– M4 Venus skins –

Kept forgetting to do this post and its kinda long overdue but for anyone that still needs a good skin for their M4 venus head that also includes a matching neck texture, the wait is over.
Heres a few skins that i know of myself, There could be more skins on the marketplace so you will have to dig around for them and if you find any or you are skin creator, send me a link and i will include it in this post.

{HIME*DREAM} Kumiko Skin Mod - (M4 Venus/Kemono Body) READ DESCRIPTION

More skins suggested by users:



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12 Responses to – M4 Venus skins –

  1. i throughly enjoy Haro’s products. great skins, great accessories. can’t wait to see what else they make in time. thanks Util, keep up the good work. ^^ side note… i’ve been wondering… how long was the bento venus head under development… or rather an idea? i’ve heard rumors since early 2016 that the original venus was being considered to be updated to bento, and have been waiting ever since for it (when it finally did release, the inner me just got … like… positive brain shock at how excited i was. i mean… 2 years…. XD anyway…….) but yeah i was wondering from your perspective how long it was an idea before becoming reality…. just curious.

    • development started around January 2019 but i seriously began considering the idea nearing the end of 2018 i think, dont listen to rumors, just read this blog if you want accurate information on my future plans.

  2. Deluca says:

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but are there any good skins for the M4 Venus head that have a Kemono Fitted Torso neck? Because i can’t seem to find any and the current Kemono neck for the M4 Venus makes the bottom neck area of the fitted torso disappear, again, sorry if this has been addressed before.

  3. Marko says:

    Hey buddy i am marko from argentina! Do you remember from virtualon? I want to know if you have temjin 3d model yet? I wanna to print in 3d printer.

  4. anon says:

    been quiet for so long been missing utilizator blogs!

    any news?

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