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Hello and welcome to my shitty website.

I am Utilizator, (utilizator.mode on SL). I am a self taught hobbyist illustrator, graphics designer, 3D modeler,  animator and a content creator for a 3D virtual world MMO video game thing called Second Life.

Now days, everyone and their mom has a blog of their own, so i decided to jump on the bandwagon of self absorbed children and blog about stupid shit no one cares about, as if my opinion maters to anyone :D. On top of that, i will also post about my latest releases for sl, my current projects, news and whats planed for the future(actually, this is the prime reason why i would need a site like this). This site will also showcase my work and serve as a tutorial resource for anyone that would like to learn 3D and stuff.

Now, Lets just hope ill be motivated enough to actualy post something

7 Responses to About

  1. Miyashita Subaru says:

    I never know where to post just general comments on these things but when I see something that needs said I open my big fat mouth and say it. You are the best of the best. I have been looking at your stuff on SL for a while now and love the shit out of all of it. I am incredibly impressed with your talent. Keep it up. I hope you go very far in your life.

  2. Enderlife says:

    I enjoy your work greatly keep at it. Though i hear of a rumor going around i wondering if you could answer it towards your next big project? There is going around information that your making a new avatar body higher then your resent. I was wondering if that was true.

  3. Ava Mapochi says:

    I love the M3 head – it is very well done and so cute. I use it with a normal body and skin and I wish it was easier to find which skin makers offers M3 head appliers to match their skin lines. Most skin makers now make appliers for SLink and Lolas but it is hard to find good skin with M3 appliers :(

  4. laura says:

    what does PSD mean? what is the difference between that and the original Utili

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