– WIP M4 anime heads and whats up with the update server? –

Okay so first of all, whats the deal with the update server?, as some of you noticed by now, the update cards do nothing, this is because the update service we use has collapsed and not much is clear with wtf is even going on https://hippo-technologies.info/2018/02/14/rackspace-service-issue/, there’s lots of speculations that the company “hippo technologies” is loosing money and bailing out on their web based services and making up lies about their web host “rackspace” having a catastropic server failure (that they do not mention themselves anywhere) as this predatory blog post from their main competitor “casper tech” mentions. https://blog.caspertech.co.uk/the-fall-of-an-empire/
All these assumptions come from a follow up post from Hippo tech https://hippo-technologies.info/2018/02/16/rackspace-cloud-infrastructure-failure/ 
This post gave me more questions than answers, not much meaningful information was given and they arent being very clear with things. Rackspace is working on rebuilding the database so they arent taking any action yet, so they will later when work is done? but than they are going to step away from those legacy services, so are they going to migrate all the data to their new services or whatever they are doing now? and what the fuck even are those legacy web services? are all their current services like vend and updates and all that shit considered legacy? if so what else does hippo tech even do now that is current and not legacy? do they still have any other web services that they could merge our data with, or will they at least let us migrate to another server before they step away?

So yeah these are the questions, so im going to wait around a little to see if any more information will come out of them, but im not keeping my fingers crossed and will look into better update service alternatives, I will come up with a way and post instructions on how to migrate to a new update service when i have that worked out.

– And now, for the anime heads –

So where am i now with this, i had a few bumps in the road and had to redo the main anime head 2 times but its pretty much final now. Both the Anime and Chibi heads are rigged and unwrapped, i just finished making a bunch of skin and other textures and created a bunch of necks and special textures for those necks to make the heads fit the kemono, av2 and the LL/normie bodies seamlessly, i will make a dev kit for custom skin creators to be able to blend their body skins with the head skin by using a method called baking in blender. The UV maps for both female heads will accept same textures, so there wont be any more confusion like when people used to buy an M3 anime head skin and wonder why it doesnt work on their M3 Venus head, or the other way around, one skin will fit both. Eye textures are still the same as M3 heads, so all the eyes you already have should work right away, Eyelashes will work for the most part too, some might look kinda funky on eye shape B though, but other than that, the texture is the same, and also the blush texture, if anyone ever bothered making mods for that.

The male head still needs textures but the base skin texture is finished, Also gonna make a neck that makes it work with the kuro body.

I ran into a dilemma with the Chibi head, will probably need to redo its shape a little, but the problem is that it doesnt work with half of my hairs, they clip at the sides, also its ear position makes hairs with very specific ear locations look weird, so some kind of a compromise will need to be made. Other than that, everything is pretty much done, now i just need to create a new HUD and all the face animations and hand it all over to Kourtnee for scripting.

Heres a bunch of random work in progress images.

nose2faceshapeschibi wipskinguyheadtest

That is all.



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51 Responses to – WIP M4 anime heads and whats up with the update server? –

  1. Alyssa Brightstar says:

    :O love it! <3

  2. Ann says:

    thanks for the update! looks great! got a couple of questions if ya have time to answer?

    chibi and m4 use the same texture did you get to make it back/forwards compatible with m3 uv for appliers?

    also any chance the chibi/m4 head also come with a static unrigged? so they can be used with avatars that use unconventinal positions via deformers?

  3. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    Looks real nice so far.

    Also, I just want to clear out some confusion. Just how many of these M4 heads are currently in the works? Are it those shown? Chibi, Normal, and Mature Male? Or are there one Mature Female version as well that some where hoping for similar to the Venus? From what I can tell that last bit seems a bit ambiguous at the moment whether it is the case or not.

  4. eksynn says:

    will the female heads work with the venus skin? (or even the M3 anime skin?) (‘▽ ‘ ) SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS -boards the hype maglev bullet train-

  5. anon says:

    Because they’re bento, will these have demos so we can see if we like the shapes we can make or not? Static heads didn’t need them, what you see is what you get, but I feel these will need some.

  6. Name (required) says:

    what hair is that

  7. Kotten Hayd says:

    I like it, but this is bad news about UV maps. Because a lot of creators will lost audience with their old texture mods. Can you make 2 version for Venus head UV maps? For new and old products.

  8. Ann says:

    I missed it on first read but I re-read the hippo stuff. pretty sure they are calling second life legacy. saying they are not going to attempt to retrieve the databases and are stepping down?

    ps:would be a lot less of that “abandoned land” if they made it more accessible to people.

  9. Freya says:

    Will the M4 be a new thing in the store we have to buy even though we already own an M3 venus or other or will it be like the Bento update for the body were we get it through the update card?

  10. LENUSCHKA says:

    I like that there is an update Venus head, but I would like to leave the old version. Could you make 2 versions of the old and the new or make a universal head suitable for new and old textures?

  11. mkn says:

    i’m a brainlet and this is a genuine question, not complaining or anything. how hard, from a tech/3d standpoint, would it be to make the m3 venus bento? I’m just curious as to why not take the m3v and implement bento into it instead of making a whole new head.

    thanks and goodwork.

  12. Nero Ravenheart says:

    I just realized this update was posted on my birthday. really excited for these. keep up the good work util!

  13. Nero Ravenheart says:

    venus head is really one of my favorite heads tbh. gonna be a pain that old skins made for the kemono and venus won’t work anymore, but when these heads release, i’m sure there will be plenty of new skins made, and they’ll work for both shapes, and that is very good to know that any of the next “m4” skins will work for both heads without as much confusion. thanks util! can’t wait for the next update. and yeah… hippovend has been doing a stupid lately. heard caspervend was better, but thats me. and personally, even from a neutral standpoint, its pretty convenient to just get their free redelivery terminal, click it and check all the updated stuff i got via casper at one time. its kinda cool too, i realize i’ve bought so much junk over time, a lot of the stuff i find i forgot i even had, and its nice to be able to just get a copy again whenever.

  14. Yaoi says:

    Dumb question but gonna ask anyway to be sure; is the male head’s neck gonna include Av.2.0 and/or normie/LL options too? The heads are all looking great so far! Thanks for your hard work!

  15. Tomosuke says:

    Wallet is on standby. I have been wanting a nice anime male head for a while. The Raven Bell bento heads are nice, but a little too realistic in some ways.

  16. Zayin (Matteste Elton says:

    One thing I do hope after these are release is that we start to see more things made specifically for the heads now that they are rigged.

  17. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    Sorry for the double post, but it just struck me, will the neck be compatible with Rikugou?

  18. peepoopeepoo says:

    do you have any rough estimate of a release date yet? e.g. think it’ll come out by the end of this year? I’m really excited, this is a huge game changer. Good work

  19. pamelitarc says:

    Muy buenas tardes(Desde Perú), me interesa mucho el M3 y el Kemono avatar así como la Venus, ando mas enfocada en lo que es Maitreya body + M3 anime head, me preocupé mucho cuando no recibía la actualización ya que como suelo hacer vídeos sobre el tema del avatar en youtube tuve que arreglarmelas con el reedelivery para que me llegara el paquete de nuevo y walaaaaa era lo que necesitaba, gracias muchas gracias :D
    Saludos y muchos abrazitos y besitos jijiji >u<

  20. pikangie says:

    Will the male head work with the Kuroo body’s neck?

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