– A sale and some other stuff –

This is something i wanted to do for some time now, im having a big ass summer sale in my mainstore, everything in the non mesh section upstairs is 10% to 50% off. Some of the stuff had a price cut on the marketplace too, like the Midna avatar or the heavy combat armors.

Thats not all, i got around making a little something that would help both people that want to make clothes for avatar 2.0 and people who want to learn how to rig and stuff. The Avatar 2.0 development kit rigged mesh dummy.

What you can do with it:

You can use it as a shape guide if you wanna make clothing for Avatar 2.0.
You can use it as a rigging tool along with the bone weight copy script, by copying its weights onto your mesh clothing or character.
You can use it as a learning tool to learn rigging and experiment on it, especially following my tutorials and stuff.
Using its skeleton for your own avatar isn’t recommended (i have prepared a different file for that) because it has a few custom joint positions and custom joint positions tend to glitch and shouldn’t be used if not necessary.
There are a few unused weight map groups, If your mesh has eyes, assign mEyeLeft and mEyeRight to them, do not assign the rest to anything, these  weights aren’t used by SL animations and will just distort your character.

Download link:


Oh and, the CCD was updated with more awesome stuff, check it out.