– Broken Attachment Tracker –

Dont you just hate it when you TP somewhere and your hair or body is missing and you dont see it missing but everyone else does? Well worry no more because this usefully little HUD by ZARK keeps track of all your attachments and notifies you when one of them is missing so you can go to Avatar / Avatar Health / Refresh attachments and fix it.

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6 Responses to – Broken Attachment Tracker –

  1. Ann says:

    this happens to be a lot lately specially if I do something random like go driving across the mainland, cross something like 10 sims look fine until someone tells you “know your boobs are out and your bald?”

    I will probably try it out seems useful, but I really think LL need to get their act together and fix whatever bug is randomly taking attachments off

  2. Alyssa Brightstar says:

    nice! also can you make another version of m4 anime head that fitted on these body?

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