– Rikugou customization contest pics and video –

Heres the video and some pictures of the event.

Also the event music playlist is here : https://soundcloud.com/game-exe/sets/rikugou-event-mmusic

Best Robit :3

Gas Cap

Robit Contest 2016 :D

1st Place Anime Bastion


1st Place Male

Contest Winners :D

Honorable Mentions

– Contest winner anouncement date –

Okay so anyone who hasn’t sent me their notecards yet, you got time till friday to finish your projects ad send them in.

Deadline is October 28, and the ingame contest winner announcement even date is October  29 around 2:00PM PDT/SLT

Winners will also be announced on the blog so if you cannot participate, its not a big deal.

– Rikugou customization contest 2 –

Okay so i kept putting this aside since we don’t fully agree with how to organize the contest yet but as the scripting of the gundam armor closing to an end, i cannot delay this announcement any longer, so here goes!



Your avatar has to be built around the Rikugou body, either the normal or Rikugou lite.
-exception for robots made entirely of Rikugou parts (more details bellow)
Your avatar has to be 50% or more Rikugou.
-Meaning, Items specifically designed for Rikugou
-O.CA armor counts too.
-Third party stuff made for Rikugou such as Akisa’s Rikugou armors count too.


Following these tips will give you more chances of winning.
-Consistency of style, try to pick parts that match each other visually, both in quality and design, bonus points for your avatar matching Rikugou style, unless you really know what you are doing.

How to apply:

Same as last year, send me a notecard containing your name, category you are applying to and links to pictures or videos of your thing.

The deadline is not set yet but since the new COD is coming out at November 4, and you probably know what that means, so you got about 3 weeks to do this. Te date of the contest and the deadline for submissions will be announced later once we are all on the same page about this.


There are 2 categories, male and female(working titles)
The female category is Rikugou avatars using the Rikugou body and 50% or more Rikugou stuff, like the example bellow.
The male category is robot avatars made almost entirely out of Rikugou parts, such as example bellow.

How the winners are picked:

This time around, the review and evaluation of each submission will be done by a panel of judges and me. Each judge will add 0 to 1 points to each submission, i will add 0 to 2 points(cuz my dick is bigger)

This is the part we cant agree on yet, the voting will be either done during the event or will be done offline and winners will be announce during the event and on this blog after the event is over, like last time.

Like last time, there will be 1 first place winner, 2 second place winners and 3 third place winners. There will also be one robot(male) category winner and 4 honorable mentions.
Honorable mentions are people who didn’t win but we still felt like they did a pretty good job on their avatars


First place winner gets both armors + hair +  custom Rikugou avatar?
Second place winners gets gundam + hair.
Third place winners gets predator.

Robot(male) category winner  gets the gundam armor.

4 honorable mentions get hair.

Thats all for now.

– Updates and other cool stuff –

– Updates –

Get your update cards out for these hot new updates for all the m3 heads and avatar2.0

M3 Anime head v1.12.21:
-Head was restructured for better blinking code optimization, this fix should end the double eyelash thing once and for all, i hope…
-Added diagonal eye rolls in the roll menu.(finally!)
-Removed downwards eye angles from eye movement to fix the “I’ve seen some shit” look on your avatar’s face. (downwards angles can still be selected from the roll menu)
-Code optimizations regarding link tracking and other stuff.

M3 Venus Head v1.12.51:
-Fixed a bug with the tongue out + voice chat mouth animations causing the left eye to go blank.
-Removed downwards eye angles from eye movement.
-Code optimizations.

M3 Kemono Head v1.13.30:
-Optimized blinking, this hopefully fix any blinking bugs.
-Fixed broken voice chat animation.
-Removed downwards eye angles from eye movement.
-Code optimization.

Avatar 2.0 v1.12.27:
-Fixed a bug with custom textures not applying to eyelashes.
-Fixed the no copy issue with the main box.
-Added the missing voice chat animation gestures.
-Code optimizations.

Theres also something updated with the kemono body itself, i think the link tracking thing but im not sure cuz i forgot D:

The downwards angles explained

In reality, when the human eye is looking down, the eyelid moves down too, covering the white part above the iris. On SL however, this doesn’t happen, leaving your avatar with this really uncanny “I’ve seen some shit” look on your avatar’s face. So we removed the ability for the eye to look down during eye movement. But all the downwards angles can still be set through the eye roll menu in the options so no changes there.

– Rikugou customization contest 2! –

As the work on the armors is closing a finish, it’s probably a good idea to give you guys a heads up, theres gonna be another Rikugou customization contest at launch of the 2 new armors, so you guys would have plenty of time to prepare for it. So get your Phtochop or MS Paint ready cuz you might be the lucky winner of one (or both) of the new armors !

More details about the contest will come soon.

– Contest over –


So, the contest and the ingame event is over and and here are the winners.

Fisrt place


Second place


Third place


Congratulations to the winners and everyone else who participated and thanks to all who came to the event.

Edit: heres some more pics of the winners in case anyone wants a closer look.






And here’s some pics of the first place prize:


And so, i can finally release this stuff.

All is done, now i can sit back and take a break cuz the new call of duty season is starting in 3 days :3

– New stuff and updates –

Heres some new stuff to ease the wait for other new stuff, the Girl toys play set Volume 01 for Avatar 2.0.

And heres some Kawaii~ gold and diamond grills for the M3 anime head.

We have also made a bunch of bug fixes.

Fixed – M3 head bug that broke voice and text chat mouth animation when the emotes checkbox was enabled

Fixed – A bug with the left arrow attack in the Anubis double sword that killed the user

Improvement – The damage prim rez distance on the Anubis double sword was increased to 0.500 (was 0.00) to remove any potential accidental suicide while using the sword.

Fixed – The no texture found error in the Avatar 2.0 nipple addon. (gotta come down to the shop to pick up a new free copy)

How to update:

Rez the included update card on the ground and WAIT!, if nothing happens in 10 minutes or you only get a notecard and no update, take the card back and dont do anything, give it some time, the update server is a piece of shit and it ate your update but it thinks it has updated you, so it wont respond to repeated update requests for some time, if you spam it with requests it will block you for 24 hours.

– Rikugou Customization Contest –

The contest is coming to an end and i have done some preliminary judging and picked out 11 contenders that have done a competent enough job and i will further compare them side by side to determine the winners and stuff.(Hiyori you are included but im still waiting on your final thing)

But heres the thing, theres only 3 places but theres more than 3 mods that i feel deserve something for their efforts and it would pain me a lot to not reward them. So here’s how this is going to go down, 3 people will win the third place, 2 people will win the second place, and one person will win the first place.

– Contest information and armor kits –


Temjin and Strike are fully finished and scripted and are being packed so i can now finally announce the date of the contest end.

So, everyone who is still working on your mods and haven’t submitted them yet, TWERK those robot buns faster cuz the contest ends on November1 and on November 02 2PM SLT/PDT we will have the in game even for announcing winners and giving prizes. If you wont be able to show up for any reason and you happens to be the winner, your mod pictures will be shown instead and your prize will be sent to you offline.

– The Rikugou custumization contest –


The strike is now being scripted and i think its about time to start the contest.

– Rules –

The main rule is that your avatar has to be mostly Rikugou, like you can use any head or hair you want and you can use attachments made by other people (or your own) but most of your avatar has to be Rikugou.
The customization has to be made by you, that means you cant pay someone else to do it for you or buy something on the marketplace, you can buy minor mods of the marketplace like certain eyes for your head and stuff, but no major makeovers.
if you want, you can make more than one customization, just dont go overboard with it, i think 3 max would be fine.

– What will be judged –

Altho original ideas are important, they often fall short in my eyes if those ideas where not presented in an esthetic and visually appealing manner (for example, looks like its drawn in ms paint by a 5 year old). I value texture work in an external image editor over a lazy prim color edit ingame, solid mesh or sculpted prim attachments with textures made specifically for those items over a pile of linked prims with no texture or a random inventory or google image plastered all over it, Creative design and contrast of colors that work well together and make an interesting combination over boring safe monotone designs or a rainbow puke of random colors that fight each other.
Bonus points if you did some other texture work apart from just changing their colors, like adding stripes or some other markings or maybe adding a subtle camo (that doesnt kill off the original texture detail) or some sort of a pattern like hexagons or carbon fiber in certain places.

– How and when –

Since a lot of people would like to participate but they cant come on a certain date or time because of RL stuff or timezones, we are going to do it like this. Instead of having a big event ingame, There will be a time period (starting from now) where everyone who wants to participate will show me their customizations, when the time ends, i will than make an ingame event where i will announce the winners and give prizes and stuff, that way, if you won but coulnt attend the ceremony, you will be introduced and have a picture of your mod shown to the crowd by me, and get your prize sent to you offline, winners will also be announced here on the blog.

If you wanna show me your Rikugou, dont send or ask for a TP, i dont have time to attend to everyone, just take a bunch of different screenshots from all angles and show off the detail that you are proud of the most, put the images or links to the images in a notecard and send it my way. Also add – RCC – to the beginning of the name of your notecard so that i would know what its about right away.


The prizes are :

Third place – The Temjin pack
Second place – The Strike pack
First place – Iits a secret :O

So thats it, now get to work and make me proud!