– Wip pics of the furry avatar thing –

Most of the work is almost done on my part, what remains now is fixing a million bugs before it can be scripted, there were a few huge setbacks tho so thats why this was taking kinda long.

So anyway, i was supposed to post some wip images and kept putting it aside and a lot of them have piled up, so imma just dump them all here. Some of the images have a bigger version if you click on them.













– WIP – Furry avatar texturing –

K well, most of of it is already finished (just need to make all the face expressions) and im now working on the textures that you will be able to select from the menu. I found a cool fur brush to make a fur pattern for it but now that i made it pink, the fur pattern can barely be seen so not much use of that :C


So the things left to do is texturing, rigging, eye and eyebrow textures, face expressions, different styles of teeth (pointy, normal, normal but with fangs), tail animation(probably) HUD graphics and all the scripting.

– WIP – the utilizator furry avatar thing –

Okay so heres some more information about what exactly is this thing gonna be.

So as i mentioned before, all the furry avatar bodies i tried on SL have one big problem, very limited hide areas(or no areas you can hide at all) making it impossible to wear anything on them and very few clothing items made by the original creators of such bodies, So this is my attempt at fixing this problem. This is going to be a combination of both the Avatar 2.0 and the M3 head systems. You will be able to hide different areas of the body and customize it to the tiniest detail. It will also going to feature some of the new solutions to the problems that the Avatar 2.0 is facing now (these solutions will also be implemented into the avatar 2.0 after this furry avatar is finished) like asymmetrical texture support and texture appliers.

The body

If you own the Avatar 2.0 you pretty much know how this one is going to work too. Apart from that it will also have different kinds of legs you can choose from in the hud (normal human legs and furry legs)
In addition to clothes this avatar will come with, I will also make some of the Avatar 2.0 clothing compatible with this avatar from the very start and going to keep porting clothes over time.


The head

The head is going to use an improved M3 system, it will be able to close each eye separately and and it will not have the same solid eye problem on old ass discontinued v1 viewers like singularity (honestly, why the fuck are you people still using them?)

frl2Thats all i can think of for now, these images are of a very early production stage, the final product will look a lot different. I will post more work in progress pics when i make some progress.