– Kemono/venus appliers by Kurombo Chan –

Kurombo has made specular/normal map appliers for the kemono body and venus head, these are more optimized and doesnt require a specific version of the head/body to work (i think)

Kemono: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/1bf264e815c5b4222995fcb4ac0f35a7

Venus: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/1d4b56559cc3fb48448633a0021c8a1f

– Venus head and kemono body material appliers –

i have cooked up some more appliers. this time it’s a specular map applier for the venus head and a normal + specular map applier for the kemono body, [M3+] – Venus Anime Head (v.1.12.17) and Kemono – Body (v.1.13.25)

The M3 venus specular map applier

The kemono body normal and specular map applier

if you want to use these applier with older versions of venus/kemono or anything else, check this thread for instructions on how to modify the scripts to work with whatever you wanna apply materials onto.  – M3 specular map applier-

– Kemono Texture Appliers –

Since people couldnt wait to start modding the shit out of the avatar and sell their mods, i present to you the Kemono Texture Applier. You will need to update your Kemono avatar again for the appliers to work properly.

If you previously used an M3 applier, changes to the M3 system no longer requires the user to wear the HUD and load textures into it. Textures can now be loaded directly onto the head and body.

BTW, due to the changes to the M3 system, the appliers created for the original M3 head will not work with the Kemono head, for that we will need to make some sort of a retro loader HUD thing later on that will let you load old appliers on the new M3 heads.