– A new update system and how to get your update –

So To recap what happened, our update system died because hippo vend (our update service provider) pulled the rug under everyone and left SL.

For the past 2 weeks i have been working on migrating my products to a new update system, it was a huge pain in the ass, mostly due to LL’s inadequate web services when it came to retrieving marketplace sales data, and some data was lost, but most of it i manage to salvage.

So anyways, all the work is done, new update system with new update cards are in place and heres what you need to do to get your hands on those new update cards:

For marketplace users:

>>>Simply go to any casper vend redelivery termial and find the latest version of your item along with the new update card and request a redelivery.<<< I dont have one at my store yet but other stores around me should have one or two, also my items have no preview images yet.

I could not retrieve sales data for August 2014, January 2015, March 2015, April 2015 and May 2015, If you are one of the unlucky people that bought something during these months, heres what you need to do:

1. Go to the marketplace web page.
2. Click My marketplace.
3. Click My account.
4. Click order history and look for the item you need.

Once you find it, copy its order number (NOT the item ID!) it will be a 10 digit code on the left size under the purchase date, for example Order#1469386064. Make a new notecard, write the name of the item(s) you want redelivered and paste the order number(s) and send it to me. Do not include order numbers for things that are unaffected by these missing sales dates. scroll back up and read the part about the casper redelivery terminal.

Alternatively, if you have too much history to dig through, you can also find it in your mail if you keep your MP purchase confirmation emails, it should be called Invoice# but it will be the same 10 digit order number.

If you are really shit out of luck and cant even find it there or you are not even sure if you even got it through the marketplace, use the method bellow.

For ingame store users:

If you have bought the item in one of my ingame store locations, you are not completely fucked either, heres what you need to do:

1. Wear the item in question.(NOT the update card or the box, i need to see the product itself)
2. Open its folder in your inventory.
3. Right click and edit the item to bring up the build menu.
4. Click on the general tab where it shows you as the owner and me as the creator of the item you are wearing.
5. Make sure your name tag is showing above your head.
6. Take a screenshot of everything, DO NOT save it to your SL inventory as a tiny ass unreadable snapshot, save it to your desktop and DO NOT upload it to SL, upload it to an image hosting website like www.imgur.com (please dont use websites that arent streamlined for image hosting, like drop box, they are a pain in the ass to view) and paste me the link.
IF you have multiple images, upload them all to the same gallery you create.
Dont send me pictures of boxes or update cards.

Due to the volume of update/redelivery request messages i am getting, messages with incomplete information will be ignored. For example, just a messages such as “hello, i need update for kemono” with no order number or other proof of ownership included, with the intention of waiting for me to get back at you and ask you for that information, i have no time for these turn based games, so give me that information up front so that i could get back at you with an update ready. Or messages with tiny blurry screenshots of stuff, or random numbers you copied from fuck knows where that arent order numbers.

Do not include irrelevant items! Old products like the M2 anime heads that have no updates and never will, stuff that never came with a update card such as rikugou hairs and head gear and single color avatar 2.0 clothing items (unless you bought the fat pack that contains all the colors), these items dont have updates for them and are unrelated to this update system change, pretty much everything that does not originally come with an update card, is irrelevant.

OH and another thing, DONTuse my own or other people’s notecards, create one your self by right clicking anywhere in your inventory and choosing new notecard, it needs to have your name as the creator or i will not know who it came from and wont be able to get back at you.


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19 Responses to – A new update system and how to get your update –

  1. Anonymous says:

    At this point i’m better off rebuying a lot of items, this is fucking tedious.

    • Ann says:

      not the creators fault, they do not have to but are doing everything they can to fix the problem.

      I know creators on SL still selling broken products either because LL changed how something worked or because of a permission/bug whatever and they are just too lazy to fix or remove from the market.

      as far as sl service goes this is exceptional

      • Anonymous says:

        I know it’s not, this helps the creator get money and saves me time

      • Akasha58 says:

        En muchos sitios ponen al lado del producto el reloader, como un cartel . Se hace facil para el cliente y comodo. Ademas de perdida o error humano de borrar algo importante, como comprador te vas al cartel pinchas y te lo reenvia. seria lo correcto por una cabeza de 500$ o un cuerpo. Mas despues de que la tienda no lleva poco.

      • sorry i only understand english

  2. Ann says:

    quick question, my kemono is already updated a but not on casper, should I do the screenshot thing or just hold out for now, I saved my original boxes and wonder how likely kemono will be updated again?

    thanks appreciate the time and effort put into fixing this.

  3. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    Given how many of Uti’s items I have, and as far as I know, I bought all of them inworld, I think it is best to ask. Which items are the ones most likely to receive updates in the future?

  4. Kotten Hayd says:

    The best way when Linden Lab can make redelivery system for copyable items at the marketplace. But it’s just a dream xD

  5. babygirlcupcake says:

    what version is the kemono and M3 Heads now?? I think i can grab ne of the M3 Heads from the vend but may have to send NC with Link for the other and my Kemono, been far too long since i usd av2.0 I usually stick with Kemono.

  6. Yepthatsme says:

    Is it ok to do one request first and make a gallery with all the others later? I might have sent a request without thinking about that first.

  7. meee says:

    fuck my hippo, you got to be kidding

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