– More third party stuff and some other things –

Okay so you all might be wondering wtf am i doing all this time and where are your rikugou temjin and flat 2.0 and all that other good stuff. Well probably not too soon, there’s some RL stuff that’s eating away all my attention and my computer broke so decided to upgrade it a bit, so im waiting for the new parts to arrive before i can resume any work(it was supposed to get everything today but fuckers gave me the wrong motherboard so now i have to wait another week till they get the right one). Once i have my new computer, i will continue working on the new armor for rikugou.

That being said, i also have some responsibilities that i kept ignoring for long enough, like giving a shout outs to third party developers and updating the CCD. So here goes.

*R* Mesh TShirt for the v2.0 avatar

Darkstar Dynamics

Avatar 2.0 and M3 skin mods by


Click the store banner for more.


Operator Symbol

More Avatar 2.0, M3 and Rikugou mods.

Click the banner to see more stuff.



M3 head mods

Visit her store page for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/147615

Gonna add more stuff later, now i have to review and post a ton of CCD submissions that have piled up over the months.


I got a bunch of more exciting news for you all :O



Arbalest was always on my “the place to go” list every time i needed a a nice anime style outfit, and they are now making Avatar 2.0 compatible outfits :O


So far they have released 2 Avatar 2.0 compatible outfits  inspired by a game called Ar Tonelico and will be making a third one to complete the series, Rikugou users will love that one :D  I also heard they will be porting some of their other mesh outfits to Avatar 2.0 so its worth keeping an eye on their store at – AMH –



if you like to explore and shoot zombies and stuff than you might wanna check this out.


A friend of mine has made this cool horror survival action shooter style game on SL called THE MAZE, where you have to fight your way through all the zombies and robots and collect gems that let you upgrade your gun’s stats or buy a vehicle that can help you get around the map and blast some zombies.


I made a small gameplay video(made a small flashlight+dark environment setting mod to make the game more spooky).


And here’s another gameplay video.


And this is where you can find it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tamarillo%20Island/248/250/1207


– M3 anime head news –

Now despite the update that fixes the issue with the alpha glitch cause by the glow option, a few people continued experiencing alpha glitches with their eyes so i looked into it and found 2 common client side problems:

1. The person is still using some old and tired v1 based viewer like phoenix or singularity. This particular M3 head is not backwards compatible with discontinued viewers. Please consider upgrading to a v3 based viewer like firestorm, if you don’t like the new UI, look into the firestorm FUI beta, it has a V1 mode with all the buttons where you want them to be and even the crappy old grey skin with blue buttons. You are holding us all back and im going to explain how in my rant about V1 viewers and their users. Later M3 heads might be backwards compatible if i figure out a way to make it look good.

2. The person touched some viewer settings that he wasn’t supposed to touch. All V3 based viewers have an automatic 1 bit alpha thing, this is Linden lab’s lazy ass workaround for the alpha glitch problem but it does the job. How it works is alpha textures that have sharp edges and do not have any gradient transparencies to them are automatically turned into 1 bit alphas. The rendering engine treats 1 bit alphas with the same kind of rendering order as it does polygons. Now some people have that option disabled in their settings for all kinds of random reasons, most common reason is that 1 bit alphas aren’t anti aliased right and have these nasty jagged edges, turning the 1 bit alpha option off makes all the alphas smooth but it also makes them all glitch again. what you should do instead is manually set witch alphas you want to be gradient and witch alphas you want to be 1 bit, you can do that from the build menu’s texture tab, just giving the alpha 1% transparency turns it into a gradient alpha.

Anyway long story short, to fix this second client side problem, enable these 2 things.



Now some people have a problem with the HUD “not loading” and being just a few white lines on their screen. What happened is you changed the default HUD attachment  point with some other random point (changing prim attachment points resets the position and rotation of a prim) and now you are seeing the side of it. what you need to do is right click edit the HUD and turn it back around to face you again.

Finally, there’s another update coming that adds the missing center eye option in the roll menu, fixes the invisible options menu click bug, adds a hide button to completely hide the HUD so that it wouldn’t cock block you when you are trying to cam (i know how annoying that shit is) fixes a permission error with the eye template and some other minor fixes.

Oh and forgot to mention that we are working on texture appliers for modders so that they wouldn’t need to sell their textures full perm.

– Other stuff –

I have finished working on the new Avatar 2.0 version that has more areas to hide, now all that’s left is the scripting.

I found this neat thing on MP few days ago, this is an alternative HUD for Rikugou by Junku, that adds some extra functionality to the avatar.

Well, that is all.

– More third party mods and addons for Avatar 2.0 and Rikugou –

Im gonna start this of with a video i came across by accident, while browsing youtube in a party at friend’s place, i didn’t even know what i was looking for cuz i was too piss drunk and high, it was a nice surprise and kinda trippy too so i wrote it down on my phone so that i wouldn’t forget it (i forgot i wrote it down for like a week tho) Anyway the video is pretty awsome so check it out

So here’s the awesome new third party stuff

Rikugou + BG feline mods by ::Static::

This isn’t really a mod for Rikugou but it requires Rikugou’s head and hair in combination with the Blue Galaxy feline avatar. Click the store banner above to go to the Static store and see all the colors versions of this mod.

Content by Simplicity

She has made way to many skins, make up, clothing items and other stuff for me to list here so click the banner to go to the marketplace store of Kaie Kaur and check all that stuff out.

Rikugou Lite furry skin mods by No Pants

some really nice looking skins. Click the banner to go check them all out(there’s more).

Rikugou Lite plug suit mods by .:FLFF:.

Click on one of these images to go to the .:FLFF:. store and check out all her mods(there’s more).

Stuff by Katsu Swords (Chomps)

She only started but she already has some interesting stuff, click on one of these 2 images to go to her store.

– Third party addons and upgrades for Rikugou –

Here’s a little round up of all the third party stuff i managed to find on the marketplace. If youre not on this list and have made something for Rikugou, send me a link and i will put it up here

– Texture mods –

– Texture mods by Hiyori Mode –

2 nice looking texture edits, wish she made more.

– Texture mods by Shinku Magic –

Custom carbon fiber textures

Striped leg textures for the core Rikugou legs

These neat striped stockings comes in several different colors and can help you make an awesome looking character, im definitely getting these myself and see what i can make with them. Hope the creator comes up with more cool stuff like this.

– Luka’s Body Shop –

Rikugou Lite plug suit heart mod

Rikugou Lite Animated Heart

– Eleha Sewell –

12 ColorSet for Riku – B Hair

– ||☆Chromatica☆|| –

Rikugou B Custom Hair Colors

– Katsu Swords –

Riku Ganguro Skin Mod

– Scripts and addons –

– DarKreations –

Rikugou Core Controller


FINE TOO – Talk script for Rikugou

– Trixie’s Store –

Cyber Chrome glowing ears

Moving Dildo Tail

Cyber glowing ears

Tail Light

Heart Tail

WLan Antena Tail

– Kiss This! –

Rikugou shoulder cannons

Android safety sign

That is all, if you made something or know of something that i have overlooked, sent me your notecards and i will add them here.

– More third party content and the mesh deformer project –

Okay so here’s some more third party content created specifically for my avatars

I already mentioned this creator before but she came up with a lot more new stuff.

Check out Marrcia’s marketplace page for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/123733

Another new creator is Elly who made some hair textures for Rikugou B hair



– The  Mesh Deformer project –

Probably most of you have heard this already, but a former linden labs employee Qarl Linden is working on a new mesh feature, It will allow meshes to make use of the remaining appearance editor sliders like lets say body fat, or boob size. Not only that, meshes that are deformer enabled, will also react to hand poses and face expressions(this ones just my speculation based on the screenshots i saw). On top of that, one unexpected but positive side effect is that all the deformer enabled meshes will also react to avatar physics.

What this means for us all is that we will no longer need to have 5 different sizes of the same jacket or pants, we will no longer need male and female versions, we will no longer need different boob size versions and so on. But probably the best part of this to me personally is that, this will turn the Avatar 2.0 into a fully functional avatar with face expressions, blink, hand poses, ability to fully customize the shape and face using the appearance editor.

However, there’s one huge problem with this that im afraid of, if im right, how this works is basically it uses a process similar to bone weight copy in blender, to copy the morph maps from the standard SL avatar onto the mesh, this measn that the quality of the deformations might be kind of terrible. Shape sliders might effect the wrong polygons and when lets say, increasing your boob size, will also increase bits of your chest around your boobs, kinda something that the LL avatar does already to itself if you set the boob size to max, due to the terrible terrible weight weighting and morphs. A far bigger problem might be face expressions, if the the avatar opens its mouth, how exactly will the deformer know witch polygons belong to the upper lip and witch belong to the lower lip D: so yeah, im defenetly excited about this project but also kind of scared.

Of course, this all is just my poorly educated speculations, DO NOT take anything i said and run off with it spreading it around as fact. There’s already enough bad rumors, people without any idea what it actually is and what it does, writing in their blogs on how its gonna break all the mesh content created before, and than the idiots reading those blogs without any understanding what they are even reading, make up their own versions of what they just read and than go and tell it to all their friends. You know, the average SL community behavior, to misread something, to not look into it more and to go around and cause mass panic.
So yeah to address the rumor about the new deformer feature breaking existing content, use your brain, would LL really break 4765829244 items of already existing mesh content and cause a massive gridwide inventory damage? The mesh deformer WILL NOT break any prior mesh, the worst that can happen is that older meshes that where uploaded before this feature might not react to the newly usable appearance editor sliders, you will still be able to wear your jeans and jackets, you will just not be able to change their boob and butt sizes.

– FINE TOO – Talk script for Rikugou –

Marketplace Page

The very first third party mod rikugou, its a pretty neat script that you put inside your Rikugou head, once the script is activated, it animates her mouth when you type on the keyboard or talk on the mic, it also has some useful customization options like tinting the skin color.

And it is free too :D