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– Goodbye Advanced Warfare –

It’s just a few days remaining till BO3 so its time to wrap things up with AW.

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Made a few new videos

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I took a one month vacation from SL and heres what i have been up to.



– Another look at the Dorculus Drift DonkeyKong2 –

So i gave the rift another try, i looked into how users of the device cope with motion sickness and nausea, turns out some people slowly adapt to it over time, others never adapt and just have a barf bucket prepared, there are some who dont feel the motion sickness at all due to some pathology in their vestibular system. Theres also pills and Ginger supplements that you can take to minimize these effects. But most people just willingly sit there and torture themselves for up to 30 minutes a day till they either build up a tolerance or just simply get used to being nauseated as a part of their gameplay experience.



Anyway! I found this really nice game that doesnt make me sick after a minute of playing it, its called vanguard V, its about this mecha girl flying through space, blasting stuff and dodging the debris. This game takes an out of the box approach to gameplay using the oculus motion tracker and is a very good example on how to make games for the device that feel fresh, innovative and dont make you sick. It has really awesome music too, i wish the OST was on youtube or something.


In a stark contrast, i found a game that i literally cannot take more than 3 seconds off without removing the dork helmet and throwing it to the side in agony. It is called helix, it is the ultimate rolercoster ride simulator, it has lots of forward motion that instantly gets you nauseated.


So here’s what causes motion sickness and how to make games that dont make you wanna vomit.

The Oculus Rift motion sickness is mainly caused by unnatural motion that goes against what your vestibular system is saying, motion that you cannot feel with your body. Basically its camera position movement through space, like for example walking/driving/flying forward or looking around with a controller/mouse/keyboard instead of using the motion tracker and your own head. This type of motion is not cause by you and it cannot be detected by your vestibular system because your real body is stationary.

Games that dont cause motion sickness and nausea.

Games that only use real motion, such as you looking around by rotating your real head or moving it side to side, up and down, these kind of motions are felt by your body and your vestibular system and go hand in hand with what your eyes see, these motions do not cause dizziness or make you sick. Vanguard V is a very good example, you see your character in third person and, most of the movement in that game is natural and(done with your actual head), with the exception that you slowly fly forward, but you fly forward so slow that it doesnt effect you. Another perfect example is the desk demo from the oculus rift settings menu, you get zero dizzyness or motion sickness in that demo because in order to move through space, you have to physicaly stand up from your chair and walk around your physical room to move through space in the desk demo.
So basicaly, its games where you only rotate and move your head, real motions that go hand in hand with your vestibular system.


The most ideal use to the oculus rift system that i see would be if the helmet was made wireless and you were in a big room with motion trackers on the walls, in this room you would move around freely, moving yourself through the virtual space. Also one big boner killer to me was that i couldnt see my hands or my body in the desk demo, i couldnt try to poke through the house of cards with my finger and stuff like that, so it would be a huge plus if in addition to the VR helmet, you also had a motion capture suit on that was also constantly tracked by the motion trackers in the room, that way you would also see your body in game, making you even more immersed in the experience.

Now for games that you move through space unnaturally, maybe they could make a chair that moves and tilts and shakes in sync with the motions you are experiencing in the game, to fool your vestibular system into thinking that you are actually moving, i think this would eliminate the majority of the motion sickness.


The judder problem in DK2

So yeah, now that i found my game, i still cannot enjoy it because of a big judder problem with the DK2. I did some research and it turns out that this is mostly happening to games and demos made with the unity engine. There also seems to be different casuses and different solutions from person to person, some solve it by setting the rift to extend mode and running things direct to oculus and otehrs fix it by changing their primary monitor’s refresh rates and disconnecting all aditional monitors. The way i “solved” my problem was using clone display mode and disconnecting all my other monitors, just leaving my main monitor and the rift connected. But the problem now is that the rift needs my desktop to be in portrait mode and it looks like this, so basicaly every time i want to play a game i have to disconnect everything and do this to my display.

In its current state the dk2 is a broken piece of shit, only the desk demo and a handful of other demos that were not made using unity works right, i really hope that ts just an issue with the drivers that will be fixed with later updates and not the units themselves.

– The Oculus rift DK2 review –

So i got the overhyped dork helmet the other day and i feel like sharing my Oculus rift experience with you guys.


While it looks a lot better, its still a huge ugly plastic brick strapped to your head, it still has a bazillion wires that you have to connect and it still has hard abrasive parts pressing against your face(its like some sort of a face torture device) Now i understand that this is just an early wrok in progress but these things have to be addressed, the unit has to be made more compact, lightweight and comfortable to wear, it needs to not have a bunch of wires and be more simple and easy to set up and go, if they want this to really be a viable product that the average non sci-fi geek person would actually be interested in.

Aesthetics and comfort arent the only and arent the main problems with the Oculus right now though, The improvements they made over DK1 are just not enough. Mainly the screen, its still a cheep terrible low resolution rgb dot matrix LCD screen. While you can now sorta read texts in game menus and stuff, the slight increase in dot matrix resolution is not enough.


I mean, just fucking look at it, you might not notice this at your very first moments using it but the longer you use it the more it becomes painfully apparent.

The only real improvement so far is the ability to now track head position too, not just rotation. This gives you the full immersion and you can look around an object from sides an stuff, like in reality.

But enough about the terrible hardware, lets talk about the performance.

Now while my very first impressions of were HOLY FUCKING SHIT ABC YOU SHOULD SEE THIS, THIS IS SO REAL, HOLY SHIT MIND BLOWN when i looked around my virtual desk with my virtual pencil and my virtual plant and house of cards. But a few minutes after i have acclimated myself to it, and started noticing the terrible display resolution and blurred edges and my head started getting dizzy and some weird head tracking lag kicked. The edges of the screen are blurred and you have this weird color shift thing going on. Its impossible to read texts in menus that arent in the center, the black grid of gaps between the RGB dots starts to really strain your eyes and the more you move around, the more nauseated you get form all the motions. Theres also some issue where the head tracking stops being smooth and becomes all choppy, after a while you just wanna take it off and throw it somewhere and run to the bathroom to hug your toilet.

Overall while impressive at first, the whole Oculus rift experience is very unpleasant.
Its a cool toy for a few minutes but i do not see how anyone could seriously use this to play videogames, its impossible to understand whats going on the screen most of the time because of all the blur, color shift and low resolution, you cant aim and shoot at things that are at a distance because they are smaller than the size of the RGB dots, you cant read texts that arent in the center of your screen, such as game chats and small HUD texts, and it just makes you wanna vomit all over the place after just 10 minutes of playing.

Even if they give it a proper display, i think motion sickness will probably still remain the biggest issue with the device, its a real showstopper and you cant really fight basic human biology, your visual sense of motion has to be accompanied by the vestibular or your brain will freak out, meaning only those few lucky people who manage to cope with it or do not experience motion sickness, will be able to actually use it.

I do not see a very bright future for the Oculus rift, (now even more so since fagbook privatized it) It has been in development for so long and it still in its baby stages and it doesnt seem like its going anywhere fast. Im not really even sure if this is a real Development Kit or just a clever cash grab since, how are people supposed to actually develop anything for it when the development kit itself is in early stages of development and is subject to constant revisions.

Read more about why the Oculus rift future looks bleak here. http://annoyedadmin.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/oculus-and-the-rift-are-probably-dead/ Its a pretty good read.

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If anyone is interested, i made a new APB gameplay video

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Just wanna remind that such a thing exists, come check it out, i got gameplay videos and 3D animation and drawing and 3D tutorials and other good shit on it.

Speaking of gameplay videos, check out some of the latest ones i have uplaoded.



I hear a lot of people moaning and complaining about on disc unlockable content in videogames these days. People go all herp derp “capcom is stupid, putting content on disc, you pay full price, and to unlock them you need to pay for content thats already on the disk!” people feel entitled for every bit of data on that disc since they payed money for it. My answer is usually “but you have to understand why exactly this is done, the reason DLC is on the disc is….” and before i can continue explaining, im being interrupted by another herp derp ” SCAM!”

The reason that this extra content is on the disc is due to technical limitations, it is done so that you would be able to play against people who have the DLC and be able to see their characters on your screen properly,  the game needs to load this data on your screen, it wont just somehow magically load his character model on your screen out of think air, videogame consoles don’t run on magic. The game has to have that data somewhere, putting it on the game disc solves a lot of problems that i will get into now.

If the content wasn’t on the disc, it would segment the player base, meaning people who bought a particular character would only be able to play against people who have bought that same character and have the required game data, people who didn’t buy anything wont be able to play with people that bought something, and so on. Its kinda like the situation with the call of duty DLC, people who bought map pack 1 cant play against people who have map pack 2 or 3 or people who don’t have any map packs, with every DLC release for COD, it gets harder and harder to find a match. Other games “solve” whits problem by making you sit through a hour long game patching screen before you can play your game. Older games like quake or half life or cod4 made you sit through a hour long download screen every time you joined a none core game content server, downloading every map, texture, model and sound and it was a real killjoy, you lost the mood to play the game by the time it finished downloading all this additional content.

So, if the content wasn’t on the disc, this would make you sit through a long killjoy hour long download screen every time you wanna play a game and clog up your entire hard drive space with random game data, the data wont be on the game disc but it will instead be on your hard drive and you will still be locked out from it, so what would that accomplish? do you people ever think?. Companies like namco and capcom  didn’t want to inconvenience you ignorant fucks with such bullshit and put the data straight on the disc, so that you could have an interrupted gameplay experience. If you don’t want to pay money for additional game characters, than fucking dont! no one is forcing you so whats the problem? And no you didn’t pay money for that extra data even if its on your disc, you don’t pay 60 bucks for zeros and ones, you do not pay 60 bucks for the 25ct piece of plastic that the zeros and ones are on, you pay for the experience that the company is selling you, just like you pay for experience when you go to a movie theater, you don’t pay money to own a physical copy of the movie, you pay money to see the movie. It just so happens that the company decided to take extra for that extra bit of experience the DLC will provide you in addition to the core experience that you payed for, they had to work extra on it and the game already costs a lot so they wont force you to pay that extra, thats why its locked.

So long story short, only people who dont understand the technical aspect of how games work go all “herp derp scam” and making a big deal out of the extra bit of unlockable data being symbolically called a DLC, you didnt pay money for that extra data when you bought the game, you payed money for the core game experiance, not a round piece of plastic or zeros and ones engraved on it, if you want extra experiance, pay that extra.

Anyway, thanks to all the whiny bitches, the rest of us have to sit through hours of updating before we can play a game.