– The normie bento head is here –

Are you a filthy casual? do you have friends and leave the house on friday nights? are you active on facebook? not living with your parents and think anime is gay?

Well than this head is for you!

The normie bento head is the answer to all those overpriced, no mod, weird alien neck mesh heads, that you see on the market. This head Is SLUV/Omega compatible so you have a wide selection of skins, makeup, hair bases and other options. The head is also full mod so you can add those finishing touches.




– Almost done –

– CRF50 Pit Bike WIP –

This is a little something i have been working on for fun/personal purposes, but i got way into it and,  it got a bit out of  hand and i put a little bit too much work into it, my friends started nagging me to sell it so expect this to drop very soon since its almost done.

Heres some pics.



– Attack On Titan –

The core game is done and open for business.


To play the game, you need to get the green pack, if you wanna host the game on your own sim, the blue and red packs are for you. Take time to familiarize yourself with the controls and try out the training course before you go down to the city to fight the titans. In addition, while the core game is done, the development doesnt stop here, later on we will be adding new features to the game such as scoring, leveling, prizes and badges on your 3DMG to showcase your achievements (the size of your e-peen).

Have fun!

– Simple texture applier –

Okay so this is kinda like a few years late but anyway, since a lot of people dont know scripting and dont know anyone else who could script for them, i have made this simple texture applier script that texture modders can use to sell their texture mods without having to give out full perm textures.


Edit: WordPress fuck up the script so i have pasted it here instead. http://pastebin.com/Rn1WNKKY

Paste your UIIDs in between the ” ” where it says UIID goes here. If you have more than one face you need to apply textures to, duplicate the “integer” and “llSetTexture” lines and change the numbers to 2,3,4 and so on. You can set different textures to different faces by pasting different UIIDs, like for example if you are making a Rikugou mod. Set your scripts to no transfer and no mod when you are done adding your UIIDs, to use this applier, you will need to rez the clothing or whatever item on the ground, drop the applier inside it and click it to apply, delete the script from the item contents when you are done and take the item back to your inventory.

Thats all.

– Whats next? –

Okay so before i begin, i want to let everyone know that we have found and fixed a few more bugs so you all will need to update your kemonos if you bought them in a date before this blog post was made.

The fixes are:

A bug with the hair loading wrong texture for white primary color and not loading anything for black secondary color.
A bug with the boots, making them clip with the bonus stockings and kneesocks. And a bug with the head that made the eye lashes break permanently and made them impossible to fix


how to use the update card

Rez the card on the ground or wear it, be patient.
If nothing happens within 10 minutes, detach or take it back and wait a day and try again
If you think you only got a notecard, check your notice center, maybe the second update accept dialog got lost, if not than, detach or take it back and wait a day and try again.
if you try to repeatedly rez/wear the card, you will spam the update server with update requests and it will block you for 24 hours.


– Whats next? –

Okay so, now that this is done, i bet you all have a bunch of questions regarding what will i do next and when is this and that going to come.

So next on my To do list a big Avatar 2.0 and M3 overhaul, a bunch of new texture appliers for the M3, Kemono and Avatar 2.0, Adding boob size options to the remaining Avatar 2.0 clothing, adapting more Avatar 2.0 clothing for the Kemono body and probably a dummy.blend for Kemono.

Heres a list of changes that are going to be made to the Avatar 2.0 and the M3 heads in the upcoming update.

Changes to the M3 system:

Ability to control each eyelid separately, you will now be able to close one eye, or close one eye more than the other.
Originally the M3 head was supposed to have eye texture layer color control in addition to the base layer color control, but due to technical difficulties, we had to remove that feature from the final release. While working on the kemono, we have found a workaround for that technical difficulty that allowed us to somewhat bring back the lost functionality, you will be able to select from 5 different eye texture colors.
We have will also added a v1 viewer compatibility mode for those of you who have old computers and are forced to use v1 viewers.
And finally, the head will now listen to user made scripted object commands to change the expressions and stuff like that.
The M3 hud will now has a Hide button that hides it offscreen.
The M3 hud will now Auto detects witch side of the screen you have attached it to and realign its options menu to that side of the screen to prevent the click block mesh bug from happening. It also can no be attached wherever you want it to be attached without screwing it up like before.
The presets window will now be a separate HUD in itself, it has lost all of its nonsensical functions and now focuses on saving your full facial expressions instead.

Changes to the Avatar 2.0:

The Avatar 2.0 will support asymmetrical textures and texture appliers.
The new way i came up with for joining objects will free the 8th material that was previously used to eliminate the join seams, so each object will get one additional hide option.The avatar will now have hand position’s, it will also have boob sizes built into it that you can select from the HUD.
The HUD will now have an options menu like the kemono HUD where you can select the skin texture and other stuff.

– Looking back at 2013 and Kemono status update –

I think its about time for another post.

dat ass

The Kemono avatar is done being scripted and betatested, right now im working on the last few things remaining and going to be packing it and stuff. You can expect the avatar to come out somewhere in the middle of the next week, it would have been this week but this whole week i will be busy with RL crap so i wont be able to finish it in time. Thanks everyone who managed to keep their pants of and not nag me about it every 5 days, your wait will finally pay off(i hope)

On the other news, im like 3 months late to do this video but here it is. Looking back on all the awsome shit that was going on in 2013, i met a lot of awsome new friends and had lots of fun on SL.

This is video 1 of 3, next 2 videos are going to be Looking back at 2013 Part2 and the Rikugou customization event video that iw as supposed to do after the fucking event xD

– Kemono avatar Q and A –

Okay so i have been getting a lot of questions from people that just cant keep their pants on, when is it coming out? how much will it cost? and so on, so im going to address the most popular questions here and paste this link every time im asked the same thing for the 93529857th time again.

When is it coming out?

Man, I probably hate this question the most. I have no idea and i cant give any rough estimations, but i can give you this bit of info and you can make your own estimations.
The body and its HUD are done being scripted(well sort off, the solution to the joint offset problem wasn’t implemented yet) the head and its HUD are now being worked on, this will probably be the most complicated part of it, after that its just going to be some minor stuff and it will be done.

You see the thing is, to us SL content creators, this is more like a hobby than a job, we do not have to wake up every morning and work for 8 hours for 5 days a week. We can wake up whenever we want and choose not to work if we dont feel like it and go play videogames or watch tv. We can take a day or a week off whenever we want, we can also be unexpectedly interrupted by phone calls from friends that wanna drag you out to a party or some shit. The only deadlines we have are ones that are set by ourselves as a form of a personal challenge(and we even fail to meet those). All this makes it borderline impossible to predict anything.

How much will it cost?

Not sure about this one either, my guess it will not be less than 800L and not more than 1000L.

Now some say its a bit too expensive, but you have to take into consideration that just the m3 head alone costs 500L, than there’s also the body and HUD that could probably go up to 500L on their own too since they are a lot more advanced than the Avatar 2.0 currently is and a lot more work has been put into it, and than there’s also all that other crap that comes with it. And now compare all this with something like the Viss that comes naked, doesnt do anything and costs 2000L.

Will this be a fitted mesh thing?

No, because of the god awful implementation of it by LL, This topic is a whole new can of worms in itself that im going to open up in another post.

If i ever do get around making this fitted mesh, the only parts of the body im going to rig for fitted mesh it will be the ass and legs.

Will it have different size boobs like the Avatar 2.0?

I have planty of shit on my hands as is, having to make 6 version of the same clothing item is no joy, and its the reason why clothing creation is going so slow for the Avatar 2.0. Having different boob sizes on this avatar too would double that load.

Well than why dont you rig the boobs for fitted mesh so we could adjust the size ourselfs?

Do you really want this?


Or are you expecting fitted mesh to do some sort of magic?

Will there be a male version?


For the same reason stated above in the boob size question.

Will the Avatar 2.0 clothes work with it?

No but i will be making both Avatar 2.0 and Kemono versions of all future clothes as well as porting existing Avatar 2.0 clothes to Kemono.

Will all the current M3 and Avatar 2.0 mods work with this avatar?

The head will work with eyes, eyelashes, blush and tears that are made for the original M3 head, Skin textures and eyebrows will not work.
Nothing made for the Avatar 2.0 will work with this avatar.

Are the UV maps similar to M3 and Avatar 2.0?



Will it support asymmetrical textures like the M3 head?



– so does anyone actualy use this feature? –

Okay so, back when the M3 head was still in the planing stage, the preset creation window seamed like a good idea, while i still like the idea in theory, it doesnt really work in practice, due to how the whole SL character and outfits thing works. Or well, at least the way im playing SL myself, i never actually got to use the damn thing. When im creating a new character/outfit thing, i normally just make copies of the head so that i wouldnt have to spend hours fiddling around with it every time i change my char, and while the presets window makes things more streamlined, its still a bunch of extra mouse clicks that im too lazy to do, i want my avatar to look right instantly without me having to additionally click some stuff.

So anyway, i was wondering if anyone else thinks that the presets window is just a stupid waste of script memory. this is related to some upcoming changes to the M3 system, im planing to replace the SET button with a hide/show HUD button

BTW, if you voted yes, it would be helpful if you explained your reasoning in the comments.

Also, The new avatar im working on, im at the part where i rig it, im gonna show some more stuff soon.

– WIP – Furry avatar texturing –

K well, most of of it is already finished (just need to make all the face expressions) and im now working on the textures that you will be able to select from the menu. I found a cool fur brush to make a fur pattern for it but now that i made it pink, the fur pattern can barely be seen so not much use of that :C


So the things left to do is texturing, rigging, eye and eyebrow textures, face expressions, different styles of teeth (pointy, normal, normal but with fangs), tail animation(probably) HUD graphics and all the scripting.