– Bakes on Mesh –

– BoM –

God news for all of you just dieing to hop on the next SL tech trend bandwagon, Bakes on Mesh for my stuff is here, Thanks to Riana Starspaw who figured it out and put together this kit so i wouldnt have to xD.

You can find the BoM kit at my mainstore as well as included as an attachment in the group notice. Be sure to read the documentation and analyze all the included material to get an idea of how this works and how to use it.

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6 Responses to – Bakes on Mesh –

  1. KotaiKage says:

    As usual, thank you for the hard work. Thanks also to Riana Starspaw. I’ve been waiting on the whole thing to see what you would do with it. I’m sure your instructions will be perfect! Have a fantastic week!

  2. Ann says:

    anyone wanting to play with this update your viewer!

    Am I correct in thinking once you have activated the bake once the mesh once with an item using the applier the mesh will remember / always react to skins via baking ?

    secondly maybe I did something wrong but for me the left side of m3 head is always set to a transparent image?

  3. Zenko Sakura says:

    Aww yeah very nice and beautiful job ;D <3

  4. Waratah Lynx says:

    I haven’t been able to find the kit, I went to amh 2.0 but the shop was completely empty. Is there anywhere, where it could be?

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