– RIP Skills Hak –

So as many of you who arent living under a rock, have already heard that Skills got perma banned again and looks like its for real this time. Here’s her blog post about it.


I find it kind of a pants on head retarded move by LL to ban someone who sinks so much money into their dieing game, someone who runs a place that they use to promote their dieing game, someone helps them fix their dieing game. GG linden lab.

Anyway, Skills was always surrounded by controversy, hated by many little dicked gingers, copybotters, safe hub memester trolls  and wanna be grieffer youtube stars, for basically nothing more than not bending over backwards to these people and taking it up the ass, But none of them took the time to get to know the real Skills Hak and her contribution to the game.
Skills is a great friend and we had some good times together, especially when we moved to cumboy canyon (later named poop cuz lindens dont like cum). Skills gave us a fantasy land of our own where we could all gather to circle jerk and let out creativity flow free, cumming up with hilarious sim build ideas, new creative ways to kill clueless memesters wandering the sim, create whatever we wanted. We had a blast with all those sim builds and none of that would have been possible without Skills. You say you want to be a mommy now, but you always were our mommy <3

This ban means those fun days are now over, we will miss it but life goes on, and maybe theres some more good times to be had ahead, who knows, but i feel too tired to invest any more of my time and effort into playing this game and building something, especially when it all can just be taken away from you like that whenever LL pleases.


– Jelly babies will take over SL soon (AKA how linden lab is planing to break second life) –

So theres a lot of talk about the upcoming patch that will break SL visually, so i think its time for me to rant about it too.

So we all know how laggy and unplayable SL can be, its probably one of the biggest problems with second life today.

LL is going to do what LL does best, implement a half assed fix for a symptom instead of fixing the cause of the problem, optimizing the viewer, fixing how it handles video memory, making the viewer use full capabilities of your videocard’s processing power(it uses CPU to calculate and only uses GPU to draw), And maybe even making a D3D version of the client for windows users.

Anyway, this “solution” that LL came up with will undermine the whole point of mesh avatars and i suspect this will make a lot of people just quit SL in the log run. It will Automatically derender any avatars exceeding whatever arbitrary render weight setting that you or LL chooses for you by default. You wont be able to wear your fancy mesh outfits, bodies and heads without being visually muted for everyone around you, you will have to go back to using the linden body and linden avatar body and its crappy body paint clothing layer. (It will tell you when you are muted though)

Current problem with render weight calculation is that it sums up everything, including the LOD for every object you wear(LODs that the game doesnt even use because of a rigged mesh LOD bug),  instead of what your video card has to actually draw on your screen. This calculation is horribly inaccurate, it doesnt tell you what actually makes you lag, and people just abuse the rigged mesh LOD bug to cheat the render weight count.
To calculate real render weight, the viewer would need to calculate it in real time and only the things your video card has to actually render, anything else added to that just undermines the whole calculation. You can look at a perfectly fine avatar low polygon avatar that for some reason has an absurd render wight and not lag looking at it, and you can look at an avatar that has an excessive amount of polygons but abuses the LOD bug that makes it have a low render weight, and it makes your viewer go 5 frames per second (People cheat render weight by using single triangles for all the LODs)

So here’s what i think should happen first before this feature is implemented.

  1. The rigged mesh LOD bug has to be fixed, currently the game doesnt use LODs and displays the same high detail model on all distances, this, apart from texture memory issues, is what they should be focusing on if they really want to fix the lag.
  2. The render weight calculation has to be done in real time and only count things that are being rendered, if this is not possible to do without rewriting the whole code, at least make the render weight calculation only count the high detail objects and not the LODs because its absurd, your wearing 1 object at the time, not all 4 different detail versions of it.

Btw one legit benefit of this jelly baby feature is that it would make graphics crashers impossible, instead of implementing this to the UI, they should instead just leave it in the debug settings menu but set it to a certain max amount by default so that it would still show everyone correctly but at the same time would automatically derender any graphics crashers.


– Nice troll LL, 10/10 well played –

Okay so, dunno if anyone seen the recent LL announcement, where they talk bout all the improvements they did to mesh and other stuff. It was like, WOW LL is no longer ignoring the important issues and is actually doing something to move this game forward, instead of pretending they are doing something, this is so amazing :O http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Check-Out-the-Latest-Improvements-to-Second-Life/ba-p/2895496

The thing in their announcement that got me excited the most was “We’re upgrading support for mesh import: an upcoming Viewer update will allow uploading models that have more than eight unique faces” This would open up so many new possibilities for mesh, it would let me optimize the shit out of the av2, kemono and M3, and remove all sorts of frustrating, dead end limitations on what can be done, it would make my work so much easier and let me focus on creation instead of figuring out ways around those limitations. I finally had my respect back for LL.


But then…..


The public beta notes came and “Using these new features, models with more than 8 unique faces can be imported. Gone are the days of importing complicated meshes in pieces with “some assembly required”. At import, these models are automatically split into pieces so that each satisfy the current face limits for a volume.”

This is fucking, pants on head retarded, this wont allow us to upload models with more than 8 faces, this will just automatically break them up into separate models, with you having no control over how its done, just like their lazy ass LOD and physics generation algorithms. And the part about “some assembly required” There was no assembly required! you could upload linksets of separate mesh objects in one go. You had full control on how your mesh in your 3D editor of choice and upload them as linksets, instead of giving it to a crappy algorithm that does it whatever random manner.  This new “feature” is just fucking stupid and meaningless and will only enable people who have no idea what the fuck they are doing, to hit up the game even more with their terrible, unoptimized wastes of polygons.

So yeah, well done LL, once again you did absolutely nothing and made us all think you are doing something to move the fucking game forward.

– Second Life 2.0 (for real this time) –

So i assume you all have probably heard about Second Life 2.0 by now. People often ask me what is my view on this, so imma give my 2 cents on this matter as well (and generate some copypasta for the next time someone asks :D).

Ok so SL 2.0, is it a good thing, is it bad, do we need a new sl? well I personally would wish that instead of spending all that time, money and effort on building a new game, they would concentrate it all on fixing this current one. On the other hand, this game is so fucked up beyond repair, that a fresh start might be the only way to fix it.

Theres some pants on head retarded rumours going around about how LL is going to pull the plug on SL after SL 2.0 is out. I wish people would stop listening to rumours and look for real information from real sources, like the linden labs blog that clearly states that they wont be killing or even phasing out SL any time soon or ever, if no one stops playing it.
Also shutting down the old SL would be a commercial suicide to LL, especially when SL2 is in its infancy. They need to have a safe harbor that they can return to in case shit doesnt go the way they planed it.

So ummm, LL hasn’t disclosed any specific information about how the game will work and what technology will it employ so its kinda early to say how eager i am to move to SL 2.0.

I would however be all for SL 2.0 if it had the following things in it:

Clothing and hair simulation.
IK targets (for stuff like holding guns right, no matter what shape you have, or your legs interacting with the surface you are walking on)
Custom bone structures (like ability to have finger bones or a tail or extra arms and all that stuff)
Morphs and joint morph targets (for adjusting the avatar’s shape and face, face expressions, hand positions, nice joint deformations and so on)(fuck fitted mesh)
A proper material editor maybe.
More useful script commands and no technical limitations like one particle system per script and so on.
A more informative compiler.
Special built in functionality in the client/server itself, for handling things like vehicles, weapons, sword combat, combat interactions with avatars(like punching someone would actually make the hit connect and move their avatar), scoring and other gameplay elements, to make games on SL perform like real games and not some disjointed laggy wtfisgoingon shit. Having this functionality built into the client/server instead of having to write complicated 54651531351 lines of script to do such seemingly simple tasks, that are impossible to do smoothly anyway because of all the fucking sim lag.
Proper key mapping in scripts, so you would be able to bind any keyboard key you want to a script without having to use gestures.
Creation tools that let you create meshes ingame.
User owned sims.
Bring back old sl features lost over time like water simulation, mirror surfaces destruction physics and rain.
A proper optimized client with a customizable UI and features.
Disallow third party clients.

But yeah, all of this is just wishful thinking, we would be lucky if even 1 or 2 things from this list would be implemented into the new game. And in general im a bit skeptical about SL 2.0, do you really expect someone as incompetent as LL, who takes 3 years to fix a bug, breaks 10 other things with their lazy fix and cant even do something as simple as adding a button to the UI. On top of that, a company that doesnt even understand its own product or its own userbase, ignores feedback, keeps fixing whats not broken, implementing shit that no one asked for, and keeps on making other pants on head retarded decisions, like shitting all over their front page and user dashboard with malware containing ADs, and keeps trying to take the game to directions that no one wants to go to.

And finally, remember this?patternshow well did that work out?

Now there is a rumor that SL 2.0 is just a codename because secretly LL has been funding Philip linden who is working on his own project called high fidelity. But i do not see high fidelity as a proper replacement for SL because 1. Philip linden is a childish visionary that is still hyped up with early 90s concepts of virtual reality and doesn’t understand that no one really cares about that stupid shit anymore. 2. His project is all about live expressive interactions between players through their their avatars, using expensive motion capture and virtual reality equipment that no one in their right mind would consider buying. His game is all based on recreating that real life face to face communication (I dont think he ever heard about skype video calls) and is not really in tune with what the current SL is about. In fact, Philip left LL because SL wasnt in tune with how he envisioned SL to be when he created it. I just dont see how this would interest all the socially awkward shut ins that are playing SL. Also his game looks like ass in its current state.

– So here’s whats up –

Haven’t posted anything in ages and theres a lot to post about, heres some of those things.

Fitted mesh

As everyone and their mom already heard, fitted mesh is a thing now….. sorta? (i dont really understand LL’s statements, its like, already implemented and working and we all can try it out but its not out yet?)

So yeah, everyone and their mom are also asking me, what is my stance on fitted mesh and will i implement it myself into my products, So lets begin! First of all, theres a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions about it. Some say its some kind of a special mesh, others believe it somehow magically takes shape of whatever you are wearing it on, an lot of people think they can say goodbye to alpha masks, so what the fuck is fitted mesh anyway and how does it work?
Fitted mesh, known before as liquid mesh(another pants on head retarded misleading name on SL, given to it by the jackasses who discovered it and wanted to keep it as a commercial secret) is just a regular rigged mesh object but on top of the standard LL avatar skeleton weight maps, it has an additional set of weighting groups for the LL avatar’s collision skeleton. What is a collision skeleton? The collision skeleton is an old, half implemented and forgotten feature by lazy ass lindens (just like half of everything else on SL) it gives a physical shape for your character so that it could react to its environment, like for example everyone who is playing videogames, know what ragdoll physics are. The LL avatar at some point was supposed to have this too, but it was never fully implemented and abandoned (LL settled for one huge dumb collision box instead), so the only parts of the skeleton that actually reacts to anything are the avatar’s legs, you can test this by making a prim ramp or just walking up a hill on linden terrain with your AO off, and see how your avatar’s legs react to the uneven surface. Now to accurately represent your avatar’s shape, the collision skeleton also reacts to the appearance editor sliders and stretches to fill in the dimensions of all your body parts. Fitted mesh takes advantage of this by being rigged to this skeleton and stretching itself along with it. This was clearly not how the skeleton was intended to be used tho so lol.

BTW LL isnt actually introducing anything new, they just added a few more bones to it for stuff like boob jiggle, its another great example of LL doing the bare minimum on other people’s work and pretending they are moving the game forward.


So what is my stance on it? Fitted mesh isnt something you should too excited about, while generally its a way better solution than Qarl’s mesh deformer project, it’s still just a shitty work around instead of a real solution to the problem. The LL avatar uses a mesh feature called morphs, morphs are what animates the face, expressions, blink, hands positions, and morphs also control every aspect of editing your avatar’s appearance.  From the size of your ass and tits to all the facial details, all is done using morphs. The creator can specify exactly how the biggest boob size will look, or the smallest nose (Morphs were one of the features we have requested LL to add to mesh during the beta, but LL just made up shitty ass excuses not to add it) None of this can be done by just rigging stuff to the collision skeleton, most of the stuff just wont look right.

assAnd oh yeah, you will still need to use alphas to hide your LL avatar’s body parts because their shapes will not match the the thing you are wearing.


So what are my plans regarding fitted mesh and my products? Well the Avatar 2.0 is definitely gonna be getting a fitted mesh upgrade at some point. Im thinking of making 2 versions, one will be fitted mesh, the other wont. You will be able match fitted mesh clothes made by other creators to the avatar better if the avatar itself wont be fitted mesh. Rikugou is not going to get a fitted mesh version because that would break compatibility with all the armor attachments. I do not have any fitted mesh plans for anything else that isnt Avatar 2.0 related.

– Current projects –

Im currently working on 2 things, one is a new avatar project. I noticed that furries took a liking to the Avatar 2.0 but i feel like its not really all that well suited for such a thing, most avatar 2.0 furries look like humans with body paint on them. The reason they prefer to use the Avatar 2.0 is simply because it is probably the only mesh body out there that has that amount of needed hide areas and stuff, all the other mesh furry avatars offer minimum or no hideable areas at all, making it impossible to wear anything on them. And they dont really offer that many things you could wear, you can only texture mod the basic few clothing items they come with, so most of them are always wearing the same pants and shirt. So im planing on making an avatar that would solve these problems. More details about that are gonna come soon.

The other project is a preparation for a new hangout area in the AMH sim, It will have an anime school setting. Currently im redoing the mall in mesh, you might not notice the changes till you look closer, all of this is mostly to reduce the prim count and render load.

Also for those who are wondering when the fuck is the boob sizes dummy file coming already, i honestly have no idea, soon probably? I will also need to sit down and make a bunch of dummy models not just for av2 but also for Rikugou when i finally get around to do it.

– Talentless scrubs profiting of other people’s work –

Speaking about the mall, i have recently kicked out a few sellers that were selling content ripped from other videogames. We have a rule in the mall that the content you are selling has to be either created by you or you have a legal permission to be reselling that content, and we take this rule seriously. These people who either cant read, think we are stupid or think the rules are not for them, were selling items that were clearly ment to be used with different shaders and graphical engines, the quality of the modeling didnt match the quality of their vendor images and store presentation,


the textures clearly looked like they are missing normal and specular maps and special shaders. And when asked technical questions about how they made it(that a person who has the skill and experience to make things of this quality could easily answer), they either didnt understand what im asking them and gave an answer about a completely different thing unrelated thing, or tried to sound smart as if they know the technical part and tried to build and answer out of random technical sounding words. When asked if they made the models themselves or are they from a game, they chose lie about it or come up with some unclear non answer like “its based on an armor in a game” Unfortunately for them, i looked it up on those ripped game model download sites and downloaded the models myself, so that i could compare models and textures side by side :D…..

So, if you are running a mall, heres how you can spot who is selling stolen content.

1. The vendor images and the whole presentation is not on par with the things being sold, when you compare the shitty ass vendors made in MS paint to the thing they sell, you can clearly see how talentless the person really is.
2. The rigging quality is not on par with the quality of the model, you would think that someone who can make something as awesome and know how to make special joints in the model for the most optimum rigging quality, would know something about how to rig the model too. But instead you get things like solid parts that shouldn’t move are stretching and moving along with everything else, armpits getting inverted when arms are lowered down, arms and legs bending like garden hoses, the stomach area above the hips collapsing inside itself when sitting.
3. Its a one piece object, you cannot take anything of it, seems kinda strange knowing the needs of SL, It also terribly alpha glitches with itself, its not divided into separate faces for alphas, instead the overall thing is one huge alpha, and finally, the polygon count is strangely low or strangely high, not optimized for second life at all.
4. The quality and style of craft of the things being sold are radically different from each other, sometimes some really terrible rat ass prim shit builds with terrible textures are sold right next to high quality custom textured objects.
5. The textures look dry and lifeless, they are clearly missing something and they are clearly look like they are just mere defuse maps that were meant to be used in combination with shaders, normal and specular mapping in real time to create a dynamic surface.
6. The seller lacks the most basic understanding of 3D modeling, techniques, terminology, unable to answer questions about how he made it.

If you think you spotted ripped game content but you wanna be 100% sure before you take action, heres what you can do, go to google and use the following methods to find the model in question.

Method 1 – Search for keywords like “3d, model, download, free, riped, game” you will find a bunch of free model download sites, use their search to look for the name of the character or object or the game its ripped from.

Method 2 – This one works a lot better most of the time, go to google image search and look for keywords like “3d, model, ripped” + the name of the character or object or the game its ripped from.

Method 3 – I found this one to work the best, go to google image search and write the name of the character or object or the game its ripped from + xnlara. xnlara is a program for posing and animating ripped game models, i think its intended to be used for machinima but all that everyone ever does with it is porn of female game characters. There is a huge xnlara community that actively rip and share game models to be used with it.

If you have found the model you were looking for, but its in some strange format that you cannot open to compare its wireframe with the model on SL in wireframe mode (ctrl shift r i think, dont remember exactly). dont worry about it, all you really need is the texture. Upload the texture to SL and put it on the model, if the UV maps are identical(and they will be if its the same model), the texture will fit like a glove. If the thing is set to no mod, Zoom in on a part of the texture on the model in SL and open the texture from the model you downloaded, look at the same part of the texture and compare them pixel by pixel, there will be tiny details like scratches and bullet holes and whatever that is identical. And actually you dont even need to go into that kind of detail, just the overall drawing style and colors and tones and all that stuff will tell you that its the same thing.


I have nothing against ripping and uploading game models to SL if its for for your personal usage, as long as you arent selling it and pretending you made it. You can share it with your friends if you want but dont spread it around on a massive scale with your name as creator attached to it like a jackass, not only will you get in trouble yourself, you might get SL in trouble when some massive company files a massive DMCA and it kinda hurts the economy of SL too because, why should anyone buy this or that sword or gun if they just got a cool ass sword from a friend for free, so think before you dont.I really should have posted this by itself so that people could link it.

– Google, the cancer of the internet –


Back in the day, google used to be something that is in touch with what the people like you and me really need, they where the visionaries and innovators and always on top of things. But all that has started to slowly change when Google was bought by that whatever its name larger company that now runs it. The first fail was the google laptop that couldnt do anything other than google search the internet. Than the internet censorship began and google started blocking websites that random entities with money and influence didnt want you to see. from the day google got acquired by that large soulless company, i felt this worry that it will all go to shit somehow, and i was right. Like cancer google was spreading, its tendrils penetrating every aspect of the internet till it became an inseparable part of your online life. Your search engine, your web browser, your email service, your chat, your phone number, your smartphone, your contacts, every website you visit in form of google adds, and finaly the tendrils reached one of the internet’s vital organs, youtube.
The more google integrated into our online experience, the less personal, our personal life has become. google knew everything about us, our search preferences, our contacts, the contents of our mail. It held our privacy in its hands. And once its got everything from you, it changed its policies, and shared your personal information with third parties.
google is no longer about you, your interest and your convenience, it is no longer about your privacy, it is all about the profit it can gain from exploiting you.

And now they are holding youtube hostage in exchange for the last remaining bit of your social private life left.

Google is the new EA, they see something that is nice and popular, they buy it and screw it up,  change everything that made it good, and not paying attention to what the people want, like youtube.

Their latest move to make people use google+

google+ sucked ass and no one wanted to use it, so they forced it down our throats anyway, at first they annoyed us with constant reminders that we should use our real names for our youtube channels, despite us constantly clicking no, and than the google+ comments shit.

Im going to let these videos explain what is going on.



I am no longer able to reply to comments on my videos, i am not able to comment on other videos, i will not updgrade my account to google+, they can go fuck themselves, i never used social networking and i do not intend to start using it. I will still be using youtube to upload my video tutorials, but disable comments and link viewers to the comment sections of those tutorials posted on this blog in case they wanna comment and stuff, but all my future more serious video animation projects will be uploaded to vimeo, im also switching from google search to yahoo search and rooting my android phone or getting a microsoft phone or some shit. Thank god i kept resisting all that other bullshit google tried to sell me for all these years, never used gmail or gchat or any of that crap and im glad i didnt.

This was rant 1 of 3, the next 2 will be about how IW killed call of duty and why pacific rim was a shitty ass movie.

– Utilizator news update –

– Rikugou Temjin –


So heres some news on the Temjin armor, i have finished all the animations and it is now being scripted. But meanwhile as it is being scripted, im working on another set of armor for Rikugou that i will call the Strike armor.

– Rikugou Strike –


Im putting all my time and effort into this now so hopefully it will be finished pretty soon (and wont take a fucking year like the temjin did xD). im hoping i can finish this by the end of this month.

– Rikugou Customization Contest –


If anyone remembers, once i did this sort of a top 10 best customizations that i personally liked the most and stuff. Well this time im thinking of making an official contest with prizes and stuff, im just not sure yet when, probably after i finish the strike armor. I will post more details about the rules and stuff later on.

– Beware of phishing scam –


I have noticed an increase of phishing scam lately, mostly this debauchee here that keeps coming back with a new account but always a similar name. he always sends a mass IM to everyone saying something that would be relevent to your interests followed by a shortened link. The link will lead to a fake marketplace page that will ask you for your login information. Never click any suspicious links from people you dont even know that IM you out of the blue for no reason and give you a shortened links or links that look sort of like the real thing but has like a .net or .co.gz or something like that at the end, like secondlife.net instead of secondlife.com, or misspelled words like secondlive or secondlfe. Be sure to check their profile too.

– Ads on SL and second life premium –

Okay so for a few days i was having this problem with all the SL web services, like the marketplace or the SL dashboard, the pages just went blank after they finished loading. I was too lazy to figure out whats wrong and i didn’t need to use them at that time and i thought that a simple computer restart will fix it so i left it alone for a while, today i needed to use the marketplace and looks like a simple restart didn’t do the trick, so i started googling and trying to figure out what is wrong, i launched IE and opened the marketplace there and noticed some really bizarre ads allover the place, so i went back to firefox and disabled adblock for a moment and tried loading the my dashboard again, and it loaded but… I started to think that i might have some spyware on my computer or something cuz it also loaded those bizarre out of place ads, they broke the website Layout and didn’t fit with the rest of the page style, i went to the forums to see if anyone else is experiencing this and to my surprise, everyone was. This isn’t some spyware, this is LL’s doing !?


i went to check their blog and found this post http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Advertising-on-Second-Life-Web-Properties/ba-p/1927315

So they just slaped this shit on with no prior warning?  and they are going to expand on this bullshit by putting ads to our profiles and and other places and they say

“The placement of these ads is designed to be unobtrusive, as we don’t want them to interfere with your Second Life experience on the web, and we’re taking care to keep the content appropriate.”

Well they are doing a piss poor job because i have seen some really offensive and disturbing shit, like fake download links to fake software(spyware), creepy looking ads, cheep porn ads and all kinds of other shit that isn’t relevant to SL. I couldn’t understand their stated reasons for it, something about it being a great opportunity for spam agencies to reach out to us and advertise us vacuum cleaners and viagra?  but if i get this right, their main goal is to make SL users be able to purchase these ad spaces to advertise their products. This is all fine and dandy but don’t we already have a system for this? like all the marketplace ads that we pay LL to show our products and all the classifieds and other advertising in second life search and other places? i mean we already have all this so whats the point of adding another layer of this on top of this?

Whats pants on head retarded the most is that premium users cannot escape this either, it doesn’t matter if your premium or not, you will still see this crap, so than what am i even paying them for? what kind of actual benefits do users get out of premium?

– whats the point to premium anyway? –

There’s a lot of urban legends going around about the benefits of a second life premium subscription, things like better protection from false ARs or LS exchange limit increase. Im a premium user myself, i signed up for premium hoping it will increase my limits, but that didn’t happen :C so let me tell you what premium actually does and what it doesn’t doesn’t do:

It will not increase your L$ selling limits, even if your limit is zero, getting premium wont change that.
It will not give you any special rights, guarantees or protections, LL will treat you like trash regardless of your account status.
It will not give you any other benefits you might think of.

what it actually does is:

It gives you like 100L$ a month or something like that, the amount is kinda ridiculously small so i don’t even see the point(for that 15$ you could get far more L$)
You get a crappy looking house in a laggy cramped up sim where houses stand like 2 meters away from each other and you can see what your neighbors are doing through their windows, zero privacy.
You get live chat support (that you can reach even without premium if you go to the premium subscription page and click the ask a question button) that cannot really do shit about your problem, they are never able to give you any real help, their only purpose is to paste you links to irrelevent outdated SL wiki articles.
You get access to premium VIP destinations, all fucking 2 of them, one is this empty looking jungle sim that would have been kinda impressive in 2004 i guess, and the other one is this empty sandbox for builders.
You can “own” land.

So basically, the only real reason you would get premium is because it is mandatory if you want to own land(and owning land is a shit idea btw cuz youre going to get screwed over by LL really hard if youre just one day late to pay the rent (yes you still pay so you don’t really own shit so whats the point even), or someone did something bad on your land without you knowing it. read more about that one http://alphavilleherald.com/2010/02/historic-what-sim-for-sale-goons-go-back-to-baku.html

– The real motivation behind these ads –

According to one blog (that i cant find anymore), LL is doing this to combat their declining income from land tiers,  if that’s the case than what LL really should be doing, make your stupid shit cheaper you dumb assholes! Your astronomical land prices is the main reason that drives people away from buying land. A normal game server costs 45$ a moth, a sim on second life costs 300$ a month, no one simply has or is willing to spend that kind of money, this is ridiculous. Sure if you lower your prices, you wont get any momentary gains from it, but if you learn to pull your stupid heads out of your asses and look forward, you are going to make so much more money in the long run if everyone will be able to afford a sim of their own! Its better to have 100 paying costumers that pay you 45$ per month than just 1 paying costumer that is paying his last 300$ this month before he gets fed up with your stupid shit and just leaves the game.

Well anyway, i never ever bother clicking on random off topic ads in websites so i do not need to see them, i have found a way to kill the ads without breaking the website and i will keep it that way for now till LL gets their shit together, integrate the adds into their website better without breaking the design and make second life users be able to advertise their products in those ads, making them relevant to me, than i will stop blocking them.

– Attack on titans uniform by Arbalest and server side baking –

This is a little something that Arbalest was working on for some time, but *Edelweiss* beat them to it and released their 3D Maneuver Gear, nevertheless this didn’t discourage my friends and they have finally finished their version of the outfit.


The outfit is Avatar 2.0 compatible and the metal parts of it have some nice detail.

– Server side baking –

This shit is important.

The majority of SL’s users are out of touch with the behind the scenes developments of SL, people aren’t following LL’s official blog posts or any other SL news sources. Normally this isn’t such big of a deal because most of those of those developments lead to small changes here and there that do not really effect their second life experience, of course some of those changes are not so small and people who where uninformed about the coming of those changes, get all butt mad when they happen and blame LL. Like changes to the marketplace delivery system or display names.

But this new change will be like nothing LL has ever pulled before, the server side texture baking, this will break all v1 based viewers and all the viewers that aren’t up to date. people who are using outdated viewers will suddenly see everyone else all fucked up and people will see them all fucked up too. Grab the popcorn cuz there’s There is going to be so much rage :D

According to the phoenix project website According to the latest statistics from LL there are still some 67,000+ users on Phoenix and 77,000+ on Firestorm versions that are NOT compatible with Server Side Appearance (for Firestorm, that means any version older than 4.4.0). That is nearly 150,000 users who will have to update in this two-week period. I suspect most will wait until the very last minute or will wait until it’s too late. Why the fuck do people still even use phoenix at all is beyond me but boy are they in for a surprise :D. “We will begin using all our resources to notify Phoenix users of the upcoming change and the need to upgrade. If you are a Phoenix user, you may find this to be annoying and nagging – sorry about that – but there are a great many users who do not pay attention to upcoming changes and have no idea their experience is about to become epic fail.” Now this will effectively kill all v1 based viewers (i hope) unless some asshole is going to reverse engineer server side baking and implement it into the v1 code like they did with mesh :C, With the death of the v1 viewers, we can finally have all those nice things like custom bone systems and other stuff that LL was afraid to give us cuz too many people are still playing SL on old discontinued viewers.

BTW im kinda posting this really late cuz there’s only 2 days left till server side baking is live (July 9) and i still haven’t updated myself cuz i was too lazy :D…..

So yeah, anyone who still didn’t know about this, its about time to update your firestorm or linden or any other viewers that have an update for server side baking support.

– Updates and new stuff –

– Long hoodies for the U & A male mesh body –


This took me way longer than it should have but here they are, currently only available in my ingame store. The sleeveless version was also supposed to be out along with these but i realized that i have forgot to make the actual U & A version of it, only made the LL avatar version, so those are gonna come soon.


The avatar 2.0 and the M3 mesh head got some updates and these are:

M3 1.9.0
Added a Center option to the roll menu.
Changed the HUD position from right to the left side of the screen, now the HUD automatically hides it’s options menu offscreen. This is a  workaround for the annoying problem of the invisible part of the HUD blocking your mouse clicks.
Fixed some permission errors with the bonus items.
Few changes to the script

The head is prepared to work with a texture applier and some other stuff that im gonna be releasing any day now. What the applier does is, it makes things easier for both mod creators and mod consumers, it allows modders to package and sell their M3 texture mods without having to make them full perm or give out UIIDs and users can now just apply the mods with one click of a button and not have to deal with copypasting UIIDs into the hud one by one.

Avatar 2.0 – 1.10b
A few minor bug fixes that caused clipping with the new set of clothes that are also coming soon.
Reorganized hideable ares on the chest.

(NO this is not the update with hand positions and boob sizes and all that good shit that i was talking about, this is just a small maintenance update)

– Coming soon! –

A bunch of skin tight clothing for Avatar 2.0, stuff like bike shorts, socks, gloves, pantyhose and other stuff. The M3 applier thing and another thing that i do not yet know how to describe.  After all that is done, imma work on Rikugou some more.

– Third Party Content –

– MoMo Fashion –

MoMo fashion is making stuff that is compatible with Avatar 2.0, visit their store to see more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/64075/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=avatar+2.0



Blouse for avatar 2.0 by Sepph

Sepph has released a bunch of shirts that work with avatar 2.0, now this shirt is a bit of a tight fit and will clip, there fore they have included specially made alpha maps for all 12 skin tones.

These are just a few, check out their store for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/120513/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=blouse


Moan bumper for M3 by SmexyL

This is a Bumper that animates the M3 face and makes a moan sounds and more, read the full description on the item page


– Drax Files –

My buddy Drax who makes all sorts of informative and entertaining second life videos has started a new series about people who create the world of second life. I like these particular series the most cuz it always shows something i have never knew existed in the game, furthermore it shows me that second life isn’t all about cock walkers and shitty clubs and that there’s so much more to it.

Anyway this is my favorite episode because its kinda a bit mind blowing.


That’s it for now,  Gonna update the CCD later too.