– M4 updates and new stuff –

Updates for both heads:

Version 1.3b
– M4 Head –
Applying a skin texture now forces it to ALPHA_MASK_NONE for people that just cant seem to figure out how to save textures properly, ending up with transparent circles around their eyes.
Skin textures now apply correctly to eye whites layer
Fixed the eyebrow texture automatically changing itself to alpha masking, making the brows look all jagged.

– M4 HUD –
Improve performance for Click & Drag so dragging too fast doesn’t break HUD position
Made sure Click & Drag state syncs up better on new owner and responds to click and drag when wearing it for the very first time.

– Mesh dummy –
This was a thing for some time now but i forgot to announce it, I have added shape 2 to the M4 Anime mesh dummy.

– The M4 remote Relay –

We made a remote control relay for the head, this will allow other people to control your face remotely, this is useful for situations like AFK pose balling or making machinima, you can find this new toy in the bonus item box, be sure to read the instructions on how to use it.

That is all.

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5 Responses to – M4 updates and new stuff –

  1. Ann says:

    I noticed since I started using m4 Im running into the occasional furniture item that has baked in face animation stuffs that seem to break the m4 bento heads,

    no way around that right ?

    • is it bento animation furniture? does it have options to disable face animations?

      • Ann says:

        yep bento enabled furniture with no options to disable face animations.

        one made my mouth go to an odd pose which also stopped the face hud poses from sending until I stood

        other made the brows stick out really far but only on one pose, the owner said it was probably due to it being designed for catawa.

      • thats dumb, limiting your audience to one head

  2. Kotten Hayd says:

    Lol, someone had control…

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