– Battle Angel Alita is actually really good –


So i just watched the new Battle Angel Alita live action movie and damn was it good. Like, after watching the very first trailers that came out and seeing those really creepy big eyes, i was ready to hate the movie, but as hard as i tried, the movie won me over really fast.

It has really a good cast, all the characters play their part perfectly, and even the alien eyed main character was very likable and kept the movie moving forward. The visuals looked really pretty and all the CGI felt so natural when mixed in with all the real life stuff, it also had some of the most amazing action i have seen in a while, just too bad it was so brief and there was so little of it, maybe thats what made it so good? i dont know but i wanted more.

But anyway, It genuinely feels like a movie that came from the heart of people that really get it and care for the source material, not some cynical board of directors in business suit and ties, formulating it based on the normie focus group results. Its what the GITS live action movie should have been like, with its cynical pandering to normies who dont watch movies like that anyway. It does not take any unnecessary bullshit “creative liberties” and faithfully follows its source material, it brought back so many memories of the anime, now i wanna rewatch it and maybe even read the manga to see what happens next because i dont think it made enough money to warrant a sequel sadly :C

I think this movie would have made a lot more money if it wasnt for the downright bizarre choice to make her eyes so fucking huge and shapeless and wrinkly around them, why not just give her a pretty JRPG style face or better yet, why not just make her normal like EVERYONE ELSE around her so she wouldnt stand out like taken out of a different movie and slapped on top, and would blend in with the rest, and they would have saved a shit ton of money in the CGI department too !

Anyways, go see it, its a quality movie and you wont be bored.

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6 Responses to – Battle Angel Alita is actually really good –

  1. KotaiKage (Avara the Dreamer) says:

    I loved this manga series in the 90’s and I still have them! I really wanted to see this but they took it out of my theater before I could. I’ll buy the Blu-ray just from your recommendation. Thanks!

  2. eksynn says:

    i _highly_ recommend the manga – all 3 seasons of it (from the original Gunnm, to Gunnm: last order, to the mars arc – although the mars arc makes very little sense right now xD; still recommended though.)

    on that note, if you do read it all in order, please disregard the last few chapters of gunnm, as it was basically redacted due to the fact that gunnm was canceled, so the creator had to come up with some kind of ending for it. but then the creator decided to continue it on his own, but for that, he had to reset the ending the way he wanted it to go, originally, before it got canceled.

  3. Zähler Klotz says:

    When will you publish all the Virtual on models you make online for people to look and download? I’m curious to try them out.

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