– M4 neck blending –

This tutorial will show you how to blend your body skin texture with your M4 head neck using Blender.

If you haven’t already, download the M4 Texture Developer Kit and find the “Neck Texture Bake.blend” file and open it in Blender.

For Avatar 2.0

First, make sure you are in blender render mode.

1. Select the “M4 UV sample AV2” object from the list
find its object layer and make it show by clicking on it
go to the texture tab and load the head texture you want to blend the neck to.
texturetab 4. Click open

2. Select the “Av2 neck M4 UV” object from the list (its going to be in the same layer as the “M4 UV sample AV2” object) and go to edit mode by pressing tab on your keyboard, (if it isnt selected already, select the wireframe in the UV windows by pressing A) and than create a new 1024×512 texture

3. Select the “M4 UV sample AV2”, hold shift and select the “Av2 neck M4 UV” then go to the render tab and scroll down to the bake menu. If it isnt setup already, choose bake mode as texture, mark the selected to active checkbox, set margin to 64px and click bake.
render tab

4. In the UV window, go to image and save your baked image, this will be the top part of the neck.

5. Select the “Av2 neck UV” object and go to the texture tab again and load the Avatar 2.0 body texture you want to blend the neck to.

6. Select the “Av2 neck M4 UV-B” object and go to its object layer
press tab to enter edit mode and select all by pressing A, go to image and create a new 1024×512 image for it.

7. Hold down shift and select the layer under the current layer you are in.

8. Select the “Av2 neck M4 UV-B” again, hold shift and select “Av2 neck UV” from the object list.

9. Go to the render tab, press bake again and save your baked image, this will be the bottom part of the neck.

10. Fire up your favorite image editor and paste both of your baked images into it, one on top of the other and than use a very soft eraser brush to blend them together.


For Kemono

Everything is pretty much the same here only the kemono parts are in the second object layer group and there is no “Kem neck M4 UV-B”, the “Kem neck M4 UV” is used in both bakes, you will need to hold shift and select both layers for “M4 UV sample Kem” and “Kem neck M4 UV”.

That is all.

– New update migration process for UTILIZATOR and ABC Apparel products –

Okay so to recap once more for those of you who have been out of the loop, our old update cards do not work anymore because hippo vend (our update service provider) pulled the rug under everyone and left SL.

With a lot of help and persistence to make our life more easy from a friend that doesnt want to be named, We now have a better way for you to migrate your stuff to our new update system. This will save everyone a lot of trouble, no more jumping through hoops.

So all you need to do now is:

A. As before, if you made any purchases on the marketplace that dont fall into these dates (August 2014, January 2015, March 2015, April 2015 and May 2015) you can find your items in any casper redelivery terminal (my items have no preview images yet so look for blank squares in the list). I dont have a Casper redelivery terminal at my own store yet.

B. If you bought stuff in game or you cannot find your items in the casper redelivery terminal, follow these steps:

1. Go to may mainstore at AMH and find the update card terminal thingie.
2. Wear your old non working update card(s)
3. Click the UTILIZATOR or the ABC box to receive new card, For UTILIZATOR products, click the UTILIZATOR box, for ABC Apparel click the ABC box.

Thats all, happy updating and report any problems to me or ABC.