– A bunch of important updates and a new stuff –

So first things first, a bunch of much needed updates to existing products.

The M4 Anime And M4 Chibi heads now include experimental Necks for the Rikugou lite body, theres some caveats to these so be sure to see the updated manual for what those are and how to use these necks.

The M4 texture applier has been updated to support the new necks for Rikugou.

M4 Mars has a bug fixes with the right eye that made it have a small triangle artifact every time custom eye textures were used. Theres also a minor triangulation change on the blush layer above the nose.

The Necks of all the M4 Heads now automatically change alpha mode to none every time a texture is applied to prevent alpha problems with incorrectly exported custom textures.

Also, i finally fixed the mirrored label problem on the right leg of Rikugou A and B, dunno why i didnt do it sooner.

Now, there was also supposed to be a big update for the Normie head that i wanted to release in this batch of updates as well but the omega applier team is now on a vcation and i cannot finish this update without them, and with some of these updates being already long overdue combined with the new product release that i cannot delay any longer either, i decided to release all this stuff without the Normie head update and set that for a later date when its finished.

And if you are interested on what those Normie updates are, these would be a much needed extra makeup/tattoo layer, necks for Kemono and avatar 2.0, removing the ear weights that messed with bento animal ears, closed ear holes for when ears are hidden and some other fixes.

Im not sure how long their vacation will be but im hoping i can release this before christmas.

TL;DR things updated:
M4 Mars – eye fix, neck alpha mode fix.
M4 Anime and M4 chibi – Added Rikugou necks and the neck alpha fix.
M4 texture applier – Added Rikugou neck support.
Rikugou A and B – Fixed mirrored labels on Right leg.

– New hair –

And now the new product, the Workout Hairdo (cuz i suck at naming things) For the M4 Anime head (works with other heads too, try the demo!)

This comes with 12 hair textures, 10 hat textures and 29 logo designs for the hat.
Theres also bonus unrigged version of the hat itself included.


And that is it for now.


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10 Responses to – A bunch of important updates and a new stuff –

  1. Penny says:

    I’d love to see another version of this hair without the hat. There’s just not enough good pigtail and ponytail anime hair. Especially with the big, poofy tails like this.

    • Ann says:

      can have just hat having just hair would be great but for the cost happy with it as is.

      • Penny says:

        I meant that I’d like the non-hat version as a separate purchase. Not included with this version. I mean, more is always great, but I know there’d be work involved. Also, I’d just be happy to see more Utilizator hair like this in the future, in different styles. Some poofy above the shoulder pigtails would be great.

        (I do wish this hair had different faces for the front and back of the hair, maybe even separate out the sides and cut the bangs and tail each into 3 faces, so one could more easily add that kind of colouring to their hair. Or at least I wish the UV was a little more organized. ^ ^; I managed to get the style I wanted but there was a lot of trial and error separating out the bits I wanted to colour differently.)

      • hair without hat would be an entirely new hair that i would need to make from scratch again since the top of it is missing and the hat is whats holding the ponytail up and together, the UV has to be like that in order to fit more detail on page.

      • Penny says:

        That’s why I figured it would be a separate purchase if you did release a hatless version. I know how much work is involved. And I hear you about the UV too. I was able to retexture this hair how I liked, so it’s really not important.Just me wishing things were easier. ^^;

        But yeah, would buy more Utilizator hair like this, is what I’m saying.

      • that looks cool as fuck :O

  2. Ann says:

    random thoughts but do you think omega as a closed standard / api is a good thing for sl and further have any thoughts on if bakemesh could make it obsolete?

    hat hair, teased seeing a few people walking around with this over the past week or so, happy it is finally out and looks great! thanks <3

    • Closed or not omega is a good thing because without it there would be chaos, with no standard agreed upon by creators, users would struggle to find skins and other items compatible with their bodies and heads and creators would be overwhelmed having to create 3498578934 different appliers for every possible head and body.

      Baked mesh would make it obsolete in the long run but not completely because theres a shit ton of content that will never get converted to work with it and than theres also things like materials that need to be applied somehow

      • Ann says:

        just a bit of follow up question about the Normie updates “necks for Kemono and avatar 2.0” is it planned specifically to plug into the mesh of the normie head shape or sort of generic adapter for normie heads ?

        thanks :3

      • its a neck type that you select from the hud, the normie head will come equipped with i

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