– M4 Venus Head –

You wanted it, you got it ! The M4 Bento Venus head is here!


– What is Different from the other M4 heads ? –

Unfortunately, there are no alternative nose or eye socket shapes, but as a tradeoff the head is backwards compatible with M3 Venus appliers and retains the M3 tear effect!
you now have full compatibility with old M3 Venus appliers (skins, eyes, brows, lashes, blush, tears) as well as M4 Venus appliers, however because of this specific compatibility, other M4 and M3 head skins that were not made specifically for the venus head, will not work with the M4 Venus. One thing to note is that mouth uses M4 mouth textures instead of the mouth included on the M3 Venus skins.

As mentioned before, this particular head has the tears option, you can access it through the blush button by clicking it repeatedly till it switches from blush mode to tears mode. Due to a technical limitation regarding alphas, switching on tears, sets the eyelash texture to alpha masking in order to not clash with the tear alpha, this degrades the quality of some eyelash textures. One interesting thing we noticed very late into development is that for whatever reason that same alpha clash bug is not happening between the blush layer and tears, we will look into why this is happening (or more like, why its not happening) and hopefully we can implement tears in other M4 heads. A separate HUD button for tears will be implemented with future updates but for now if you wanna have both and you know what youre doing, first turn on tears and than unhide the blush using SL’s build menu.

The default eye size setting is now size 2, if you make the eyes bigger in the appearance editor, use eye size setting 1 in the M4 HUD to match it.
The Rikugou necks will apply Rikugou skin tones to the rest of the head if you select a skin from the HUD, light skins will apply Rikugou A tone, dark skins Rikugou B
the LL/normie neck will apply its own tone to the head as well for the medium skin tone, matching the medium LL skin tone from the appliers included in the bonus item box.

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32 Responses to – M4 Venus Head –

  1. I’m excited!
    Do you plan on revising the M4 Anime and M4 Chibi heads to use old appliers, or has that ship sailed?

    • Theres nothing to revise, the chibi and anime models are made differently and incompatible with old M3 textures, the only reason venus can use old appliers is because its made from the original venus mesh, theres no extra noses or eyes shapes and ears arent connected to the head like on the M4 Chibi and Anime.

  2. Yasmine Isbell says:

    just a big thanks for this Bento M4 venus !!!!

  3. Ioves2Build says:

    Im not sure if I am just missing something but the full backwards compatibility with appliers doesn’t extend to the m4v kemono neck right ? least I couldn’t find a way so I went tinkering.

    what I end up doing was load the kemono body texture onto the neck of that face that usually has the new neck texture then edit the texture coordinates to


    while my quick 5 minute edit isn’t blending perfectly it is passable (I have seen worse neck blends in sl)

    was there another way I was supposed todo this ?

    (ps:and if not why dosn’t it do this by default for compatibility?)

    • You are missing 2 things. 1. the M3 appliers dont have neck textures in them so theres nothing to load on the neck and the M4 Venus does not run on magic so it cant just pull a matching neck texture out of air. to create M4 neck textures you need to do the following: https://utilizator404.wordpress.com/2019/02/19/m4-venus-neck-blending-tutorial/

      2. you dont have to use the necks, you can just use the neck on the kemono body itself like you would with M3 heads, even if you did manage to load the kemono body texture onto the M4 neck, it would do you no good because the textures would still not blend between the neck and the head, making the whole M4 kemono neck pointless.

      • Ioves2Build says:

        1/m3 appliers using kemono have a neck texture as part of the kemono body texture?

        anyway here is my proof of concept trying to use the neck portion of the body texture as a stand in for the additional neck texture, none of them are shopped the second one came out perfect!

        main issue where the neck connects to the body but suspect that is because I am limited to manipulating the uv maps (badly) in SL rather than with precision in something like blender.

        sorry if I came across as meh? just trying to help by suggesting things to make the product better.

      • i dont really understand what you are doing

        M3 appliers only have skin texture for the head, the M4 neck has its own UV map that needs a texture that blend both the head and the body, needs to have parts of both textures overlapping and cross fading.

        Can you explain what you are doing in each of the screenshots?

      • Ioves2Build says:

        just to clarify because I think maybe I didn’t explain it good

        I know I know just “use the old neck” I will see myself out

      • this made me even more confused tbh lol

      • Ioves2Build says:

        tried posted and it didn’t go :/ try that again

        kind of what I mean

  4. Ioves2Build says:

    i will try explain ><;

    1/ load the whole original kemono body texture onto face 1 of "M4 Venus – Neck [Kemono] (1.0)" (where the new small neck texture would normally be loaded)

    2/ playing around with the texture coordinates of "M4 Venus – Neck [Kemono]" face 1 so that it only displays the neck portion of the body uv (seen above in yellow pink blue)

    3/result "M4 Venus – Neck [Kemono] (1.0)" has the neck texture loaded from the original kemono body texture instead of the new texture.

    TLDR trying to change "M4 Venus – Neck [Kemono] (1.0)" face 1 to use the UV map on the kemono body (or least just the neck part of that uv)

    • Ioves2Build says:

      one last pic to maybe explain what I mean

    • Ioves2Build says:

      tried posted and it didn’t go :/ try that again

      kind of what I mean

      • can you take screenshots of the final finished thing from multiple directions?

      • Ioves2Build says:

        on the screenshot zlhhw0P.jpg (the first one I posted) skin 1, skin 2 and skin 3 are using this edited neck method

        in some seams are visible where the neck adapter meets the body because I couldn’t edit the neck with enough precision by manipulating the face directly but I feel like that part could be seamless with better editing/tools.

        most cases where the neck adapter met the head looked either acceptable or seamless but I only have a limited amount of skins to test with

        and will try post a few more pics

      • Ioves2Build says:

        that is a test with 2 of the skins I own, but I tested a few others this was my best and worst case outcomes.

        first one came out flawless (suspect a lot todo with how the neck area in the skin was shaded)

        the second one is a little more troublesome but …

        with hair and from the front without looking too close it seems ok.

        I believe by editing neck adapter uv in blender should be possible to make neck joining the body seamless (right? but could be a pain)

        also maybe a tintable neck blender would go some way to a temporary fix for skins that aren’t perfect fit where the head and net meet.

        anyway I really hope I wasn’t too much of a pain and this information was useful in someway!

        ps second look at skin 2 from this post from a relatively normal distance away looking from the front.


      • heres the problem with what you are proposing and why the necks need to have their own textures that blend the 2, https://i.imgur.com/VsRn25z.png when you have visible seams like this in not just 1 place but 2 places, this does not fix the problem but makes it worse, better just not use the included necks at all.

      • Ioves2Build says:

        I did respond with a bunch of screenshots 4 days ago but seem like wordpress ate them!

        I just sum up my thoughts.

        could do similar to how the normie kemono neck works, either pull the neck from the bottom portion of the m3 head or probably more likely pull it from the neck portion of the kemono body when used in conjunction with kemono.

        for heads that do not blend perfectly to the neck a tint neck blender could work?

        now I think about it, a neck blender for m4 venus + kemono without any neck is probably all it would take to hide the jaggied ugly connection.

        Thank you

  5. Ioves2Build says:

    well that was an unfortunate doublepost, I never made an account so I can’t recall them sorry

  6. agharta30 says:

    Any way to get an optional neck that use the main head texture ?
    The new method just feel overly complicated/tedious just for 1 texture (especially to me as i’m highly dumb regarding blender and i can’t figure out blender even with the tutorial, the texture just end up having the teeth lips etc as im not sure of which texture to use.)

    • such a thing is not possible, the head texture will not match the body no matter how you tweak the UV, there will always be a visible seam where the 2 differently drawn textures meet, making the whole neck idea pointless, unless both textures just have a flat color without any shade or detail on them.

    • Ioves2Build says:

      @agharta30 Sorry this wasn’t meant to be a guide just more a proof of concept, sorry for wasting peoples times, am kind of meh on the idea now, seems like it will only work with certain skins:C

      still I think a neck blender could be a possibility to help the classic kemono neck fade into the new venus head to reduce the ugly mesh on mesh interleaves maybe? ^_~

      • you mean using alphas? like the neck blenders on the normie bodies ?

      • Ioves2Build says:

        yeah, pretty much exactly how maitreya neck blender works, a (tintable) gradient / alpha to help blend the more rough seam created when using old/compatibility kemono neck with m4venus.

        it could possibly work, right ?

      • yeah that would work but skin creators would still need to create those alpha blending textures to match their skins

  7. Ann says:

    one issue I noticed is the talker seems to get the mouth stuck in open poses sometimes otherwise loving it ♥ ty

  8. Versaflowne says:

    Can this head be used with male AV’s like m3 can? And to what extent?

  9. Vexy Astaroth says:

    What hair is it from that picture?

  10. Runawaybunny Resident says:

    Need a option to hide eyes… we can use custom eyes instead of plastic eyes.

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