– M4 Chibi head and updates for the M4 Anime head –

And its done! The M2 Chibi head was one of my personal favorites and something i always wanted to redo in mesh all the way back when i was redoing the venus head in mesh for the M3 system.

– Things to know –

The M4 Chibi head is functionally identical to M4 Anime head, that means it has the same broken appearance editor sliders and all the shit some of you hated about the M4, if that is an issue to you, please do not buy this head.

This head works with the same skins that are made for the M4 Anime head. As with M4 Anime, M3 eyes, lashes, and blush textures will work too (for older appliers, use the M3 Retro loader that comes with the M3 head)


– Known problems –

Problem with joint offsets on some of the non standard tiny avatars, on some kid avatar bodies the neck will get extended due to a conflict with joint positions, i have no idea why only some though, or how to fix this, so i made a work around for it using animation joint offsets, you can find a version of the head that uses this work around in the bonus item box, the M4 Anime head should have this bug as well and i will make this workaround on the next update.

There is a problem with the game itself that makes the eyelashes clip through a little through the eye socket if you are very high up in the sky, like 3000-4000 meter high, its weird but that can be fixed by adjusting the eye opening or eye size setting by -1 or -2  (already done in the default shape that comes with it) also this same bug applies to the M4 Anime.


– M4 Anime head update version 1.2 –

M4 Head
*FIxed – Script error caused from repeatedly clicking an AO option from the hud.

M4 Neck [Avatar 2] [Kemono] [LL/Normie]
*Nothing – Changed version to 1.2 to make things less confusing

M4 Hud
*Fixed – Reset textures now fixes blush texture
*Fixed – The changed 1.1 HUD graphics somehow didn’t get implemented into the 1.1 release, this update fixes it.
*Changed – Script optimizations, turning the menu pages is now a lot faster.

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38 Responses to – M4 Chibi head and updates for the M4 Anime head –

  1. Tomosuke says:

    **Still holds out wallet for the male anime head**

  2. Alyssa Brightstar says:

    did it fitted on nam chibi bento body? I saw two pictures of it

  3. Yasmine Isbell says:

    an Venus Version for the M4 possible ?

      • eksynn says:

        yay! can’t wait (・▽ ・ )

      • Ann says:

        not to read too much into things here but venus bento update confirmed to eventually be developed? and would it be an update to venus or something else??

        all this bento wonder if there is any interest in making bento girl parts akin to the bento penises * that have been floating around SL for some time now for kemono or 2.0?

        (*realistic moving, inside details, animations, inner/outter size scaling options etc etc)

      • how did you go from bento venus to bento vaginas ? xD, and im not 100% but i am thinking about a bento venus

      • Gear says:

        Would definitely be down for a Bento Venus.

      • Yasmine Isbell says:

        ok Shut up and take my money :p lol :)

      • Ann says:

        how I got into this topic before lol idk ///

        but whelp update this topic to say someone did it, a store called SW made a bento p*ssy for Maitreya and all I can say it is amazing! would recommend!

        figure it is a complicated thing to create but any chance you would maybe interested in making a similar system for kemono/2.0 or na?

      • i have no interest in making something like that since im satisfied with how it looks on the kemono as it is

      • Ann says:

        I wasn’t thinking changing how it looked per say more how it moved (twitched and things :3) but understand & respect your stance on this, thanks for taking the time to reply ^~^

  4. What about to make Demo of your stuff? I was so disappointed with M4 eyes to be very far away, and be covered all the time for all the hairs I own. If at least had a Demo to test before, I would be able to check if it fits the majority of my hairs and personal style.
    You are the kind of person that makes the people complain of “No mod” things, but you do the worst in SL that is not make a Demo for your stuff.
    Or you are too much confident of your talent, or you just want hear people complaining. Make a demo is not hard, Just attaching a rigged cylinder it’s enough.
    I not will fall again in buy anything without a Demo, because if I don’t like it, will be bored into my Inventory forever.

    • Tomosuke says:

      Now sis. You could have just asked to provide a demo for their product if they could. Instead you decided to be rude as fuck about it. All of that was not even necessary. So… no one would even take your “complaint” seriously.

      • I don’t think I’m being rude. English is not my first language. And I do my best to explain. I just express my opinion. Demo must be mandatory on all Items. At least Is that I thought.
        If are a return system in SL Demo don’t be needed, but that return system doesn’t exist, so the minimum a creator must make is a demo. For respect the customers.

  5. yaoi says:

    male head when

  6. BrinaNightly says:

    Where is the hair from in the pic for the chibi head??

  7. agharta30 says:

    Where the frilly dress from? :o

  8. Mangy says:

    Who make the Hair in the picture with the Yellow outfit on a Chibi Head??

  9. kumiko says:

    the head is beautiful but I am especially impressed with the hud. wish I could drag all of my huds around in the same way.

  10. Hinoto Inaka says:

    what body are u use in the first photo i didnt find XD

  11. PekeNya says:

    I love the boots u have in the photo… where shop its?

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