This section is where you are going to find all the needed resources for creating mods, addons and other content related to my products.

– 3D reference material –

Reference material for clothing, and other kind of 3D content creators.


The Avatar 2.0 mesh dummy v2

I have updated the shape of the head and shoulders to match the current Avatar 2.0 shape more closely, but more importantly, i have added the much requested boob sizes too. Each boob size is in a separate object layer.

For those who arent familiar with what this is, the Avatar 2.0 mesh dummy is a tool for people who want to develop mesh clothing and other stuff for the Avatar 2.0.

You can use it as a shape guide if you wanna make clothing for Avatar 2.0.
You can use it as a rigging tool along with the bone weight copy script, by copying its weights onto your mesh clothing or character.
You can use it as a learning tool to learn rigging and experiment on it.

Current 1.14.x dummies (fitmesh/bento)

Old dummies
Old bento version


Kemono avatar mesh dummy

Same as the Avatar 2.0 mesh dummy, this will allow you to create content for the kemono avatar as well as learn stuff. I have included 2 versions, one is for those of you who use the Avastar tool and one for everybody else. You will need Avastar 1.0.873 for the Avastar version to work.

things to know:

This dummy is just a rough representation of the Kemono avatar’s shape so it is borderline impossible to create skintight clothing that doesnt clip using this dummy.
When uplaoding your rigged creations, do not import the kemono skeleton joint posittions, the kemono avatar doesnt need that and it will just break things for you.
Using its skeleton for your own avatar isn’t recommended because it has custom joint positions that do not match the default SL avatar’s joint posittions.

Read the included readme.txt for more information.

Get it here
Bento version

Unofficial Maya .MA and Autodesk .FBX versions by Trin Diesel

ABC’s chest dummies
Boobs dummy:
Flat dummy:
Male dummy:


Rikugou mesh dummy

Same story as above, use this to make armors and other addons for Rikugou.

Get it here


M3 head dummies

Each head is in a separate object layer, the Venus head is the non slim shape, back/top of the head may be incorrect shape.

Get them here

M4 head dummies

The M4 Anime Head(shape 2 included):
The M4 Chibi Head:
The M4 Venus head:
The M4 Mars Head:


– Textures and UV maps –

Textures and UV maps for modding purposes.

(All the textures for Rikugou and M3 related things can be found included with the product itself)


M4 Texture Developer Kit –  Textures, UV maps, and other M4 texture creation resources.
M4 Venus Texture Developer Kit – Textures, UVs, neck blending kit and other resources.
MB2.rar – Textures and UV maps for the Avatar 2.0 Skins, Clothing and Other stuff.
av2 1.14.x – New skins for avatar 2.0 v1.14
1.14 texture – New UV maps and textures for the Avatar 2.0 v1.14 head

KTDK.rawr – Kemono texture development kit for making Kemono texture mods.
Kemono default skins.rawr – All the default 12 skin textures.

skintight.rar – Textures and UV maps for the following items:
Arm glove kit
Stockings and kneesocks
Long and short socks
Low cut panties
Spandex pants and shors

Clothing.rar – Textures and UV maps for the following items:
Shorts (open and closed)
Punk skirt
Short skirt
D2 skirt
Tank top

Clothing2.7z – Textures and UV maps for the following items:
O.CA Scarf
School top
School swimsuit

hoodies.rar – Textures and UV maps for the following items:
Long hoodie (male/female)
Sleveless hoodie (male/female)
Short hoodie

suits.rar – Textures and UV maps for the following items:
TCC bodysuits
CCCP body suit
MGA2 Body suit

s4.rar – Textures and UV maps for the S4 outfit – O.CA chest armor texture pack – O.CA arm and leg armor pack
footware.rar– Textures and UV maps for the Boots and Skate shoes

– Misc –

Other random stuff.

My modified version mo24 skin for metasequoia v2-v3

151 Responses to Downloads

  1. ibigfire says:

    The skintight.rar is broken, and a bunch of the links lead to clothing.rar instead of their intended file.

  2. omocha says:

    yay! stuff to mod!

  3. Dec says:

    Any chance of including the nipples with the dummy mesh?

  4. Childish says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what are these for? Second Life? And what does no transfer mean?

  5. Jennifer says:

    It would be better if these were obj’s because I use Maya and I’m not good at converting from Blender. Anyway, I can try to learn blender again I guess. Thank you for offering these. I sent you an IM in game, asking for this information. Didn’t realize you already had it out. Thanks again.

    • theres nothing to be good or bad at, just select the model, go to file>export>obj>ok

      • Jennifer says:

        I am trying to learn blender though now. It seems to have some easier functions if I can figure out how to access them. However, in your scene, the layout is all jacked up and I don’t know how to reset it to default, lol. I need default to follow along with tutorials and such.

      • Oh yeah, thats because its saved with an old version of blender that has a different UI, the new blender tries to recreate the UI from the file.

      • Jennifer says:

        ok, I figured out how to reset the UI. For anyone else that might need to know, just open the file up in Blender(don’t open the file in explorer) and untick load UI.

    • Hazonku says:

      I feel you on that. I only use Blender for my rigging. So I just export to OBJ. do my modelling, UV maps, & Textures in Zbrush, & then throw it all back into Blender for the rigging & upload to SL.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Also, I was wondering if there’s an M3 head base out there somewhere? I tried out the long hoodie for Av 2.0, but it doesn’t work with the m3 head. I also want to make hairs, hats, and ribbons for my m3 head. And maybe some cloaks as well.

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  9. Ikey Ilex says:

    For the dummy bodies of the Avatar 2.0, would it be possible to have a 3dsMax compatable version?

  10. jinx Tharnaby says:

    I know this may be stupid but is it possible to rig the avatars 2.0 clothing to fit the kemono? Like will these uvs also work and be able to be applied to kemono in sl?

    • no, both avatars have compleatly different shapes and geometries, looser clothing can be edited and rigged to kemono but all the skin tight stuff has to be maid from scratch

  11. Alan says:

    “Using its skeleton for your own avatar isn’t recommended because it has custom joint positions that do not match the default SL avatar’s joint posittions.”
    i work in blender…so… how can I know that the clothes correctly attached and would not be as usual a little ahead of the kemono body? I had imported shape from SL as usual, a have skeleton, but… I do not understand… I would be appreciate, if you would help me. Screenshot or video, whatever. I realy wanted to create clothing for Kemono avatar, i loved it! and I do not want to give up…
    Thank you!

  12. Chee Donikon says:

    Will there be a Rikugou Lite mesh dummy?

  13. · · Mii · · says:

    I cant seem to find the texture for the m3 head, this might sound stupid but i cant find the texture for the m3 head and i want to make a mod for it ^^; if you know what file its in could you please let me know (also i love your store :D)

  14. Hello, I’m trying to make socks and boots for Kemono, but I have some problems rigging the Right leg, the left one works fine, but the right does not rig correctly and make a mess,
    I don’t know if there a step that I’m skipping in the avastar dummy.

  15. RevRuby says:

    is there anyway to have a dummy for the kemono head? i’m interested in making a mesh nose mod for ponies, but i’m kinda a perfectionist and would love to have an obj or what not to work with.

  16. Alex says:

    you have an avatar 2.0 optimized for avastar plugin for blender?

  17. says:

    Thanks I will look at these. I am trying to learn blender to make statues and wondered how to make the avatar figure, after its posed, be a statue or model. Self learning and very little in the way of help for newbie blender learners I see.

  18. Thinks are down for me?

  19. xSnow says:

    Unless I am missing it completely…
    Is there a spot where I can get the wire mesh for the layour of the skins?
    Because I would like to properly make a skin but I work better with wire meshes.

  20. Megano Hashimoto says:

    Thanks for these. While I don’t make mods, I do want to learn better rigging. Though I know most of that in the end comes down to getting used to it and gaining personal skill. But these definitely help as guidelines. Anyway, have fun with your builds.

  21. Draco Silverpath says:

    Is there any chance of getting these in versions for something other than blender?? I use both 3ds max and Maya professionally, and would liek to be able to rig for the kemono in one of those if at all possible.

  22. RooksAndKings says:

    I downloaded the kemono base to create a texture for it, but when I opened the standard rigged version in blender and opened the UV map I was greeted with a tangled mess of UVs. I’d really like to paint on the model in a 3d program, but the UVs aren’t unwrapped. I’m wondering if I’ve done something horribly wrong or if the file you’ve included just isn’t actually unwrapped.

    • oh yeah the dummy doesnt have a UV
      i dont know why i thought that was a good idea

      • Kayla says:

        please can we have this? :<

      • Tynach says:

        There is a tool in Blender to copy a UV map from one model to another, where even with different geometry it will intelligently match things up as closely as possible. It’s fairly easy to do, here’s one walkthrough I found:

        I’m betting that this would still be greatly appreciated :3

      • UV is not not the issue here, if the skin textures were not specifically made for this, it wont matter what kind of UV you got, as loves2Build already showed with their experiments and example images.

      • Tynach says:

        I’m deeply confused. I can’t find a mention of anyone called ‘loves2Build’ here in the comments, and Googling that with ‘blender’, ‘uv map’, and ‘second life’ doesn’t yield anything useful.

        My only real reason for being interested in a UV-mapped 3D model is that, well, I tremendously suck at visual-spatial processing – enough so that my low scores in that alone got me diagnosed with autism. I’m basically as far from being an artist as possible.

        But at the same time, I still have fun messing around with Blender, and I’ve lately been learning how to use the texture paint tools. I’ve made a few custom brushes using textures, and done things like make a cube have a furry bump map… But I figure hey, why not try it on something a little more ‘real’?

        I use your Kemono avatar on Second Life, and remembered there being a low-poly version of its 3D model available to download.. So I downloaded it. Lo and behold, however, it’s not UV-mapped… So I can’t use the texture paint tools with it.

        For my particular ‘use’, it would be nice if the UVs lined up with the real model, so I could preview how it’d look in SL on the real model. However, because I am not an artist and don’t intend on making any L$ off textures or anything like that, I don’t really care if the UVs don’t line up quite right.

        I’ve tried doing the UV mapping myself, but… I can’t really visualize where I should even try to make the seams, and I can’t visualize where the seams should be by looking at the 2D UV map templates given in the zip file here. I can’t even tell which half of the foot is the top or the bottom on the humanoid feet part.

        Since you (presumably still) have access to the 3D models uploaded to SL, you could theoretically just use the ‘data transfer’ tool to ‘copy’ the UV maps from the real version to the low-poly version you share here, and it would give a ‘close enough’ approximation. At the very least it’d be close enough for weirdos like me who just want to mess around for fun out of boredom.

        Then again, it really would be just to mess around for fun out of boredom, at least for me. As a result, it might not really be worth the trouble, and that’s something I can understand.

        I just felt like maybe there was some miscommunication going on, and figured I’d clear it up.

        Sorry for the wall ‘o text >.< I tend to over-explain sometimes.. And I'm not really sure what should be taken out or left in.

      • oh, i didnt realize this wasnt on the venus head comments section, you can find love2build’s proposal and our discussion here

        you can find the full detail necks with UV maps intact included with the M4 venus head dummies as well as the neck blending kit, also neck blending tutorial can be found here

  23. Tabby says:

    Hey thanks for the textures! Was wondering, could you update the suit’s so they have the flat version of their textures? Keep up the great work by the way!

  24. Kouki says:

    Is the 2.0 body dummy UV mapped? I tried putting a skin on it and set it to use the UV coordinates, but it is all jumbled up. @_@

  25. Saki says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your products and your work is amazing! thank you so much for all your hard work on SL :)

  26. undeadwolf says:

    Hi like Saki said i love your work but i have problems when i try to make clothes to my Kemono Avatar every time i make clothes doesn’t go to where should go and sometime it doesn’t fit, i tried every tutorial to do clothes. i´m new when i work with Blender so can you give me a little of help and i know you must be annoyed with our silly questions but i like to have more clothes for the avatar and thanks beforehand

  27. NekamiWolf says:

    well i made a dress but i have the same problem here is the file. this is my stoarge of files!SA4kVZyQ!wvRyNluPvBimOa8Yr1zt7VKd1HutSHjfTU7znB3VCF8

    • I see, the problem is that the kemono dummy is not as high poly count as the actual kemono model in game, skin tight things are not possible to make. As for your panties, you are trying to make what has already been made by otehr creators, you could just pick one of their panties up and make a texture mod for it, it will be a lot more easy.

      • NekamiWolf says:

        but some cost over 50 L$ but if upload my own will cost me cheaper. since i dont have a way to buy L$ i always spend time on Linden Realm just to gain a little of L$ and i want to gain more L$ to buy another ava like the Bunny Puzzle Viss Avatar or another furry avatar.
        thanks anyway

  28. NekamiWolf says:

    how much time did you spend making the Kemono and what programs did you use?

  29. Mugenisha says:

    I recently downloaded the kemono skeleton, but! It’s under the .RAR file. Am I missing something ? >.< How do I import into Blender?

  30. Qaus says:

    Would it be possible to get a PSD files for stuff instead of PNG/TGA/JPG?

  31. Shura says:

    Love all your work! Would it be possible to get the textures/UV maps for the Avatar 2.0 swimsuit?

  32. Freyja says:

    Hey utilizator, would it be possible to get a dummy with the humans legs for the kemono avatar in the download section?

  33. Fur says:

    I have a few suggestions:

    Would love TORSO MUSCLE control. I would make my arms bigger

    And more LOVE HANDLE control. I prefer a bit narrower.

    But i do love the body!

  34. Samii says:

    For creating textures for the animal leg stockings, what map should I be using?

  35. trinity rhayne says:

    might be a stupid question but will there ever be a release of a kemono head object for content creators?

  36. Alyssa Starlight says:

    Hi utilizator, I was wonder if you can add M3 head base model for make a mask?

  37. Akena says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you have any advice on how to make my clothes not skintight? I read your notes on saying we shouldn’t do that since the dummy isn’t perfect, I use marvelous designer and blender, everytime I make something, it looks so good on MD and Blender, but once I upload them, there is a lot of clipping, I used some alphas and I guess it worked for a tshirt, but then I made a dress and used alphas, and even though it worked, if you move your camera to see under the dress, it’s invisible, so I don’t want that, I want to make it right, so I tried making the kemono body fatter, so my clothes would be bigger, but obviously, even if it worked on blender, they didnt work once uploaded, they went back to the kemono’s body default size, so I guess I realized it doesnt follow the body per se, it follows the skeleton right? or whatever its called, there are some loops around the kemono dummy when I open it on blender, so I select those and my clothes to transfer the weight, but I don’t know if “rigging” is something totally different than just sharing the weight or something, maybe I just need to make the skeleton/ connection joints/ loops (whatever they are called, or I am so lost and confused) around the dummy any bigger, I don’t know if its possible and if its legal to do so, I just wish there was a better dummy lol but of course I can’t ask you for that, but perhaps any advice you may have for me? I am new to this, I love your work and I’d love to make my own outfits ^-^ I am just having problems with the clipping :/ I’ve watched many tutorials and searched for kemono tutorials on google but it’s futile -sigh- I am sorry for typing a novel, I just need help and I am out of ideas, and the people I have asked on SL are kind of mean, please and thank you :D

  38. kottenhayd says:

    Hi, Utilizator.
    Can u update Kemono for latest ver. of Avastar? I have some troubles with it.

  39. angelloveyou18 says:

    hello, i love your products and was hoping to learn how to make skins of my own for the body but im new to this and pretty much teaching myself, mind helping me out? i dont know what to download and how to do this so help would be great. the name i left is my SL name if needed

  40. Morti says:

    Hey, I’ve been using your Kemono rig for a while along with avastar. For some reason though, when I tried to make a onesie using the normal process, it’s not binding to the armature properly or copying any of the weights over. Even if I try to hand paint the weights on it, it’s not associating it with the rig in pose mode even though it’s bound to it. The body itself is moving with the rig, but any mesh objects I try to bind to it aren’t. I’m sorry if I’m overlooking something stupid >___<

  41. asd says:

    Is there a version of the 2.0 with the propper ingame UV layout?

  42. Cynro~ says:

    I just noticed that the kemono dummy has a little problem.. there is the animal legs version but the human legs seems to not be there is possible to fix this?

  43. Yobi Gochida says:

    Any word on a base mesh or dummy mesh for the m3 head? I’m working on a lalafell avatar and would like to make it m3 compatible. I really just need the neck so I can match my geometry to it, but having even a rough version of the head to get an idea of proportion would be useful.

  44. Aya says:

    I was wondering if you have MAYA dummy versions of the avatar 2.0, since I only see the kemono types.

  45. Alyssa Brightstar says:

    are you planning to update rikugou to have bento hands like kemono and avi 2.0?

  46. csdavidandrezcs says:

    I have an issue with the bento rig of the kemono body. When i select the item in the layer it’s suppose to be, in the right top corner says the quantity of objects there are in the scene, it doesn’t recognize any of them, so when i export to collada, i get an error saying the file is empty.

  47. IttyBittyKitty says:

    I want to paint the skin textures in blender because its much easier on a 3D body I have tried it using and the body he provided in the description but it looks like its missing some of the UV’s. It would be awesome if their were a video out there somewhere or a step by step guide with pictures but i cant find anything like that.

  48. Freyja says:

    Would it be possible to get a texture showing where the alphas are on the Avatar 2.0 and Kemono bodies?

  49. bunbun says:

    hello! i am having a very annoying problem, when using the kemono dummy in blender the clothes i’ve made are positioned and rigged correctly but when exported into sl, they are way off the body’s axis!!! i’m aware the dummy is a rough representation but this is just completely off.. i feel like such a fool..what am i doing wrong?

  50. Aria Brightstar says:

    uh why the kemono avastar broke the mesh that I was work on it..? – original in blender – broken in sl (I’m using kemono)
    and the avastar is 2.5.1 version but this one file that is way out of date… how I fix this? DX but they removed that version 2.0.23 in that archive list on avastar website…

  51. Alterissue says:

    Heya Ultilizator, sorry for the random message but is there any chance you could put up your Normie head as well?

  52. Riko Lili says:

    I was wondering where is dummy m4 chibi neck mesh model blend file?

  53. Saelryth says:

    Hey there, first I would like to say that I love your work! I have a kemono myself, and want to make a special texture for it, so I am slowly learning how. Where I run into issues, however, is in blender, when I try to put my texture on the dummy models you provided. I used your uv maps as a template, and keep them in .png form, have followed a basic painting tutorial, and everything looks ok on the map, yet when I place the map into blender and apply it to the kemono dummy, the image tiles itself in tiny tiles instead of stretching to fit the dummy.
    I have tried playing with the settings in blender to see if it was a manual error, but so far, it looks like I’m not doing anything wrong.
    I wondered if maybe i needed to re-size the maps first, and then in order to export them to SL, shrink back down like your notecard says, but I’m not sure if that will solve my issue, or how big i need to resize the uv map to to make it big enough to wrap around the dummy.
    Do you have any tips or advice for this issue?
    thank for your time

    • hey, if you mean the rigging dummy, it has no UV maps to work with

      • Saelryth says:

        So if thats the case, will i have to upload the textures into sl to see if i have drawn them properly? My apologies for being so incompetent over this kind of stuff! Dx

      • lol dont worry about it, also you dont need to upload it, use the local texture option instead, you can see instant preview of your changes every time you save the texture without having to upload it and adding it on the model

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