– Nier Automata –

If you are a fan of B2 from Nier Automata, you might be interested in the following Kemono/M3 items.

– Rikugou customization contest pics and video –

Heres the video and some pictures of the event.

Also the event music playlist is here : https://soundcloud.com/game-exe/sets/rikugou-event-mmusic

Best Robit :3

Gas Cap

Robit Contest 2016 :D

1st Place Anime Bastion


1st Place Male

Contest Winners :D

Honorable Mentions

– Contest over! –

– Contest over! –

Ladies and Germans, the Rikugou customization contest is over and here are the lucky winners!

First place


Izzanami Dagostino with her tank turret robot girl thing inspired by bastion ffrom overwatch.
More pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/gF9Mf

You can see it in action in these videos
Tank mode: https://i.gyazo.com/42f272b80ff9020dd72696dfda96e0cd.mp4
Turret mode: https://i.gyazo.com/f4f91132b9f3100ee1f4457ae9242f6f.mp4

Second place

————akisa ashe

Ashe’s Kampfer is a fully functional thing that can shoot and boost and leave skidmarks as it moves around.
see it in action: video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kCaSWH-TwQ&feature=youtu.be

Akisa’s Mynoghra is a Rikugou armor that she has been hard at work modeling for quite some time and will be commercially available soon, keep a look out on her store for when it drops!
Heres a better image: https://i.gyazo.com/7d4ea165700473b4a76ff846dd8a40ed.jpg

Third place

jdbmiko maki

See more images of
JDB Bing: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rdb4dym1u5igpi4/AAADjz3KoIzcKkmiYq81RybMa?dl=0
Miko Molinari: http://imgur.com/a/OXNRi
Maki: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50238401/contest/2016-10-13_18-16-09.mp4

Honorable mentions

These are customization that did not make it into the top 3 but never the less the judges felt these needed a shout out, so here they are !

cielra cozmo vital xion

See more images of
Xion Hurricane: https://www.flickr.com/photos/140797892@N04/with/29977335103/
cielra: https://www.flickr.com/photos/131443001@N08/with/30498525642/
Vital: http://prnt.sc/cy9pjw http://prnt.sc/cy9x73
Cozmo Boa: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/do0jws81uozsm5w/AADi5dmDk2OIDyeJGy0Nbnana?dl=0

And finaly, the winner of the male Rikugou category

Auxus with Brigs


See it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CZTJBR2Ims

And while i didnt plan any honorable mentions for the male category, i feel PrincePersia Lemondrop deserves a shout out as well.


more pics: http://imgur.com/a/lAdMI
So, now that thats over with, here are the new stuff for Rikugou, Have fun with your new toys !


– Contest winner anouncement date –

Okay so anyone who hasn’t sent me their notecards yet, you got time till friday to finish your projects ad send them in.

Deadline is October 28, and the ingame contest winner announcement even date is October  29 around 2:00PM PDT/SLT

Winners will also be announced on the blog so if you cannot participate, its not a big deal.

– COD IW PS4 Beta –

Sheeeit, cant wait for this game to come out, been having a blast with the ps4 beta, made a video about it.

– i’ll just leave this here –

– Havent done one of these in a while –

– RIP Skills Hak –

So as many of you who arent living under a rock, have already heard that Skills got perma banned again and looks like its for real this time. Here’s her blog post about it.


I find it kind of a pants on head retarded move by LL to ban someone who sinks so much money into their dieing game, someone who runs a place that they use to promote their dieing game, someone helps them fix their dieing game. GG linden lab.

Anyway, Skills was always surrounded by controversy, hated by many little dicked gingers, copybotters, safe hub memester trolls  and wanna be grieffer youtube stars, for basically nothing more than not bending over backwards to these people and taking it up the ass, But none of them took the time to get to know the real Skills Hak and her contribution to the game.
Skills is a great friend and we had some good times together, especially when we moved to cumboy canyon (later named poop cuz lindens dont like cum). Skills gave us a fantasy land of our own where we could all gather to circle jerk and let out creativity flow free, cumming up with hilarious sim build ideas, new creative ways to kill clueless memesters wandering the sim, create whatever we wanted. We had a blast with all those sim builds and none of that would have been possible without Skills. You say you want to be a mommy now, but you always were our mommy <3

This ban means those fun days are now over, we will miss it but life goes on, and maybe theres some more good times to be had ahead, who knows, but i feel too tired to invest any more of my time and effort into playing this game and building something, especially when it all can just be taken away from you like that whenever LL pleases.

– Looking back at 2015 parts 2-4 –

Ok the rest is done too, enjoy!

Part 2 – the fun part

Part 2 of the part 2! – The boring part of part 2

Part 3 – the best part

Part 4 – mostly left over material that didnt make it into the other videos.

– People that cant take a NO –

Some 2004 looking gay furry dragon wolf cams my friend who is changing her outfit, shoots her an IM, gets rejected, goes super saiyan.

[06:14] Zero (hikura.zero) bends you over and cups your pussy rubbing. ” Mm nice “
[06:18] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): First rule to personal space. there is no such thing as an invitation to touching.
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): There is in sl when you don’t wear stuff to cover it
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): Naughty sub
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): But if you want to be boring and offensive okay
[06:19] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): Try and be a charmer. Tends to work a little better.

[06:21] Zero (hikura.zero): This is a game you moron
[06:21] Zero (hikura.zero): If you can’t accept that go get mental help.
[06:23] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): Nothing is ever just a game when you don’t want bothered. But i suppose ill just be direct will just say no thanks Im not interested in any advances or sexual exchanges regardless of my appearance
[06:23] Zero (hikura.zero): Yeah yeah whatever you two faced slut
[06:23] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): now you’re just being nasty with accusations
[06:24] Zero (hikura.zero): Says you who wears no pants or panties
[06:24] Zero (hikura.zero): fuck off you creep, Just bait so you can be rude to people huh


4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: oh hey
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: they tried to flirt with me when i was on my alt
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: and like
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: he did this whole dom thing where he just kept touching me and wouldnt leave me alone even though i told him i was eating
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: so i blocked him

4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: oh right on the next day he comes by (still blocked)
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: he comes with a slave next to him or something
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: and just stands in front of me while im on the swings
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: all i do is attach a giant penis between my legs and he walks away
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: men are so fun sometimes