– PSA for anime, short and femboy avatars, you are in possible danger –

Warning, If you are an anime avatar, a femboy, shortstack, got a realistic chest size or body height and like to hang out in adult sims and partake in lewd activities, you are in danger of getting banned for ageplay.

Another edit: I have removed a big chunk of this post due to the way i worded it has offended a lot of people and confused many more, So let me make myself more clear, this only effects people that do lewd stuff in anime avatars that are not large breasted or tall, if you look unmistakably mature or just a modest individual that’s not into lewd stuff, you have nothing to be afraid of. And admittedly i am not psychic so i cant really know for sure whats going on over at LL and how they do their investigations, i do however know for a fact that there has been 2 cases of false positive bans that were reversed after months of fighting for a real investigation to be done.

With that being said, here’s the situation, more and more anime and femboy avatars are getting banned, and there are rumors that this is happening because of a group of trolls going around adult anime places and looking for easy targets to report. So here are some common sense precautions you should take to avoid that from happening to you


First and for most, your profile alone can get you in trouble,  do no put any explicit pornographic material in your profile such as a picture of your avatar with your dick or tits hanging out, that is against the TOS and will get you banned if someone reports you. Second, dedicating your profile to talk about your kinks can also result in some unwanted attention coming your way.

DO NOT put links to your naughty flickr gallery in your profile, that alone can be used as evidence against you. Its a good idea to have a separate flickr account for lewd stuff and  do not name/register your lewd flickr account under the same name as your avatar,  making it easier to link it to you.

Lastly, It does not matter that your avatar is not underage, it does not matter that the anime character you are portraying is 25 years old in the show, and it will not matter what you will put in your profile about it, people will arbitrarily decide your avatar’s age for you and will report you for it.

Places to be and avatars to wear

Be mindful of the sim rating you are in, if you are in a sim rated G, dress as modestly as you can even if no one else around you does, you can get banned simply for having your tits out in a G rated sim.

Dont go to adult rated sims if you arent 2 meters tall and dont have massive boobs, and even if you are, only go to anime and furry themed places (although looks like even those arent safe anymore now either)

Dont go to ANY normie infested places wearing sexually suggestive outfits, it will rustle their jimmies and give them the incentive to scan through your profile for something they can report you for.

If you are a femboy, you are pretty much at risk everywhere you go, if you wear anything sexy, they wont bother looking under your skirt to check for that bulge, they will see your flat chest and think you are an underage girl. Some femboys (a lot of them actually) look like kids so the whole “im a boy” part is not much of a defense because well, you still look like a kid, a boy kid.

Always pick an appropriate avatar/outfit to match the place you are going to, even if your whole style and way of life is to look like a half naked cock hungry semen demon, make some compromise, and keep your explicit outfits for the privacy of your bedroom.

If you do have an actual child avatar as your main avatar, DONT go to adult rated sims wearing that, LL will not care to do any actual investigation to know for sure if you were using that avatar or an appropriate adult avatar during your kinky time, they will just look at the screenshot of your avatar and read your chat logs and will assume you were looking like that when you were doing it. It is also a good idea to simply not mix the 2 life styles together at all, make a separate account for your adult related stuff.

What to do where and with who

DO NOT POSEBALL IN PUBLIC, this is a sure way to get yourself banned, i know its kinky, i know its exciting, but unless you have a big tiddy bitch normie avatar, dont do it. Even if its some niche hangout populated only by like-minded individuals, you may have pissed someone off on some message board and they can just revenge report you to get back at you, so keep it behind closed doors.

Try doing it only with people you know well and trust and only in a place that is owned by you or them with parcel privacy/invisibility enabled and access restricted, dont use those 1 hour sky box rentals, dont use other people’s homes.

Dont do it with people that look like a ban waiting to happen, people that are clearly not following these common sense guidelines and are walking around in sexualized questionable age avatars, if they get banned, you and anyone else they did it with in the past few weeks are going down with them, no questions asked.

When LL does their “investigation” they will most likely just go through your chat logs, so try not to RP in IMs, use external chats if you can, and if you cant help it, use local chat and do not use words like “little”, “young”, “daddy”, “mommy” or anything else that can be misconstrued as ageplay without proper context, i know its a bummer if you just wanna have some kinky incest RP going, but its best to take precautions.

Be vigilant

Spread the word of places and that are linked to avatars getting banned.
Warn any new players about the dangers of doing lewd stuff on SL.
If you are a sim or a parcel owner and you know anyone that goes around reporting people willy nilly, remove them form your place, or notify the owner of the place if you dont own one.

So yeah, thats that stay safe and dont do “ageplay”

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  1. LOStorm says:

    Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately using a different e-mail and payment info is only 2/3rds of the key to hiding your alts.

    You also need to only ever use them from different PCs; or use some other spoofing techniques, such as some hypothetical viewer designed to mimic firestorm in every way other than cloaking your hardware identification details. Without following that precaution there is a 100% chance that if any of your alts gets banned, they will all get banned.

  2. isnt that only for serial ban evaders that did some really nasty shit and crashed countless sims? since people who were banned for ageplay and made new accounts never got banned again on those accounts.

    • LOStorm says:

      They do not automatically ban new accounts you create after your original account is banned, however…

      They will ban all of your alts at the same time as any of your accounts are permanently banned, through. Its a repeatable experiment; at least when it comes to permanent bans of this type.

      • HWID says:

        if an alt is banned for anything usually all your accounts are banned via hardware identification? also had people tell my they were banned but had alts mysteriously survive, maybe luck of the draw?

        either way I would recommend changing your mac address and/or drive ID when logging an alt, it isn’t hard to do and no special viewer is required can be done with little effort on windows.

  3. anon says:

    Hi Uti, do you recommend putting things like “All my avatars are adults” in our profiles if we have ambiguous avatars? Does that deter the normies, or does LL even care about such statements?

    • another anon says:

      I feel like having to say that might make it more suspicious? Having actual ages on hand (that aren’t barely 18, it doesn’t help) seems to be less weird imo.
      I’ve been creeped out by some ‘ambiguous’ avs but never reported anyone for it. I will say though a lot of artists who probably should be reported tend to put ‘all characters are 18+’ even when they’re blatantly not, so again, specific ages help more.

    • As i already stated, neither the normies nor LL will care about what you put there, they will decide your avatar’s age for you based on how you look. If you have to go as far as to put that in your profile, that should be telling you something about your avatar, best to just be safe and make a mature looking avatar for adult rated places, and not overly sexualize your normal avatar for non adult places.

    • What Uti said here – is accurate. I run an Adult Sim and I am CEO on an series of Adult Sims.

      We alone, on the Continent of sims – have massive rules again Kemono and anime avatars. I personally have the Kemono with Starbright, and Rei’s Stuff mods on them. I use them as guidelines to help teach new comers who are into anime and the kemono avatars how to dress or modify the avatars appropriately for Adult rated Sims.

      Having things in your profile saying “Age Verified” or whatever, means nothing. It all depends on the appearance of your avatar itself. Most people don’t read profiles, they just SEE and go “Oh hell no -ban- “. Granted that is not the policy on the sims I work and run, we specifically will IM you and talk with you and help you adjust if you are willing.

      I’ve heard that LL is getting more strict on their appearance requirements for avatars for months now – so I’ve been keeping things like my guidelines NC’s and what not ready for people who seem to need the help, need the info, or are new and don’t know how it works yet.

  4. That one cat girl with pink hair yeah? says:

    Hey Uti, you should now get rid of all your normie crap on your sim. Don’t give them any leeway into being accepted on your sim. This whole thing you wrote up, you literately just declared war. And demand that all people on your sim have to not be anything above stated.

  5. ThorTheAgeplayreporter says:

    But reporting anime kids is fun… I’m sure there’s someone waiting to report you when you visit a sim.

    • Animelover420 says:

      No..just…no… unless they are actually ageplaying and breaking tos rules that’s no excuse of reporting a anime avatar, also ANIME AVATARS ARE NOT KIDS!!!

      • Sharie says:

        Managing an adult venue can be a challenge. Running a rather busy playground for over 11 years now, I’ve had a lot of actual child avatars, but also lots anime avatars. I don’t ban Anime avatars on site, but if a reasonable person can’t clearly look at your avi and say “Yeah – that’s adult,” you are going to be asked to change to a more adult appearance. Part of the problem is the Anime genre, it’s popular for Anime shows to have the main characters look and act really childish despite the character being of adult age. When you bring that into SL and start visiting adult sims, it’s not going to end well for you. It may take some work to modify your Anime avi to appear more adult, but usually it’s just a simple shape change. Show up wearing childish clothing, a childish backpack with a stuffed bear hanging out with a flat chested avi only 1.2m tall, I’m not going to bother looking at your profile’s “I’m an adult avi” claim. Anime or no, you will get sent home to change. I look at the full package, not just height or being flat chested. That said, when the Default avatar in SL is nearly 7 feet tall (stupid LL,) attempting to use RL height is going to make you look childish no matter what. You can’t expect everyone else to shrink their avi’s down to more RL realistic slider values because EVERYTHING in SL is built for LL’s brain-damaged oversized default. Animations, furniture, etc, are all designed for these monsters. It’s better just to use a sliding scale – add 6 inches to your RL height to “fit in” with the average SL avatar heights. You can either fight LL’s defaults or work with it. Punching a brick wall isn’t generally productive (unless your goal is to break the bones in your hand….)

  6. Foxy says:

    So as a femboy with Kemono body and M3 Venus head, I’m basically screwed?

  7. Porse Hussy says:

    Good old normies, reporting anime avatars while they have a playpen with adult poseballs in the playroom.

    Another blind eye turned on the actual nonces LL?

    Absolute Moloch.

  8. Kepora says:

    Unfortunately this came a bit too late for me. Lately I’ve been using fanboys I made a lot and a short and thick (but obviously still adult, full hips and large bust) gal I made for a few RP sims, and yesterday morning while I was in bed I got the email notifying me that my accounts had been banned. I’m going to share this little article with everyone I can.

  9. Ashe says:

    False bans happen and LL is extremely gay, but people making their anime avatars look like children ain’t helping themselves.
    Coming from an anime.
    If you use the kemono, at least try to make it look mature, cause if you’re running around as an actual loli, then you’re literally walking up to LL and asking them to give you da boot; and a good chunk of kems happen to make themselves really short without any mods or something to show that they’re developed.
    I’ve used the kemono exclusively for years before I switched to thicker bods, and I’ve never been mistaken for a child.

  10. 01Omlet says:

    One of the worst bits is how tall normie avatars are. They are HUGE. So if you set your avatars to go by a real-world scale, they look tiny in comparison. Leading to more people thinking you are a child. I see it a good bit in-world.

  11. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    So in a way, it has been kinda a good thing that I am something of a recluse and tend to avoid other avatars.

    Thanks for telling us this.

  12. Yuiko says:

    This is also too late for me, i got banned a couple of weeks ago, even with using the fitted torso, i lost 8 years of stuff, all the money i spend, i am soo sad about it, I have tried contacting them but they just said they will never unlock my account or let me make new ones, but i managed to get back on, but i don’t have the money to get myself sorted again. My avi was using the ASR Sophia head and the Kemono with fitted torso, and i had loaaaads of clothes

  13. https://slindr.syntheticcodex.com/synthsocial/forum/topic/2 – LL Response to this crappy post.

    Funny how Utilzator fear mongers residents in second life with this horshit post, Check out SLindr who spoke with LL regarding this issue and got a very different response. Nice one 404 rekt

    • Fnord says:

      You seem new here.

    • This totally legit looking link shows a very brief conversation with what looks like a live support agent that literally tells you multiple times that they cant tell you anything other than the official statement of “Ageplay is thoroughly investigated before action is taken, and would not be based on an avatar’s appearance alone.”

      And where did you even get that part about people canceling their accounts and leaving second life? why would anyone willingly just throw away years of investment and just close their account and where else would they even go? sounds like some strawman bullshit you made up yourself to get a more convenient response from the support person.

      Im not fear mongering, im just telling people to wake up and be mindful of how and where they present themselves, and in case you have some kind of reading disability, this post only concerns avatars that are short, flat, dress in skimpy outfits and go to adult sims looking like that, i am not saying you are in danger for simply being an anime avatar, im saying you are if you partake in adult activities.

    • LOStorm says:

      Its also objectively incorrect. LL will definitely ban an account solely due to its in-game appearance (if you appear to be a child avatar in a sexual situation, that is).

      This is also easily testable: Set up a couple of alts on a sex bed in public, one of them with a child avatar, and don’t say a single word in-game. You will get banned.

      Alternatively set it on someone else’s avatar while they’re AFK. They will (sometimes) also get banned, despite not saying a single word.

  14. Drow says:

    This was always an issue. You’re saying “go hide your kemonos” which is horrible since the actual ageplayers already hide themselves and being found looking kemono and looking like a hermit is raising more suspicion.

    But hey, if someone reading this feels like taking this justice to themselves you can always derrender people’s clothes in G sims and report those who aren’t alphad. False report per false report.

  15. Lets be real, trolls will always troll. Yes there is the ToS and this isnt something new, reported for something you never did. I have been on SL for over 13 years and had the same avatar for at least 9 years, a short red fox femboy. If people want to ban me without asking or just assume my avatar’s age then is that really a place I would want to go anyways? What is really funny to me is that you are worried that you will be banned for your appearance when “Giggles Beach” a very well known toddler age play is still around and has been for over a decade. SMH, it really seems like you are fear mongering, as for LL being broke, ha, they make waaaaay too much from new users and land barons to just ban for appearance. Basically, get real.

    • places like giggles beach are not adult sex sims and stay open under the excuse of being a nudist beach thing, its not a case or questionable age looking avatars going to adult sims and doing adult stuff.

  16. zambii says:

    some time ago two of my friends were banned, they were a couple that had the misfortune one day of deciding to go shopping together as anime, they happen to run into SJW bitch probably with sand in her cooch who saw they were partnered and took offense.

    She immediately started attacking, accusing them of being into rl stuff, calling them the worst names, she obviously filed reports because a few hours later my friends were banned guessing on her word alone.

    This time it had a happy ending because after weeks of opening tickets back and forth LL finally reversed the decision, ban was obvious BS and not fully researched until after the fact.

    I fully believe this this topic has some truth to it but I don’t think people should take it as the apocalypse to quit SL, it’s been going on for quite some time maybe it just hit closer to home this time to spark the topic.

    if you been fine for years just keep doing what you been doing avoid the crazies and normies and you will probably be fine.

  17. Vinyl says:

    Does it applies to me if i have an anime head like and a mesh body like this: http://prntscr.com/mvnq4d

  18. Yutani says:


  19. Zenko Sakura says:

    This kinda makes me sick to my stomach, the fact that some of the sl staff takes things way too seriously and thinks that any short anime/furry/human avatar is a kid even though they clearly are not makes me feel like there is a bunch a pressure on anything i wear, heck i been falsely accused being a kid avatar even though my avatar is like 7 feet tall and has really big breasts, it’s really sickening that some troll/hater avatars just want to watch the world burn, be safe out there everyone and don’t let any troll or hater mess with your style, also love your products as always utilizator~ ^_^ <3

  20. lol says:

    M4 Chibi Head used in any sexual activity or wearing skimpy clothes is weird..

    It just looks fucking weird having huge tits and a legit baby toddler head roaming sim .

    • Fnord says:

      For oldsters such as myself, there was a stretch in the 90s where the M4 Chibi’s overall proportions were the NORM for TV anime.

    • anon says:

      could never get the chibi eyes to look nice they would always comes out looking too dead stare.

      maybe its because they are bigger they seem to move around less ? if it had a pupil size between the big ones and the next size down it may be better but unsure.

  21. takohiko says:

    back in the day, about 2 years ago where that guy started the bullshit about “kemono is for pedos, uti said he likes loliporn, blabla” took that stuff into the SL forums, idk if that post still exists, i looked for it for like 2 hours now and i cant frigging find it … where LL closed the whole flame war and stated that

    “Kemonos in their Beast or Animal forms are not Reportable simply because there are small and tall Animals naturewise. we will look into the Human Aspect of the Kemono.”

    i dont know if they ever updated it torwards “human Kemonos” but to be honest, the Kemono on itself is not supposed to wear a human head. it is you which mods it into a human with the M3/M4 or any other human head right? cause it kind of comes with its own head which is animal like.

    i wear my Kemono (relatively short) since over 3 years and i had so far no issues. tho, theres nothing to find ageplay wise in my IMs etc. and to be fair. i often go mainly to Anime sims and being on my own extremely cautious about the thing if i go with that person further then snuggling plus i do sexual stuff in SL very rare which could be a reason why i had no issues yet.

    however, i can aswell confirm a ban of a friend which did nothing wrong. cause the other person (with who they was) shown the entire IM log and it had no ageplay whatsoever in it and they try to fight against the ban with it. … from what i readed here needs that maybe weeks or even months.

    • anon says:

      I was once refused entry to the old k9 sim, that lepord or tiger prim furry admin guy, his reason “no matter if you add boobs kemono is a cub avatar you HAVE to change if you want to come in” that sim was always so dead too, wonder why ?

      • takohiko says:

        what a simowner makes up for their own sim/sims rule wise is not in Linden Labs hands.
        for example: a sim owner could just ban you for fun, for no reason from his/her sim. if you now try to bring that up to Linden Labs, will Linden Labs with a high chance reply

        “it is their sim, we are not Allowed to decide what a simowner does in his/her own sim aslong it dosnt violates the Terms of Service”

        and i dont think there is a rule in the ToS which says “dont ban residents from your sim for no reason and/or your own rules”

  22. Safra Nitely says:

    This is Just about common sense, and the Terms of Service, Not just anime bodies, Anyone that has a “child like” avatar in SL whether they use Maitrya, Slink, Utilizer or what ever, then you all have the same issue: If you LOOK, ACT and TALK like a child AVI, and your participating in ADULT-CONTENT or ACTIVITY, (please use a bit of your imagination a bit here.. I really don’t need to spell it all out to you do I?) Then yes you can be reported for AGE-PLAY. and please do expect to get banned. If however, your Avatar has some child like features, and your are not talking or acting like a kid, or talking like a kid, or dressing like a kid, or wearing group tags like “daddies little *****!”. then should not have a problem, Screen shots of blatant kids with huge dicks will probably get banned. But then again, when was the last time you saw a kid walking about a Real Life public street with a 3FT P***** sticking Straight up to hang your trophy flag from!?! As i said This is about common sense. A bit of thought about your avatar, what your doing and where you are, and the potential consequences for others around you!

    This being said. as s sim owner, If you are found RESPONSIBLE FOR ENCOURAGING AGE-PLAY – That means that you know age-play is happening at your sim, and you don’t take act then the lindens can remove your sim (delete it) without warning, and do not have to compensate you for the loss of the land (this can be like £1200 for a full private estate) So do expect some land owners to “over react” when they see child like avatars, walking about their sim with huge P*****’s in public. and expect to get banned and reported. because, the sim owners do not want to risk losing their lands! Especially because someone with a child like avatar can’t keep their mesh genitals in their pants….. and yes it goes for girls with their vj’s and other bits too!

    Secondlife has always had a policy about nudity, child avatars and age-play since 2005, it’s a legal requirement by US LAW. – The digital representation of child doing Lewd or sexual acts is a REAL LIFE OFFENCE: and can be reported to your local authority!

    This is why if your under the Real Life age of 18 your supposed to be restricted to PG and Mature lands, because if you are under the real life age of18 and you have teleport to adult rated land, and start getting into sexual or lewd activity, you are basically JAIL BAIT for everyone over 18 on that sim.! (It’s not you the under 18’s taht end up going to jail its US the over 18’s) Oh yes Lindens will REAL LIFE Prosecute over age-play in many countries like the USA, UK and EUROPE – because age-play in these countries countries still count as a type of pedophile activity… anther reason why sim owners might “over react” to your child avi with the genitals!

    So after all this said, I think you can apply common scene over the reasons why their are real concerns over Child life Avi’s with genitals running about on adult rated sims. I’s not about your avatar, it’s about the consequences to all the other avatars you might be creating! The solution is easy….. If you want sex – do it privately. and don’t run about with your bits out in public. then their is no problems is their!

    • Kibe says:

      I’m pretty sure you just recited the whole message of this blog post, use common sense, don’t dress lewd in public, don’t poseball in public, etc…

  23. UwU says:

    I’m guessing LL is bored?

  24. Tenseiken says:

    Well i Need to say mine is good sized with big breast etc but some faggits call me pedo as well i think this is just a provoke Thing of dumb idiots which dont know About anime Avatars i only can say yes it sould be mature size but it still happen ppl call you like that I would say Dont care really i Like this Avatars and no matter what i wnt let destzroy my Sl of some idiots

  25. Tenseiken says:

    And the Best Thing i just stand dressed arround on a sim not naked

  26. Anonymous says:

    Someone posted this from a Discord and for anyone that sees this and are subjected to a hold/ban, please read.

    “If you get banned for “ageplay”. First LL does not investigate their reports, if enough people report you, you’ll get your account put on hold, and there is a 95% chance you’ll get a support representative named Corky Linden. They will copy and paste a response saying that after “investigation” you broke TOS multiple times. This response is simply made to make you go away and stop sending appeals. If you get your account on hold, just keep sending appeals and be sure to request some one other then Corky Linden look at your appeal. You will sooner or later get a copy pasted response saying “after further investigation we found you have not violated the TOS and your account is no longer on hold.” Do not listen to anyone who says LL doesn’t ban you without an investigation. There is almost never an investigation and people who say this has never dealt with SL support.”

    Thus being said, LL having a lack of support seems to hold true for a lot of cases if only one particular Linden is looking into all of the cases and having to go through many support tickets, would choose to save time likely only very quickly skimming and either closing the ticket without reply or doing a canned, obviously copy/pasted response. This above all isn’t handled very professionally and it very well shows.

    • needsmoredesu says:

      I’d put my money on it being the same automated ban system you see in team based multiplayer PVP games, a certain number of reports gets you instantly banned and anyone can get anyone else banned with enough alts. Saves the company money and makes people think it’s being moderated when it’s not.

      • anon says:

        these systems are easily exploited, seen cases in numbers of games where popular streamers are banned,

        twitch had everyone streaming auto chess banned,

        blizzard have a similar system people have exploited to ban a key player on the opposite team in bg to win a game or just to shut down a streamers livelihood.

        makes me mad they can come up with stupidly exploitable systems, I would like to think a random report against your account falls off over time but I feel like it might just be something as rtarded as obtaining a number of reports lifetime earns you an auto ban or some crap.

  27. Soft says:

    Fun stuff. Had a friend’s account hit first when they don’t even go anywhere, like literally just sits in their skybox all day long, bam, AGEPLAY BAN.
    Now mine’s hit too, and I literally only do poseball at home, rarely even go to other sims, and never do in skimpy ass avis. Thanks LL.

  28. too pretty to not draw attention says:

    It’s not just LL, my partner and I were recently the subject of a concerted attack at a well known femboy club when I refused point blank to play a kiddie avatar and in fact ended up muting and derendering the person insisting that I was. I had already decided not to return by the time the club owner contacted me a day or two later to inform me that they _hadn’t_ banned me, as this same club had previously been the source of a number of vexatious complaints to yet another sim owner of griefer activity a sub of mine was supposed to have indulged in. The person orchestrating those complaints admitted to me later that the complaints were completely bogus, something I already knew in my heart to be true since such behaviour was completely out of character for my sub and the complaints were made immediately after my sub had politely refused to join them at the femboy club concerned.

    I rarely visited the femboy club in question (there being next to no activity in nearby chat there in spite of the dozens of avatars present at any given time) and having someone harassing me in IM to indulge in activity I wasn’t interested in had all but assured I wasn’t in any hurry to return by the time the club owner contacted me. A club owner who for the record was _shorter_ and _less developed_ than mine was at the time, so go figure. I pointed this out to them in my discussion, their response was basically that kid avatars always made that excuse and didn’t even bother to sight my avatar to confirm for themselves if there were any grounds for complaint. They then went on to tell me that similar complaints had been lodged against my partner. I find out after the fact that my partner hadn’t been there… in years. Yet yesterday I learned through someone else that both my partner and I were sporting freshly minted bans there.

    Now okay, it’s no skin off my pixeldick or anyone elses to be banned from a place I have no intention of returning to, particularly if it’s a place that encourages its members to indulge in such trollish behaviour, but I think the point here is made. There is an element in SL who are prepared to make complaint for the purposes of bullying those who don’t knuckle under and do as they demand, regardless of your look or actions and this element will use any means at its disposal to effect that end. Including getting their associates to make false representation to various authorities simply because they are too mentally damaged to function as effective members of any society they are in. It surely will not stop me from sporting my Utilizator Normie head in places where it is welcome. I’ve managed close to two dozen avatars over the decade I have been in SL never once has any of them been banned by LL itself so I must have been doing something right all this time. It’s probably nothing more than simply voting with my feet and going where the trollish a-holes and those who would support them aren’t.

    That said, the OP makes some salient points about ways to avoid giving LL itself excuse to nuke your accounts. My best advice is that if you know places that are magnets for trouble and the people who like to cause it, avoid them. Especially avoid anyone who has a habit of orchestrating mob justice for their own amusement and get down to the business of making your SL fun for you and preferably with like minded individuals. If you encounter a sim owner or club owner that is insisting you need to change to suit them or the people pressuring them, thank them for their concern and go somewhere else. Let the venue sink or swim under the weight of its wealth of 7 foot busty amazons and inverted turnip avatars with the impossibly large appendages which as often as not seem to be an overcompensation for the incurable self confidence issues that limit them to whispering one on one in peoples naughty boxes and AR forms. You don’t need to make their sad condition your own.

    And if after you’ve done all that you still find yourself looking at one of those LL authored “GTFO” emails, then take the fight to LL itself. They’re really the only people who matter in this and if you have a case then it’s only a matter of making enough noise until they pay attention to you. Or if you think it’s easier, then register anew and start from scratch, either in SL or one of the many OS grids. You have options, and while management might enjoy the right to refuse entry, you and anyone else who cares enough has the right to take your business elsewhere.

  29. Rodeejah Urquan says:

    There may be also the reason that maybe some of you all have no clue how young your anime avatars may come off as being? I use my venus head mostly because the narrow face shape looks a little older…and i’m glad for the creators that have created hybrid skins for the head and the maitreya/slink bodies. But, if you’re using the classic m3 head or the new m4 head with it’s apparent baby schema of huge eyes and tiny nose and mouth, it’s going to code “young” (like very young) no matter what you do. Believe me, I have tried pairing these heads with my more adult shaped mesh bodies and it looks odd. Double if you’re using those heads with the kemono body and no breast or leg mods.

    So, keep that in mind before you start rolling about “normies” and such. It’s psychology you all are dealing with as well.

    (Also, let’s not kid ourselves, anime DOES have an issue with putting clearly underaged characters in adult sexual situations. And yes, it does affect how you see characters and yeah you may want to rationalize that your “cute loli” is totally not sexual at all and you’re just doing it for the cuteness factor, but uh, don’t kid yourself, even the most youthful looking adult doesn’t look as young as big eyed anime characters.)

    • Soft says:

      Funny thing tho, is that my account has been hit with an ageplay ban, funnily, despite the fact that all my female avatars are unmistakably adult, curvy, large breasted, full-figured females. I might have one or two smaller breasted avatars, but still adult heights and figures. I primarily use maitreya nowadays, though I do still have some kemono avis, but I use the starbright torso with those to give them more adult shapes.

  30. Gwennifurry says:

    Is this really still an issue? LL was zapping people over a few trolls 5 years ago and longer.

  31. RyuuFujimura says:

    The fucking normies just don’t make any sense nowadays. If you aren’t a giant muscular man or a giant big tiddy wide hip woman, then you’re AUTOMATICALLY underage! Smh.

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