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your utilizator is buggy


buggy and crap

– Meanshile on the marketplace – part2! –

In case you missed the last one, its here https://utilizator404.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/meanwhile-on-the-marketplace/

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not mesh huehue

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– Infinite scroll –

As you all may have noticed by now, there has been a new trend going on the internet, that like all the other shit that breaks web site usability, most likely originated from the the pants on head retarded “web 2.0” scene(web 2.0 deserves a whole separate blog post by itself). It’s infinite scrolling, an idea that i can understand why it would look cool on paper, but in reality, it hasnt been thought through completely and just doesnt fucking work.

Positioning problem and hidden web site navigation and other elements.

Web pages that use infinite scrolling are particularly annoying to browse, it never says how many items there are and how many you have scrolled through already, its impossible to jump pages or skip to the middle or end or know how close to the end you even are. a lot of sites implement it in a really stupid way too, not having a side bar for navigation or any options regarding the scrolling itself. Not To mention that the scroll bar itself is made useless.

Crippling performance issues and limited access to website contents

Perhaps the biggest problem is, apart from effectively cutting you off from most of the website’s content, it doesn’t work on a technological level. The more you scroll down, the more items get loaded into the memory allocated to your web browser, and none of it unloads unless you close the tab, effectively turning it into a massive memory leek. The more items you load, the more your your web browser starts to crawl and choke on it till crashes. I do not understand why such an important detail as unloading is being overlooked like that, its impossible to browse the entire content because you will just crash and will never reach the end. I have a top of the line PC and even it cant handle this shit, i can only imagine how people’s browsing experience on older computers must be. And if your browser crashes, you have to scroll through all that shit over again to get back to where you crashed, because people seem to be too retarded to use the URL by adding parameters like ids and classes to it, to make it possible for people to go back to where they last were.

Websites that do get it right

Some websites arent as annoying and have a load next 50 items or whatever button but it still doesnt make it any less of a problem. Now there are websites that arent ran by complete morons and do it right, like the sankaku complex image archive thing, it uses infinite scrolling but it also tells you how many pages there are, you have the left side navigation at all time AND you even have the option to how you wanna browse, you can choose the old numbered page navigation instead, why cant anyone else have enough brain to do that on their sites?


Whoever thought of this infinite scroll idea, deserves to be shot in the dick with an air riffle every time someone crashes or just in general has to go through the inconveniences of infinite scroll. This cancer has spread out so wide already, that even websites like wordpress, flickr, youtube, image search engines, deviant art and so on have implement this shit. My blog has it too and i have no idea where the option to turn it off is, although its not that bad since you have navigation by date on the right side of the page.


– Video games that do not suck –

Now days you hear a lot of people saying shit like “games are not like they used to be” “games were better back in the day” and all i can say to that is, no they were not. Get your heads out of your asses and get over you stupid nostalgic first impressions and realize that the only reason those games left such a deep impression on you is because you havent played many games yet and you didnt know any better. The only thing that has really changed is you. If i had a time machine and went back to the time you were still a kid, playing his first videogames, and gave you halo 4 or some other game you think is a good example of why gaming gone bad, you would shit your pants so hard, it would make you fly through the roof from how blown your mind would be. But You have played so many videogames during your life that they fail to impress you anymore, because you have seen it all and you have played it all and you just simply burned out.
Games were never better, games were always shit and if anything, games actually got better. Better hardware removed technical limitations that prevented game devs from expressing their creative visions, You can now do things in games you could never do before, you now have so many kinds of gameplay that previously wasnt possible before, like just think how much things like mode-7 in the SNES revolutionized gaming, not only did it create a whole new type of games, it also improved existing game styles by adding rotating backgrounds or semi top down world maps or any other awesome shit. I wont even mention what 3D did to gaming. On top of it all, games now have the ability of telling a story story, not just through shitty still images of people with open mouths, with a bunch of text under it that nobody wants to read, but real motion and sound. Things that get you immersed into the story and make you feel like you are there.

But despite all this improvement, videogames have one fundamental flaw, a flaw that was always there since the very first videogame was created and its its the same flaw that made  you so burnt out and makes you say stupid shit like “games were better” (in reality you just started to see videogames for what they really are)

And this is also why fresh new ideas are so welcomed in gaming, why people praise minecraft and any other shitty indie games that are made by some hipster who isnt told what to do by big publishers and tries to step away from the well established ideas of videogame design and does his own stupid gimmicky thing.

So what is this flaw i talk of?

Repetitive monotony

Take the original mario game for example, every level you do the same exact thing, you jump platforms, you smash turtles, and the next level is the same shit only stuff you can jump on are arranged differently to give you a sense of variety, and when you reach the end, you kill the boss, you learn that the princess is in another castle, and you start all over again, and at this point is where i always considered that i beat the game and just stopped playing it cuz i knew its gonna be more of the same shit.

And it is this shit that is the fundamental flaw of most videogames, the entire game being just a copypasta of it’s first level. You played the first level, you played the whole fucking game. You know how the rest of the game is going to be, chances are, you probably picked this game up because you know the game is going to be, like a shitty first person shooter or some shitty rpg.

BTW, MMOS and RPG games are the most disgusting offenders.

Remember how some games used to have these brief moments that had a different kind of gameplay? like a bonus stage or a vehicle segment or some shitty underwater segment or an awesome boss fight or some other way to break up the monotony and make things feel a bit fresh, remember how sad you felt when that brief moment ended and you had to go back to the boring repetitive jump platform smash the turtle gameplay the next level?

You can have the most intricate gameplay mechanics, and level design and what not, but if you going to make the player do the same shit over and over again, its going to fall short, because at the end of the day you’re still just a plumber smashing turtles or a space marine shooting radioactive alien zombies and thats all you will ever do, nothing really changes from start to finish, and that is what makes videogames so booring.

Btw this is why i love short games and hate it when a game drags on longer than 6 hours. Im fully satisfied by just playing game demos that i download of PSN. I just get a bunch of demos and just go through them all, a level or two of each game and thats enough for me. I recall some demos were so long that i couldnt even finish them without getting bored out of my mind, like the resistance demo that dragged on for like 5 levels.

And what often surprises me is that people actually defend monotonous gameplay and complain that games like mgs4 have so many cutscenes and so little gameplay. But i welcome this with open arms cuz i wanna have less to deal with that boring repetitive gameplay and get on with the story (sometimes i wish they stopped spending all that money on making these terrible videogames and fucking made a movie or something instead, i would love a metal gear movie czu i hate the gameplay so much but i love the story and characters)

games that break, or try to break the repetitive monotony

So what do i suggest, is there a way to fix this problem? Yes there is, there are quite a few games that actually try to break away from the traditional monotony of gaming and im gonna list some of these fine example of how to make a game, here. But keep in mind that these arent all necessary good games, some of these games fail in Other ways, like second life or duke nukem forever, these games are just for the sake of example of what you need to do to break the monotony. Also these are just games that i personally discovered and im well aware that there are more good games like this somewhere.

Magical date

Its an interesting twist to the whole japanese date rape sim genre thing, this game has actual gameplay in it. It’s a crappy old arcade game by Taito, the objective of the game is to pick one of the 3 (i always pick the blue hair chick cuz shes not as ugly as the other 2 low polygon blow up doll with an anime faces drawn on them)while on your date, you constantly have to flex your muscles and wave your cock around  to impress her by doing all kinds of weird challenges. Each challenge has a different kind of gameplay to it and is a whole new game in itself. There are action and puzzle and mental ability testing segments, fighting segments, flying, guessing things, answering questions(i always fail the questions part cuz its all written in japanese)either way, when you complete all the minigames and reach the end, you can than be a perv and pull out your camera and take snapshots of her panties as a reward for your efforts.

Duke Nukem Forever

Now i know what you are thinking, Duke nukem forever was a terrible game, and i couldnt agree with you more but the reason its on this list is because i respect it for its attempt at breaking up the monotony. All this shit that they tried to stuff into the game, is what made it actually fun to me. Sure the graphics were just god awful, the humor was just lame  and the game definitely didnt live up to its promis, but there was this one thing it did right, it had variation. This is what kept me playing it and finishing it, every mission i was doing something different other than just shooting shit. One mission i shot things from a mounted gun, other mission i drove an RC car, the other mission i was all small and doing platforming, jumping over burgers on a hot stove, third mission i was driving a car and scavenging for fuel cans. It wasnt just the same thing over and over again, and you know the game received a lot of criticism for trying to do all these things instead of just sticking to shooting only, all these things it tried to do is what got me to finish it and actually have fun with it.


Minecraft is awesome because its whatever you want it to be, you can play it how you want, you can make your own rules and you can mod the shit out of it. Anyone can easily get into minecraft no matter what type of games they like to play because minecraft doesnt stick to a type or a genre, its as monotone or varied as you want it to be.

Hot pixel

This game is a lot like the magical date game only it doesnt have the dare rape part. Each mission is a complete game on its own and you never end up doing the same thing over and over again (unless you get stuck)

Call of Duty ghosts single player

Now i know what ur thinking, how can this very definition of a what a monotone game is, be on this list? Well most of the cod games that i played, i played them all purely for the story and and chars, because the gameplay itself bored the fuck out of me, endless waves of clone soldiers, always the same exact situations, thank god those games were so short. But in the case of cod ghosts, this is kind of the other way around, the story is so generic and boring but the gameplay itself is actually pretty varied and fun. You get to do all kinds of interesting stuff, like be a NASA astronaut and shoot space brasilians in zero gravity, fly helicopters, drive tanks, fight killer sharks and ride a rolercoster, the game was really fun.

Happy wheels

What makes this game so fun is the community created maps, the map creation tools are really flexible and let you break the mold and create your own kind of gameplay than what the game was supposed to be originally, so every map is something new and exciting.

Second life

Essentially minecraft for adults but with a greater level of freedom, be what you want, do what you want.


Gmod is a lot like second life, you can also do whatever you want, create your own games, play games created by other players or just dick around with physics.

Little big planet

Not only is it a fresh new take on the platforming thing, LBP is flexible enough to allow users to create their own games in LBP

Loco Roco

Yeah while this game is guilty of being a copypasta of itself, its still a really fresh new idea that has never been done before, the whole wwist to the game is that you do not control your character, but rather control the environment your character is in, making him go places, its a really cute and fun game that i recommend to anyone thats bored out of his mind from videogames.

Games like Saints row and GTA

these sandbox games are full of stuff you can do aside from doing the missions, they always have fun interesting minigames and the missions themselves are pretty varied and never makes you do the same shit over and over again. And if you are like me and arent interested in any of that, you can just go dicking around the city and doing whatever you want.

The Funmap server on Killing Floor

This server is like the second life of killing floor, here you can just hang out, make friends with other kf players, team up and go play one of the many games on the map, like tank battle, classic survival, mario, mario vs doom, car racing game, classic doom TDM. The killing floor mod/map creation tools are flexible enough to let you have a game with its own fully functional gameplay within a game. Each game you finish gives you a prize weapon that will help you beat the next game and reach the high score on the global scoreboard

The Tube Adventure game

this game is like a basic blueprint of a good game, each new area gets you doing different kinds of things.

you can play this game here http://www.somethingawful.com/news/tube-adventure-game/

So if you didnt get it yet, a good game is a game that isnt a copypasta of it self, a game that lets you do different things every level, game that has completely different kind of gameplay every map, a game that combines elements of as many different game genres into one, a game that keeps it different and interesting every next map.

– So here’s whats up –

Haven’t posted anything in ages and theres a lot to post about, heres some of those things.

Fitted mesh

As everyone and their mom already heard, fitted mesh is a thing now….. sorta? (i dont really understand LL’s statements, its like, already implemented and working and we all can try it out but its not out yet?)

So yeah, everyone and their mom are also asking me, what is my stance on fitted mesh and will i implement it myself into my products, So lets begin! First of all, theres a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions about it. Some say its some kind of a special mesh, others believe it somehow magically takes shape of whatever you are wearing it on, an lot of people think they can say goodbye to alpha masks, so what the fuck is fitted mesh anyway and how does it work?
Fitted mesh, known before as liquid mesh(another pants on head retarded misleading name on SL, given to it by the jackasses who discovered it and wanted to keep it as a commercial secret) is just a regular rigged mesh object but on top of the standard LL avatar skeleton weight maps, it has an additional set of weighting groups for the LL avatar’s collision skeleton. What is a collision skeleton? The collision skeleton is an old, half implemented and forgotten feature by lazy ass lindens (just like half of everything else on SL) it gives a physical shape for your character so that it could react to its environment, like for example everyone who is playing videogames, know what ragdoll physics are. The LL avatar at some point was supposed to have this too, but it was never fully implemented and abandoned (LL settled for one huge dumb collision box instead), so the only parts of the skeleton that actually reacts to anything are the avatar’s legs, you can test this by making a prim ramp or just walking up a hill on linden terrain with your AO off, and see how your avatar’s legs react to the uneven surface. Now to accurately represent your avatar’s shape, the collision skeleton also reacts to the appearance editor sliders and stretches to fill in the dimensions of all your body parts. Fitted mesh takes advantage of this by being rigged to this skeleton and stretching itself along with it. This was clearly not how the skeleton was intended to be used tho so lol.

BTW LL isnt actually introducing anything new, they just added a few more bones to it for stuff like boob jiggle, its another great example of LL doing the bare minimum on other people’s work and pretending they are moving the game forward.


So what is my stance on it? Fitted mesh isnt something you should too excited about, while generally its a way better solution than Qarl’s mesh deformer project, it’s still just a shitty work around instead of a real solution to the problem. The LL avatar uses a mesh feature called morphs, morphs are what animates the face, expressions, blink, hands positions, and morphs also control every aspect of editing your avatar’s appearance.  From the size of your ass and tits to all the facial details, all is done using morphs. The creator can specify exactly how the biggest boob size will look, or the smallest nose (Morphs were one of the features we have requested LL to add to mesh during the beta, but LL just made up shitty ass excuses not to add it) None of this can be done by just rigging stuff to the collision skeleton, most of the stuff just wont look right.

assAnd oh yeah, you will still need to use alphas to hide your LL avatar’s body parts because their shapes will not match the the thing you are wearing.


So what are my plans regarding fitted mesh and my products? Well the Avatar 2.0 is definitely gonna be getting a fitted mesh upgrade at some point. Im thinking of making 2 versions, one will be fitted mesh, the other wont. You will be able match fitted mesh clothes made by other creators to the avatar better if the avatar itself wont be fitted mesh. Rikugou is not going to get a fitted mesh version because that would break compatibility with all the armor attachments. I do not have any fitted mesh plans for anything else that isnt Avatar 2.0 related.

– Current projects –

Im currently working on 2 things, one is a new avatar project. I noticed that furries took a liking to the Avatar 2.0 but i feel like its not really all that well suited for such a thing, most avatar 2.0 furries look like humans with body paint on them. The reason they prefer to use the Avatar 2.0 is simply because it is probably the only mesh body out there that has that amount of needed hide areas and stuff, all the other mesh furry avatars offer minimum or no hideable areas at all, making it impossible to wear anything on them. And they dont really offer that many things you could wear, you can only texture mod the basic few clothing items they come with, so most of them are always wearing the same pants and shirt. So im planing on making an avatar that would solve these problems. More details about that are gonna come soon.

The other project is a preparation for a new hangout area in the AMH sim, It will have an anime school setting. Currently im redoing the mall in mesh, you might not notice the changes till you look closer, all of this is mostly to reduce the prim count and render load.

Also for those who are wondering when the fuck is the boob sizes dummy file coming already, i honestly have no idea, soon probably? I will also need to sit down and make a bunch of dummy models not just for av2 but also for Rikugou when i finally get around to do it.

– Talentless scrubs profiting of other people’s work –

Speaking about the mall, i have recently kicked out a few sellers that were selling content ripped from other videogames. We have a rule in the mall that the content you are selling has to be either created by you or you have a legal permission to be reselling that content, and we take this rule seriously. These people who either cant read, think we are stupid or think the rules are not for them, were selling items that were clearly ment to be used with different shaders and graphical engines, the quality of the modeling didnt match the quality of their vendor images and store presentation,


the textures clearly looked like they are missing normal and specular maps and special shaders. And when asked technical questions about how they made it(that a person who has the skill and experience to make things of this quality could easily answer), they either didnt understand what im asking them and gave an answer about a completely different thing unrelated thing, or tried to sound smart as if they know the technical part and tried to build and answer out of random technical sounding words. When asked if they made the models themselves or are they from a game, they chose lie about it or come up with some unclear non answer like “its based on an armor in a game” Unfortunately for them, i looked it up on those ripped game model download sites and downloaded the models myself, so that i could compare models and textures side by side :D…..

So, if you are running a mall, heres how you can spot who is selling stolen content.

1. The vendor images and the whole presentation is not on par with the things being sold, when you compare the shitty ass vendors made in MS paint to the thing they sell, you can clearly see how talentless the person really is.
2. The rigging quality is not on par with the quality of the model, you would think that someone who can make something as awesome and know how to make special joints in the model for the most optimum rigging quality, would know something about how to rig the model too. But instead you get things like solid parts that shouldn’t move are stretching and moving along with everything else, armpits getting inverted when arms are lowered down, arms and legs bending like garden hoses, the stomach area above the hips collapsing inside itself when sitting.
3. Its a one piece object, you cannot take anything of it, seems kinda strange knowing the needs of SL, It also terribly alpha glitches with itself, its not divided into separate faces for alphas, instead the overall thing is one huge alpha, and finally, the polygon count is strangely low or strangely high, not optimized for second life at all.
4. The quality and style of craft of the things being sold are radically different from each other, sometimes some really terrible rat ass prim shit builds with terrible textures are sold right next to high quality custom textured objects.
5. The textures look dry and lifeless, they are clearly missing something and they are clearly look like they are just mere defuse maps that were meant to be used in combination with shaders, normal and specular mapping in real time to create a dynamic surface.
6. The seller lacks the most basic understanding of 3D modeling, techniques, terminology, unable to answer questions about how he made it.

If you think you spotted ripped game content but you wanna be 100% sure before you take action, heres what you can do, go to google and use the following methods to find the model in question.

Method 1 – Search for keywords like “3d, model, download, free, riped, game” you will find a bunch of free model download sites, use their search to look for the name of the character or object or the game its ripped from.

Method 2 – This one works a lot better most of the time, go to google image search and look for keywords like “3d, model, ripped” + the name of the character or object or the game its ripped from.

Method 3 – I found this one to work the best, go to google image search and write the name of the character or object or the game its ripped from + xnlara. xnlara is a program for posing and animating ripped game models, i think its intended to be used for machinima but all that everyone ever does with it is porn of female game characters. There is a huge xnlara community that actively rip and share game models to be used with it.

If you have found the model you were looking for, but its in some strange format that you cannot open to compare its wireframe with the model on SL in wireframe mode (ctrl shift r i think, dont remember exactly). dont worry about it, all you really need is the texture. Upload the texture to SL and put it on the model, if the UV maps are identical(and they will be if its the same model), the texture will fit like a glove. If the thing is set to no mod, Zoom in on a part of the texture on the model in SL and open the texture from the model you downloaded, look at the same part of the texture and compare them pixel by pixel, there will be tiny details like scratches and bullet holes and whatever that is identical. And actually you dont even need to go into that kind of detail, just the overall drawing style and colors and tones and all that stuff will tell you that its the same thing.


I have nothing against ripping and uploading game models to SL if its for for your personal usage, as long as you arent selling it and pretending you made it. You can share it with your friends if you want but dont spread it around on a massive scale with your name as creator attached to it like a jackass, not only will you get in trouble yourself, you might get SL in trouble when some massive company files a massive DMCA and it kinda hurts the economy of SL too because, why should anyone buy this or that sword or gun if they just got a cool ass sword from a friend for free, so think before you dont.I really should have posted this by itself so that people could link it.

– The Rikugou custumization contest –


The strike is now being scripted and i think its about time to start the contest.

– Rules –

The main rule is that your avatar has to be mostly Rikugou, like you can use any head or hair you want and you can use attachments made by other people (or your own) but most of your avatar has to be Rikugou.
The customization has to be made by you, that means you cant pay someone else to do it for you or buy something on the marketplace, you can buy minor mods of the marketplace like certain eyes for your head and stuff, but no major makeovers.
if you want, you can make more than one customization, just dont go overboard with it, i think 3 max would be fine.

– What will be judged –

Altho original ideas are important, they often fall short in my eyes if those ideas where not presented in an esthetic and visually appealing manner (for example, looks like its drawn in ms paint by a 5 year old). I value texture work in an external image editor over a lazy prim color edit ingame, solid mesh or sculpted prim attachments with textures made specifically for those items over a pile of linked prims with no texture or a random inventory or google image plastered all over it, Creative design and contrast of colors that work well together and make an interesting combination over boring safe monotone designs or a rainbow puke of random colors that fight each other.
Bonus points if you did some other texture work apart from just changing their colors, like adding stripes or some other markings or maybe adding a subtle camo (that doesnt kill off the original texture detail) or some sort of a pattern like hexagons or carbon fiber in certain places.

– How and when –

Since a lot of people would like to participate but they cant come on a certain date or time because of RL stuff or timezones, we are going to do it like this. Instead of having a big event ingame, There will be a time period (starting from now) where everyone who wants to participate will show me their customizations, when the time ends, i will than make an ingame event where i will announce the winners and give prizes and stuff, that way, if you won but coulnt attend the ceremony, you will be introduced and have a picture of your mod shown to the crowd by me, and get your prize sent to you offline, winners will also be announced here on the blog.

If you wanna show me your Rikugou, dont send or ask for a TP, i dont have time to attend to everyone, just take a bunch of different screenshots from all angles and show off the detail that you are proud of the most, put the images or links to the images in a notecard and send it my way. Also add – RCC – to the beginning of the name of your notecard so that i would know what its about right away.


The prizes are :

Third place – The Temjin pack
Second place – The Strike pack
First place – Iits a secret :O

So thats it, now get to work and make me proud!

– Meanwhile on the marketplace –

I thought id share my collection of funny MP reviews, so here goes.

boots cartoony



justabox male

not working ttc black not20



– Attack on titans uniform by Arbalest and server side baking –

This is a little something that Arbalest was working on for some time, but *Edelweiss* beat them to it and released their 3D Maneuver Gear, nevertheless this didn’t discourage my friends and they have finally finished their version of the outfit.


The outfit is Avatar 2.0 compatible and the metal parts of it have some nice detail.

– Server side baking –

This shit is important.

The majority of SL’s users are out of touch with the behind the scenes developments of SL, people aren’t following LL’s official blog posts or any other SL news sources. Normally this isn’t such big of a deal because most of those of those developments lead to small changes here and there that do not really effect their second life experience, of course some of those changes are not so small and people who where uninformed about the coming of those changes, get all butt mad when they happen and blame LL. Like changes to the marketplace delivery system or display names.

But this new change will be like nothing LL has ever pulled before, the server side texture baking, this will break all v1 based viewers and all the viewers that aren’t up to date. people who are using outdated viewers will suddenly see everyone else all fucked up and people will see them all fucked up too. Grab the popcorn cuz there’s There is going to be so much rage :D

According to the phoenix project website According to the latest statistics from LL there are still some 67,000+ users on Phoenix and 77,000+ on Firestorm versions that are NOT compatible with Server Side Appearance (for Firestorm, that means any version older than 4.4.0). That is nearly 150,000 users who will have to update in this two-week period. I suspect most will wait until the very last minute or will wait until it’s too late. Why the fuck do people still even use phoenix at all is beyond me but boy are they in for a surprise :D. “We will begin using all our resources to notify Phoenix users of the upcoming change and the need to upgrade. If you are a Phoenix user, you may find this to be annoying and nagging – sorry about that – but there are a great many users who do not pay attention to upcoming changes and have no idea their experience is about to become epic fail.” Now this will effectively kill all v1 based viewers (i hope) unless some asshole is going to reverse engineer server side baking and implement it into the v1 code like they did with mesh :C, With the death of the v1 viewers, we can finally have all those nice things like custom bone systems and other stuff that LL was afraid to give us cuz too many people are still playing SL on old discontinued viewers.

BTW im kinda posting this really late cuz there’s only 2 days left till server side baking is live (July 9) and i still haven’t updated myself cuz i was too lazy :D…..

So yeah, anyone who still didn’t know about this, its about time to update your firestorm or linden or any other viewers that have an update for server side baking support.

– Rikugou mods top 10 –


So i have seen lots of different custom Rikugou avatars over the year, some inspired me and made me go all “why haven’t i thought of that myself D:” and some made me kinda regret i made Rikugou modable xD. Although i have seen some way more booring and sometimes even just god awful mods, than mods that are actually really good, it still makes me happy that that i gave that ability to Rikugou, i think its its major selling point too. Every time i saw something cool, i took a snapshot of it, and a lot of those snapshots have piled up in my Rikugou folder and i was organizing them and i thought, why not make a top 10 of these mods that i like best. But a simple top 10 wouldn’t cut it because some where just quick changes to the prim color and others had way more effort put into them than that, it wouldn’t be fair to compare them on the same criteria, so i split it up into 2 separate top 10s.

Well anyway, without any further to do, here’s the top 10 color combination and a top 10 original mods.

– Top 10 color combinations –

Simple mixing and matching of standard Rikugou parts and changing their colors to make interesting and sometimes really badass combinations.

1. Hiyori mode

She gets the first place cuz not only does she have a nice ice cream and black color combination going on, she’s also one of the not so many people who put a little bit more time and effort and edits her textures in photochop instead of just setting the prim colors. This makes her colors look more live and vibrant since the white highlights are preserved that way.


You can check out a few other texture mods by her on her marketplace page

2. Haruka Mistwood (Misaka)

She has that really overall elegant look and bad ass black and blue color combination.


Report to the ship as soon as possible, we’ll bang, okay?

3. epacsteN

She has a few good combinations, im adding 2 of them here, the reason is that it is easy to just take red or blue or just pure black, pure white or any other color that everyone and their mom usually picks, but not everyone dares to take on some of the non traditional colors or color combinations. epacsten Does a good job at that.



4.Kaori Yatsenko

I really dig the white, lime green, copper, Anubis armor and blond hair combination



This chick from Australia whos name i forgot is another one of those people that does a good job at picking and contrasting some of the less traditional colors .



Another person who’s name i don’t know, i like the shiny black with a little bit of white and blue + Anubis top thing going on.


7. Ruby

Has this nice black and shiny red thing going on.



I like the mono color + cyan text combination, i also like that its not pitch black, its more like really dark grey, that way it still looks black but you can see all the details. A lot of people do the mistake of making things too black, the details disappear in the blackness and it just looks really cheap.


9. Sumi

She has a nice shiny glowing black and gold thing going on.



Another black and red mod, i just have a thing for black and red i guess.

black red

– Top 10 original modifications –

These involve a bit more effort than just changing the colors through the build menu, these are modifications that are a result of mixing, matching and linking different kinds of non Rikugou objects, custom textures and outside SL texture edits.


This cyber lizard demon chick who’s name i don’t remember. I really like her mod cuz it involves some extensive texture editing, a smart use of the shiny effect on the skin in combination with a specially made skin texture, the animated prim chain tail and some other minor but nice details.


The screenshots do not do the justice since you need to see the dynamic shine effect on her skin.

2. Hiyori mode

And again for taking the time and editing her textures in photochop.



Sorry dude forgot your name, but you have a really nice color + booster and head combination going there, your char looks really unique.



This chick that i only managed to catch a short glimpse of before she teleported away. I think she was going for  Inia Sestina look from muv-luv and did a really good job on it.


Thank you for the boner.

5. Fauqs

I like the idea of covering the skin, the mass effect arm computer goes well with the theme and that shotgun on her leg is a nice touch too.


Her avi gave me a few ides for my own customization

6. Sex Doll

Im not really sure if this belongs in a Rikugou top 10, but than again the person in the third place didn’t use the head either. Anyway the reason i like this one is because of the nice idea for a custom plug suit texture, if worked on this more, it can turn out to be something really cool.



Rikugou ninja chick, i like the hair, goes well with the sword and all, overall looks badass.


8.  Samus Aran mods

Now these are mods by multiple people, don’t know any of their names but they are all Samus Aren so im gonna put them all together in here.


Heres an idea for you Riku Samuses, make a zero suit out of the core but keep the arm and leg armor.

9. Bunny tits

That’s not really her name but i always get too distracted by her prim tits to look at her name tag, i couldn’t find a snapshot with her prim tits version of this mod tho :C But anyway, this is the first Rikugou furry mod i have ever seen and it works pretty well.



This Hatsune Miku mod was probably one of the first ones that i saw that would fit this category of people going beyond just changing colors. I couldn’t find a better picture of it tho :C


Well that,s that, maybe i should do this some time again when im gonna release a new upgrade for Rikugou and do it seriously next time. I should announce a date on witch people who wanna participate can come to show off their mods and the winners would get the new upgrade first a few days before its release, and maybe some other prizes for second and third places.

– More third party content and the mesh deformer project –

Okay so here’s some more third party content created specifically for my avatars

I already mentioned this creator before but she came up with a lot more new stuff.

Check out Marrcia’s marketplace page for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/123733

Another new creator is Elly who made some hair textures for Rikugou B hair



– The  Mesh Deformer project –

Probably most of you have heard this already, but a former linden labs employee Qarl Linden is working on a new mesh feature, It will allow meshes to make use of the remaining appearance editor sliders like lets say body fat, or boob size. Not only that, meshes that are deformer enabled, will also react to hand poses and face expressions(this ones just my speculation based on the screenshots i saw). On top of that, one unexpected but positive side effect is that all the deformer enabled meshes will also react to avatar physics.

What this means for us all is that we will no longer need to have 5 different sizes of the same jacket or pants, we will no longer need male and female versions, we will no longer need different boob size versions and so on. But probably the best part of this to me personally is that, this will turn the Avatar 2.0 into a fully functional avatar with face expressions, blink, hand poses, ability to fully customize the shape and face using the appearance editor.

However, there’s one huge problem with this that im afraid of, if im right, how this works is basically it uses a process similar to bone weight copy in blender, to copy the morph maps from the standard SL avatar onto the mesh, this measn that the quality of the deformations might be kind of terrible. Shape sliders might effect the wrong polygons and when lets say, increasing your boob size, will also increase bits of your chest around your boobs, kinda something that the LL avatar does already to itself if you set the boob size to max, due to the terrible terrible weight weighting and morphs. A far bigger problem might be face expressions, if the the avatar opens its mouth, how exactly will the deformer know witch polygons belong to the upper lip and witch belong to the lower lip D: so yeah, im defenetly excited about this project but also kind of scared.

Of course, this all is just my poorly educated speculations, DO NOT take anything i said and run off with it spreading it around as fact. There’s already enough bad rumors, people without any idea what it actually is and what it does, writing in their blogs on how its gonna break all the mesh content created before, and than the idiots reading those blogs without any understanding what they are even reading, make up their own versions of what they just read and than go and tell it to all their friends. You know, the average SL community behavior, to misread something, to not look into it more and to go around and cause mass panic.
So yeah to address the rumor about the new deformer feature breaking existing content, use your brain, would LL really break 4765829244 items of already existing mesh content and cause a massive gridwide inventory damage? The mesh deformer WILL NOT break any prior mesh, the worst that can happen is that older meshes that where uploaded before this feature might not react to the newly usable appearance editor sliders, you will still be able to wear your jeans and jackets, you will just not be able to change their boob and butt sizes.