– Bug fixes –

There was a bug with the Temjin B beam riffle’s wave attack that makes it drop and roll around on the ground like a banana. Only one person ever reported this but on further investigation i have concluded that everyone has to have this bug, strangely enough no one else ever reported it even when i asked openly in the update and rikugou groups D:

Anyway the bug was that the prim contents of the wave attack prim simply magically disappeared for the next owner of the riffle (person who bought it) making it loose its special properties and just act like a random physical temp rez prim. I have created a new wave B and updated the gun, rez your update cards to get the new version.

Also updated the strike armor’s bonus item box, the white bump texture was missing.

And finally if anyone is wondering, im now slowly working on the boob size options for avatar 2.0, it will be slow cuz im also in a process of moving to a new place and some other rl stuff but i hope i will be done with it this year.

– WIP – Strike armor –

Im modeling, texturing, rigging and uploading the strike armor, now all thats left is to make animations and script it.








This isnt an official start but, it would be a good idea if everyone who wnats to participate in the Rikugou contest, would start working on their avatars, if you dont have a good one already that you are confident it will win.

I will give the official start and more details like what the rules are and how i will rate it and when will this all take place, once i have finished all the animations and stuff.

– Utilizator news update –

– Rikugou Temjin –


So heres some news on the Temjin armor, i have finished all the animations and it is now being scripted. But meanwhile as it is being scripted, im working on another set of armor for Rikugou that i will call the Strike armor.

– Rikugou Strike –


Im putting all my time and effort into this now so hopefully it will be finished pretty soon (and wont take a fucking year like the temjin did xD). im hoping i can finish this by the end of this month.

– Rikugou Customization Contest –


If anyone remembers, once i did this sort of a top 10 best customizations that i personally liked the most and stuff. Well this time im thinking of making an official contest with prizes and stuff, im just not sure yet when, probably after i finish the strike armor. I will post more details about the rules and stuff later on.

– Beware of phishing scam –


I have noticed an increase of phishing scam lately, mostly this debauchee here that keeps coming back with a new account but always a similar name. he always sends a mass IM to everyone saying something that would be relevent to your interests followed by a shortened link. The link will lead to a fake marketplace page that will ask you for your login information. Never click any suspicious links from people you dont even know that IM you out of the blue for no reason and give you a shortened links or links that look sort of like the real thing but has like a .net or .co.gz or something like that at the end, like secondlife.net instead of secondlife.com, or misspelled words like secondlive or secondlfe. Be sure to check their profile too.