– COD IW PS4 Beta –

Sheeeit, cant wait for this game to come out, been having a blast with the ps4 beta, made a video about it.

– Av2 face expressions and some other stuff –

Rez your update cards cuz the update is done.

This was a huge pain in the ass, had to redo some of the expressions multiple times, some still look a bit wonky with the default Avatar 2.0 skin but oh well, whatever.


I had to scrap some of the mouths due to how terrible they looked, so theres only 6 mouths for now.

Also, i forgot to pack in the new skin textures with the vendors so get them here https://www.mediafire.com/?04j97371omc87i5 if you are planing on making any skin mods. The textures themselves didnt change much, mostly just additional stuff got added to it for the mouth.


The M3 eye customization HUD is a separate thing, in case you will want to use the eyes with something else. The eyes themselves accept non transparent M3 eye textures (M3, Venus, Kemono) Good thing that literally no one ever made full use of the eye transparency feature in their mods, so these eyes will be compatible with 99% of all the eye mods(unless they are saved wrong and have an alpha channel).

– Shout outs –

Wanna give a shout out to 2 creators i know that are trying to get some notoriety.

Joy makes skins for Avatar 2.0

Akisa makes rikugou armors and other mecha girl stuff, you can find her store at the bottom floor of the AMH mall.


You can find kisa’s store at this location (200, 84, 1989)

– Avatar 2.0 v1.12 is out –


Ladies and germans, i bring you the Avatar 2.0 version 1.12 update. It might not look like much on the outside, but the Avatar 2.0 system was completely reworked from the inside, removing some of the most fundamental technical limitations of the avatar, allowing us to add more body surface areas that can be hidden, as well as asymmetrical texture support and other good shit. The avatar now has a texture applier system similar to that of the Kemono avatar and the M3 anime head. (appliers coming soon)

The HUD has been reworked from ground up as well, adding control and options for all the neat new features such as breast size selection, hand positions, custom texture loader and more. It can now be attached to any place on the screen without breaking it like it like before.

List of all the new features:

A new and improved HUD
More surface areas that can be hidden.
Boob size selection through the HUD
Hide/show pussy option for males and shemales and all that kind of stuff.
Hand positions.
Asymmetrical texture support.
Custom texture loader.
Texture applier system.
Smart HUD positioning
External script commands for hiding body parts.

Bonus Stuff:

Neck extender for people having torouble using anime heads with the avatar 2.0.
LL head alpha to help you blend your LL head better with the avatar 2.0.

Rez your update cards !

Whats next?

More updates, the M3 head, Kemono and Rikugou are going to get a bunch of bug fixes. The M3 head is going to get a bunch of new features, such as the ability to close one eye or v1 viewer backwards compatibility, and will be more inline with the kemono head. I will make a more detailed post about these and my other plans later on.

BTW, if you dont own an avatar 2.0 yet, better get one now because i will be increasing the price soon.

– Boobs –


So yeah, thats done (almost). I originally planned to make this an option in the HUD but sadly due to rigged mesh alpha cutting glitch, that would make the hidden boob sizes ruin all the clothes that have alpha textures on them, like the fishnet top or the default top that comes with the avatar, this option isnt possible. So what im going to do is make 4 different boob size bodies (they are all included withing the same one Avatar 2.0 package so no need to buy anything additional again).  And now while im writing this, i just came up with an idea for the next update, i could just go back to it being one body, but the boobs would be attachable, you choose witch size boobs you wanna wear.

Well anyway, the update should come out next week, there will also be an update for the bikini tops and a repackage version of the tank tops that will include these extra boob sizes, as well as a left click texture change menu with a bonus texture, and an update card for future updates. Other tops will follow later till i eventually make all my tops compatible with the new boob sizes.

I will also do some changes to the update server cuz im sick and tired of its bullshit.

– Updates and new stuff –

– Long hoodies for the U & A male mesh body –


This took me way longer than it should have but here they are, currently only available in my ingame store. The sleeveless version was also supposed to be out along with these but i realized that i have forgot to make the actual U & A version of it, only made the LL avatar version, so those are gonna come soon.


The avatar 2.0 and the M3 mesh head got some updates and these are:

M3 1.9.0
Added a Center option to the roll menu.
Changed the HUD position from right to the left side of the screen, now the HUD automatically hides it’s options menu offscreen. This is a  workaround for the annoying problem of the invisible part of the HUD blocking your mouse clicks.
Fixed some permission errors with the bonus items.
Few changes to the script

The head is prepared to work with a texture applier and some other stuff that im gonna be releasing any day now. What the applier does is, it makes things easier for both mod creators and mod consumers, it allows modders to package and sell their M3 texture mods without having to make them full perm or give out UIIDs and users can now just apply the mods with one click of a button and not have to deal with copypasting UIIDs into the hud one by one.

Avatar 2.0 – 1.10b
A few minor bug fixes that caused clipping with the new set of clothes that are also coming soon.
Reorganized hideable ares on the chest.

(NO this is not the update with hand positions and boob sizes and all that good shit that i was talking about, this is just a small maintenance update)

– Coming soon! –

A bunch of skin tight clothing for Avatar 2.0, stuff like bike shorts, socks, gloves, pantyhose and other stuff. The M3 applier thing and another thing that i do not yet know how to describe.  After all that is done, imma work on Rikugou some more.

– Third Party Content –

– MoMo Fashion –

MoMo fashion is making stuff that is compatible with Avatar 2.0, visit their store to see more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/64075/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=avatar+2.0



Blouse for avatar 2.0 by Sepph

Sepph has released a bunch of shirts that work with avatar 2.0, now this shirt is a bit of a tight fit and will clip, there fore they have included specially made alpha maps for all 12 skin tones.

These are just a few, check out their store for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/120513/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=blouse


Moan bumper for M3 by SmexyL

This is a Bumper that animates the M3 face and makes a moan sounds and more, read the full description on the item page


– Drax Files –

My buddy Drax who makes all sorts of informative and entertaining second life videos has started a new series about people who create the world of second life. I like these particular series the most cuz it always shows something i have never knew existed in the game, furthermore it shows me that second life isn’t all about cock walkers and shitty clubs and that there’s so much more to it.

Anyway this is my favorite episode because its kinda a bit mind blowing.


That’s it for now,  Gonna update the CCD later too.

– UPDATE for Avatar 2.0 –

This update is rather significant, as anyone who was following on this knows, i found a solution for the 8 face limit problem. This update adds many more hide options to the avatar, expanding your wardrobe :D


The HUD now has 2 new buttons on it, the basic and advanced mode. The advanced mode has all the new hide options and the basic mode will pretty much work the same as the old HUD, it groups together many individual hide areas letting you hide them fast without having to hide them one by one individually through the advanced mode.

The next update will add face expressions, hand and feet positions, boob sizes and maybe blink.


Okay so here,s a bunch of stuff that im gonna throw in this single blog post.

– M3 head Review –

Inuoko Shikami has made a pretty nice review of M3 anime head, you can read her review here http://wordsdevoursouls.blogspot.com/2013/04/m3-mesh-anime-head-review.html



– The M3 head blending kit –

For those of you who wanna use this head with the default  Linden avatar body, ||☆Chromatica☆|| has made this blending kit that will allow you to seamlessly joint your M3 Head with your neck, perfect if you are wearing short hair or hair that is tied up.


– Avatar 2.0 –

Here’s some really good news for you Avatar 2.0 users i have came up with a way to overcome the 8 face limit on mesh objects! What this means is that this opens up unlimited body area hide possibilities. Not only that, this will allow the Avatar 2.0 to have different hand position’s, face expressions, and maybe even blink.


It’s still a bit too early to say this but this might make the CCD obsolete since now you will be able to wear almost everything.


– Sepph shirts for avatar 2.0 –

Sepph has made some T-shirts for Avatar 2.0, they also contain special alphas for every skin tone and instructions on how to use them. Click this banner to see them all.


– Other stuff  –

Okay so here’s some other news, the male crowd can finally rejoice cuz Anahi (.::U & A::.) is going to soon be coming up with a Male version of of her mesh body and a few pieces of clothing to go with it.

I have finished rigging the flat versions of the long and sleeveless hoodies too and made a closed version of the open shorts that still needs to be rigged.

M3 Head might be getting another update soon that includes some stuff that we forgot, like the center eye position in the roll menu and options menu lock for when its not shown (so that you wouldn’t accidentally turn your head blue or something while trying to click on something)

That is all.


– Big ass CCD update –

So i finally got up my lazy ass and check all these CCD notecards that have piled up so here’s some more swag for you guys.


Been trying demos and reviewing the items all day and added 12 items to the CCD, gonna add 3 or 4 more items later when im done interrogating my friend on where he got his stuff. Gonna be adding more third party content for Rikugou and Avatar 2.0 next.

Here’s a link to the CCD page

– Another update –

Okay so i have seem to found the thing that caused the eyes to go sideways if you where using the LL avatar head with Rikugou’s body, it all should be good now, i also fixed some other stuff and added version numbering to Rikugou’s body filename to solve some confusions, here’s a list of things that have been updated.

Rikugou A and B 1.11
Fixed a problem with eye bones, making the LL avatar head eyes go sideways.
Fixed the head texture permission problem, updated the head UV map.

Rikugou Lite 1.3
Fixed a problem with eye bones, making the LL avatar head eyes go sideways.
Fixed the glitched UV map on the extended neck line
Included the missing mechanical part texture.

Now for those of you who had problems with the Avatar 2.0 versions of the TCC and CCCP body suits after the 1.9 update, i have updated the suits to work with the new version of the body, you will still need to use the HUD to hide your body but it shouldn’t cause you any problems in the neck area. Now there’s 2 ways you can get a new version of the suit, one would be to go to my store and pick up a new copy. But since this is not an option to most of you, another way would be to do the same thing as the time with Rikugou update cards. Wear the suit, go to the build menu and select it while wearing it so that it showed you as the owner in the general tab of the build menu, make sure your name tag is enabled and above your head. Take a screenshot of it all, do not use the screenshot to inventory option because the resolution makes your name unreadable, so instead, take a snapshot to your hard drive or use the magical print screen button and upload the image to sl and give it to me or upload it to some image host and give me the link in a notecard.

Now about the marketplace scam, LL just doesn’t give a shit, multiple ARs from me did nothing and the scamer is still ripping people off. If you where a victim of gaara zarco’s scam, what you need to do is send LL an abuse report on both L$ fraud and marketplace fraud in the game, flag his items in his store, write a review warning people about the scam on the marketplace and than submit an angry support ticket saying how pissed you are that LL isnt takign care of that scammer and demand your money back. Maybe after receiving lots of ARs from multiple people, they will get off their lazy ass and do something.

– mass update –

Okay so its rather late but here’s the promised updates.

– Updates to the Avatar 2.0 –

Version 1.9

A fully reshaped head, previous attempts to make the head compatible with some of the mesh hairs made the Avatar 2.0 look like a monkey, her forehead looked too short. But the biggest problem was that the avatar still needed custom joint positions(witch are still bugged and and it doesn’t look like LL is in any hurry to fix it) for its eyes. Reshaping the head to fit into the proportions of the LL avatar’s head means that the Avatar 2.0 no longer needs to use custom joint positions. This solves a whole bunch of problems, the biggest problem of avatar – sinking into the ground, the occasional eye pop glitch, messed up shape and some other issues. The reshaped head also has its neck line higher so for those of you who wanted to use the Avatar 2.0 with LL avatar’s head this should fix the neck problem. Although the shape of the head is still very anatomical incorrect, at least it doesn’t look like a monkey head anymore :D

So long story short, heres all the changes:

A Fully reshaped head.
No more custom joint positions.
Fixed the feet ground sink glitch.
Fixed the eye popping glitch.
Fixed the messed up shape glitch.
Pulled up the neck line for LL head users.
Changed how the foot and leg areas are hidden, you can now wear high heel shoes with sculpted/mesh feet. Due to this change, you wont be able to wear sneakers for now but im going to make a pair of socks that hide the missing area below the ankle.
Hands are now a bit smaller.
Feet on the stockings are now automatically shown and hidden whenever you wear shoes or hide your feet using the HUD.
Added a bonus item box with skin textures, uv maps, hair base and other stuff.
Some other small fixes to the mesh and other included items.

Due to the changes to the shape of the head, both old and new avatar 2.0 users that use custom shapes, will need to readjust the size, spacing and depth of your eyes for compatibility.
These are the new values:
Eye size: 45-100
Eye spacing: 60
Eye depth: 27


– Rikugou – Core A/B  –

Changes to the head script, you can now use custom eye textures by copying and pasting the UIID into the head’s description text box in build mode.
Mechanical part textures, Eye textures and an eye template are now included in the bonus item box.


– Rikugou – Lite –

Extended the neck line for people who wanna use the Lite body with the linden avatar head.


Now one person had problems with the rikugou core making her linden avatar eyes go sideways like that < _ > i didn’t fix this bug cuz i couldn’t find the actual problem and could reproduce it on my end. If you are reading this, maybe you had something else attached that made your eyes spread apart or you used an older version of the core, dunno, try these updates and try to only wear the core and nothing else and see if it still happens, if it does contact me again cuz i forgot your name.


And finally some news about the M3 head and im gonna clear a few things up.

The M3 anime head is almost finished, there’s only some minor problems to be fixed and some finishing touches done to the script and than of course lots of rigorous testing and it will be ready. Now to clear things up, the final M3 head is a product separate from Rikugou. It is created from scratch and has a different shape, but it will have a Rikugou compatibility mode. The original Rikugou head will also get the final M3 system update but it will not be all that soon since i will need to create all the textures and face expressions and blink and other stuff for it too.