– Under Construction –

If you have any problems or questions, you heave read all the included notecards, descriptions and my picks and still havent found your answer, feel free to contact me on SL by sending an IM or a notecard. There is a limit to how many offline IMs you can receive, IMs over the limit get capped, so if you have something important to contact me about, its a good idea to send a notecard too.

However, i don’t do custom stuff or take requests, please dont even ask, i have enough mesages to answer as is.

that includes any kind of “suggestions” of what i should do, or any of that “you could sell this in your store”.

I have a good idea on what i wanna do and i already have everything planed out, i have no intention breaking those plans for people that think think they are more special than others. Time and effort are a valuable resource, i would rather put that resource into something i like doing and puts bread on my table.

201 Responses to Contact

  1. Kit says:

    You wouldn’t happen to be the ARTIST Utilizator, would you? If so I have a question that I would like to ask.

  2. Coreyd says:

    Utilizator, how can I edit the texure of Rikugou C & Anubis armor to remove the name – Rikugou – and other text, to replace it with my characters name?

    Also the Grounding Cable is unable to be recolored to black and keep its text? (- Grounding Cable – or something like that?), the only way would be edit the Grounding Cable’s texture with photo shop, I only have GIMP to edit the texture.

    P.S. Whats the difference between Unrigged and C versions of the Anubis armor bonus pack?

    • Coreyd says:

      ^minor edit

      After the part about GIMP:

      Will GIMP wield acceptable results?

      • Nanovan says:

        Depends exactly which plugin your using for gimp. I’ve used plugins that didn’t exactly work.

    • you could set the text to 100 transparent and add your own prim with text on top, the grounding cable will have to be changed in gimp, the difference between rigged and unrigged is that you can resize the unrigged armor and fit it on anything you want while the rigged one is specially made to work with rikugou’s skeleton and changes its size and shape along with rikugou when you edit her shape in the appearance editor

  3. Mills XI says:

    Hello there. I happen to love your items but… You see I’m a guy. I wear guy stuff. I happen to love the Rikugou but it’s a Female AV. I remember your male anime head and some other male items you have done and they are great. Tho Why is there no male mesh av? I’m sure that it would sell. I know I would buy a Rikugou Male.

  4. slutrix says:

    Hello Utilizator. A few days ago, I left a comment on your feed (my SL username is Mona Eberhardt, slutrix is my display name) w.r.t. the avatar, which is currently the one I use.

    More specifically, it is the Avatar. As I said, I’m happy with it, for the most part (I’d say 95%). Its weighting and articulation is as good as it gets – in fact, it’s a lot better than I had gotten used to. I was also pleased to see that the update from Beta1.8 to Beta 1.9 brought a change in the separation point between the foot and lower leg faces, making the use of other boots easier (I use a pair of ankle-high ballet boots with the avatar).

    However, since I often use bondage mittens (sculpted mostly), there is an issue with the separation point between the hand and lower arm faces: it’s a bit too high and so, in many animations and poses, there’s an unsightly gap. I made a set of prim based “plugs” to cover it up, but this is only a stopgap measure. Only you can provide a solution to this and I’m sure you can make a really good solution available. In my DeviantArt scrapbook, you can see some pictures of what I’m talking about:

    Please consider my input/feedback (no, this is not a request for custom work); it might aid you in further improving your already excellent mesh avatar in a future update.

    Thank you very much.

  5. Parkinson says:

    First I wish to say you have done an awesome job on these meshes and avatar skins. I am very impressed by them and I don’t think I would switch to any other avatar skin ever lol. Second I’m using the male frame as a femboy and I was wondering if you knew any sales person that has Lolita dresses to fit your models? Otherwise keep up the good work ^_^b

    • try B@R, they have some cool dresses that are like modular, you can combine parts of different dresses to make your own thing, you will just need to get a mesh flat chest part somewhere

  6. Pima says:

    I noticed that most of your items don’t come with hair and was wondering where I could get some that would suit the mesh head and have the anime type of look? I have looked everywhere and ended up using the Black Rock Shooter hair until I can find some others.

  7. Kelsey says:

    is there any hair tht would be work for the 2.0 avatar – beta?

  8. kitaaaa says:

    I’ll get to the point: Would you consider releasing your Virtual-On models? I would like to use Temjin and Fei-Yen to create a Trackmania 2 vehicle.
    I’ve yet to find models as accurate as yours, and extracting the models from any version of Virtual-On appears to be borderline impossible thanks to wacky model data storage solutions and backface culling.

  9. Nanakiii says:

    i was wondering, is the Rikugou C have a completly nude body with no lines where the armor attatches or anythingm im wanting to buy it but i dunno what it would look like completly nude, i dont want lines where the stuff is on the arms legs etc

  10. Jen says:

    Hello.. I have gotten the update to the M3 Head and voice chat still does not work on it.. it is 1.9.2 vr. Text it works but not voice.. Just thought you should know.. I have gotten a new one a couple times.. it just doesn’t work..

  11. Tigersan says:

    Any way you can release UV maps for Avatar 2.0?

  12. Silken Tremor says:

    Hey Utilizator :)
    Was wondering if down the road you were going to add mouth movement/expressions to the Avatar 2.0 like the M3 head has.

  13. Darien Chiba says:

    I was wondering if there would ever be a male anime mesh or a male Rikugou avatar ever made

  14. Yuki Hildebrandyr says:

    Is there any chance that the avatar 2.0 body can behave the way the m3 head does in the future, where we can have 2 separate textures, to make each side of the face unique? I am trying to make a texture for my body that is scarred, but a scarred body will never look right if both sides are mirrored.

  15. Jade says:

    i was curious if there is a plan to split the neck alpha so that the 2.0(+?) it can work with default heads or standard mesh heads? i use the Logo mesh head and would love for it to match the edges…

  16. Caeil says:

    Hey, Uitilizator.

    I was thinking about making something for the m3 anime head. I see that the moan bumper is able to make the m3 anime head blush by script. Is there any documentation on how to do this anywhere?

  17. Josh says:


    I’m contacting you regarding a job proposal involving 3D modelling in a character game creation called the Social Avatar in a website called It’s a social networking website dedicated for gamers. We are looking for a 3D artist to design clothes and accessories for our Social Avatar. We are currently in development and will be releasing this year on Kickstarter. We are currently being funded by several sponsors and would like to invite you to come and work with us.

    If you would like to know more about the project or have any questions regarding the website, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me via email. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,


  18. Austin says:

    Hi, just bought the Avatar 2.0(and a few Rikugou things) and was wondering how to fix the issue where the eye texture doesn’t show up on the eye. They show up under where the cheeks are and I can’t seem to solve this.

  19. Jade says:

    I have a problem where I just bought the avatar 2.0 to make a Femboy avatar, and I know that the 2.0 was supposed to come with a box in the bonus items, with different breast sizes, but mine isn’t there. I tried using the update card, and re unpacking it, and it’s not in the bonus items. What should I do?

    • its in the main box, not the bonus box

      • GirlyKittyBoy says:

        What is the item to change breast size called?

        That’s the contents of my main box and I’m just having trouble figuring it out. I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

      • its supposed to be a box called experimental boob sizes, if you dont have it than use the update card to get the latest version that has the box included in the main box

  20. Vaidotas says:

    Hello, we got recommendations and want to offer you job opportunity in GameInsight company. If you are interested – send me mail for contacts: will give you further information.

  21. Caeil says:

    Just wondering, do you have any plans in the future to make unzipped versions of the short hoodie and sleeveless hoodie?

  22. Prince says:

    Hello! I have been searching the web for a 3d model of the Virtual On character Temjin and I stumbled across your deviant art page:

    This is the exact model that I am looking for. I am trying to make a paper craft model of this guy and I cant seem to find one online anywhere. I came across some software that can make a papercraft model out of 3d objects but I do not have a model.(hence why I am contacting you) I think that the post was fairly old but I wanted to see if you might still have that 3d model to share.


  23. Kazoyo says:

    Hey. Do you happen to have any tips on creating a button for a HUD that switches facial expressions, similar to your M3 Hud? Anything would be appreciated :)

  24. KleverKitsune says:

    Are there any plans in the future for male versions of your female avatars? I love the work you do, but I have always been sad that there simply aren’t any male counterparts on the marketplace that come close to your style or quality of work.

  25. Pawcatkittyness says:

    Hey, Utilizator. I really hate to be bothering you like this but it seems like one of your products got unlisted on your marketplace, im not exactly sure if this was something you did or if second life messed up. But I would like you alert you about it incase second life marketplace somehow delisted it without your knowledge. It was the Anubis mod for the Rikugou avatar, really hope this helps you or at least informs you of this, and I am terribly sorry if you are aware of this problem already!

  26. kemonov says:

    Hello, Nice to meet you.
    First, I am Japanese. Since using the translation software might English funny.

    I am allowed use great things in the Second Life.

    Games I to become a programmer have a game production as a work issue, but that I was wondering is assumed that it is put as download for example, for there skin is used to model, using, use and make changes or would I be it?

  27. XianCollins says:

    OK here’s my issue with the – Kemono v1.13.20, i followed the instructions to the letter and when i was done all the stuff worked except one…the mouth does not animate when i speak in voice chat and ive seen it work on others, what did i forget and or didn’t do right?

  28. amberrenee says:

    Is there a way we can make kemono wear regular size clothes? That we made? I’m NEW to SL in every way.. when I put on regular size clothes my old av pops through the kemono like some creepy doll inside a doll. Is there no way to just wear regular clothes if they;re a bit bigger? Like shirt dresses? I have tons of those and it seems it would be fine? The doll seems very similar size to my former av (small and petite) yet that double av thing happens when I try on regular clothes? Help!!! What am I missing?

  29. Except Glaz says:

    Any chance that you will post the blend for the Kemono head in Downloads? I want to create mesh headgear for it but without a model of the head shape it’s quite difficult. Thanks!

  30. ldrjagman says:

    I do have a quirk of a question. Is there any way that you could do a slink feet compatibility?

  31. One Xan says:

    Where can I find the default texture Avatar 2.0 for download? It’s for a mod.
    By the way, I love your work.

  32. roud says:

    What’s name of the hair which is used for the sample image of Male Anime Avatar Base M2?
    I think I will buy that hair.

  33. Markusblade says:

    Utilizator, will we ever see regular versions of your kemono products, such as the popular Rikugo and O.CA armor sets?

  34. Yunarah says:

    Hello. What should I do if my mouth expressions suddenly stopped working on kemono? I can blush, change my eyebrows and eyes but when I press lips they just keep being in same position. I re-equiped both Hud and head but nothing helped. Thank you for help.

  35. bosa says:

    i use this packs first time.
    i can’t see any hud about it.
    i want how to use this pack..TT
    i want know ‘how to unpack it, how to load textures and how can see hud’
    plz answer me TT

  36. NXD says:

    Hey utilizator404,

    out of interest: why is the kemono dummy the only one without head?

    or head like form on its shoulders? for people which want to make ….. hooded robes or stuff?

  37. NabiWind says:

    I just buy the Kemono avi, and I didnt anything from the Complete avi, it wasn’t letting me get any of the items that in the package when I trying to unpacked. I’m very sad I didnt get what I wanted v. I can’t resent until I buy another amount of L’s for buy it agian. I hope u can understand. How I feel on this.~ Nabiwind

  38. Han says:

    well, ive been trying to understand for quite a few days how do i make a costum skin of this (kemono) and it could be really amazing if you linked me to a place where theres a step by step for newbies :c
    thank you for reading and i love your work <3

  39. Han says:

    okey, i worked out the last problem, but the expression hud got all buggy and now disapeared, is there any way to restore it to its default state?
    (btw thank you for an extremely fast answear <3)

  40. NekamiWolf says:

    sorry for making conmotion with the kemono but i would like a tutorial of creation of clothes for the kemono. using the dummy kemono avatar and sorry for bother you. i uploaded the photos but there´s a thing saying ´´Your comment is awaiting moderation´´

  41. I don’t know if this has been asked before, given a cursory glance of the questions and comments, but are there any flat-chested variants to your avatar 2.0 armor pieces and rigged items? Your work’s amazing, but I’d like to just get sets that don’t add a chest to my character in SL.

  42. TESTAROSSA says:

    Hello. When you download the “Kemono avatar mesh dummy” in UTILIZATOR site AVASTAR put the rig on to I get errors. What should I do now?

  43. Internet~Trash. says:

    Hi! Uh, I ordered one Kemono avatar, but I got 2 of them. Is it possible that I could somehow get a refund? It took all of the lindens I had left, and I can’t afford to buy more.

  44. lordsunhawk says:

    Quick question, are the M3 heads compatible with the Avatar 2.0 in terms of skins and such?

  45. Karuoun Kohime says:

    Hello! The skin appliers for my kemono head don’t line up, leaving the eyes and everything in the wrong place, is there something I can do to get the texture aligned right?

  46. NekamiWolf says:

    hello i need and request the rikugou .psd file to apply shades to the rikugou skin since i´m trying to make it furry

  47. Jomoko says:

    Do you plan to add BENTO features into your existing products, specifically kemono, avatar 2.0 and m3?

  48. Liliana Snowpaw says:

    Hello there Mr. Utilizator. I understand if this is not possible, however I recently bought your Avatar 2.0, as I wanted to have a much better avatar (Also, wanted to prove that I wasn’t a poor peasant to mates) however, I then went to purchase some other avatar parts to find out I had been mistaken as to which Avi body I was supposed to purchase (I meant to get Rikugou) and now have suffered a bit of a loss, as I haven’t enough L$ to purchase Rikugou AND the parts I wanted (I wanted to get the Anubis armour with it).

    Now, I understand you’re busy a lot of the time, and may not have time to deal with petty mistakes that customers make, but I was wondering if I could possible acquire a refund? If I am required to erase the file from my SL or another function on my end, I am willing to do so.

    However, if it is not at all possible, I understand, and thank you for having the time to read this.

    Cheers again.

    ~Liliana.~ xx

  49. Jamae says:

    I sent this in game as well, we tried everything included in the notecards and nothing is working!!

    Hello, my name is Akari (Candoria Thor) and I have a quick question and kinda need a bit of help. I gifted the UTILIZATOR Kemono 1.14 to a friend EvalisaThor Resident we got it all on correctly but the hands stayed stretched out. I helped her as she is sitting right here with me.

    We tried relogging, completly removing the Kemono then re-equiping it. And that didn’t do it.

    My Kemono works just fine but mine is also 1.9 so its a bit older.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  50. Ponteo says:

    Is it possible for you to make a weight painting tutorial? I’ve found your other tutorials very helpful!

  51. KingOfNuggets says:

    Hey, so I have a problem
    The Kemono avatar’s hands seem to be sticking to the body weirdly, giving some odd glitch effect, cant seem to fix it, anyone got an idea of what to do about this?

    (Also half the time the facial expressions dont work)

  52. iamthefox says:

    Hi. something wrong with your youtube channel. will you correct this? I hope ^^

  53. Oroa says:

    Hi.Can I create videos with your items?

  54. Shiroi Raito says:

    My name is Shiroi Raito on SecondLife and I wanted to make you aware of a thief

    I know you are not that user, and you would never sell your avatar full perm

  55. Bartholomew Milner says:

    Hello Utilizator, i really wanted to ask if i could get the mmd file for the kemono character, i wanted to make a vrchat avatar for my girlfriend out of it, im willing to pay, and i dont want to share it, my girl is just crazy about it and i really want her to be able to have the model, if you have discord, you can contact me via: Bart#2681 or on email at, please reply, i really wanted to be able to give this character to my girlfriend and thats all i want it for! i understand if you cant, regardless, thankyou for your consideration!

    • there is no mmd file of that and the kemono has too many polygons for VR chat.
      I was planing on making a low poly version for VR chat when im done with my current projects.

      • Bartholomew Milner says:

        Any filetype works and im more than capable of decimating it for vrchat 😁 any conclusion you can come to i can work with

  56. Loptice Aut says:

    Hey Utilizator404, I’m Loptice Aut

    I think about my avi for train to build a chinchilla head + kemono. I don’t know how a make this kemono new texture mod, can i allow create a kemono body texture mod to Photoshop only?

  57. dkscriptscom says:

    hi utilizator404, this is dk201 in SL. I sent you a notecard to ask about kemono body mesh mod developement recently. I have a further question here, If i did some mesh mod for kemono body, how can I support official kemono texture system? I mean is there a relay script that i can put into my mesh to receive texture from kApplier? Just like how ::abc:: boobies do?

  58. Hazel Newey says:

    I need a update for my utalizer things updatcards do not work

  59. Nabe says:

    Can “M3 anime head (not venus)” be Bento? i love M3 anime head shape!

  60. deepbluejoy says:

    Will there be a MALE normie head some time in the future? The female normie head is awesome! Hate most of the mesh heads in SL. They don’t look natural. Your female normie head is amazing. Wish there was a male version. Thanks!

  61. Soft says:

    Hey, I was wanting to code some expression changes into a clickable and was curious if I could get the channel/commands for the m4 heads? Excuse me if I’m an idiot and they’re already provided somewhere!

  62. cesartje says:

    A question: will you update your normie head to bakes on mesh?

  63. Do you plan to sell any models for VRChat users in the future? The kemono community on VRChat has adored your model, but there’s no way to use it other than on SL. I’d love to use your model with fullbody tracking. ^^

    If you were to ever consider selling your model, I recommend the site Booth.PM. A large amount of 3D modelers in Asia use this site, and with the release of Virtual Market 3(Virtual Convention showing off Booth 3d models for sale) on it’s way, it could be really good for bringing in new customers, if you could get a display spot for your work. Booth.PM has been growing rapidly in the western community ever since VKet2. :)

    Thank you for reading!

  64. When can we expect your Avatar 2.0 mesh to be Bakes on Mesh compatible?

  65. Jarris Warner says:

    For a while, I’ve been trying to find the kemono body that doesnt have the cat feet. I saw a video where there is a human feet version of the model, but I could only find the animal foot version on this website. I seek this model for personal use only. I understand that I may get into a lot of trouble if I commit an illegal crime of selling and taking all of the credit. Though I just want to dress the mesh and take photos for my eyes only. Is there anyway I could have the download for the human foot version of the kemono body?

  66. Jarris Warner says:

    If you decide to share the download link, my discord tag is: Pinku#3483 or my email is moonanime32@gmail

  67. Really hoping along with 1000’s of others that one day soon there will be a M4 kemono will you ever make it?

  68. Kururufa Lewer says:

    Hello, good morning, I hope to be clear, my English is not good, I wanted to know how I can receive updates of the kemono and M3 Mesh anime head? thank you very much!

  69. Devo says:

    Hey there! I Absolutely adore the new Venus head you made, but i did have a bit of a question. The dress she’s wearing, was that something you made for her? or is it purchasable? I fell so in love with the outfit and was kinda heart broken when i couldn’t find it in your store / search for it in the main one.

    I’d love to know either way! Thanks!

  70. Aria Brightstar says:

    What font do you use for your product? but I want to try use it for make a custom texture with your font for BoM hairbase that worked with skirt texture that not in use.

  71. M∀RS says:

    I want to make gundam figurine for my desk based upon the gundam heavy armor! I have most of what i need from other kits but i’m coming up short on the sword. What is the “Futaken” or Rikugou sword based upon?

  72. Brig says:

    I changed the kemono body hud by accident, to this monstrosity. I tried adding a custom body texture by dragging and dropping but that obviously didn’t work out :P
    Is there an easy way to change it back? I don’t want to have to change the hud on all of my outfits.

  73. M∀RS says:

    What avatar of yours has the pacific rim rocket arms?

  74. resi says:

    I ran the “M4 Emote example” but it doesn’t work.
    Is this broken? Or is the channel wrong?

  75. koi says:

    Seems the entire sim is down, is that normal?

  76. Zevvy says:


    I was curious wether you’re selling the Kemono outside of Second Life. Saw the model in a game called VRChat, looks like someone ported it there. After asking around I found out it’s by you so I figured contacting here would be easiest :)

    Do you sell it as e.g. .fbx for use in Blender or other 3D modelling softwares? Would it be rigged, have shapekeys, … or just be the mesh?
    If you sell it, do you differentiate between personal and commercial use or is e.g. only personal use allowed?

    I’d be highly interested in buying it for private use.

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