– Bento for Dummies –

To clear up all the confusion and misinformation about the appearance editor sliders, heres a list of sliders that work and slider that dont work.

– head –
head size ———– works
head streach —– works
head shape ——– works
egg head ———– works
head length ——- works
forehead angle — doesnt work
brow size ———- works
upper cheeks —– Works with M4 Venus, doesnt work with M4 Anime and Chibi
lower cheeks —– works
cheek bones —— doesnt work


– eyes –
eye size —————- works with M4 Venus (only vertically for M4 Anime and Chibi)
eye opening ——— works
eye spacing ———- doesnt work
outer eye corner — doesnt work (HUD has a setting for it)
inner eye corner — doesnt work (HUD has a setting for it)
eye depth ————- doesnt work
upper eyelid fold — doesnt work
eyebags —————- work
puffy eyelids ——— work


– nose –
nose size ———– works
nose width ——– works
nostril width —– doesnt work
nostril division — doesnt work
nose thickness — works
upper bridge —– works
lower bridge —– works
bridge width —– works
nose tip angle — doesnt work
nose tip shape — works but effects the whole nose


– mouth –
lip width ———– doesnt work
lip fullness ——– works
lip thickness —— works
lip ratio ————- works
mouth position — doesnt work
mouth corner —- doesnt work
lip cleft ————– works
lip cleft depth —– works


– chin –
chin angl —- doesnt work
jaw shape — works (but adjusts chin shape instead)
chin depth — doesnt work
jaw angle —- works (but doesnt effect the whole jaw, does the same thing as chin-neck)
jaw jut ——– doesnt work
chin-neck —- works


I did not include sliders that are not supposed to do anything on bento heads, these would be eyelash length, both chin cleft sliders, eye pop and jowls, these sliders not supported by bento in general.

I also didnt include these useless face deforming sliders: face sheer, shift mouth and crooked nose.


Now lets talk about why these sliders dont work


I mentioned that there are technical limitations that are preventing the head from using all the sliders, but what are these technical limitations? after all the ASR head can use all its sliders…
An anime head is not a standard human face, therefore for an anime head to work with bento, it needs to have joint offsets for all the face bones (custom bone positions), and Bento uses bone scale and bone position to manipulate the face in the appearance editor. Now the problem is, due to the way the second life skeleton is set up, second life cannot tell the difference between an joint offset made by an appearance editor slider and an offset made by the creator, meaning your face shape will be overridden every time you log in or another person comes into the sim and looks at your face, therefore LL has disabled sliders from adjusting bone positions. Bone positions are used for things like mouth width, eye corner position, cheek bone position, etc so you are only left with scale adjustment for things like head shape, nose size, cheek size, lip size and so on.

If you are interested in more detail on what bones do what to change to appearance, check this out. https://avastar.guru/knowledge/slider-mapping/

So what magic does the ASR head use than? The way their heads work, they do not have joint offsets in the head itself, so no sliders get disabled, instead they uses a deformer animation trick to move joints to custom positions, same way the kemono deformer works to put the kemono’s shoulders, hips and feet in the right position. I have thought about it at one point but theres a bunch of drawbacks with that, like for example, sometimes the animation gets stopped and your face looks deformed to anyone who enters the sim after the animation has stopped, while you see yourself fine, and if you are a kemono user, you know this problem well, when your shoulders, just break and you end up with wide, detached, or dislocated feet, or the annoying shoulder pop that happens when you detach or attach something, or your shoulder width setting having no effect on your shoulders. This was a whole new can of worms that i didnt wanna open, but looks like i opened an even bigger can of worms, and now im begining to think that creating a bento anime head was a big mistake, with all the people who have never made a thing in their life and have no idea how SL even works, talking out of their ass like they know better than me…


Roadmap for the future development of the M4 heads


So next step is an update that is coming soon, fixing problems like the blush texture bug, restructuring the faces to allow asymmetrical textures and some other things.
After that im going to be working on the dummy model, once that is done i will resume work on the chibi head and once that is done, im going to try making a version of the M4 anime head that has a smaller face, the thing that bugs me the most about it right now is how massive the face looks with some hairs, people say the eyes is too big but its not just the eyes, the rest of the face bellow the eyes is too big, so theres gonna be 2 versions because the face does look really good with other hairs. I might also try to make some sort of an animation deformer based appearance editor aid for controlling eye, nose, shin and mouth position as well as mouth width, will see. And after all that is done, im finally going to resume work on the male head.



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14 Responses to – Bento for Dummies –

  1. Keetosu says:

    Depending on the quality of this hypothetical animation deformer appearance editor, you could potentially lower/remove the demand for a bento-rigged Venus head, given the range of customization the m4 already gives out.

  2. anon says:

    There’s no demo so I’m still on the fence about buying M4 in it’s current state, but will the ‘smaller face’ version be part of an update or will it be it’s own head?

  3. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    There is one slight correction I want to make though. Yes you can alter these parameters, but a fair number of them are not “usable”. What I mean by that is that they have to be set to a specific value else they break the head, either from some parts not working properly or outright clipping. This is mostly concerning sliders for the mouth and the eyes. The Head, Nose and Chin ones fares better.

    Not a critique, but I think it is something that bears mention.

  4. Ann says:

    I don’t think m4 was a mistake, asr can be difficult and the only other bento anime head costs near $4000L! great to have a quality looking anime bento head at an affordable price that’s also easy to use.

    was wondering though any thoughts on the lips? they can look a little off from the side view when open, maybe its a shape or a skin thing otherwise looks great!

    should it be compatible with some 3rd party bento face animation huds? I had one laying around already and it made the tongue stick way out constantly :P

    as always Thanks

    • Ann says:

      on second thoughts the I think the lips are good, its one of the cutest anime heads I have seen

    • check the latest update, it has a thing for compatibility with the AOs that make your tongue stick out

      • Ann says:

        yeah the updated version works fine now with the new tongue option thanks ^~^

        I got a slight issue with the neck (sorry >w<)

        i will try mess around a bit later but I only noticed this once I changed my ao to one with head tilts, will try a bit later see if I can fix with editing shape and such


      • i will note this for future updates

  5. Someone says:

    As someone having absolutely fallen in love with my new M4 head I just have to say: Thank you so much for making this! You are amazing. Corrections and whatnot may be a neat thing but I think you already did a fantastic job. Unlike ASR that just looks like shit no matter what you try to do with it.

  6. Marie says:

    Hi, may i ask you why there’s no demos for the last heads? I cannot buy them without trying them first…

    • creating a demo for a product like this would involve a lot of planning on how to make it obvious enough that its a demo without getting in the way of trying it out and what features to keep in the demo to give it a proper chance but not giving away too much, making new HUD graphics for the demo, creating new scripts for the demo head and HUD. I would rather put that time, effort and will power into another new product.

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