– Updates –

Normie head Version 7.0

Added a tattoo layer.
Added necks for Kemono and Avatar 2.0 bodies, neck options can be found in options menu.
Removed ear bone vertex groups so your head will now will work right with bento animal ears.
The makeup button on the now brings up a makeup menu, due to some scripting fuckery, the buttons are not very responsive so they may need to be pressed a few times to work.

Unfortunately this update has taken me longer than it should have and has been further delayed by holidays and i really wanted to do this before christmas or at least before the year ends, so i had to push it out, theres some problems with seams under the chin on the LL and kemono necks where they connect to the head, and a seam above forehead, i have no idea how i didnt pick that up when i was testing it so i will keep the older version in the package as well in case the seam under the chin bothers anyone, until i fix it in the next update.

Update to the Kemono head

Kemono head had a bug where the white part of the eye would not accept any textures, that is fixed now.

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10 Responses to – Updates –

  1. Hisa says:

    When is M4 Venus going to be released uwu

  2. Maudlin says:

    Not sure if these seams/gaps are already known, or whether they’re a universal problem with the mesh itself or just something that needs to be fixed on my end, but I figured I would let you know about them anyway. I’m using the 2.0 neck in this picture.

    • hey, yeah blender/avastar sucks dick, i will try fixing it after all the celebrations are over

    • Ann says:

      Maudlin finally got around to playing with this, if you want all the features seems possible “swap in” the back part of v4.x head to the 7 head and seems to line up ok, I am way too lazy for that unlinked the kemono neck adapter and wearing it with the old head and its pretty good, you could probably do the same for 2.0.

      anyway design question! would it have been better to use the kemono/avatar 2.0 uv maps on their respective neck adapter bits over what neck exists on the LLUV head maps?

      feel like maybe the neck part of the av2/kemono body map has more definition.

      anyway love the update!, its pretty awesome, Thanks

  3. Ann says:

    I have a request for the m4 series huds, Would be possible in a future update to get an anchor option to turn off drag drop and lock the position once it’s placed?

    alternatively maybe get a second bonus items version of the m4 hud(s) with the drag and drop feature disabled?

    reason being lag is often making the hud do odd things, occasionally moving instead of opening and sometimes hud will randomly jump outside of the main ui screen and need to be zoom edited back in.


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