– AMH is restructuring –


As with all the things i announce on this blog, this move is kind of long overdue as well.

So within the following few months, AMH will be restructuring and moving to a new location. The new AMH 2.0 will be smaller and will no longer offer shop spaces to rent and instead will be more focused on providing the player with all the essentials (bodies, heads, skins, hairs and clothing) for putting together an anime avatar.

On average, sim prices have went down by a significant amount over the past year, ours however didnt and this was the final sign that it is time to move on.

The original reason for us to have a full sim is no longer there, due to mainly my laziness and lack of motivation, the sim never really lived out the full potential of what was planned for it, we only managed to finish 2 of the attractions and a lot of our ideas didnt really pan out (like the residential area, what a disaster that was)

It was also supposed to be our home and a personal sandbox where we could chill and work on our projects, but as the sim got too popular an it became kinda hard to have some privacy, especially when you are trying t work on things while everyone and their mom wants to pop in and see what what you are working on.

Running the mall itself was a bit of a pain in the ass as well, none of the moderators were ever online so i always had to manage new tenants and run around after everyone telling them their rent has expired.

What always surprised me was how much traffic AMH managed to pull, despite us doing fuck all to promote the place, moderate it or keep the community engaged, especially when other big anime sims had huge difficulties attracting people despite their best efforts.

But now days the sim has lost its purpose, we had had many disagreements on how we should run the place and most of the original staff have went on to do their own things, some left SL altogether and now its just a waste of money and space, so having a full sim dosnt make sense at this point

All in all, AMH had a really good run and lots of fun nostalgic moments were had, probably some of the best days of my second life, so it really pains us to do this and is the main reason why we didnt do this sooner, but it is time to move on and get with the times, instead of holding on to past memories that can no longer be relived, and besides, the place really needed a face lift anyway.

So thats all, you should see directions to the new location pop up within the next month and i might make another post about the history of AMH and all that stuff. until than, heres some nostalgic videos of the good old days and stuff.

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7 Responses to – AMH is restructuring –

  1. KotaiKage says:

    Glad to see you’re Ok and still out there! Sim change would probably be a good thing. Change makes things new again.

  2. eksynn says:

    this is sad… lots of memories at amh – but if it’s deemed necessary, at least a good part of us will always support that decision
    will the new location be a parcel in a different region? what will happen to the old one?

  3. Eliih says:

    Boiii those throwback videos tho :D I completely forgot about those!

  4. Zenko Sakura says:

    1st off i hope you been doing good and well utilazator senpai, it’s very super nice to hear from you again

    2nd off i do look forward to the new version of AMH, it really has a Tokyo mall vibe to it
    which i love a whole lot, i will miss the old AMH sim, but hey times change and so does anime

    Keep up the fantastic and lovely work
    And i wish you the very best of amazing luck

    Love ya UwU <3

  5. Twigglesbear says:

    Wow that sim been there since I was a noob. It’s not your fault AMH lost it’s purpose really. Sadly the animu community turned into a lewd zone and people can’t stand around and have fun without their bits out anymore it seems lol. Those vids made me happy that’s the SL I remember <3 Good luck with the new sim of course I will creep :D

  6. MAria says:

    Glad that the place isn’t dying but moving on, also makes sense so scale down a little but consider 3rd party stores at your new opace because I think a lot of them that provide mods for kemono and other Uti items helped keep the original AMH open and busy.

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