– Bakes on Mesh for the Normie head –

Looks like this isnt common knowledge yet since people keep asking when the Normie head will be updated to work with BoM. Theres no need to update anything(well maybe just your viewer if you havent already), the Normie head and every other thing you own already works with BoM as is! You just need BoM appliers to apply the special BoM textures that LL added to the game, and they will accept LL skins and texture layers.

I have not tested these myself yet but i have been told that these appliers will work with the Normie head

   Bake on Mesh skin applier (Omega)

Not sure which one are better but the first one is free.


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21 Responses to – Bakes on Mesh for the Normie head –

  1. Aria Brightstar says:

    I have a question for M4 heads… How I make emotes that stay forever without use time length?

    • recreate the same face expression with the HUD

      • Aria Brightstar says:

        I mean for the script..

      • there is no way to make them stay forever but the emotes are using combinations of the same face expression animations that you can activate yourself using the HUD, just create the same kind of face with the HUD that looks like the emote you want to stay forever

    • anon says:

      I had this same issue! I wanted to send the expressions directly like the official hud, so my item could turn on a blush and leave it on until I wanted it off but the expression api won’t let it do this.

  2. Weeb says:

    The second link is basically junk, since people didn’t know they could just make any old omega applier and set it to the BOM appliers. Don’t pay for free UUIDs!

    All UUIDs are available on the wiki or if you search “Bakes on Mesh default texture IDs have changed in latest RC viewer” it should come up in the forums. You can also use these with firestorm’s UUID input texture picker.

    • anon says:

      thanks for explaining, wow that is so simple! I could probably done it myself!

      totally do not pay for any bakes on mesh applier in that case!

  3. Aria Brightstar says:

    I have a question about the m4 heads but.. Is it possible convert these heads to animesh version for use as dullahan?

  4. Aria Brightstar says:

    I tested it but the animations not played when it enabled animesh how I fix that?

  5. Aria Brightstar says:

    well the animesh m4 head version that can control with m4 hud but the animations from the m4 head is not played or changed when it enabled animesh on the m4 head
    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/638465556223361024/641006090665984011/12WXL5oAOC.gif see?

  6. adoring fan says:

    I know its a massive pain so i hate to ask but …

    It was posted a while back on one of the older blogs that avatar 2.0 could be considered for updating to allow LLUV maps (if LL ever got around to implementing bakes on mesh)

    Any thought or still planned given bakes is here?

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