I hear a lot of people moaning and complaining about on disc unlockable content in videogames these days. People go all herp derp “capcom is stupid, putting content on disc, you pay full price, and to unlock them you need to pay for content thats already on the disk!” people feel entitled for every bit of data on that disc since they payed money for it. My answer is usually “but you have to understand why exactly this is done, the reason DLC is on the disc is….” and before i can continue explaining, im being interrupted by another herp derp ” SCAM!”

The reason that this extra content is on the disc is due to technical limitations, it is done so that you would be able to play against people who have the DLC and be able to see their characters on your screen properly,  the game needs to load this data on your screen, it wont just somehow magically load his character model on your screen out of think air, videogame consoles don’t run on magic. The game has to have that data somewhere, putting it on the game disc solves a lot of problems that i will get into now.

If the content wasn’t on the disc, it would segment the player base, meaning people who bought a particular character would only be able to play against people who have bought that same character and have the required game data, people who didn’t buy anything wont be able to play with people that bought something, and so on. Its kinda like the situation with the call of duty DLC, people who bought map pack 1 cant play against people who have map pack 2 or 3 or people who don’t have any map packs, with every DLC release for COD, it gets harder and harder to find a match. Other games “solve” whits problem by making you sit through a hour long game patching screen before you can play your game. Older games like quake or half life or cod4 made you sit through a hour long download screen every time you joined a none core game content server, downloading every map, texture, model and sound and it was a real killjoy, you lost the mood to play the game by the time it finished downloading all this additional content.

So, if the content wasn’t on the disc, this would make you sit through a long killjoy hour long download screen every time you wanna play a game and clog up your entire hard drive space with random game data, the data wont be on the game disc but it will instead be on your hard drive and you will still be locked out from it, so what would that accomplish? do you people ever think?. Companies like namco and capcom  didn’t want to inconvenience you ignorant fucks with such bullshit and put the data straight on the disc, so that you could have an interrupted gameplay experience. If you don’t want to pay money for additional game characters, than fucking dont! no one is forcing you so whats the problem? And no you didn’t pay money for that extra data even if its on your disc, you don’t pay 60 bucks for zeros and ones, you do not pay 60 bucks for the 25ct piece of plastic that the zeros and ones are on, you pay for the experience that the company is selling you, just like you pay for experience when you go to a movie theater, you don’t pay money to own a physical copy of the movie, you pay money to see the movie. It just so happens that the company decided to take extra for that extra bit of experience the DLC will provide you in addition to the core experience that you payed for, they had to work extra on it and the game already costs a lot so they wont force you to pay that extra, thats why its locked.

So long story short, only people who dont understand the technical aspect of how games work go all “herp derp scam” and making a big deal out of the extra bit of unlockable data being symbolically called a DLC, you didnt pay money for that extra data when you bought the game, you payed money for the core game experiance, not a round piece of plastic or zeros and ones engraved on it, if you want extra experiance, pay that extra.

Anyway, thanks to all the whiny bitches, the rest of us have to sit through hours of updating before we can play a game.