– New stuff from ABC –

ABC has released a few new items for kemono.

The mini skirt(version A and B) and a thong that can be tinted manually and looks nice with version B and the skirt uses “materials” to give it a nice shine.

The classic Japanese school swimsuit V2, it has some pretty neat new features and “materials”

*This is not an update for the old swimsuit, the old swimsuit is now discontinued(update card still works if you ever need a new copy of the old suit).

– finally, something new from ABC –

ABC has made a bunch of new things for Kemono.

This fat pack also contains an overall piece that can be combined with all 3 jeans items and the tennis skirt.

You will need to update the tennis shirt and tennis skirt packs for compatibility with these new items. As always, rez or wear your update cards and wait, if nothing happens within a few minutes, go to another sim and try again ot go to AMH.

– The Oni Combat Armor and some updates –

The Oni Combat Armor – arms, legs and a tacticool belt.

Compatible with Avatar 2.0, Kemono and Rikugou Lite avatars. You will need to update your Kemono And Rikugou avatars for this to work, i have also included a manual fix that you can apply to your Kemono instead of Updating it to save time. This started out as something else entirely but has deviated to what it is now, after series of walls i ran into with trying to mesh out the design. Non the less, i really like how it turned out and im thinking of making a chest piece and maybe a head piece later too.

Btw, funny thing, Marketplace filtered the word Oni and set the product to mature automatically for whatever retarded linden reason, had to change Oni to Onı using unicode to bypass the the retarded filter.


– Updates –

Avatar 2.0
Fixed a glitch with the bonus hair base that made it clip with the new version of Avatar 2.0

Fixed a bug with the visually effect of the voice chat animation checkbox being pressed (if you closed the options menu and opened it again, the checkbox got reset visually)Fixed a bug that made both the voice chat and typing animation checkboxes activate both functions regardless of what checkbox was marked.
Fixed a bug with the head applying custom eyebrow textures on one of the elf ears.

Kemono(This is not the upcoming big update)
Fixed a bug with the Kemono deformer, offsetting the lower leg bones, making the legs look all curved backwards and breaking the ankles, you need this update mainly for compatibility with the O.CA armor legs and some products that asami is going to make.

Rikugou Lite(This is not the upcoming big update)
Changes to arms and legs for compatibility with the O.CA arms and legs.

– Kemono News update –

Okay so heres some Kemono news.

Me and my partner oOABCOo were working in collaboration on creating some clothing for Kemono, i have taught her everything she needs to know and she will now be taking over the Kemono part of clothing. I will still however be porting some of the old Avatar 2.0 clothing as well the new Avatar 2.0 clothing im going to make in the future alongside oOABCOo, so Kemono will get double the content.

So heres a little preview of what we have been up to.

halftop ttop3 swimsuit skirtshirt

Now for the rest of you who also want to create content for the Kemono avatar, the dummy.blend should be out this week (or next week cuz its still sunday) if everything goes like i have planned it

Finally, i have been asked for the original Kemono skin textures so many times that it got annoying to look for them in that mess of an inventory every time, so i just threw them all into a rar file and added it to the downloads page.

Okay so, thats that, IF! all goes like i planned it, all the new stuff from oOABCOo and the dummy.blend will come out this week.