– Year end update avalanche –

Alright, 2017 is about to end, and a lot of bug reports have piled up over the year, so its about time to kick and bunch of these updates through the door before we start 2018!

– Avatar 2.0 –

Fixed a bug with the alpha system hiding wrong parts of the body, for example, hiding the shoulder would hide a chunk of the torso.
Fixed an oversight in the HUD Skin tab – ADD texture button wasn’t working right in Lash|Brows|Hair modes.
Fixed alpha problems with 2 of the skins, they had an unused alpha channel that messed with things.
Fixed a problem with the included stockings not hiding right sections.
Finlay updated the nipples addon to work with the new avatar 2.0 hud, you can find those for free at my main store.

– Kemono –

Fixed a bug with the render weight in the kemono head, it should be back to normal now.

– Rikugou –

Heavy armor – Fixed a bug where the GM Riffle didnt point forward when in mouse look while crouching.
Temjin and Strike armors – The original problem reported was that the strike sit animation priority is set to 4 and it overrides the sit animations of furniture, but due to how SL handles sitting on prims now, the default LL sit animation will override the lover part of the body if the animation priority is set bellow 4, breaking the sit, so the solution is simply to turn off AO while sitting on furniture (witch is a common sense thing to do anyway). I also found that the temjin sit was set to priority 3 witch as i explained above was bad. Both strike and temjin sits are now set to 4 but i have also included sit animations set to priority 3 inside the HUD, they are marked with -pr3 for anyone that wants to use them instead of the priority 4 animations.
Rikugou A and B – Updated the heads with the FINE TOO talking mouth animation script by Cerise Sorbet as requested by her.
Heavy armor booster sound spam – We came up with a fix but we arent sure if the fix really fixed it, we dont know of a good way to reproduce the bug so its hard to test any fixes, so let us know if its still acting up, there is more information about this down bellow in the “Things that arent broken or cannot be fixed” part of this post

– M3 Anime Head –

Fixed the glow setting effecting the wrong eye layer, making the eye layers alpha glitch with each other.

– Clothing –

Fixed a problem with the Avatar 2.0 stockings hiding wrong sections, also included the animated texture versions of the stockings from the now discontinued experimental pack.
Fixed Avatar 2.0 socks not hiding any sections, and a naming error with one of the black socks being called white.
Fixed permission problems with some of the items in the S4 outfit pack.
Fixed the incorrect naming problem with the Avatar 2.0 medium and flat bikini tops.

– Misc –

Fixed a problem the Gantz and Audax Inc stores having incorrect physics shapes at AMH.
Updated my downloads section to include the missing school top textures as well as include the download links to the O.CA Armor and scarf, and school swimsuit textures.


— Things that arent broken or cannot be fixed —


– Kemono –

Wearing outfits from outfit folders messes up the alphas – This is a little something that cannot be fixed due to the way second life works. Normally, when adding a piece of clothing, a body part mod or anything else that needs to hide parts of the body, will send a hide command to the kemono body and it will hide the needed parts. Removing a piece of clothing or mod also sends a command to the body to show the parts that were hidden. The body needs to be added first and removed last, witch is not always the case with changing outfits. And this is where the problem is, things arent always removed or added in the correct order, For example, if you were wearing something that hides your torso, changing an outfit can remove the body first before that torso hiding item is removed, making that item send the show command to the kemono body that is no longer there to receive it, than putting the body back on will still have the torso still invisible because it never received that show command.

A workaround for this problem would be to use the outfit folders the way they were ment to be used, as outfit folders and not full avatar folders. For example, have a base avatar folder with just the naked avatar in it and save every outfit into its own folder without the avatar included in that folder, than simply use the “add to outfit” or “remove from outfit” buttons in the outfit folders to change those outfits. This way the alphas wont get screwed up and you will have a more tidy wardrobe as well.

– Rikugou –

Temjin and strike AOs, We are unable to reproduce the bug where it would get stuck in jumping animation, we know about this bug and have seen it ourselves, we just cannot reproduce it o demand, so we cannot do any testing to see if our fix worked or not.
Rikugou lite neck clipping with the neck part of the O.CA armor shirt, i cannot reproduce this clipping neither in game or blender, this might be specific to whatever animations you are using.

Heavy armor booster dash sound, the dash sound will randomly play sometimes when clicking on viewer UI elements with your mouse or WASD on your keyboard, this is a really bizzare bug that has more to do with the viewer than the booster itself. The sound somehow gets cached in the viewer sound memory and plays randomly on mouse and keyboard input (there is not a single line inside the script to do such a thing). Reproducing the bug is really difficult, it looks like it just happens when it feels like it, and without a good way to induce the bug, we cant do any meaningful testing or fixing for it, so if you know what triggers it or what this even is exactly, it would be helpful if you let us know.

– Clothing –

I had notes for problems with the following items but upon testing them i have found that i have already fixed them, but i have no memory of announcing those fixes so just in case i didnt heres what was fixed previously:

D2 skirt had incorrect faces assigned to meshes, mainly the belt loops and buckle.
Shorts and open shorts were clipping with skin tight pants and pantyhose.

Well thats it for now, there were other things reported that turned out to be either not reproducible or user error but we arent 100% and will need to investigate them further when we have time.


– The Oni Combat Armor and some updates –

The Oni Combat Armor – arms, legs and a tacticool belt.

Compatible with Avatar 2.0, Kemono and Rikugou Lite avatars. You will need to update your Kemono And Rikugou avatars for this to work, i have also included a manual fix that you can apply to your Kemono instead of Updating it to save time. This started out as something else entirely but has deviated to what it is now, after series of walls i ran into with trying to mesh out the design. Non the less, i really like how it turned out and im thinking of making a chest piece and maybe a head piece later too.

Btw, funny thing, Marketplace filtered the word Oni and set the product to mature automatically for whatever retarded linden reason, had to change Oni to Onı using unicode to bypass the the retarded filter.


– Updates –

Avatar 2.0
Fixed a glitch with the bonus hair base that made it clip with the new version of Avatar 2.0

Fixed a bug with the visually effect of the voice chat animation checkbox being pressed (if you closed the options menu and opened it again, the checkbox got reset visually)Fixed a bug that made both the voice chat and typing animation checkboxes activate both functions regardless of what checkbox was marked.
Fixed a bug with the head applying custom eyebrow textures on one of the elf ears.

Kemono(This is not the upcoming big update)
Fixed a bug with the Kemono deformer, offsetting the lower leg bones, making the legs look all curved backwards and breaking the ankles, you need this update mainly for compatibility with the O.CA armor legs and some products that asami is going to make.

Rikugou Lite(This is not the upcoming big update)
Changes to arms and legs for compatibility with the O.CA arms and legs.

– Whats next? –

Okay so before i begin, i want to let everyone know that we have found and fixed a few more bugs so you all will need to update your kemonos if you bought them in a date before this blog post was made.

The fixes are:

A bug with the hair loading wrong texture for white primary color and not loading anything for black secondary color.
A bug with the boots, making them clip with the bonus stockings and kneesocks. And a bug with the head that made the eye lashes break permanently and made them impossible to fix


how to use the update card

Rez the card on the ground or wear it, be patient.
If nothing happens within 10 minutes, detach or take it back and wait a day and try again
If you think you only got a notecard, check your notice center, maybe the second update accept dialog got lost, if not than, detach or take it back and wait a day and try again.
if you try to repeatedly rez/wear the card, you will spam the update server with update requests and it will block you for 24 hours.


– Whats next? –

Okay so, now that this is done, i bet you all have a bunch of questions regarding what will i do next and when is this and that going to come.

So next on my To do list a big Avatar 2.0 and M3 overhaul, a bunch of new texture appliers for the M3, Kemono and Avatar 2.0, Adding boob size options to the remaining Avatar 2.0 clothing, adapting more Avatar 2.0 clothing for the Kemono body and probably a dummy.blend for Kemono.

Heres a list of changes that are going to be made to the Avatar 2.0 and the M3 heads in the upcoming update.

Changes to the M3 system:

Ability to control each eyelid separately, you will now be able to close one eye, or close one eye more than the other.
Originally the M3 head was supposed to have eye texture layer color control in addition to the base layer color control, but due to technical difficulties, we had to remove that feature from the final release. While working on the kemono, we have found a workaround for that technical difficulty that allowed us to somewhat bring back the lost functionality, you will be able to select from 5 different eye texture colors.
We have will also added a v1 viewer compatibility mode for those of you who have old computers and are forced to use v1 viewers.
And finally, the head will now listen to user made scripted object commands to change the expressions and stuff like that.
The M3 hud will now has a Hide button that hides it offscreen.
The M3 hud will now Auto detects witch side of the screen you have attached it to and realign its options menu to that side of the screen to prevent the click block mesh bug from happening. It also can no be attached wherever you want it to be attached without screwing it up like before.
The presets window will now be a separate HUD in itself, it has lost all of its nonsensical functions and now focuses on saving your full facial expressions instead.

Changes to the Avatar 2.0:

The Avatar 2.0 will support asymmetrical textures and texture appliers.
The new way i came up with for joining objects will free the 8th material that was previously used to eliminate the join seams, so each object will get one additional hide option.The avatar will now have hand position’s, it will also have boob sizes built into it that you can select from the HUD.
The HUD will now have an options menu like the kemono HUD where you can select the skin texture and other stuff.

– Boobs are done –

K everythings done and ready, rez your update cards and stuff. I have also updated the free nipples and nipple tapes to work with the new boobs. Bikini tops where updated too, rez your update cards for those.

I have also moved the release notes from the update server to the product boxes themselfs, hopefully this will reduce the number of “HALP! upade card no work D:”

Finally, the tank tops where updated and repackaged to work with the new boob sizes too, also they now have a left click texture change menu, one new texture and an update card. As it was with the closed shorts, you will need to buy this again, dont bug me with “i already bought this before D:” you dont have to buy it again if you dont want to, im not trying to resell you the same thing, you are paying for the extra work i put into this.

You will find everything in a box called – Experimental Boob Sizes -, More clothes will be updated later.

That is all, have fun with your boobs.


Okay so here,s a bunch of stuff that im gonna throw in this single blog post.

– M3 head Review –

Inuoko Shikami has made a pretty nice review of M3 anime head, you can read her review here http://wordsdevoursouls.blogspot.com/2013/04/m3-mesh-anime-head-review.html



– The M3 head blending kit –

For those of you who wanna use this head with the default  Linden avatar body, ||☆Chromatica☆|| has made this blending kit that will allow you to seamlessly joint your M3 Head with your neck, perfect if you are wearing short hair or hair that is tied up.


– Avatar 2.0 –

Here’s some really good news for you Avatar 2.0 users i have came up with a way to overcome the 8 face limit on mesh objects! What this means is that this opens up unlimited body area hide possibilities. Not only that, this will allow the Avatar 2.0 to have different hand position’s, face expressions, and maybe even blink.


It’s still a bit too early to say this but this might make the CCD obsolete since now you will be able to wear almost everything.


– Sepph shirts for avatar 2.0 –

Sepph has made some T-shirts for Avatar 2.0, they also contain special alphas for every skin tone and instructions on how to use them. Click this banner to see them all.


– Other stuff  –

Okay so here’s some other news, the male crowd can finally rejoice cuz Anahi (.::U & A::.) is going to soon be coming up with a Male version of of her mesh body and a few pieces of clothing to go with it.

I have finished rigging the flat versions of the long and sleeveless hoodies too and made a closed version of the open shorts that still needs to be rigged.

M3 Head might be getting another update soon that includes some stuff that we forgot, like the center eye position in the roll menu and options menu lock for when its not shown (so that you wouldn’t accidentally turn your head blue or something while trying to click on something)

That is all.


– What’s coming in 2013 –

2013 – So the world didn’t end

I don’t think that the Mayan calendar ending at 2012 ment the world will end at that date, i think it just means that 2012 was the last date the Mayans wrote down before they went extinct and there was no one to continue writing the calendar anymore :D

But anyway, wow time goes so fast, i haven’t even done half of what i planned for 2012, but lets hope i can finish it all this year :D so here’s what you should expect to come from me in 2013.

But first, a status update on the M3 head. The reason it didn’t come out for so long was cuz the project was halt due to technical complications. The head rendered really weird and shaded so terrible when uploaded to SL. I needed to redo the whole lower part of the face and all the face expressions i have already made, and holidays where already near , so i just said fuck it and took a break till next year. So im finally resuming the work on the head, i have already remade the face and now testing it ingame, it shades a lot better now, i just need to shrink the size of the upper/back part of the head (hair compatibility issues) and i will be ready to make face expressions again.

Just to tease you, here’s some of the features it will have: Separate control for eyes, mouth and eyebrows lets you create your own face expression, effects like blush and tears, easier than ever customization and development kit, select any eye color you want,  multicolor eyes, talk animation, different kinds of ears and lots of other stuff.

Okay so here’s what else is coming apart from the new head.


– Rikugou –

A naked body for Rikugou was something requested by a lot of you, but i had no intentions of doing it at first because A. you can use Rikugou’s head on Avatar 2.0 B. i had my hands full with the avatar 2.0 already, if i was to create a naked version of the body, i would have been flooded with complaints that none of the clothing fits it and i don’t really have the time and energy to launch another line of clothes. BUT your naked Rikugou body idea got me thinking, i imagined how it would look, how would all the attachment points look for the armor and all the other technical detail, and the more i thought about it, the more i wanted to do it. So, you win, you can see a small preview of how its going to be like at the top. Other things to come will be more alternative hair styles, the Temjin armor set that was supposed to come after Anubis and a few pieces of clothing for the naked body, and i wanna make some more armor sets.

– Avatar 2.0 –

Okay so obviously the single Avatar 2.0 model just cannot satisfy everyone’s needs so im going to split it into a few separate versions, there will be a headless version specially made to be used with the default linden avatar head(also the eye pop thing fixed), there will also going to be a version with alternative material areas, all of you who wanted to use sculpted feet and high heels will finally be able to do it without third party support. I will also going to revert a small change i did with the collar bones and try to find another way to narrow the shoulders. Finally, the thing i said about putting clothing on hold till mesh deformers are out, well i will only be partially putting it on hold, i will still be doing stuff but im going to do them in packs, because that way i can update you when i the mesh deformer is implemented. I will not make things that come in 8543213687498 color versions because that’s just too much to handle when creating update cards and update server entries for every item.  Finally i wanna make a seamless bigger boobs addon for avatar 2.0  and a few tops to go along with it.

– Other projects –

Okay im not yet sure about this one but, i MIGHT release the M3 head bundled with a mesh body. When i was making the naked Rikugou body, i also made a human version of it and it turned out pretty nice. Now im not sure if i wanna get myself into making another clothing line or not but the fact is that Avatar 2.0 doesn’t satisfy me as much anymore and Rikugou’s body looks just so much better, and on top of that i already have a body done (just need to texture and rig it) So i guess i could like do this joint project thing, making clothing for Avatar 2.0 i would also make a version that is compatible with the Rikugou android and human bodies just like i do with the .: U & A :. body, that would give me an extra bit of work but it wouldn’t be as much as a separate line.

When im done with everything, i wanna release my own mesh furry avatar that would rival the Blue Galaxy feline and that other bunny mesh avatar with incredibly hot ass.

– Status Update –

Okay so here’s a proper status update, here’s a bunch of things i think you all should know.

I have been getting a lot of requests for a male versions of the log and the sleeveless hoodies, such a version was originally in the works but i encountered a few cockblocking problems, mainly problems with the male shape. The male avatar shape screws the thing up so i needed to remodel the whole thing from scratch to fit the male avatar, and since the default LL avi wasn’t my focus, i was doing this for avatar 2.0, i decided that im not gonna bother. That being said, the flat chest version of these hoodies that i was doing for male avatars are somewhat finished but they will only work if you are using a female shape as a base for your male avatar. Since im getting a lot of requests for it and looks like a lot of people are actually using female shapes for their male avatars, im going to add those finishing touches to the flat chest versions and import them to SL. I will announce when they will become available.

Another thing that was always in the plans but i kept forgetting to do was  nipples and nipple tape addons for avatar 2.0

Also, im really fucking tired of the same question/request being asked again and again “add more hide options for the avatar 2.0 HUD”. I CAN’T add more options, the avatar 2.0 model is divided into separate materials (known as prim faces in SL), The HUD sets these faces to visible or invisible, hiding the body part that is marked with that face. The limit of faces for a mesh object is 8, that means i cannot add any more faces. That brings us to another annoying request “Make the HUD hide this instead of that” Fuck You, the avatar was divided in the most optimum way so that as many people would be satisfied as possible, im not going to ruin shit for everyone else just to satisfy your individual needs. On top of that, if you check the third party developers, Marcy has created a few hiding solutions using alphas, you might wanna see if it solves your problem and if it doesn’t, just do the same thing she did, alpha out the parts you want in photoshop.  You might ask why dont i just go for alpha textures myself instead of using faces, the answer is alpha glitches and since the avatar has so many skin tone textures, i would need to create 23756826826293763907 alpha texture versions of each skin tone, so no.

Also here’s my future plans for avatar 2.0, The development of the avatar and clothing is temporarily on hold because of the 2 mesh deformer projects that are in progress at the moment. The mesh deformer will let you use all of the appearance editor sliders to control the shape of your mesh avatar. I want the avatar 2.0 as well as its clothes to utilize this new technology and i don’t want to create anything that will become useless as soon as the deformer is out, there will be no way to update people who allready bought the clothes and im not going to redo everything i ever made. Both projects have some fundamental problems with them as they are now and im yet not sure what i will choose in the end for avatar 2.0. One of them will give us basic control like muscularity, fatness ass size it will give creators full control on how the sliders will effect these things but we will not be able to change stuff like face detail. The other project will give us full appearance editor functionality including faces and stuff and on top of that, face expressions and hand poses will also be possible to use with mesh. But the biggest problem with that is that we creators will have no control on how the sliders effect the mesh, meaning that in most cases, the mesh will get horribly distorted and this method will only really work properly with loose clothes that do not have a defined shape. So yeah this is why im temporarily stopping the project and waiting for the outcome of the 2 projects, if the Qarl manages to fix the distortion issue in his deformer, i might go with that since it would solve the huge problem of same face and no expressions of avatar 2.0, when everyone will be able to make their own face for it. But if Qarls deformer is a fail, im gonna go with the other guy.

And finally

Heres a few third party things for avatar 2.0



There was more but looks like the marketplace links arent working anymore, im going to make a proper post for these things later as well as some stuff for the CCD.

– Sleeveless hoodies for Avatar 2.0 –

And they are done.

They come in 2 versions, hood up and hood down, LL versions and alphas are also included but you should read the details and try the demos first. An unexpected side effect is that the hood works with Rikugou’s head too.

Next up, the M3 mesh anime head

– Long hoodies –

And here they are, these hoodies come in 4 different variations of hood up/down and open closed, they also include tintable mesh hair that goes under the hood.

If you wanna use your own hair with it, you can rez your favorite hair on the ground, unlink the front of it and only use that as hair. If you wanna use the hoodie with an anime head, you can increase the size of the hood by increasing the head size in the appearance editor.


I have split off the sleeveless version of the hoodie into a separate project, its going to be released soon too.

– some random anouncements and other stuff –

– Avatar 2.0 feet sink bug –

Okay, so the first thing im gonna talk about is one really annoying glitch with the Avatar 2.0, that made the avatar’s feet sink into the ground. This is one of those things, that either no one noticed, or didn’t find it to be significant enough to report to me, so i was beginning to think that im the only one having it, . SL used to have an account bound avatar height glitch with early versions of viewer 2.0 and i thought it was just more of that. But i had the same happening on my alt so i decided, also it was something directly related to the shoe platform thing, and the only way to fix that was to detach the avatar, the shoe platform, and than put the avatar back on and the shoe platform after that. But that was kinda annoying to do every time you log in, so i decided to look more into this and do some experiments and figure out why this is happening.

So here’s what i found out, and im afraid this is kind of out of my hands.
Okay so here how this works, the second life avatar skeleton has toe bones, but they aren’t used to move the toes, they are used to elevate the avatar.

The LL avatar shoe clothing layer has options for heel height and platform height, and are mostly used together with high heel or platform sculpted or mesh shoes. When you increase the height of the platform or the heal, the toe bones get offset downwards and lifts up your avatar.

I have rigged the toe bones to the toes of my avatar’s foot to illustrate what happens, when the shoe platform lifts the avatar up.
This is the default toe bone position when not wearing anything

This is the how the toe bones get offset when wearing a shoe platform.

Now here’s where the problem begins with rigged meshes that have custom joint positions. after reloging, and sometimes even changing your mesh outfit, your feet start to sink into the ground.

What i think happens is, when you log in, everything your wearing is being loaded on you in a particular order, clothing layers always load first, the shoe layer loads and puts its offset values into the toe bones, than the mesh body loads and and uses its own joint offset values on the toes, resetting all the values made by anything else before it, to zero. This causes the avatar to sink.

If you remove the shoe layer, it also removes the values that it have set on the toes, but but the toes where reset to zero by the body already, the shoe platform doesn’t know this and still takes away the value it had set, causing the toe bones to get offset in the opposite direction.

here’s an example:

lets say the shoe platform had the platform height set to +50(toe offset is +50 down)
now you put on the body, and its toe height is set to 0, this value overrides the +50 set by the shoe platform and turns it to 0(the toes are back in place at 0)
now you remove the shoe platform, it retracts its +50, but since its 0 already and there’s nothing to retract from, that +50 turns into a -50(the toes go +50 up in the opposite direction)

a temporary work around for this is to remove both the shoe platform and the avatar body, than put on the avatar body, and after that put on the shoe platform, in this order, nothing glitches.

i could easily fix this by just removing the toe bones from the mesh body, but i can no longer upload such meshes do to something LL changed in the uploader :C Altho, juging from the log, i might have screwed something in my test, so imma do some more testing before i submit this bug to SL jira LLModelPreview::verifyCount: Error: (expected/got)8911/8575verts

– Hoodies –

Okay, now onto something more interesting :D

Here’s a preview of the latest new thing im working on right now, its almost done.

This is going to be a hoodie that can be both open and closed and have the hood up and down.

After im done with this, the next thing im finally gonna start working on, will be the M3 mesh anime head. Ill post more details about all the features and what to expect .

– Flufee on a Meshion –

My buddy Drax has made another episode of his SL tv show “Flufee on a Meshion” witch features my avatar 2.0 \O/ check it out.

– More COD –

And Speeking of videos, i made some more COD videos that i forgot to show.


Well that’s all for now.