– Another CCD update –

Another big update, this time thanks to 2 contributors who sent me their notecards, finally this thing is starting to take off :D thank you! there’s some really awesome stuff like the short pants in he picture above.

Go check out the updated – Avatar 2.0 CCD –

On a side note, i noticed that there’s this BIG ASS thing going on with a lot of mesh clothing creators, a lot of the mesh stuff i have tried, have am unproportionally big weird ass that doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the item not that  have anything against big asses(im a strong believer that there should be more cushion for the pushin myself), but there’s a limit to everything and there should be a balance of some kind, i mean, if you have a big ass, it should be accompanied by wide hips and thick thighs, otherwise if you have a big ass but the rest of your body is skinny, you will just look downright weird, and this is how some of those clothes make you look.