– Kemono –

And its done, i managed to find some time to finish it before the next week .

Everyone who already bought this on the launch day at the main store, rez your update cards because i have accidentally released an older unfinished version D:


The kemono avatar

All the furry avatar bodies i tried on SL have one big problem, very limited hide areas(or no areas you can hide at all) making it impossible to wear anything on them and very few clothing items made by the original creators of such bodies, So this is my attempt at fixing this problem. This avatar is a combination of both the Avatar 2.0 and the M3 head systems. You will be able to hide different areas of the body and customize it to the tiniest detail. It also features some of the new solutions to the problems that the Avatar 2.0 is facing now. (these solutions will also be implemented into the avatar 2.0 too)
And in the head department, there are so few cute looking furry heads, most furries just wear some realistic dog head on a human body or some terrible pile of linked prims from 2004 and that just makes me go :|, and even the good looking heads have one big problem, its the eyes. They pop out and every time you do something to your shape, making you reposition your head and readjust the eye sliders. It just makes it borderline impossible to wear rigged mesh hair with some of those heads because repositioning the head to fit the hair is impossible without derping up the eyes.

— whats included in this package —

This Manual
M3K Head
Kemono Body
Kemono HUD
Kemono Tail and Ears
Full body Alpha
Starter clothing
Emote pack
Undeformer (in case of emergency)
Bonus items
Update card
head attachment guide
Landmark to the store

Bonus items:

Command Documentation Head & Body
Default textures
Texture templates
UV maps
Additional clothing items
Away sign

— Features —


Full mod and not rigged – scale it, link stuff to it, rip or replace its textures, go crazy with it but make backups before you do!
Expression mixer – create your own expressions.
Segmentation – the face is split up into individual elements that can be controlled separately, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, effects such as blush and tears.
Advanced options menu – this is where you customize your head, choose its eye styles, colors, skin color, eyebrow types, add custom textures, misc options.
Heterochromia – set a different color to each eye.
Presets HUD – create, save and load your own presets for facial expressions.
Animations – eyes blink, look around, the mouth moves when you type or talk on voice chat,
Emotes – the head can display a face expression based on what smiley face you typed in local chat, like :3 and :D and :O and so on.
Effects – 3 different blush and 2 tears effects.
Facelight – built in face light (disabled by default)
2 eye styles
2 eyebrow styles + the ability to hide them
Skin texture selection also changes the skin texture of the kemono body.


The kemono HUD features Basic and advanced body part hide modes for maximum compatibility with various mesh clothing
5 different hand positions – relaxed, hold, fist, point, rock on.
Ability to load asymmetrical textures.
Advanced options allow you to change the skin texture and load your own, control the tail, choose the style of legs and a PG mode.

Changes to the M3 system:

If you have previously owned an M3 head, these are the features that are new to the M3 system (that are also coming to the standard M3 head too)
Ability to control each eyelid separately, you can now close one eye, or close one eye more than the other. Originally the M3 head was supposed to have eye texture layer color control in adition to the base layer color control, but due to technical difficulties, we had to remove that feature from the final release.
While working on the kemono, we have found a workaround for that technical difficulty that allowed us to somewhat bring back the lost functionality, you can now select from 5 different eye texture colors.
We have also added a v1 viewer compatibility mode for those of you who have old computers and are forced to use v1 viewers.
And finally, the head now listens to user made scripted object commands to change the expressions and stuff like that.

Changes to the M3 HUD:

The HUD now has a Hide button that hides it offscreen
The hud now Auto detects witch side of the screen you have attached it to and realigns its options menu to that side of the screen to prevent the click block mesh bug from happening. It also can no be attached wherever you want it to be attached without screwing it up like before.
The presets window is now a separate HUD in itself, it has lost all of its nonsensical functions and now focuses on saving your full facial expressions instead.

Have a nice yiff :B


But the news dont end here! I have also updated the shorts to work with the new Kemono avatar and made a new version of the short hoodies that now come in different boob sizes, texture change menu, and are also compatible with the new Kemono avatar.

Check them out.

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23 Responses to – Kemono –

  1. nicholashylands says:

    Holy crap I love this avatar.
    When u open the mouth in one of the options and stick da tongue out, the tongue goes through the teeth.

    • Masato Anabuki says:

      Have you tried updating? That might be because of the older version that he accidentally released in stores.

  2. jnaathra says:

    -grabs up- ^.^ Thankies!

  3. jnaathra says:

    What is the ideal way to attach the ears?

  4. Curiene says:

    Luv her. I am a huge fan of my Avatar 2.0 and her big boobs but Kemono is just right in her proportions, very sleek. And thanks for the panda markings…my fave!

  5. Yuki says:

    human legs are not really human, the tibia is innatural and femore zone is too many muscled forward ( my opinion ). it’s possible a update for human legs ? i like the torso, it’s perfect :)

    a little issue is rigged mesh item on mesh body, mesh braids and mesh rigged shirts not fit on surface well.

  6. nicholashylands says:

    can you do a small fitted mesh update anyways, perhaps without boobs being rigged to fitted mesh, so we can change other things :0

  7. Jamina says:

    do you plan on releasing a version with which you can create higher resolution texture size than 1024×512 for the whole body?
    I just now wanted to create a skin, but its too low resolution for what i have in mind sadly

    • i have no such plans

      • Miyu (Swiftkill.Resident) says:

        Skin resolution and somewhat weird shoulders\pecks behavior are main problem of both AV 2.0 and kemono. I could understand that with av.2.0, because it was oriented on humans, but furries are completely different market, and much more creative in body marking designs. 2/3 of skin given to legs, while body is like 1/6 of whole texture (if count only body part).. defeats fact it’s furry avatar. Yeah, half of skin is face, but this isn’t human avatar where _all fine features_ are on face. Furry usually have very detailed skin, especially belly and back, sometimes asymmetric skins (though av.2.0 body disallows asymmetric tattoo – which would be about 90% of tattoo designs – either for humans)

  8. auriaadmin says:

    I Love This! Nice Work :3 Shut up and take my money!!! 8D

  9. SoujiMonaru says:

    I have a question that needs to be addressed: I chose an expression and now she wears glasses all the time…is this limited to the one expression, or is it a bug?

  10. Kazuma says:

    Any plans on the ability to apply LL skin textures for those of us not savvy enough to make our own?

  11. kristy says:

    is there an update to make the mouth work with voice for kemono and how do you apply it?

  12. dominicayers says:

    they dont have redelivery for the place AMH?

  13. Anonimus says:

    Hey everyone! I want to warn you that SL is having a ban hunt where they are banning all the anime avis, please save yourself and be careful where you go and what you do, I did nothing wrong and they still banned me cause I used a anime head, please difund and help to warn all anime community, cause anime community dont deserve to desapear.

    • my name says:

      You mean they are banning all of the sexualized loli/child-like avatars that permutate any region that isn’t G-rated. Wow, big surprise. You break the rules, you get banned.

      I think uti even wrote a post about this – if there’s any question about it, and you get reported, LL has a no-tolerance policy. The chiisai population of SL is small enough that Liden Labs doesn’t care to potentially have to fight a lawsuit for them.

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