– Updates, ABC dummies and a new shape for the M4 Anime head –

First, lets get these updates out of the way, more things have been fixed on both heads, these would be:

*Fixed – An oversight with listeners in both HUDs not canceling when the ignore button is pressed on the UUID box, grabbing and applying later pasted UUIDs to the wrong parts of the head.
*Fixed – Bug with the script in the LL necks on both heads causing skins to apply wrong.
*Added – A secondary head shape, more about this one further down this post.
*Change – Version numbers have been changed for everything to 1.3 to avoid confusion.

– New things from ABC –

New type of pierced puffy addon nipples for the ABC bouncy boobs, these come as a free update to the ABC bouncy boobs.

ABC is tired of having to manually give people links to her dummies but too lazy to make a blog or a website of her own so she asked me to post these on mine, so here they are.

Boobs dummy: https://www.mediafire.com/?9ch9642t98d7jfw
Flat dummy: https://www.mediafire.com/?elv1zna302cn5r7
Male dummy: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i2ennmc69xozyn8/ABCmaledummy.zip

– New shape for the M4 Anime head –

So it seems that despite my best efforts to explain to people that since a rigged mesh head cannot be resized and moved around like the the old heads, you cannot make it fit every hair in existence, and because of that the head looks really weird with half of the hair you try it with, mainly because the face looks too big compared to the hair, making it look like either the eyes are too big or something else is off , and they just need to pick the right hair(Ayashi and Taketomi works well).

The right hair makes all the difference as you can see in this compilation of people doing it right.

But still not being able to use half of the hair on SL without looking really goofy is kind of a bummer so i was working on an alternative shape for those situations.

Left is the old shape, right is the new shape.

What i did here is mostly just scale the face portion of the head bellow the forehead, I also fixed the super pointy chin cuz it was bugging me a lot, i also moved the mouth and nose upwards a little to compensate for the smaller chin as well as rotated and moved the portion of the face bellow the nose forward a little to make it look less weird from top angles as well as remove the impression that its always smiling.

Now if this wont make make the head basic bitch proof, nothing will.

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10 Responses to – Updates, ABC dummies and a new shape for the M4 Anime head –

  1. Bunnypop says:

    Will the kemono head ever become bento?

  2. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    From the experimenting I have done so far, the face feels better now with the type 2. I generally found that the type 1 only looked good when it was mid animation of having slightly closed eyes. The type 2 seem to look good even in neutral.

    Though just one thing. I might just be stupid, but did you shrink the overall size of the head ever so slightly and raised the ears with the type 2?

  3. Ann says:

    I kind of just got abc bouncy the other day and figured the nipples just came with but the are nice ♥ wonder if the flat might big some nip love too? also flat swimsuit please? ;3

    as far as hair, mm some hairs just never worked with even the unrigged head for me I just kind of expected it as the norm that not everything would work, but either way I like the new face shape, more cute and less long.

    ps :on the compilation shot I really love the elf at the bottom left :3

  4. Kira Zobel says:

    I love this new update! Both head shapes are grand.

    I’m noticing with this new head however, the bento AO doesn’t work. There is no facial movement as in the last head. A bug?

    Thank you so much for all the time you put into this!

    • Ann says:

      Kira did you toggle the AO after updating the head? also go on the other page to select a mood

      I did notice some weirdness too like the cheerful mood not really changing my mouth and only making my eyes squint

  5. Yes, the type two completely fixes the very slight “weirdness” I was seeing when wearing the type one. I actually feel like myself again, and not someone who is “not quite” me.

  6. Kotten Hayd says:

    I will wait for male anime head, i still want test it.

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