– The THC Vive –

So not too long ago i tried picking up VR again to see whats new in the land of pretend VR and how far things have progressed in the VR waifu department, but the oculus rift DK2 still had god awful windows 10 support and i couldnt get it to work right, so i said fuck it and got myself the HTC vive.

If you havent seen my oculus rift review, you can catch up with it here https://utilizator404.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/the-oculus-rift-dk2-review/ and a follow up here https://utilizator404.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/another-look-at-the-dorculus-drift-donkeykong2/

In this article im going to be comparing the 2 side by side and see how much this stuff has progressed over the years, So lets get into it.

– Seting it up –

Setting this thing up was even more complicated than the oculus, for whatever retarded reason, the thing is still not wireless and theres even more cables than on the oculus. There are no instructions on how to set it up, there is only health warnings, sensor placement guide and a list of the box contents. It took me some time figuring out what to plug where, the sensors have USB ports on them but the provided USB cables are only few centimeters long, ironically enough, the sensors themselves are wireless and the USB ports are only there for firmware updates, but that isnt mentioned anywhere. Also the thing needs not one but 3 fucking power bricks, one for each sensor and one for the headset.
The drivers for it are just as terrible as the ones for the oculus, the thing did not want to work no matter what i did, i was starting to think my vive was broken or something till i remembered that oculus used to be very anal about having multiple monitors, so i tried disconnecting all my monitors, plug the vive in and sure enough, the fucking thing worked… than i could plug all my monitors back in after everything was set up. And even than theres always something, either sound not working right or one of the components not being detected, all kinds of random errors and having to restart Steam VR program multiple times for it to work right. Get your shit together HTC, this is a consumer product, not a fucking development kit.

– The Screen –

Looking back at the oculus and comparing it with the vive, i feel like the example image i made of the oculs screen doesnt do it justice.

This is a more accurate depiction of what you see, only put your face very close to your monitor to get the full oculus screen experience!

While the screen on the vive is an improvement over the oculus, it is still no where near what i would consider a consumers version.

Theres still those huge eye straining gaps between the pixels, making all the fine detail impossible to make out, smaller texts are hard or borderline impossible to read. Theres various virtual desktop applications as well as native virtual desktop support in steam VR, all utterly pointless without being able to read the texts and not strain your eyes, getting a headache after 10 minutes, why dont they just use 4k displays is beyond me.

– Comfort –

Comfort is a thing all the VR fanboys love sweeping under the rug. While the vive is not abrasive like the oculus, and most importantly, has no vomit inducing judder problem, nothing else has really changed here, it is still heavy, unpleasant, hot and itchy plastic box strapped to your face. The weight of it on the front of your head gives you a weird light dizzy headache feeling after taking it off, the screen is going in and out of focus as the box bounces up and down on your head no matter how hard you tighten the straps, straining your eyes. And than theres the constant struggle not to step on the cable, being mindful of how many times you turned left or right so the cables wont get twisted, why they released it like that without making it wireless is beyond me as well.

– Content –

As the whole VR craze died down, so did the promise of future content, and all that remains is a desolate waste heap of shitty halfass tech demos with price tags of real games.
With a few exceptions, one of them being Valve’s LAB tech demo, it includes many highly polished and impressive mini games that make full use of the vive’s capabilities in creative and engaging ways, and its pretty much all you need to play to have a good idea of what VR gaming could be like if anyone made games for it, and best part is that its free! It actually made my cynical mind blown for a moment.

Other kinds of content worth checking out are creative applications and virtual tour type of things such as art museums, google earth, drawing grafitti, playing drums, i think its a far better use of this technology than gaming.

– Gameplay –

One thing the vive has over the oculus is how streamlined it is playing in room scale, combined with its intuitive controllers. This way of playing games solves the ultimate problem of VR, nausea. You move around the room with your own 2 feet and you get places outside the bounds of your room by pointing and clicking to teleport to that location, it is very smooth and doesnt cause any motion sickness. I think ultimately this makes VR a viable option.

I noticed theres a lot of misinformation going around about vive being only for those with the luxury of having a big empty room and room-scale being the only way you can play it. But this is not true, technically the vive is no different from the oculus and they are both cross compatible, the vive just has a longer cord. You can play games that were made for sitting in front of a desk, even if you dont have a big room, you still have the option to play all those sitting position games that were made for the oculus, and even the room scale ones by just sitting in your chair or your couch and using the controllers to teleport around the scene. Of course having a big room is ideal to make full use of the thing.

– The future of VR –

While its a fun gimmick for a while, i dont see any future for VR as it is now, in mainstream gaming, what i do see huge potential in is creative applications, such as, drawing, playing musical instruments, things you wanna try doing but unable to due to your real life circumstances (like wanting to play the drums but not owning a drum kit, or drawing graffiti). Its also a good way to see different places around the world like google earth VR. And most importantly, the porn, YES VR porn is the thing that blew my mind the most, porn movies recorded with stereoscopic 360 cameras, makes you feel like you are really there with a girl in front of you, it feels like theres really another living person in front of you, and it feels so personal. So if anything, VR definitely has a future there, and i think facebook is on to something with their purchase of the oculus rift and vrporn.com website.

– Final verdict –
For a consumer release, it is really inadequate and the insane asking price of 900$ is just inexcusable for the poor quality experience you are getting from it, The form factor, the weight, all these cables and terrible low DPI screen.
The early adopters will ignore all these elephants in their VR room and will try to sell it to you like its the second cumming of Christ. Unable to come to terms with their buyers remorse, they will convince themselves that they are having a blast with it and it wont just sit there collecting dust after a few months. They will tell you how this revolution is just around the corner, year after year, and if you bring up the VR hype of the 80s and 90S, they will say shit like “technology just wasnt there yet” but the truth is that the technology is still not there, we are still strapping screens to our faces and pretending we are inside virtual reality.

So yeah while VR, as it is now, will never be fit to do any real gaming, VR porn is best thing ever and its a revolutionary new way to fap and i think this is the real reason you should at least get the 80$ Samsung’s gear VR, or if you are really broke, get the google card board witch only costs you 5$ and offer you the same kind of porn viewing experience as these overpriced and over complicated dork helmets.

– RIP Skills Hak –

So as many of you who arent living under a rock, have already heard that Skills got perma banned again and looks like its for real this time. Here’s her blog post about it.


I find it kind of a pants on head retarded move by LL to ban someone who sinks so much money into their dieing game, someone who runs a place that they use to promote their dieing game, someone helps them fix their dieing game. GG linden lab.

Anyway, Skills was always surrounded by controversy, hated by many little dicked gingers, copybotters, safe hub memester trolls  and wanna be grieffer youtube stars, for basically nothing more than not bending over backwards to these people and taking it up the ass, But none of them took the time to get to know the real Skills Hak and her contribution to the game.
Skills is a great friend and we had some good times together, especially when we moved to cumboy canyon (later named poop cuz lindens dont like cum). Skills gave us a fantasy land of our own where we could all gather to circle jerk and let out creativity flow free, cumming up with hilarious sim build ideas, new creative ways to kill clueless memesters wandering the sim, create whatever we wanted. We had a blast with all those sim builds and none of that would have been possible without Skills. You say you want to be a mommy now, but you always were our mommy <3

This ban means those fun days are now over, we will miss it but life goes on, and maybe theres some more good times to be had ahead, who knows, but i feel too tired to invest any more of my time and effort into playing this game and building something, especially when it all can just be taken away from you like that whenever LL pleases.

– People that cant take a NO –

Some 2004 looking gay furry dragon wolf cams my friend who is changing her outfit, shoots her an IM, gets rejected, goes super saiyan.

[06:14] Zero (hikura.zero) bends you over and cups your pussy rubbing. ” Mm nice “
[06:18] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): First rule to personal space. there is no such thing as an invitation to touching.
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): There is in sl when you don’t wear stuff to cover it
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): Naughty sub
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): But if you want to be boring and offensive okay
[06:19] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): Try and be a charmer. Tends to work a little better.

[06:21] Zero (hikura.zero): This is a game you moron
[06:21] Zero (hikura.zero): If you can’t accept that go get mental help.
[06:23] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): Nothing is ever just a game when you don’t want bothered. But i suppose ill just be direct will just say no thanks Im not interested in any advances or sexual exchanges regardless of my appearance
[06:23] Zero (hikura.zero): Yeah yeah whatever you two faced slut
[06:23] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): now you’re just being nasty with accusations
[06:24] Zero (hikura.zero): Says you who wears no pants or panties
[06:24] Zero (hikura.zero): fuck off you creep, Just bait so you can be rude to people huh


4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: oh hey
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: they tried to flirt with me when i was on my alt
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: and like
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: he did this whole dom thing where he just kept touching me and wouldnt leave me alone even though i told him i was eating
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: so i blocked him

4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: oh right on the next day he comes by (still blocked)
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: he comes with a slave next to him or something
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: and just stands in front of me while im on the swings
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: all i do is attach a giant penis between my legs and he walks away
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: men are so fun sometimes

– Serious business –


[02:55] Minimayu Resident: (Saved Sat Feb 06 19:22:01 2016)YOU MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE SAY TO ME I NEED A HEAD DOCTOR.




– Jelly babies will take over SL soon (AKA how linden lab is planing to break second life) –

So theres a lot of talk about the upcoming patch that will break SL visually, so i think its time for me to rant about it too.

So we all know how laggy and unplayable SL can be, its probably one of the biggest problems with second life today.

LL is going to do what LL does best, implement a half assed fix for a symptom instead of fixing the cause of the problem, optimizing the viewer, fixing how it handles video memory, making the viewer use full capabilities of your videocard’s processing power(it uses CPU to calculate and only uses GPU to draw), And maybe even making a D3D version of the client for windows users.

Anyway, this “solution” that LL came up with will undermine the whole point of mesh avatars and i suspect this will make a lot of people just quit SL in the log run. It will Automatically derender any avatars exceeding whatever arbitrary render weight setting that you or LL chooses for you by default. You wont be able to wear your fancy mesh outfits, bodies and heads without being visually muted for everyone around you, you will have to go back to using the linden body and linden avatar body and its crappy body paint clothing layer. (It will tell you when you are muted though)

Current problem with render weight calculation is that it sums up everything, including the LOD for every object you wear(LODs that the game doesnt even use because of a rigged mesh LOD bug),  instead of what your video card has to actually draw on your screen. This calculation is horribly inaccurate, it doesnt tell you what actually makes you lag, and people just abuse the rigged mesh LOD bug to cheat the render weight count.
To calculate real render weight, the viewer would need to calculate it in real time and only the things your video card has to actually render, anything else added to that just undermines the whole calculation. You can look at a perfectly fine avatar low polygon avatar that for some reason has an absurd render wight and not lag looking at it, and you can look at an avatar that has an excessive amount of polygons but abuses the LOD bug that makes it have a low render weight, and it makes your viewer go 5 frames per second (People cheat render weight by using single triangles for all the LODs)

So here’s what i think should happen first before this feature is implemented.

  1. The rigged mesh LOD bug has to be fixed, currently the game doesnt use LODs and displays the same high detail model on all distances, this, apart from texture memory issues, is what they should be focusing on if they really want to fix the lag.
  2. The render weight calculation has to be done in real time and only count things that are being rendered, if this is not possible to do without rewriting the whole code, at least make the render weight calculation only count the high detail objects and not the LODs because its absurd, your wearing 1 object at the time, not all 4 different detail versions of it.

Btw one legit benefit of this jelly baby feature is that it would make graphics crashers impossible, instead of implementing this to the UI, they should instead just leave it in the debug settings menu but set it to a certain max amount by default so that it would still show everyone correctly but at the same time would automatically derender any graphics crashers.



Log in, find this…

retard of the week

– Nice troll LL, 10/10 well played –

Okay so, dunno if anyone seen the recent LL announcement, where they talk bout all the improvements they did to mesh and other stuff. It was like, WOW LL is no longer ignoring the important issues and is actually doing something to move this game forward, instead of pretending they are doing something, this is so amazing :O http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Check-Out-the-Latest-Improvements-to-Second-Life/ba-p/2895496

The thing in their announcement that got me excited the most was “We’re upgrading support for mesh import: an upcoming Viewer update will allow uploading models that have more than eight unique faces” This would open up so many new possibilities for mesh, it would let me optimize the shit out of the av2, kemono and M3, and remove all sorts of frustrating, dead end limitations on what can be done, it would make my work so much easier and let me focus on creation instead of figuring out ways around those limitations. I finally had my respect back for LL.


But then…..


The public beta notes came and “Using these new features, models with more than 8 unique faces can be imported. Gone are the days of importing complicated meshes in pieces with “some assembly required”. At import, these models are automatically split into pieces so that each satisfy the current face limits for a volume.”

This is fucking, pants on head retarded, this wont allow us to upload models with more than 8 faces, this will just automatically break them up into separate models, with you having no control over how its done, just like their lazy ass LOD and physics generation algorithms. And the part about “some assembly required” There was no assembly required! you could upload linksets of separate mesh objects in one go. You had full control on how your mesh in your 3D editor of choice and upload them as linksets, instead of giving it to a crappy algorithm that does it whatever random manner.  This new “feature” is just fucking stupid and meaningless and will only enable people who have no idea what the fuck they are doing, to hit up the game even more with their terrible, unoptimized wastes of polygons.

So yeah, well done LL, once again you did absolutely nothing and made us all think you are doing something to move the fucking game forward.

– What its like to be a merchant on SL –


Ok so my friends encouraged me to share my treasure trove of lulz with the world, so heres some of the stuff i get to deal with every time i log in :D


– Hlleo, ples hlep i dont english –

[11:33] Julia2600 Resident: Hey. I bought you an avatar BRS, and I expected more from him. Please return to lind that I spent on it.
[11:39] Utilizator Mode: Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

[06:24] Mix1Mi1 Resident: Welcome kemono can give me, this is my dream Oh, please!

[15:19] Brunno10 Aie: hola Lord bought a anime From Base of you But when I arrived excluding unintentionally has the rescue?

[10:38] RAZGRIZ Abrastraza: Hello I have to buy a skin and a shape on your page of markethplace but I do not arrive has to carry(wear) your garment with the body because you garment are too small

[03:55] Destroyer84: hello utilizator could i ask you plwase how i can create for using by my girl Sydney666(she bought many things for your nice anime avatar) clothes who get over the body mesh of the avatar ? can you help please?
[03:55] Destroyer84: -plwase +please

[06:58] nalled Toxx: hello, Mr. Utilizator, buy the markeplace a short page of your creation is beautiful https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Open-Shorts-Black/3420037 much I loved at the time of purchase I MESH realized it was the product I use phoenix to try to wear the garment does not see it or adhere to the avatar, would kindly return me the money and otherwise if you make the short, so q is used by tb phoenix viewer will tell you that would be great because your creation is really beautiful, thanks for the attention given

[11:30] kaynna: hello utilizator :)
[11:30] kaynna: i have a problem for rezz the clothe in my avatar 3D
[11:30] kaynna: please help me !! ;)
[11:31] Utilizator Mode: what kind of problem

[12:14] kaynna: hi utilizator :) my problem is : i buy the poolside funstuf i dont play in my avatar full mesh2.0 you have a bikini pink for my avatar please !??! ty for your nice creations :)
[12:14] kaynna: i dont have sculpty bikini for land beach or pool !!!

[08:19] Ikyou: Well I bought from you and a leg up but I do not have the resolve I took the avatar chibi anime
[08:20] Utilizator Mode: what
[08:36] Ikyou: I bought a home and high socks but I do not have the resolve I always holes is this normal?
[08:36] Utilizator Mode: i dont understand what you are trying to say

[05:02] chbac: hi
[05:03] chbac: i have bought an utilizator, i like it but the eyes looks strange
[05:04] chbac: i have to make an undeformer all the time
[05:05] chbac: do you know why it is that way? want remember it was good from beginning
[05:27] Utilizator Mode: you have bought an utilizator?

[01:58] princeofpersia1 Resident: Hello I buy a call Eye Sharingan 9set <box>object * my I have a problem when I click to open its me my R eye L eye is when I click desu nothing happens is I even not hud which is mark on the poster is that it has a problem if I can not use it I’d like to be reimburse

[14:01] *******: hi
[14:01] *******: I need a anime hean
[14:01] *******: please hlep me
[14:01] *******: I don’t have linden
[14:01] *******: I need a free

[02:32] *******: Hello
[02:32] *******: I buy your anime head
[02:32] *******: but my friend
[02:32] *******: verry want it
[02:32] *******: can you send he
[02:32] *******: free
[02:32] *******: he is a good people
[02:32] *******: aristalos Aries
[02:32] *******: i can’t pay forlinden
[02:32] *******: he have some real life problem
[02:32] *******: please send he
[02:32] *******: plseade

[2014/01/18 17:21] Pedrinho Radikal: Hello User goodnight, I bought USER Male Anim avatar .. I saw that I bought more wrong .. was then to buy myself hey girly boot not only L $ that game had to ask for general L $ to purchase this could ave anima you could send me the feminine? By honeycomb I exclude that male ‘(sorry for my english because only Brazilia


– Self entitled cunts –

[14:40] Hanna Iadyl: sorry to bother you i bought your open shorst blue from mp and there is no alpha in it
[14:40] Utilizator Mode: should read product descriptions before you buy
[14:41] Utilizator Mode: and you do not read profiles either :D
[14:41] Hanna Iadyl: then why the notecard inside the box say were the alpha included
[14:41] Utilizator Mode: if you kept reading it, you would get why
[14:41] Utilizator Mode: its a general mesh problem troubleshooter
[14:42] Utilizator Mode: it talks about stockings and other stuff not related to the shorts
[14:43] Utilizator Mode: and you shouldnt even get to the point where you have to read the notecard if you take the time to get familiar with what you are buying first
[14:43] Hanna Iadyl: muted
Note: i was being an ass in this case but the “muted” part was funny so im posting this one xD

[2012/08/31 13:40] Beverly Hermit: Hi, I just purchased the <UTILIZATOR> – Tank Top – Black Skull and it did not come with the alpha. can you send that please?
[2012/08/31 13:48] Utilizator Mode: there is no alpha, you need to read the item description before you buy it
[2012/08/31 14:24] Beverly Hermit-McMahon (beverly.hermit): you’re right, I didn’t read the info, that is on me. but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. I sent you a politely worded IM you could have simply responded that the item doesn’t fit regular avatars. what makes you think you are so above it all that you don’t have to be considerate? I made a mistake, big deal, I learned from it and won’t make it again. you will always be a prick.
[2012/08/31 14:31] Utilizator Mode: all i said was that there was no alphas and you need to read the description :o


[18:35] Nemis Xue: Got a bunch of trolls outside your shop just spamming gestures and streaming crap over their mics kind of annoying and makes me want to wait till their gone before shopping here
[18:39] Nemis Xue: Yeah think I will come back later when you don’t got a troll issue cause this crap is annoying to be hearing
[18:41] Utilizator Mode: you could always shop on the marketplace
[18:41] Utilizator Mode: i dont see no trolls
[18:41] Nemis Xue: Your also not in range of their mics and their gestures
[18:42] Utilizator Mode: mute sound if that bothers you so much
[18:43] Utilizator Mode: they are just playing music and having a good time
[18:43] Nemis Xue: but why maybe I don’t need to buy from here if the owner is acting this way about a customer reporting people trolling her customers
[18:43] Utilizator Mode: no ones trolling any costumers
[18:43] Utilizator Mode: and yeah maybe you need to take your victim complex to some other store and shop there, i dont care, think of something more original if you wanna spite me
[18:44] Nemis Xue: W/E I don’t need to deal with furry trolls and a shop owner not willing to deal with them so they can make some money

[06:33] Evita Demonia: (Saved Tue Jan 14 14:55:48 2014)hey yu pac eyes
[06:33] Evita Demonia: (Saved Tue Jan 14 14:55:49 2014)not found
[06:33] Evita Demonia: (Saved Tue Jan 14 14:55:53 2014)tis is shit
[06:33] Evita Demonia: (Saved Tue Jan 14 14:55:59 2014)not found
[06:34] Utilizator Mode: what

[00:11] Honey Hoffman: You know.. I had saw one of your products on someone and really wanted to go check it out and get it for myself.. But then I read your profile. You sir, are a dick. And because of this you lost out on a customer. Based on your profile, you’re not going to give a shit but I’m telling you anyway. Piece of advice. Be nice to the people giving you money.
[00:16] Utilizator Mode: and nothing of value was lost.
[00:23] Utilizator Mode: also the profile is aimed at people who do not read included manuals and other documentation and ask questions that already been answered and i do not like to be bothered with such stuff because i log in to do work, furthermore it is not directed at you. Im here to sell my products, not myself, who or what i am should be irrelevant to you.

—-keep me as a costumer———————————————————-
[07:12] Kosmo Villota: Hey, as a customer, I love Rikugou B, and the Anubis armor set. However, IU am disappointed with the Cosmonaut avatar, as the ankles do not function properly out of the box. I am attempting to fix this by meshing it other shapes, including avatar 2.0 for fun, with no luck. I feel like this is shoddy work, sorry. I’m not trying to insult you, but is there any incentive you can entice me with to keep me as a customer?
[07:15] Utilizator Mode: no idea what problem your having with it, but that avatar was made years ago when mesh was still in beta, its not up to par with Rikugou cuz rikugou was made when i got the hang of it
[07:16] Utilizator Mode: as for the part about keeping you as a customer, i really dont care, if you dont like my stuff, dont buy it, im not gonna try to ass kiss you into buying more stupid crap that you dont need

[17:22] Brigit Snowpaw: I am glad that your store is so nice but to go shopping there and dealing with harrasment from people outside your store who attack people for being a furry and trolling people I can assure you that I will not be visiting your sim again.
[17:25] Utilizator Mode: you could always just grow a thicker furr
[17:25] Utilizator Mode: no one is harrasing you
[17:26] Utilizator Mode: half of these people are furries too
[17:26] Utilizator Mode: also you can always buy stuff on the marketplace, everything from my store can be found tehre
[17:27] Brigit Snowpaw: actually they were when they shot me out fo the store area that is a violation of the TOS so now I will just be sure to contact LL directly as I know 15 people from the company and I will go ahead and Nuke you sim
[17:27] Brigit Snowpaw: Nope I will not contribute to your pockests with my lindens any further
[17:28] Utilizator Mode: lol
[17:28] Utilizator Mode: sounds to me like you where asking for it
[17:30] Brigit Snowpaw: no I said to quit talking about pankcakes as all you heard was two girls trying to act all smart assed towards people walking around and I actually spoke up to them to which they started thier attacks
[17:31] Utilizator Mode: well than looks like you threw the first stone
[17:31] Utilizator Mode: if you dont like soneone on voice, you can always just use the magical mute button
[17:33] Brigit Snowpaw: as I said I will no longer tell others about your place nor use it in my mods nor will I suffer your additude towards letting people troll people at you place of business nor will I purchase anything by you good day
[17:35] Utilizator Mode: well either way, you sound like an incredible duchebag, you give me threats about nuking my sim for something thats not even related to me, than you tell me i have atitude problems
[17:35] Utilizator Mode: stop being so angry and overly sensetive.
[17:39] Utilizator Mode: also, the fact you wont buy my stuff anymore because of some personal issue that you had with another visitor of the sim, and get so mad because i dont wanna take sides or babysit anyone because thats not my job
[17:40] Utilizator Mode: it means nothing to me, i dont really give a crap if you buy anything from me or not regardlessly
[17:41] Utilizator Mode: have a nice day.

[06:50] tabie Resident: (Saved Sat Sep 27 16:21:47 2014)i need your help please
[06:50] tabie Resident: (Saved Sat Sep 27 16:22:48 2014)i was able to do the skin for snow rabbit nea on mt util 2.0 i cant get the nipples to work please help me
[06:57] Utilizator Mode: i have no idea how to help you
[06:57] tabie: u made
[06:57] tabie: an update
[06:57] tabie: for util 2.0
[06:58] tabie: the script
[06:58] tabie: does the body
[06:58] tabie: skin
[06:58] tabie: the nipple script
[06:58] tabie: isnt working
[06:58] tabie: new look as no nipples
[06:59] tabie: please advise or refund me on that bull shit update
[07:00] Utilizator Mode: first of all, being a rude dick wont help you get a refund
[07:00] Utilizator Mode: second
[07:00] Utilizator Mode: please explain your problem better
[07:00] Utilizator Mode: third
[07:00] Utilizator Mode: you can always go back to a previous version, all version are included
[07:00] tabie: rude dick?
[07:00] tabie: iam agirl
[07:00] tabie: ass wipe
[07:01] tabie: who payed ur fuckign ass for a product
[07:01] tabie: beter yet
[07:01] Utilizator Mode: okay my bad, a rude cunt.
[07:01] tabie: fuck you mother fucker
[07:01] tabie: take ur shit shove it u[p ur ass
[07:01] tabie: cock sucker
[07:01] Utilizator Mode: keep going, its really helping you solve the problem ur having :D….
[07:01] tabie: problem solved
[07:01] tabie: ill spend my money else where
[07:02] Utilizator Mode: spend that money to hire a good psychologist to help you with your mental problems.
[07:02] Utilizator Mode: and anger management issues


[04:38] Cobalt Rain: (Saved Sun Apr 28 10:16:29 2013)oops I’m at your store and it says hair not included, sorry.. well didnt know since I bought it on the marketplace. :)
[04:38] Cobalt Rain: (Saved Sun Apr 28 10:18:26 2013)but it does say it on your marletplace listing too.. I just did not read features so my fault entirely.. anyway, the hair is not important.. it’s lovely avatar.. but not updating to 1.10 and I did not get the bonus box so I can try to customize.. thanks again and have a nice day!
[04:38] Cobalt Rain: (Saved Mon Apr 29 11:11:55 2013)Hi, I’ve left a negative review because I did not receive all the items as promised in your description of the mesh avi.. I contacted you but you have not bothered to respond.. very dissappointed

[04:47] Utilizator Mode: youre an idiot
[04:48] Utilizator Mode: i was on vacation
[04:48] Utilizator Mode: not online
[04:48] Utilizator Mode: and you needed to just try the update card again
[04:48] Utilizator Mode: sometimes it lags and doesnt respond, if that happens you need to try it again in a few hours
[04:49] Utilizator Mode: i would have sent you the update manualy but since youre a dick, imma be a dick too :D
[04:49] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

[05:13] Cobalt Rain: reporting you
[05:14] Utilizator Mode: for what?
[05:15] Cobalt Rain: by the way, I did try to update several times but it never did and thanks for the rude comments, especially after I removed my negative review.. I can see now I acted too soon… and yes you ripped me off. Reporting you for calling me rude names.. its very abusive and against the TOS. I dont deserve that.
[05:15] Cobalt Rain: If you are on vacation.. then say so in your profile or on the marketplace listing.
[05:15] Cobalt Rain: People are not mind readers.
note: he couldnt wait for just one day for me to respond, and he expects me to change 200+ listings just to say that im going to be gone for a few days…
[05:16] Utilizator Mode: yes you did deserve it for your impulsive action
[05:16] Utilizator Mode: so dont be such a baby
[05:16] Cobalt Rain: But it is sad how you treat your customes, I’m really shocked.
[05:16] Utilizator Mode: and i didnt know you removed it
[05:16] Cobalt Rain: No I did not deserve to be abused with verbal language.
[05:16] Utilizator Mode: well if my costumers treat me with respect than i treat them the same too
[05:17] Cobalt Rain: Shame on you!! I will now leave a review with the text and I never called you names.. I was very respectful but yes angry.. there is a BIG difference.


– How do i into SL? –

[03:20] subbykitten: (Saved Fri Aug 02 18:33:38 2013)hi i have a question
[03:20] subbykitten: (Saved Fri Aug 02 18:34:02 2013)can the https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Rikugou-A/3215350
[03:20] subbykitten: (Saved Fri Aug 02 18:34:17 2013)be used with the https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Rikugou-Anubis-combat-armor-set/3857359
[03:20] subbykitten: (Saved Fri Aug 02 18:35:05 2013)like the Rikugou be the regular outfit and then the Anubis combat suit be a armor outfit to be put on over it? but yet the original outfit is still present?

[10:18] Alexis Halley: (Saved Sun Dec 23 12:43:12 2012)hi, I bought the avatar 2.0 beta but it is all transparent, how can i set the colors like in the pictures?
[10:25] Utilizator Mode: what

[05:40] xaran123 Resident: (Saved Fri Jan 02 03:39:12 2015)hi
[05:40] xaran123 Resident: (Saved Fri Jan 02 03:39:20 2015)it didnt work
[05:40] xaran123 Resident: (Saved Fri Jan 02 04:06:48 2015)hello
[05:42] Utilizator Mode: oh no

[14:14] pablogto Spitteler: (Saved Thu Feb 21 14:02:36 2013)hello would like to know, how do I get hair product <UTILIZATOR> – Male Anime Avatar Base M2
[14:27] Utilizator Mode: read the included notecard
[14:35] pablogto Spitteler: the product does not come with the hair, the more I wanted to get it
[14:41] Utilizator Mode: read the included notecard
[14:41] pablogto Spitteler: okay tks

[05:24] 009 Humburg: (Saved Tue Jan 13 23:20:14 2015)I buy ‘<UTILIZATOR> – M3 Mesh Anime Head’ ( Akiba (191,13,43) ).
[05:24] 009 Humburg: (Saved Tue Jan 13 23:20:39 2015)it’s doesn’t work i think
[05:24] 009 Humburg: (Saved Tue Jan 13 23:21:16 2015)I don’t know how to use it
[05:24] 009 Humburg: (Saved Tue Jan 13 23:21:35 2015)actually
[05:24] 009 Humburg: (Saved Tue Jan 13 23:21:56 2015)please tell me how to use
[05:24] 009 Humburg: (Saved Tue Jan 13 23:22:15 2015)please for eazy
[05:24] 009 Humburg: (Saved Tue Jan 13 23:22:22 2015)thanks
[05:29] Utilizator Mode: why dont you just read the manual?

[2013/02/02 15:29] Utilizator Mode: here you go
[2013/02/02 15:29] Utilizator Mode: all the skin textures
[2013/02/02 15:33] 0ks: lol ok, I need skin is it possible?
[2013/02/02 15:36] Utilizator Mode: i just sent you the skins
[2013/02/02 15:36] 0ks: wow, thank you
[2013/02/02 15:38] 0ks: yes, I think old version avi have right shape
[2013/02/02 15:40] 0ks: may I get skin med 3?:)
[2013/02/02 15:44] Utilizator Mode: i gave you all the skins
[2013/02/02 15:44] Utilizator Mode: check your recent folder
[15:47] 0ks: omg! thank you ! how you do it? lol
[15:47] 0ks: I mean how the thing put in my inventory?
[15:48] 0ks: many many thanks:)
[15:48] Utilizator Mode: i drag and droped a folder onto your chat window


– Wat –

[2010/06/19 08:55] Jen Balfour: hello there
[2010/06/19 08:55] Utilizator Mode: yo
[08:55] Jen Balfour: do u speak english?
[08:55] Utilizator Mode: yea
[08:56] Jen Balfour: i was visiting the kodoma no ki mall
[08:57] Jen Balfour: i need some information may i ask to you?
[08:57] Utilizator Mode: okay
[08:58] Jen Balfour: i was wondering if anime avatar has the pussy
[08:58] Utilizator Mode: yes it does
[08:58] Jen Balfour: cand they do the pee?

[17:09] Gaiakino Baxton: Hey. I got something to ask about the head
[17:10] Utilizator Mode: ok
[17:10] Gaiakino Baxton: WHat if someones dick is to big for my mouth?

[07:08] ShimmeringStars Resident: (Saved Sat Feb 08 02:09:29 2014)pardon me may i ask for a delivery of everything i bought from you off the mp?
[07:08] ShimmeringStars Resident: Sorry i do not wish to speak to you anymore.
[07:15] Utilizator Mode: lol wut
[07:15] Tia (ShimmeringStars): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[07:16] Utilizator Mode: if you want a redelivery, you have to give me your order number so that i could look up your transaction and redeliver it
[07:16] Tia (ShimmeringStars): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[07:17] Utilizator Mode: why do you not wish to speak to me anymore?
[07:17] Tia (ShimmeringStars): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[09:16] ShimmeringStars Resident: Sorry i do not wish to speak to you anymore.
[09:16] ShimmeringStars Resident: Sorry i do not wish to speak to you anymore.
[09:16] ShimmeringStars Resident: Sorry i do not wish to speak to you anymore.
[09:32] Utilizator Mode: autism?
[09:32] ShimmeringStars Resident: Sorry if i don’t know you i will not answer your messages i am sorry.



– The chronicles of Marysue –

Heres a leasson on what not to do if you wish to create a compelling character and story.


– Your utilizator is buggy! –

Rofl, this made my day.

your utilizator is buggy


buggy and crap