– Av2 1.14 bug fixes –

We fixed a bunch of bugs with the new avatar 2.0 update regarding custom textures and appliers, this will fix the bug of appliers not loading on the head and custom textures reverting when changing breast size or hiding/showing body parts on version B.

– Avatar 2.0 bento bug fix –

I fixed a bug in the Avatar 2.0 bento hands causing eyes to derp out.

– Some bug fixes –

Fixed the clipping right glove and the right O.CA armor glove for Kemono.
Fixed a bug in the Avatar 2.0 and Kemono HUDSs that caused custom textures added through the HUD to load in other people’s HUDs (this bug did not effect appliers)
Fixed the mixed up hand position icons in the HUD

There’s also a fix for the avatar 2.0 and kemono stockings and kneesocks pack for a stack heap collision error.

– Av2 hand fix –

whoever had problems with hands in avatar 2.0 versions 1.12.20 and 1.12.22, rez your update cards and try the fix and see if it works for you.

– M3 update –

Fixed an error in the HUD that made one of the eyes go like this


The glow option in Base mode made the color layer of the eye alpha glitch with the texture layer, that option wasn’t supposed to be an an option.

Also optimized the head for people that run the game on ghetto PCs with mid to low graphics settings, it should no longer look like this when you zoom out.


To update your head, rez the update card, if nothing happens or you only get a notecard, that means the update server is acting up, try again in an hour or so.