • Anii says:

        rigged mesh moving with animation files that don’t need to be attached to an avatar.

        ^that video explains it pretty good, also seems like you can attach an animesh to your avi and it will behave as if it is an object rather than goto its rigging position.

        not sure if it would work with my idea or not but its still pretty neat

      • Anii says:

        oops meant to say because you could move it around like an object and it wouldn’t have to be fixed to one location for different body types…. right ?

        nevermind maybe I misunderstood how it worked >///<

      • well in theory you would be able to do something like that with it but there’s lots of limitations and it would be awkward to rig and than animate, on top of that you can only wear one animesh object at a time so wearing that will make you unable to wear anything else like pets or whatever else they come up with

  5. sebbykins says:

    I know there aren’t really alot of mature male heads out there and this one looks amazing! I can’t wait when it comes out because I know I will be getting it for sure! :3 I know I have a question though, is it going to work with 2.0 or other type of bodies too?

  6. Kotten Hayd says:

    Hi, Uti. You’re wrong. There is exist male anime heads -> first version of Raven BJD head (Damien), and… Cerezo by Audax Inc (bento too). But with my addiction to male anime heads i want ask you release your product in the near future. I very-very like it one too!

    • pikangie says:

      Yeah. I don’t want to be rude, but it feels the same as when he announced the M3 head, saying it was the “first” anime head with 3D eyes… but the first that I knew of was the “Unreal” heads which were many years earlier and had 3D eyeballs, and then JRPG heads, then years later M3 came out claiming to be first… I don’t know if he’s saying this kind of stuff on purpose or if he just doesn’t realize other anime creators have made things before he did.

  7. Ces says:

    Looks wonderful, Thanks so much for making this!

  8. Murky bubble says:

    Will I be able to make the chin super pointy?

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