– looking back at 2013 part 2 –

Ok, this is done, now all thats left to do is to make the rikugou event video, enjoy.


– Looking back at 2013 and Kemono status update –

I think its about time for another post.

dat ass

The Kemono avatar is done being scripted and betatested, right now im working on the last few things remaining and going to be packing it and stuff. You can expect the avatar to come out somewhere in the middle of the next week, it would have been this week but this whole week i will be busy with RL crap so i wont be able to finish it in time. Thanks everyone who managed to keep their pants of and not nag me about it every 5 days, your wait will finally pay off(i hope)

On the other news, im like 3 months late to do this video but here it is. Looking back on all the awsome shit that was going on in 2013, i met a lot of awsome new friends and had lots of fun on SL.

This is video 1 of 3, next 2 videos are going to be Looking back at 2013 Part2 and the Rikugou customization event video that iw as supposed to do after the fucking event xD