– New things and stuff ! –

I had a bunch of clothing projects started forever ago but never finished so i decided to just take as many of them as i can and work on them all simultaneously and its finally done, so heres all the new stuff.

The off shoulder jacket also includes a Belleza Freya version while the sports jacket also includes versions for ABC chests (male chest not supported), Avatar 2.0, Rikugou Lite, [eL] Rikugou chests and Belleza Freya (all boob shapes)

vp_offshoulderjacket_MP vp_sailortop_MP vp_shorts_MPvp_wbelt_MP vp_collar_MP vp_bracelets_MPvp_hair_MP vp_shoes_MP vp_loosesocks_MPvp_sjacket_MP vp_shirt_MP vp_pants_MPvp_beltskirt_MP vp_sneak_MP vp_socks_MPvp_thong_MP

BTW all these items are 10% off if you buy them at my ingame mainstore!

The next things on my to do list are working on an expansion for the new AMH and More stuff for Rikugou, after that i will work on a new furry head that is going to be bento and all that stuff.


– Avatar 2.0 v1.14 is out! –

This is the long overdue fitted mesh update as well as bento face and hand rigging. You can now adjust the shape of your ass, belly, legs and feet, to make your shape more juicy. You can also adjust some of the face sliders but not all of them work (not all bento features are supported due to the way the game treats custom joint positions)

– Whats else is New in 1.14 –

In general this was a huge update, avatar 2.0 now partially supports fitted mesh (the whole lower body bellow the waist) as well as bento rigging for the face and hands.
Huge improvements to render weight from 32K to just 4.8K (the render weight randomly fluctuates between higher and lower numbers because the whole render weight system is garbage) as well as script optimizations.
There are now 2 versions of the body, A and B. Version A is the normal version witch is 4.8k render weight, and the experimental version B with 2k render weight witch will not work for people running the game on ghetto graphics settings.
A bunch of new features implemented such as normal/specular map support, head customization options and other neat things.

Rez or wear your Avatar 2.0 update cards to get it.

All the existing clothing have been updated to work with this new version, rez your update cards.


The old versions of following items did not come with all the textures, scripting and update cards, there for they are not eligible for a free update.


Next stop on the to do list is updating the avatar 2.0 appliers to make use of the new texture layers and specular/normal maps, as well as new dummies for content creators.

– Oni Combat armor chest and other stuff –

And the chest armor is done, you will need to update your Rikugous and Kemonos for this to work. You should also update your O.CA arms and legs because i have fixed a few texture loading bugs as well as fixed the specularity settings that shaded the armor all weird around local lights. It should all look good now….. i think.

I also made a scarf to go along with the armor, it can also be used separately.


– Updates –

Apart from the Kemono and Rikugou compatibility updates for the armor, theres also a bunch of other bug fixes that you might want to check out.
Here is the list of all the changes:

-Kemono v1.13.2:
Fixed neck and triangulation. (mainly for O.CA chest compatibility)
Fixed a rigging bug with the Kemono hands and gloves.
Fixed a LOD issue with the hips.
Fixed a LOD issue with the right furry leg.
Fixed an issue with voice chat mouth animation.
Added a missing “ADD” graphical element to the body HUD right side options menu.
Switched places basic and advanced mode buttons on the body HUD to be more intuitive.
Script optimizations.

-M3 v1.12.10:
Fixed an issue with voice chat mouth animation option breaking the head.
Fixed a problem with the reset button not working when the options menu is close don the HUD.
Included the retro loader into the main package instead of the bonus item box because GOD DAMN IT YOU PEOPLE.

-O.CA arms and legs v2:
Fixed a rigging issue on the fingers of the Kemono version.
Fixed a rigging issue on the arms of the Rikugou lite version.
Fixed an issue with the wrong “red skull” textures being loaded on the arms of Avatar 2.0 and Rikugou lite versions.
Fixed an issue with speculars, shading the whole armor weird around local lights.
Added a Resync option to the menu of the Rikugou armor parts, this is for when one of the body parts reset and clip through the armor after reloging or adding the part second instead of first.

-Rikugou Lite v1.4:
O.CA chest armor compatibility update.


Thats all, the next big update is the Rikugou avatar and accessory series, its a real mess so this will take some time to fix.

– The Oni Combat Armor and some updates –

The Oni Combat Armor – arms, legs and a tacticool belt.

Compatible with Avatar 2.0, Kemono and Rikugou Lite avatars. You will need to update your Kemono And Rikugou avatars for this to work, i have also included a manual fix that you can apply to your Kemono instead of Updating it to save time. This started out as something else entirely but has deviated to what it is now, after series of walls i ran into with trying to mesh out the design. Non the less, i really like how it turned out and im thinking of making a chest piece and maybe a head piece later too.

Btw, funny thing, Marketplace filtered the word Oni and set the product to mature automatically for whatever retarded linden reason, had to change Oni to Onı using unicode to bypass the the retarded filter.


– Updates –

Avatar 2.0
Fixed a glitch with the bonus hair base that made it clip with the new version of Avatar 2.0

Fixed a bug with the visually effect of the voice chat animation checkbox being pressed (if you closed the options menu and opened it again, the checkbox got reset visually)Fixed a bug that made both the voice chat and typing animation checkboxes activate both functions regardless of what checkbox was marked.
Fixed a bug with the head applying custom eyebrow textures on one of the elf ears.

Kemono(This is not the upcoming big update)
Fixed a bug with the Kemono deformer, offsetting the lower leg bones, making the legs look all curved backwards and breaking the ankles, you need this update mainly for compatibility with the O.CA armor legs and some products that asami is going to make.

Rikugou Lite(This is not the upcoming big update)
Changes to arms and legs for compatibility with the O.CA arms and legs.

– School Top –

This is something i always wanted to make since the inception of the Avatar 2.0. I went one step further with this particular clothing item and made it compatible not only with all the boob sizes and Kemono, but also the Rikugou avatar, witch is the first time its getting any kind of clothing item. Expect more to come soon.

This top comes in a variety of customization options and colors

And you can do this too.

– Updates –

I have fixed a bug with the flat-net half top that was loading incorrect textures.
I have fixed a bug with another fix itself that i did to the Avatar 2.0 1.12b

Next big update is going to be the M3 head (witch i will be working on now)

– Updates and stuff-

I finaly got around making those extra boob sizes for the half top and some other stuff. The reason why the half top didnt get the boob size update along with the tanktop is because i was thinking how to solve the alpha glitch bikini problem and wanted to take it back and work on it some more. I have merged the bikini and the halftop together so this will permanently fix the alpha glitching problem. I have also made a set of new textures for it too.

Anyway heres the new stuff.

For items that dont have update cards, the story is as before, the item you have was not updated itself, only additional versions were created that you did not buy, so you are not entitled to a free update. If you dont feel like buying the same thing again, you dont have to.

– Boobs are done –

K everythings done and ready, rez your update cards and stuff. I have also updated the free nipples and nipple tapes to work with the new boobs. Bikini tops where updated too, rez your update cards for those.

I have also moved the release notes from the update server to the product boxes themselfs, hopefully this will reduce the number of “HALP! upade card no work D:”

Finally, the tank tops where updated and repackaged to work with the new boob sizes too, also they now have a left click texture change menu, one new texture and an update card. As it was with the closed shorts, you will need to buy this again, dont bug me with “i already bought this before D:” you dont have to buy it again if you dont want to, im not trying to resell you the same thing, you are paying for the extra work i put into this.

You will find everything in a box called – Experimental Boob Sizes -, More clothes will be updated later.

That is all, have fun with your boobs.

– New stuff, sorta –


Okay so here’s some new but not really new stuff. These are just some of the Misc things i have been planing to do since forever.

– Anime classroom – Mesh conversion –

Since the old classroom was so prim heavy, it was only really good for taking screenshots but not any actual practical use. Redoing it in mesh allowed me to optimize it and drop the land impact to just 5 (the old one was 58 prims). Everything now is low on polygons and shares just a few textures so you don’t have to load 876538265875 textures and strain your computer rendering all that, did i mention low land impact?.


– D2 Skirt – Mesh version –

Bringing back the D2 skirts, now made in mesh!


– Shorts – open + closed –

Updated the shorts to work with the pantyhose and finally made that closed version too. Everything now comes as one item with a texture change menu, you can also choose what panties you want (or no panties). This pack also comes with an update card for any future bug fixes and compatible versions with any other mesh bodies i will make in the future.

When i announced this in the update group, i got some negative reaction from a few people so, To clear up some misunderstanding, if you already bought the shorts before this re-release, you are not entitled to a free update, you didn’t pay for the closed shorts and i will not personally unpack and hand you just the open shorts, there is no possible way for me to update 89538375678 people and i wont be doing it by hand because i have better things to do (like finishing the damn Temjin armor and start working on the next update for the avatar 2.0 already)

If you don’t feel like “buying the same thing over again”, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!, don’t complain. Only buy it if you want the closed shorts, texture change menu with the ability to change the panties, free bug fixes or a compatible version of the shorts with whatever future body or avatar i might release, otherwise there is no need for you to buy it at this point and you would still need to spend that 100L for the closed version if i would to sell it separately.


– Sleeveless hoodies – male version –

And i finally got around uploading and packing all these hoodies.

– A mountain of new stuff –


Well not really a mountain but here it is.

Update your Avatar 2.0 to the latest version (1.10b) cuz some of this stuff wont work right with older versions. (if the update server isn’t responding or only giving you a notecard, try again later)

also i finally got around adding the male hoodies to the marketplace.

Visit my marketplace page to see them all.

– Sleeveless hoodies for Avatar 2.0 –

And they are done.

They come in 2 versions, hood up and hood down, LL versions and alphas are also included but you should read the details and try the demos first. An unexpected side effect is that the hood works with Rikugou’s head too.

Next up, the M3 mesh anime head