– COD IW PS4 Beta –

Sheeeit, cant wait for this game to come out, been having a blast with the ps4 beta, made a video about it.

– i’ll just leave this here –

– Havent done one of these in a while –

– Goodbye Advanced Warfare –

It’s just a few days remaining till BO3 so its time to wrap things up with AW.

– New videos! –

Made a few new videos

– slamdunk –

– How it all works –

Okay so what happened was that there was this tiny dot of concentrated mass and energy. Its mass was so great that under its own weight it cracked and exploded and this we know as the big bang. All that mass was scattered into tiny particles all across the nothingness that is now the universe. These tiny particles follow a specific program, a law of attraction,  everything that has mass, has its own gravity that attracts other objects with mass. All these particles eventually formed clouds of gasses and other kinds of space dust, these clouds started to swirl into stars and planets. All these stars and planets form even bigger swirls called galaxies, our galaxy is called the Milky way galaxy.


Meanwhile on the surface of these planets, the same program of attraction make certain particles attract each other and form a more complicated unions of particles that form chemicals, crystals, cell membranes, DNA, and all that good shit. Its some really complicated stuff that i don’t wanna get into but basically, this law of attraction that formed planets and starts is also the thing that made us. Particles have formed different atoms and molecules that formed the very first DNA and simple single cell organisms. That same law of attraction made those organisms join into communities. Just like every molecule has its own purpose, each individual in those communities had their purpose too, some where scouts, others where workers and so on, everyone had a role in their community and they have reached a point where separated from their community, they couldn’t survive on their own(kinda like us now). Eventually they have grown entangled so much that they formed the first primitive multicellular organisms. Every cell in our human body has its role and are dependent on other cells, if you take a single individual away from the group, it will not be able to survive on its own. Other cells with other roles to provide them with food and healthcare, protection from foren invaders and other stuff, just like we humans are dependent on our milkman and bread man and firefighter and all that stuff. These multi cell organisms (us) over time, started to join into groups and communities of their own, humans, ants, bees, zebras and other social animals that can no longer survive on their own without the group. We humans have joined into cities, cities have joined into countries. With our social standards and traditions, we think as one and function as one organism, just like all the cells in our body. Countries also form social groups called unions, like the European union and this will go on and on.


Back to the cosmic level of things, every sun has a life cycle at the end of witch they run out of fuel and at first they start to expand and burn the brightest, in a pulsating light(a dieing star is called a pulsar) but later start to compress into tiny balls of mass that eventually collapse under their own weight and explode, this is how black holes are born. Every black hole has so much mass that they suck in anything around them with their enormous gravitational pull. Every thing they pull in is being compressed and just adds up to mass of the black hole, the mass is so great that not even photons (particles of light) can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, this is why its called a black hole, no light has ever came back from it into our eyes so all we see is a big black ball. As black holes continue to swallow up more stuff and grow in mass, bigger black holes will swallow smaller holes till eventually they all will swallow everything and each other and there is going to be one big black hole, it will have so much mass that it will keep on compressing under its own weight into a tiny dot of mass and energy till it cracks and explodes and a new big bang will give a start to a new universe. Everything will repeat and this infinite loop goes on and on forever.


Makes you want to wonder, who wrote this program. These snow flakes look like they where created by an intelligent designer, they have complex mathematical geometrical detail and symmetry, but they have formed completely naturally on their own just blindly following that same program that created us. http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/photos/photos.htm

Oh BTW, there hasn’t been a single status update from me for some time now due to Black Ops 2 and me taking a small vacation from all the work and and just being really lazy. There has been some new stuff created by a few third party developers for the Avatar 2.0 and some CCD stuff submitted by a few people that i gotta post some time tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

Heres what i have been doing all this time :D….


– some random anouncements and other stuff –

– Avatar 2.0 feet sink bug –

Okay, so the first thing im gonna talk about is one really annoying glitch with the Avatar 2.0, that made the avatar’s feet sink into the ground. This is one of those things, that either no one noticed, or didn’t find it to be significant enough to report to me, so i was beginning to think that im the only one having it, . SL used to have an account bound avatar height glitch with early versions of viewer 2.0 and i thought it was just more of that. But i had the same happening on my alt so i decided, also it was something directly related to the shoe platform thing, and the only way to fix that was to detach the avatar, the shoe platform, and than put the avatar back on and the shoe platform after that. But that was kinda annoying to do every time you log in, so i decided to look more into this and do some experiments and figure out why this is happening.

So here’s what i found out, and im afraid this is kind of out of my hands.
Okay so here how this works, the second life avatar skeleton has toe bones, but they aren’t used to move the toes, they are used to elevate the avatar.

The LL avatar shoe clothing layer has options for heel height and platform height, and are mostly used together with high heel or platform sculpted or mesh shoes. When you increase the height of the platform or the heal, the toe bones get offset downwards and lifts up your avatar.

I have rigged the toe bones to the toes of my avatar’s foot to illustrate what happens, when the shoe platform lifts the avatar up.
This is the default toe bone position when not wearing anything

This is the how the toe bones get offset when wearing a shoe platform.

Now here’s where the problem begins with rigged meshes that have custom joint positions. after reloging, and sometimes even changing your mesh outfit, your feet start to sink into the ground.

What i think happens is, when you log in, everything your wearing is being loaded on you in a particular order, clothing layers always load first, the shoe layer loads and puts its offset values into the toe bones, than the mesh body loads and and uses its own joint offset values on the toes, resetting all the values made by anything else before it, to zero. This causes the avatar to sink.

If you remove the shoe layer, it also removes the values that it have set on the toes, but but the toes where reset to zero by the body already, the shoe platform doesn’t know this and still takes away the value it had set, causing the toe bones to get offset in the opposite direction.

here’s an example:

lets say the shoe platform had the platform height set to +50(toe offset is +50 down)
now you put on the body, and its toe height is set to 0, this value overrides the +50 set by the shoe platform and turns it to 0(the toes are back in place at 0)
now you remove the shoe platform, it retracts its +50, but since its 0 already and there’s nothing to retract from, that +50 turns into a -50(the toes go +50 up in the opposite direction)

a temporary work around for this is to remove both the shoe platform and the avatar body, than put on the avatar body, and after that put on the shoe platform, in this order, nothing glitches.

i could easily fix this by just removing the toe bones from the mesh body, but i can no longer upload such meshes do to something LL changed in the uploader :C Altho, juging from the log, i might have screwed something in my test, so imma do some more testing before i submit this bug to SL jira LLModelPreview::verifyCount: Error: (expected/got)8911/8575verts

– Hoodies –

Okay, now onto something more interesting :D

Here’s a preview of the latest new thing im working on right now, its almost done.

This is going to be a hoodie that can be both open and closed and have the hood up and down.

After im done with this, the next thing im finally gonna start working on, will be the M3 mesh anime head. Ill post more details about all the features and what to expect .

– Flufee on a Meshion –

My buddy Drax has made another episode of his SL tv show “Flufee on a Meshion” witch features my avatar 2.0 \O/ check it out.

– More COD –

And Speeking of videos, i made some more COD videos that i forgot to show.


Well that’s all for now.

– COWADOOTY again –

Dunno if anyone gives a shit or anyone of you even play this game but a lot of videos have accumulated since my last video dump, so im going to post them all.

Ill start off with the lulzy stuff




some music videos




a crappy tutorial about leveling up the recon perk fast


an experimental video of me and my friend playing against some other 2 random guys in a 2v2 match


Well thats it, i also have some new gameplay videos, go to my YT channel to see those.

– Update on Rikugou addons and some other stuff –

Okay so, summer is almost here and the weather is great, its really hot right now and im really sweaty and lazy and i don’t even wanna look at my computer screen cuz it makes my eyes hurt. Its really sunny outside and im just dieing to get out of the house, so i spend most of the time riding my bike or getting piss drunk and high with random friends somewhere in the open. So during the summer i will be a lot less productive, you might say im on summer vacation.

That being said, ill still occasionally sit down and work on my projects now and than still, like these new addons for Rikugou that where supposed to be finished ages ago if it wasn’t for the summer. Here’s a preview of what ive been doing so far.


Most of this is still kinda preliminary and i don’t really like how some of it looks from the front, i have actually redone the whole design several times and im still not happy with it and this is turning into a real pain in the ass.

Apart from that, most of the time i do get to sit down at the computer, is when i play COD, and speaking of COD, i have made a new video too :D

Check it out