– Final CCD update and more third party stuff –

Kay so, i have updated the CCD and this will be the final update, since i found a way to overcome the 8 mesh face limit on the Avatar 2.0, you no longer need a special list of clothing that works with it, since most stuff will now work. Just be sure to try the demos first, i will also optimize the new hide areas a bit more later on, so CCD submissions are now closed.

And now, some more stuff by third party content creators.

I will begin with my personal favorite.

Some really nice Eyes for the M3 head (click the banner for more)


Red Rabbit

Eyes for M3 (Click the icon for more)


Eyes and other M3 mods (Click the banner for more)


M3 Skin mods (click banner for more)


Mods for Avatar 2.0 and M3 (click the banner for more, they got a skin mod that lets you use the snow rabbit mesh head with avatar 2.0)


Eyebrows for M3 (click the banner to see other stuff they have)


Mesh body and M3 head combination mods (click banner for more)


Rei’s Stuff

random mods for random utilizator products, go here for more.



LL avatar alphas for the Anubis armor by Viri’s little shop. For If you ever wanted to use the armor with your LL body.

Well that’s it for now.


– Big ass CCD update –

So i finally got up my lazy ass and check all these CCD notecards that have piled up so here’s some more swag for you guys.


Been trying demos and reviewing the items all day and added 12 items to the CCD, gonna add 3 or 4 more items later when im done interrogating my friend on where he got his stuff. Gonna be adding more third party content for Rikugou and Avatar 2.0 next.

Here’s a link to the CCD page

– PlayStation Vita and Black Ops Declasified bundle – Review

Okay so some time ago i came home all piss drunk and high and went online to order some new earphones for my PSP cuz the old ones wire finally started breaking. While i was at it, i saw the black ops vita bundle and i thought gonna get that too just for shits and giggles. Few days later it arrived and it was time to unbox and check it out, i was gonna write this review on that day but i was a bit busy with other things.


Anyway so here’s my review of the PS Vita + the game it came with and right of the bat, im gonna say that the device is a piece of shit, and here’s why:

(Scroll down for a TL;DR summary of this review)

I didn’t do any research and didn’t really give a crap about the vita in general prior to ordering it. I Didn’t really know what to expect but i sorta had hopes that this might be as awsome as the psp was only with touch screen and ps3 like graphics.  The design of the box looked rather meh when pulled out of the nice looking black ops edition box (lol a box within a box) and its contents where rather disappointing too. My old psp, in adittion to the charger and the 32mb memory card, also came with all kinds of bonus goodie, like earphones and wrist strap and a special soft case and a disckwith music videos, movie trailers and game demos on it. While the vita didn’t include any of those things, it was just the console and its charger and a 4gb memory card, it didn’t even include the actual game it was supposed to be bundled with, instead it had a digital download version redeem code, not an actual physical copy of the game(and oh boy turns out it wasn’t even supposed to have the 4gb memory card, imma get to that later). The design of the device itself looks kinda meh too, compared the psp, its also really thick and bulky. To my surprise it didn’t have an UMD drive but later i found out it uses game cartridges instead, like nintendo, witch is a pretty smart decision. Another disappointment is that it doesn’t have any kind of other card slots, it doesn’t take no micro SD cards or anything like that like the PSP had, there’s no way to watch your photos or videos from your phone on it, only the proprietary sony vita cards work with it. And speaking about the vita memory cards, as i learned from my frustrated friend who also got the vita a week later, the ps vita doesn’t come with one. Now that wouldn’t be a that big of a problem since we are already used to sony being a bunch of cheep fucks and not including memory cards with the ps1 or the ps2, but unlike vita, on those systems you could still play games perfectly fine without a memory card, you just couldn’t save your progress. The vita however is as useful to you as a brick without one, not only can’t you play games without a card, it wont even do any basic functionality of a tablet device, you cannot test the camera or launch any other applications. And again, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if sony didn’t price their shitty proprietary cards so ridiculously. The smallest 4gb cart costs 20$, 20$ isn’t that much but you can’t really do shit with a 4gb card, you can only fit 1 full game and 1 demo on it and theres not mutch room left for other apps or music. So if you’re planing on buying games digitally (witch you’re forced to do if you wanna play psp/ps1 games since the thing doesn’t have an UMD) you need to spend a bit more than 20$, its kinda obnoxious when living in times where any other 4gb memory card costs like 5 bucks. The 32gb memory card cost 100$ while the console itself is just 250$, what kind of super advanced alien technology did they put in that card to make it more worthy than the fucking system itself? Sony did some misleading advertisement when they presented the relatively low price of the system as its selling point, sure its 250$ but you gotta pay at least an extra 50$ if you wanna make the full use of the system or at least 20$ extra to do the very basic thing it was made to do, play some fucking video games on it!. In a time where the market is dominated by way more cheaper and more flexible hand held tablet an smartphone devices that already come with internal memory and most of the times a basic external memory cards and can offer way better and more affordable services and forms of entertainment, its not a very wise decision to make your device not have the basic functionally it was supposed to have out of the box. Sony just downright fucked their costumers over like that.

So anyway, I turned the system on, i was greeted by this long dumb unskipable demo, the configuration screen was nice, it had nice music too, but once i got past it, the whole interface looked so terrible as if it was designed by some amateur, it also had unnecessary cheesy menu music playing on a loop, thank god there’s an option to turn it off because it gets on your nerves after a bit. Now here’s where all the horrors begin, i started trying out the thing, the interface touch screen navigation is pretty smooth and well done but touch is the only way you can use it, none of the buttons on the console do anything.  I launched the web browser wanted to try watching youtube, but i couldn’t, it kept giving me some missing application error. I went to google and found out that the vita doesn’t support flash, okay but you don’t need flash to see youtube now days cuz it also runs on HTML5 that any modern web browser supports just fine without the need of any complicated plugin installation. In addition, i was seeing a crappy mobile version of the youtube page, this was a huge disappointment since the PSP could play youtube just fine and was capable of displaying the proper version of the page. Luckily there’s a crappy youtube app with bare minimum basic functionality, there’s also apps for facebook and twitter and skype, but they all fail hard because just like the youtube app, they lack some of the basic functionality, like a fucking text chat in skype, you can only do calls and video calls, but you cant send text messages or receive them. Speaking of basic functionality, the system also has a screenshot feature, but you can’t take screenshots with it, every time i tried to take a screenshot of the scoreboard or some random funny glitch in cod, it always says it cant take a screenshot of this screen, not even the menu screens, why does it even have a screenshot option than? to troll you? Than i went to check the camera and it was rather disappointing too, the picture quality was really surprisingly terrible even with the best lighting conditions, at this modern day and age oh 8 megapixel phone cameras. The camera’s resolution is what you see in the picture above, the camera software doesn’t have any kind of options, just a big snapshot button, the video quality is even worse, and it can’t even record a video of the same aspect ratio as the fucking screen its being displayed on, its like a really bad webcam with tiny resolution, lots of digital noise and washed out colors. My old Sony Ericson phone that i had 5 years ago, could take way better pictures than this piece of crap, why does the vita even need to have a camera at this point? I tried listening to some music but i couldn’t control my volume, it was set to 60% or 70% and some icon flashing. The manual revealed that its some “feature”, fortunately you can sorta disable it, unfortunately you cant disable it for good and you need to do that every time you turn the device on and its a really unnecessary and frustrating routine. Oh and the official vita earphones (that i had to buy separately) don’t have the remote controller thing like psp did, making you pull your console out of your pocket every time you wanna change a song. And BTW, getting media on or off the device is kind of a pain in the ass too, in addition for it not having a card reader, you cant just connect it to your computer through the USB port and access the device like you could with the PSP, sony has some weird “keep your hands off! we will do it for you” thing going on with vita, you gotta install some additional program that just like everything else by sony, has no fucking options and you gotta manually remove it from the system startup list. Its called content manager assistant something, you specify the locations on your computer your music, pictures, videos and app backups, than you can access those locations through your vita and copy music and other crap to your vita’s memory card. The cool thing is that you can just specify your whole hard drive as a location and browse through folders using vita, but its still a really ass backwards way of doing things, it would be so much more easy if you could just drag and drop files from your computer like you could with the psp. There are countless other tiny problems i ran into that i wont mention here because this review already got way too long.

Oh the remote play function that is supposed to let you play your ps3 games remotely, is rather useless just like the screen shot option, cuz you can’t actually play anything through it (just a handful of ps3 titles support it)

So anyway, it was time to try the game it came with! Entering the code to redeem my game aaaaaand……….. bullshit. I cant redeem my game :C it keeps giving me an error that i either entered the code wrong or it has expired D:. So i ran to google to see what could be wrong, turns out, digital downloads are region locked, i have to create an account with the same region that my game is from. But the problem doesn’t end there, unlike the PS3, once you have created or logged in to your PSN account with the vita, your vita gets account locked, you cannot create a new or log in with any other PSN account, you’re pretty much fucked if you have more than one account. However, google reveals that there IS a way to log in with another account, but that requires a factory restore. You have to reset your system to the factory defaults, you loose all your changes and everything and you have to sit through that annoying demo again after you turn it on, luckily the date and time doesn’t reset so you don’t have to set them up again. So i was finally able to create and log in with a new account and download my game and its time to try it out!

Call Of Duty – Black Ops: Declassified

If your not into call of duty multiplayer and your all about the epic call of duty single player experience, you might wanna rent or try this game out somewhere before you buy it, since this game is all about the multiplayer and the single player part doesn’t offer a whole lot. The campaign itself is really short and it feels more like you’re playing spec ops in mw2/mw3, the cutscenes between the missions are kinda booring and done in the same style as BF3 single player, theres not that many epic ingame cutscenes either as expected for a COD game, there’s also the mw3 survival mode and a time trial mode, there’s also leveling and time ranking in the campaign so it adds a little bit of replay value. Also the campaign is really fucking hard too D: i hate the time missions where you need to do shit in a short time. The controls are pretty good, the game makes a smart use of the touch screen by adding the missing controller buttons on the screen next to the physical buttons. In addition it it also offers more than one way to do something, for example, to throw a grenade you can just tap the grenade button on screen, of you can tap and hold the grenade button, an orange circle appears, you drag it out and aim your throw with it, you can also knife people by slashing the screen with your finger, its actually a lot easier to quickly slash the screen instead of looking for the virtual knife button (since you cant feel it with your finger). The killstreeks and alt weapon fire can be activated the traditional way with your D pad but you also have the on screen buttons for them on the left side of the screen too, they are kinda hard to hit since they are so small so i just use the D pad. Now the only down side to the controls is that the vita analog sticks are really loose and gives no resistance to your finger, even simple basic tasks such as walking can be really difficult, i always start strafing to the sides when trying to walk forward and get stuck trying to go through a door, thank god you can lower the sensitivity so aiming is decent, but than you have a really slow turn problem and cant react to stuff behind your back fast enough, this can get you killed in multiplayer. One thing that really rustles my jimmies is that activision went all trololo and wont let you use touch screen in the game menus. Every other thing in the game and any other game and app uses the touch screen, but no not this game menu, if lets say you wanna change your class, you can’t just tap your screen and change class, you gotta navigate the slow and awkward oldschool way, with the d pad, and i keep forgetting that every time and try to tap the screen and nothing happens D:

Anyway, the multiplayer is really where its all at, and i gotta say i was surprised by how well balanced and fun it is :O This game offers a simple clean COD experience, It feels as if the game was done by the COD community itself, it takes everything that awesome about cod and leaves out all the bullshit. Theres no cheap noob shit, no aim asist, no bullshit deaths, no death streeks, no last stand/second chance, no OP perks like assassin or ghost pro, no revenge spawns. The game doesn’t cheat you out of your kills, knife is not faster than bullets and even if you do get knifed, if you where shooting the guy coming at you, he dies too and you get an afterlife+ revenge bonus too :D, the killstreeks are balanced out pretty well, there’s no retarded press button-recieve kills flying exploding easy to get bullshit like like in BO2, most streaks are non lethal type, like UAV and stuff. All weapon classes are balanced, there’s no SMG noob bullshit like in BO2, you can pick up any weapon you want and still be competitive, SMGs are only good in close range like they should(cant hipfire sniper across the map) and LMGs are deadly as fuck while the ARs are the all purpose weapons again. It has some really great maps, like shipment from COD4 and nuketown from BO1. It mostly features weapons, attachments and equipment from BO1 but it also has some stuff from MW3 like the PP90M1 FUCK YEAH! and bouncing betties :D. Secondary weapons aren’t all that useless either, you have your proper machine pistols and stuff. Theres no retarded weapon attachments or changeless like lets say an acog on the shotgun, do 200 scoped shotgun acog kills!, appropriate weapon classes have appropriate attachments. The chalanges are organized in IW style, everything is in one place and easy to follow, unlike BO1 and BO2 where fuck knows where what is.

However this game does have some shortcomings, like really shitty graphics, and some are really serious too, like the connectivity problems or random crashes with an error reporting dialog. Now the connectivity issue is strange, you sometimes start randomly loosing connection to the host in 2 out of every 3 matches and in some cases you loose connection so hard that the vita itself needs to reconnect itself to the psn, and all the reviews and message boards of the game report the same problem. Strangely enough, sometimes you can play a whole day without getting disconnected a single time. Other shortcomings aren’t game breaking but would be things nice to have, like a way to communicate with other players, the game doesn’t have text or voice chat. The loadings times are ass, you would think that not having an UMD anymore and loading maps directly from the card would be faster. The loading times are random too, some times the same map can load for like few seconds and sometimes a whole minute, There’s also a severe lack of game modes, there’s only TDM KC FFA and for some weird reason they chose to add drop zone out of all the modes, why not fucking SnD? I also wish it had more maps and it doesnt look like they are planing on making a DLC. Oh and theres no killcams :C

So to sum this up (the tl;dr summary)

Amateurish packing, unit and UI design, Doesn’t come with any of the bonus goodies that the psp came with, UI cannot be controlled with buttons, touch screen only.
The pack doesn’t even come with a memory card, rendering the device a useless brick that costs 250$, since it doesnt let you launch games or do anything else without a memoru card cuz the system doesnt have any internal memory. You need to spend more money on sony’s overpriced proprietary memory card just to have the basic functionality of your system that should have been there out of the box, and no other card formats work, witch in this day and age is just FAIL.
Game bundles come with region locked redeem codes instead of physical copies of games, not letting you download your game if your PSN account region doesnt match the redeem code region. An account lock not letting you log in with any other PSN account once you loged in, having to do a factory reset every time you wanna create or log in with different account.
Really poor selection of apps and Apps lacking basic funtionality and features that don’t actualy do what they are supposed to do, like not being able to take a screenshot of a game using the screenshot function or play a game remotely using the remote play funtion or not having text chat in skype or not being able to displaying web pages propertly in the web browser, no flash support, broken HTML5 support. And “features” that hinder your ability use the system, like the volume automatic control and lock.
No card readers and no other way to get files on and of the system, can’t just connect ti to the pc through usb, gotta install adittional software to be able to transfer files, due to sony’s “hands off! we will do this for you” policy and than doing this ass backwards file copying through your vita.
Surprisingly terrible camera resolution and image quality even under the best lighting conditions, even worse video resolution and quality like some old cheep webcam with digital noise and washed out colors, no camera options, cant even film in the same aspect ratio as the screen the video is displayed on.
Unimpressive and sometimes even just down right terrible graphics, loose and sensitive analog sticks, obligatory touch in some games, severe lack of big game titles or more like lack of games in general, high game prices going from 20$ to 50$ compaired to lets say 2$-5$ games for the IOS and Android with far better graphics.

If you do not need this for a particular game and nothing else like i do and got no money to spare, youre better off buying a 3DS or even a fucking ipad.

– A sale and some other stuff –

This is something i wanted to do for some time now, im having a big ass summer sale in my mainstore, everything in the non mesh section upstairs is 10% to 50% off. Some of the stuff had a price cut on the marketplace too, like the Midna avatar or the heavy combat armors.

Thats not all, i got around making a little something that would help both people that want to make clothes for avatar 2.0 and people who want to learn how to rig and stuff. The Avatar 2.0 development kit rigged mesh dummy.

What you can do with it:

You can use it as a shape guide if you wanna make clothing for Avatar 2.0.
You can use it as a rigging tool along with the bone weight copy script, by copying its weights onto your mesh clothing or character.
You can use it as a learning tool to learn rigging and experiment on it, especially following my tutorials and stuff.
Using its skeleton for your own avatar isn’t recommended (i have prepared a different file for that) because it has a few custom joint positions and custom joint positions tend to glitch and shouldn’t be used if not necessary.
There are a few unused weight map groups, If your mesh has eyes, assign mEyeLeft and mEyeRight to them, do not assign the rest to anything, these  weights aren’t used by SL animations and will just distort your character.

Download link:


Oh and, the CCD was updated with more awesome stuff, check it out.

– More body suits yay –

By popular demand, i bring you some more ports of my older creations to be compatible with the Avatar 2.0

3 more body suits, the TCC Pink, CCCP, and the MGA2 Venus suit.

These are only the suits, they are not much use to you if you don’t already own the avatars that these suits are for. For those that do have these avatars or outfits, you will have to do some adjusting using the “edit linked parts” option in the build menu to make the prim attachments fit the Avatar 2.0

I will do some more porting in the future.

But that’s not all, quite a few Avatar 2.0 CCD submissions have piled up and im finally going to add some of them to the CCD page so be sure to check that one out in a few days.

And finally, this is a little something ive been meaning to do for some time now but always was too lazy or didn’t have time, im going to drastically cut down the prices on all of my old, non mesh stuff. Not sure when exactly this is going to happen, but it will be somewhere after the CCD update, so keep an eye out for a big ass summer sale :D

– A body suit and another CCD update for Avatar 2.0 –

I had this done ages ago as sort of an experiment but never thought of putting it up for sale for some reason, i know a lot of people could make use of this so here it is (i wont put it on the marketplace cuz i don’t want any more “herp derp i bought without reading shit, wheres the alphas?” you can get it at my inworld store). To clarify, this is the TCC Black ops body suit for Avatar 2.0, if you ever wanted to wear your black ops outfit with your mesh body, this is for you(you will need to do some scaling and adjusting the parts of the rest of the outfit tho, also manually hide the faces of the feet and lower legs in the build menu).

Also another update on the CCD, 4 more people sent me their notecards so im adding their findings to the list, check out the – The Avatar 2.0 Compatibility Community Database –

On a side note, i noticed some more tendencies with mesh creators, a lot of them cannot be arsed to attach their mesh clothing item to the appropriate point on the avatar so a lot of them just go to the right hand point by default. Also a lot of mesh creators(if not all) cannot be arsed to make proper LOD objects for their stuff and just go with the default mesh uploader generated LODs, not this doesn’t really matter because there’s a glitch with camera zoom and rigged mesh LODs, they do not drop as when all the other objects do and you have to zoom far away for them to start dropping while everything else is already at minimum. What this means is that it doesn’t matter how far you zoom out, your mesh item will remain the original high detail model and will not change to a lower detail model, so mesh clothing creators can be lazy and not bother making LODs for their items because they can exploit this bug. But if LL would some day realize that there’s a bug and decide to fix it, all the mesh clothes made by these lazy creator, will simply turn to garbage as soon as the camera zooms out just a few meters from the avatar wearing them :D.

– Another CCD update –

Another big update, this time thanks to 2 contributors who sent me their notecards, finally this thing is starting to take off :D thank you! there’s some really awesome stuff like the short pants in he picture above.

Go check out the updated – Avatar 2.0 CCD –

On a side note, i noticed that there’s this BIG ASS thing going on with a lot of mesh clothing creators, a lot of the mesh stuff i have tried, have am unproportionally big weird ass that doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the item not that  have anything against big asses(im a strong believer that there should be more cushion for the pushin myself), but there’s a limit to everything and there should be a balance of some kind, i mean, if you have a big ass, it should be accompanied by wide hips and thick thighs, otherwise if you have a big ass but the rest of your body is skinny, you will just look downright weird, and this is how some of those clothes make you look.

– CCD update –

So the CCD thing idea got planty of enthusiasm from people but no one gave enough fuck to actually send me any of their findings in a notecard :D but someone has directed me to :::B@R::: and said that some of the mesh outfits they have, work well with Avatar 2.0 so i went there and came across this gem. Also, luck brought some more people wearing mesh clothing my way and they directed me to the places where they got it from, and i also remembered one really popular mesh hoodie that they use at HH. So my CCD  got a big fat update the very next day, go check it out. – The Compatibility Community Database –

– Avatar 2.0 CCD –

– The Avatar 2.0 Compatibility Community Database –


Welcome to the the Avatar 2.0 The Compatibility Community Database.

The Avatar 2.0, however fancy it might be, its not much of a use to you in the long term if there’s no clothes for it, unless you plan going around naked, and you wont wear the same shirt and skirt for the rest of your life and the little amount of clothes i made for it is just not enough to compete with what the LL avatar can offer you. But buying mesh clothes made by other creators is always a risky financial gamble.

The purpose of the Avatar 2.0 CCD is to gather and catalog information submitted by the community, about compatibility with mesh clothing and and other items made by other creators, to maximize your wardrobe options and remove the whole expensive gamble aspect of shopping for mesh clothes, and also give some spotlight on items that otherwise would be overlooked, dronwing in that sea of random unrelated marketplace search results.

Clothes will be listed here, be sure to carefully read the descriptions above every item, some of these items will only work for you if certain conditions are met(in combination with other items or particular sizes) and try the demos if they are available before you attempt to buy them.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to submit your findings.

– CCD submissions are now closed. The release of Avatar 2.0 version 1.10 more or less made this database obsolete. –


– The CCD –



Im glad to announce that now since the 1.10 update, most Edelweiss mesh stuff are now compatible with Avatar 2.0


*DL* Flufee Hoodie – Rigged MESH short hoodie

Submitted by PetiteAnaiis Eleonara


coldLogic shirt – stein

Submitted by  clematide Oyen


Full Perm Rigged Ladies Cropped Hoodie – Fashion Kit

Submitted by Zetsae Serenity


*DL* Baggers *

Submitted by Anitya and Kaamie Carissa

These look pretty cool, they come in all kinds of colors and stuff, i didn’t post all of them. go here see all 


Stuff from B@R submitted by Lilith Aries

She did a pretty fine research and provided clipping examples and stuff (classically did my work for me <3) so imma just paste her notecard in here.


Only a very small percentage of their outfits are available on the marketplace, so you’ll need to go inworld. The compatibility on their general mesh clothing varies so be careful if trying out untested things, many of them mix mesh with LL clothing. Also a word of warning, from what I can see they sell all their clothes no copy and they do not allow exchanges for a copy/notrans version.


::: B@R ::: Kunoichi Homura

Minor clipping around the waist, not particularly noticeable unless you use an AO that twists your waist a lot, my example of clipping is a bit drastic because of my AO. The boots work fine if you hide your feet. The headband is not rigged so you can edit it to fit properly.

Clipping Example: http://i.imgur.com/3auMwTq.png
Clipping Example: http://i.imgur.com/gQDgl0l.png
Overall Example: http://i.imgur.com/sv0NJUl.png

::: B@R ::: Succubus

Slight resizing will make the breast piece fit fine, there are however minor clipping issues around the waist that can’t be fixed since that piece is rigged. The boots will fit fine if you hide your legs up to one above the knee. Also comes in pink.

Clipping Example: http://i.imgur.com/khoMoNk.png
Overall Example: http://i.imgur.com/l9h0o1H.png

::: B@R ::: Hourglassy Land-Hex

Wasn’t sure whether or not to include this one since it covers almost the entire body and you’d need to hide pretty much everything aside from your hands, head, and neck. Also if you have an AO that swings your arms around you’ll probably notice your arm vanishing inside the sleeve. Does not come with any smaller chest sizes, and the hips are kinda weird looking. They also have an alternate colored version, both include multiple tie colors.

Overall Example: http://i.imgur.com/W63juwK.png

::: B@R ::: Orihime

Fits perfectly if you hide parts using the HUD. You’ll need to hide the chest, hips, upper legs, and shoulders. To get the sandals to fit right you’ll need to move them slightly down.
Overall Example: http://i.imgur.com/MXbjXIM.png

::: B@R ::: Dergie Lady

Fits perfectly with legs and hips hidden. You will however need your own undershirt as the undershirt provided is standard LL clothing.
Overall Example: http://i.imgur.com/OfafbwN.png


– Some of my own findings –

[monso] My Crochet Sweater

Size M looks kinda bulky but works, if there is any clipping, its not noticeable due to the meshy nature of this thing. Size S would be perfect but one boob pokes through the side of it :|

Happy Undead – Girly Skirts

This has some tiny clipping but works, i don’t remember well but i think the smallest size looks best.

There’s a bit too many color versions for me to post here so better visit the store page and enter girly skirt in search. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13665

– Stuff from {dollle*} –

Striped Boyfriend Shirt

M size doesn’t clip, S size would look better but there’s some tiny clipping in one place in some animations, gotta hide the arms too.

Long Puff Sleeve Crop Top

S size is a perfect fit, nothing clips


Ruffle Tube Top

Size S would be ideal but it clips at the sides so you gotta go with M, M also clips on the right side in some animations but other sizes are just too big. It’s also a bit loose at the back.

Layered Lace Skirt

Size XXS works well but there’s some nasty clipping when sitting and in some leg positions in the pelvis area where the leg bends, Its also kinda big and a bit too long for my taste but oh well, it looks nice anyway, try the demo first.

You should check out this store for more stuff that might fit.

– Stuff from :.Envious.: –

This store probably uses prefab mesh items for their outfits so if you see something you like but its no mod or they don’t have the color you want, try looking for the same thing from other creators, really wish they made more colors D: would save the trouble.


The top is really nice, the skirt is awesome too, just wish i found the original prefab or another seller that sells a white mod version of it. The top would be best at size S but it clips at the sides in some animations :C, size M solves those problems but its not as a tight fit as S, its a really cool top tho.


I bought this just for the skirt so i haven’t even tried the top lol, its the same skirt as in the product above but it comes in 4 different colors.

Prefab mesh open hoodie jacket thing

This jacket fits perfectly and doesn’t clip anywhere, its probably one of those full perm prefab pieces of clothing so you can find it at different prices and different colors and textures from different sellers.

Here’s a few i found myself:


go to NV ingame store, they have more versions there including a nice looking white one http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NV%20Madworld/160/134/21

DECO – MESH Her Jeans

Submited by Senna

Nice looking pants, small size work well together with the Apricot Paws long mesh hoodie, Senna herself says “These jeans are absolutely perfect to me. The M size works just as it should with the avatar provided you hide the upper legs. I’ve seen no clipping in even in most animations. There’s no big-ass problem with these either, they fit around the hips rather nicely, though if you wear the panties there’s an inch of those undies popping around the hips towards the pelvis. Other than that, perfect fit with size M and upper legs hidden, better than 95% of the other pants/bottoms in the CCD that I’ve seen.”

(there’s also demos and fatpacks if you visit the store)

Apricot Paws – Reverb Hoodie

Submitted by Fallout Gothly

The hoodie is a perfect fit and is awesome overall. It comes in 2 differ versions(long and cropped), both male and female, the female version also comes with 3 different boob sizes. It is also divided into separate faces witch is a nice touch, you can use this to hide parts of it and combine it with other clothes or tint seperate parts of it with a different color if lets say you get the white one. The long version medium size fits best but you can also use the curvy size if you wanna wear something else like pants or skirt and you need some room between the hoodie and your body. The cropped version clips at the armpits and its a bit bulky and loose but it still looks nice.


Demo and fatpacks

– Stuff submitted by Claudia Lafleur –
HOC Industries – Skinny fit Mesh Jeans

this looks kinda weird, the top part is really big at the hips and ass but the legs are really skinny, i only recommend wearing m or s size along with a hoodie or something that hides the top part.

{dollle*} Cropped Turtleneck Sweater

Claudia says L size fits best but to me it looks too big, S size works, only there’s some clipping in armpits and shoulders when you lift hands up, same with L size..

Happy Undead – Mini Skirt

These are really nice, S medium and XS big work best, XS big fits good at the waist line but there’s some nasty clipping above where the leg bends, so you could use the S or even M if your going to wear a long top the hides the loose waist line. There’s a bit too many of them for me to post them all here so you better go to the store and enter “mini skirt” in search check them all out yourself https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13665

[monso] My School Look – Blazer

Submitted by Savos Kasane (Savos1Mok)

Pretty cool uniform, Comes with a customization HUD that lets you choose colors and textures for every part of the uniform. My only issues with this is that its one prim so the skirt cannot be used separately(or at  least the demo was one single object). There’s also a small clipping issue around the collar area near the shoulders that can be hidden by hair. Try the demo


submitted by Spyro3d Zenovka

They do not have everything on their MP page so you better visit their inworld store for demos and other things that they don’t have on MP. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Orange%20County/103/92/21 Spyro3d also said they can do a custom sign on the back for you on the jacket.


Size M works but has some minor clipping in armpits and back but looks a bit too big at the colar. Also your thumbs clip through the sleves ends :|


Size S is a perfect fit, just hide the upper body and arms with the HUD and you shouldn’t have any problems with it.


They also work well with upper body and arms hidden using the HUD, they don’t have this on MP tho :C

Tube tops

These are nice, size M works best but it looks a bit loose at the back, you can cover it with long hair. My only problem with them was the small selection of colors and also some really childish writings and pictures on them but i hope they let you choose your own writings too.  Not available on MP


submitted by Masumi Yazaki

Belt dress

These fit really nice :O M size has only some minor clipping in the sides in some poses but you can just use sizes S and XS and hide the upper body with the HUD and you shouldn’t have any problems. I think size S works best, XXS has some leg clipping problems.

Nana neck vest

Size M has some minor clipping in the sides in some poses and looks a bit big but i  guess it could work.


Sepph tank tops

submitted  by analyse dean

All their size S have clipping here and there in half of the poses, its a nice top and very cheep too, so if you know how to make your own alphas, you can totally go with that, the straps clip too sometimes but that can be hidden with hair. Size M looks a bit big but it doesn’t clip so if you don’t know how to make your own alphas, you can go with that. i couldn’t put them all here because there’s just too many of them, you can go to their MP page to see them all and try some demos. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/120513

Misc stuff

Decided to check out Maitreya and other places again for any new stuff and found this.

Maitreya Cupio Top

This is a really nice top, S size would be perfect if it didn’t clicp at the sides (if you can make your own alphas than you can fix this) M size looks a bit loose and still clips a bit in some poses but its better than nothing, well try the demos yourself.

didn’t include them all, go here to see more

Maitreya Pants

They have all kinds of pants and all their pants, all sizes fit well only they are loose at the waist, so you will need a top that hides it or a belt, and the smaller sizes make the legs really thin like spaghetti so stay away from those xD I didn’t include everything, visit their MP page for more. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/14076

AKEYO hoodie

M size works fine, some really tiny clipping on the hips time to time but its an awesome hoodie, it comes in both male and female shape in the same package and gives you lots of customization options.

Check the related items below or go to their MP page to see other designs of this hoodie, sice there was too many of them to fit them all here.

[4mc] Jacket 1 (MESH)

submitted by Niko Leissa

This jacket kicks ass :O it comes both male and female versions, lots of sizes and has a customization menu with lots of presets and textures. You can turn it into a fire fighter jacket or a police jacket or a paramedic or a firefighter jacket, a military jacket or a leather biker jacket or just a normal warm jacket. Its like a Swiss army knife thing, it also doesn’t clip(or i was too over excited about it to notice the clipping). The name is Jacket 1 so im guessing there more awesome stuff planed for the future by the creator.

here are some examples(click to enlarge):

and here’s where you get it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/4mc-Jacket-1-MESH/2665584


submitted by Kichi  Flux

Mesh Hoodie – Female

looks and fits really nice, only has some minor clipping at the wrists, can be covered with wrist bands but its not necessary and isn’t really a problem when the rest of it looks this good. It also has a neat coloring HUD that lets you choose from 7 colors with 2 tones each to color of any part of the hoodie you want.

– Damien Fate –

submitted by Anitya


I wasnt sure if i should add this or not since this isn’t really avatar 2.0 or mesh clothing compatibility related, but there a lot of people that do not realize that they can use any eyes made for the LL avatar they want since 1.7 – 1.8 so ill add it to let people know.

That being said, Anitya herself has this to say:
FATEeyes provide an excellent decree of customization for your Avatar, including the ability to resize the eyes to better fit.

These are prim eyes and thus you need to use the included alpha layer (ADD it, do NOT Wear it) to make them work.  I have found the Fate Eyes Large with a 2 or 3% size increase works quite well and are very realistic. The HUD allows you to change many things about the eyes – iris color, pupil shape – including something for those who love like the kittenish Neko look, glow, reflection and more!


submitted by Anitya

Jeans/Pants Female

I had my eyes on this stuff for some time now but i didn’t really want to add these, the pants look really awesome and the texturing work is really nice. But there’s some problems with their proportions, even the smallest size is a bit too loose at the back and on top of that they have that whole big ass thing going on and the knee bend area is really thin and in contrast it looks kinda weird (why the big ass D:) other than that, they do not clip(or i haven’t noticed it yet)

I haven’t added all of them, check .:REBORN:. marketplace page for more colors.

Shirts Female

The shirts look even weirder, the top of the shirt doesn’t look too bad but but its still kinda weird at the shoulders, while the bottom is really wide and if that wasn’t enough, it also extends at the back to accompany the big ass but goes a bit too far so there lots of room between the big ass and the shirt. It looks kinda like the bottom of the shirt was filled with hot air and than frozen in that shape. The texturing is good tho, and i don’t remember if there was any clipping going on either.

All in all, the creator could learn some anatomy and how gravity makes clothes lay on the human body and stuff like that.

[Cliche] Siesta Stilettos black leather

submitted by Masumi Yazki

If i understood the notecard right, these shoes only work if you have something covering the top, like long pants, they also come with sculpted feet,  wasnt interested enough in trying these myself but you could visit [Cliche] store page and check out the demos for similar shoes (these particular ones don’t have a demo)

– Maitreya and DCNY –

submitted by Liphx Fiertze

Maitreya mesh Cul-De-Sac

Perfect fit! looks awesome too, some minor occasional clipping here and there in some rare animations but it doesn’t really matter considering how well this fits. The ribbon can be removed too.

DCNY MESH Cozy Boots

They fit perfectly, no clipping, just dont forget to hide your feet with the hud.


– Happy Undead –

Submitted by aimee arcana

Happy Undead – Fluff Boots and Overknee Fluff Boots

Two types of boots with leg warmers, i havent tested them myself so you should try the demos first.the notecard says “They fit great in Medium, leave a slight notch around the leg so it kinda gives it more realism, havn’t noticed any clipping issues”


– V.C. Designs – Black boots –

Submitted by Charlotte TS

Haven’t tried them myself but the notecard says These boots fit fine with only some minor clipping at the tops.

– :::B@R::: – Natsufuku –

Submitted by nikola leissa

A really lazy attempt at a Japanese school uniform, no effort was put into texturing it, especially the skirt, it fits well if you hide the torso, only the problem is, since the shirt is so short, if you look under the shirt from below, or your avatar arches her back alot, you can see shes missing the torso, i really do not recommend this one but oh well, if it fits, it fits.

They only got a few featured items on the marketplace so you will have to go to their in world store to get this. things.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bare%20Rose/106/74/37


Submited by: Serea Dyden

They don’t have much on their marketplace page, only the fatpacks, if you wanna buy a single color, you will have to visit their  Inworld Store location, they have some demos too.

DN Mesh – Longsleeve

Perfect fit, some small clipping near the neck in some animations, my hair hides those parts so its not a problem to me.

DN MESH – Hoodie

Perfect fit, there’s a tiny gap at the top of the zipper where you can see that there’s no chest when you hide it, but its a minor problem and can be ignored or covered with something like a prim from inside.

DN MESH – Skirt

Perfect fit, too bad there’s only one size so there’s a bit of room between the waist and the skirt and it has a bit of a big ass thing going on.

coldLogic and Apple May Designs

Submitted by: Aimee Arcana


A lot of really nice looking stuff, everything has a demo so you can go and try everything out yourselves, sadly most don’t really fit and clip at the shoulders but you could just get all that stuff for your LL avi, there’s also a problem with optimization, some stuff have huge amounts of polygons, takes forever to download, can put strain on older computers.

coldLogic – skirt coyle and smith

Perfect fit standing still, clips walking and sitting, the creator went a bit overboard with the polygon count so its unoptimized, HUGE amounts of polygons where wasted so it takes forever to load and puts strain on low end computers.


coldLogic – skirt hemlock and buckley

Perfect fit while standing and moving/walking, but has some clipping while sitting.

coldLogic – dress marsh and chase

M size fits but looks a little loose, gotta hide the upper legs because you will have some really bad clipping going on.

coldLogic – jacket kimber, parke and kelley

Perfect fit, some occasional clipping with itself in some animations, a minor clipping in some sitting poses, the only problem i have with this item is, the ass is kinda in-proportionally big, but well, go try the demo and see for yourself, maybe you wont see the problem.


coldLogic – trousers fields, dailey, mazza and cooper

Fit well, really minor clipping while sitting or in some rare ao animations, pants are kinda big at the waist and even with the XS size you would still be able to stick a finger or two betwen the pants and the waist, the XXS is allready too small so i guess you would use some kind of a belt to hide it or a long shirt, its not really a problem if you arent as picky as me, otherwise the pants look great.

There’s too much of them so ill just add the fat packs and demos for now, go to the mainstore or the marketplace page of the creator to get single colors.

coldLogic – capri leopre and may

Perfect fit, theres only some minor ocasional clipping in some sitting poses, the ass could be a tiny bit smaller and it has the same “fit one finger” issue as the pants but i love these short pants alot.

Apple May Designs

They have some more mesh stuff but this is the only thing that works in with Avatar 2.0 so far.

AMD – city work sweet shirt

It fits, there’s some clipping in the armpits, mostly at the back when moving around, aspecially with the smaller sizes.

– A few of my own discoveries.-

Loki mesh hoodie

Nice fit, theres a tiny barely noticeable clip near the neck that can be ignored, otherwise i love this hoodie.  I havent listed them all because he just made too many of them, check his marketplace store for more.

Loki mesh long shorts

These will not work on their own because they clip at the top, but you can use them together with Loki mesh hoodies or some other thing that covers the top. The shorts themselves, aren’t too great, they stretch in a weird way at the crotch and the ass looks kinda collapsed. More shorts on the marketplace page.

< Yabusaka > Mesh School Uniform

This uniform was originally made for the Yabusaka female mesh body but i found the top of it to work perfectly with Avatar 2.0 too. The skirt wont work because it has no ass so the Avatar 2.0 ass will clip through it, however, there are legs/tights included with the uniform, so you can use those if you want to wear the skirt too, otherwise you can just mix the top with other things you might have, like the open shorts or pants or some skirt you might have or when i eventually make one.

Cant seem to find it on the marketplace so here’s a link to the mainstore inworld.



I couldnt find the marketplace page of this store so heres the inworld store location


=Modulor= Knit one piece

this fits but the areas between the shoulders and the neck clip through so you gotta hide the neck, but the creator was lazy and didn’t rig the neck piece so its static and you can see your avatar have an invisible neck when the head is lifted up, i guess you could try to link a cylinder prim to your neck with the same color as your skin to fix it but i don’t know…. Alternatively, you could use some kind of a scarf to cover it up.

=Modulor= E.F.S.F uniform

This would be a perfect fir too but it has the same shoulder neck problem as the item above, you gotta make a cylinder prim and attach it to your neck. On top of that, in some animations it also clips with itself in the mid section >_>.

lassitude & ennui Wanderlust boots

Perfect Fit.

lassitude & ennui Flutter boots

Perfect Fit.

– Stuff from B@R –

They only got a few featured items on the marketplace so you will have to go to their in world store to get these things.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bare%20Rose/106/74/37

::: B@R ::: Shool uniforms

These uniforms are a perfect fit, nothing clips, the only problem is that instead of making few different sizes, they sort of went a one size that fits all and they took people with enormous hips and asses into consideration so the bottom part looks a bit weird.

::: B@R ::: Maid ME uniforms

A perfect fit, i really like this one.

::: B@R ::: Apron Dolly maid uniforms

They where lazy with this one so the op part of it is not mesh, just an LL clothing layer, the apron doesn’t fit too well too, boobs clip through, but the rest of it’s parts work good and can be used in combinations with other stuff from other outfits.

::: B@R ::: Lerogue goth loli dresses

Perfect fit, I love the black one and I dont have any complaints about this one other than the gloves and stockings being clothing layers, but since i already made a set of stockings and going to make some gloves in the future, this isn’t really a problem, i just wish they also made a white one.

::: B@R ::: Fridoll

This is a really cute night dress, it fits well, the only problem is that the top part that covers the boobs is also a clothing layer (i guess for different breast sizes) so only buy this if you have something to replace the top part with or have ideas how you could use it in combinations with other outfits or just intend to walk around topless :D.

::: B@R ::: Corset

I don’t know if i should be posting this one, it works great while standing still but as soon as you start to move it starts to clip at the sides. I guess you could ignore that if you aren’t as picky  as me, or use it in combinations with other stuff that hides the sides at the top where it clips.

DECO – MESH Her Cargo Pants (small)

Love these pants, they are a perfect fit, there’s only one small problem, the pants are a bit loose in the front so you can see down them and notice the lack of lower body when you hide the legs with the HUD. To fix that, i used the old version of the panties that came with the Avatar 2.0 before version 1.8, i changed the prim color to red. You can also cover it with a belt or a hoodie or a loose shirt of some kind if you got one.


Perfect fit while standing still, occasional minor clipping while walking but nothing serious. The only problem i had with this item is that there’s no version with the hood down so you have to take off your hair to wear it and you can kinda see that you are bald while wearing it. To fix it i took some random hair and unlinked the front part from it and worn it with the hood, perfect! :D. Oh and you cant wear it with the deco cargo pants cuz they clip with each other :<.


DECO – MESH Madison Boots (small)

Minor clipping with the top edge of the boot with the leg, not really noticeable so nothing serious, the boots themselves look nice.


MESH Brawler Gloves

Flawless and looking cool too.

More stuff will be added with time.


– Submit your findings –


– CCD submissions are now closed. The release of Avatar 2.0 version 1.10 more or less made this database obsolete. –


If you came across a clothing item that works with the Avatar 2.0, you can submit it to this compatibility database.

Here’s a few guidelines of how you can do it:

Send me a notecard, The notecard’s name has to begin with – CCD -. Include the name of the item and the marketplace URL to the item, if the creator doesnt have a marketplace page, include the SURL to the inworld vendor.

You have tested the item yourself and you can firmly conclude that it is compatible with the Avatar 2.0.

The item in question does not clip with any body part, that would not be possible to hide using the hide HUD.

However, there can be exceptions. If you can hide the clipping issue in a combinations with another clothing item or object or the issue is, trivial and can be overlooked. Please specify it in the notecard and explain it in detail of what items you used and what you had to do to fix it.

If the clothing item is non mesh (sculpted, or prims), specify it in the notecard as well.

Your submitted clothing items will be added to the compatibility list along with your name (specify if you want your name to be listed or not) and notes regarding the item.