– Rikugou customization contest pics and video –

Heres the video and some pictures of the event.

Also the event music playlist is here : https://soundcloud.com/game-exe/sets/rikugou-event-mmusic

Best Robit :3

Gas Cap

Robit Contest 2016 :D

1st Place Anime Bastion


1st Place Male

Contest Winners :D

Honorable Mentions

– Contest winner anouncement date –

Okay so anyone who hasn’t sent me their notecards yet, you got time till friday to finish your projects ad send them in.

Deadline is October 28, and the ingame contest winner announcement even date is October  29 around 2:00PM PDT/SLT

Winners will also be announced on the blog so if you cannot participate, its not a big deal.

– Rikugou customization contest winners anouncement event 2013 –

I finally got around making that video, its like half a year too late but here it is.

– Zombie Survival Halloween event thing –


Im starting this experimental zombie survival thing at AMH fom now till halloween and maybe a few days after. The zombies will lag the shit out of the sim so expect to walk in slow motion during those days. You will see the teleporter to the zombie survival area at the destination guide near the landing zone.

How to play:

Wear the zombie survival HUD accept the request dialog box, step through the safehouse door to start the game.
A zombie bite will take away a significant chunk of your health and will start the zombie infection that slowly eats away the rest of your health, each additional bite will take away more health and speed up the rate of infection. If you die, you get taken back to the mall, click the remaining health bar on the HUD to restart and try again.

The goal of the game is to push through the hordes of lag inducing zombies and reach the end of the map alive where you will find the antidote that stops the infection from spreading any further. No weapons are needed to play, you just have to bait the zombies to get out of the way and than run like hell to get past them.

Have fun!

– Anime Convention, Batman and some other things –

I was invited to the anime artist panel thing at the annual “Now Japan 2012” anime, cosplay and videogames convention, that takes place on August 18-19 where i will be drawing anime chicks and doing some other stuff (mostly just lazying around, checking out all the underage cosplayers in short skirts and inappropriately revealing outfits and hogging all the snacks, pretending im doing something useful, like i do every year when i go there :D)
Dunno what more to say about this, shit will be pretty boring and full off smelly weaboos for the most part. Furthermore, its really hot this summer so that doesn’t help either. But im looking forward to it anyway cuz, day time i will be treated as if im someone important :D, and at the night part im gonna be getting piss drunk and high at the afterparty with my bros, than come back all wasted next day, to the second half of the event, Hog some more snacks and draw a line or two on the computer screen, with all the underage fan girls gathered around with their eyes wide open, abusing japanese language “OMG KAWAII BAKA NEKO SUGOI DESU NE! :O” while watching me draw and giving me a bloated sense of self awesomeness haha.


Yeah and this next thing wasn’t big of a deal enough to make it into its own post i guess, but i have watched the new batman movie recently, i think its called “the dark knight rises” or something like that, it was pretty cool and i felt like i have something to say about it, as if my opinion was important, but i cant quite remember what it was.
Oh well, i will remember it half way through this post. So i went there with with my causally over hyped up friends, myself being full of preconceptions about the movie, rooting for it to blow ass and suck dick, so that i could point finger and say “HAHA! told you this movie will suck :D” You see, to me this movie seemed like one of those movies that deviated too far from its source material, just like micheal bay had no respect for the source material when he made thansformers or when hollywood made the american godzilla movie. Like bane for example, in this movie he looks nothing like the real bane, he is supposed to be a huge meat bulldozer that can smash brick walls with his head and has a spanish wrestler mask and green chemicals pumping into his back, making him grow bigger and stronger. The shitty 90s batman and robin movie was crap but at least it got bane right in that one. This dark knight bane however has nothing to do with the real bane apart from having the same name and a shitty mask. All in all, i have pictured the movie as a shitty attempt to cash in on a well known title. It looked like they didn’t even get the basics right, wheres the whole dark gothic batman atmosphere, wheres the gritty retro looking style city, wheres the fucking bat mobile, fuck, wheres batman himself?

On the left you see bane from batman, and on the right you see some skinny guy with a coat and a mask that is also for some reason called bane. (looks where not the only different thing about him, his personality was completely different too)

So i finally watched the movie And while it did deviate and cash in on the title like i expected, it didn’t make it a bad movie, to my huge surprise, it was a really good one :O, it would have stood really well on its own, even if it wasn’t called batman and the characters in the movie didn’t share the same names with characters from batman. Right off the bat, it started with some really interesting shit, and the way the whole plot went was really interesting too, usualy i root for the bad guys and i just don’t give a shit about what happens to the good guys, or even love it when the good guys get their ass kicked, because most media kinda fails to get me to care, or make the good guys any bit interesting. But not in this movie, here i was really not liking what the bad guys where doing, and i really wanted someone to stop them. Somewhere, half way through the movie, it managed to give me that sense of hopelessness and that everything was lost and it kept getting worst with every unexpected plot twist, i was thinking to myself, this cannot be happening D:, it cannot end like this. But okay i don’t wanna spoil anything, so yeah, the movie was awesome, i actually really liked the new bane too, i liked his voice and the way he talks and the things he does, bruce wane was cool, catwoman was a real bitch and i wanted to punch her half of the movie but her outfit was awesome and she looked good in it too, even robin was awesome. Oh what was kinda ridiculous and this is just off topic nitpicking from a design point of view was that they made batman’s bike a prop and not CGI, so everything on it was dangling and looking loose and cheep lol.

So yeah, go see the movie, its pretty cool.
And finally, here’s some news for you, i will be updating the CCD with some more stuff soon and i have already started animating rikugou, so it PROBABLY wont be long now xD.

have some more pics of bane