– Updates and new stuff –

– Long hoodies for the U & A male mesh body –


This took me way longer than it should have but here they are, currently only available in my ingame store. The sleeveless version was also supposed to be out along with these but i realized that i have forgot to make the actual U & A version of it, only made the LL avatar version, so those are gonna come soon.


The avatar 2.0 and the M3 mesh head got some updates and these are:

M3 1.9.0
Added a Center option to the roll menu.
Changed the HUD position from right to the left side of the screen, now the HUD automatically hides it’s options menu offscreen. This is a  workaround for the annoying problem of the invisible part of the HUD blocking your mouse clicks.
Fixed some permission errors with the bonus items.
Few changes to the script

The head is prepared to work with a texture applier and some other stuff that im gonna be releasing any day now. What the applier does is, it makes things easier for both mod creators and mod consumers, it allows modders to package and sell their M3 texture mods without having to make them full perm or give out UIIDs and users can now just apply the mods with one click of a button and not have to deal with copypasting UIIDs into the hud one by one.

Avatar 2.0 – 1.10b
A few minor bug fixes that caused clipping with the new set of clothes that are also coming soon.
Reorganized hideable ares on the chest.

(NO this is not the update with hand positions and boob sizes and all that good shit that i was talking about, this is just a small maintenance update)

– Coming soon! –

A bunch of skin tight clothing for Avatar 2.0, stuff like bike shorts, socks, gloves, pantyhose and other stuff. The M3 applier thing and another thing that i do not yet know how to describe.  After all that is done, imma work on Rikugou some more.

– Third Party Content –

– MoMo Fashion –

MoMo fashion is making stuff that is compatible with Avatar 2.0, visit their store to see more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/64075/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=avatar+2.0



Blouse for avatar 2.0 by Sepph

Sepph has released a bunch of shirts that work with avatar 2.0, now this shirt is a bit of a tight fit and will clip, there fore they have included specially made alpha maps for all 12 skin tones.

These are just a few, check out their store for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/120513/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=blouse


Moan bumper for M3 by SmexyL

This is a Bumper that animates the M3 face and makes a moan sounds and more, read the full description on the item page


– Drax Files –

My buddy Drax who makes all sorts of informative and entertaining second life videos has started a new series about people who create the world of second life. I like these particular series the most cuz it always shows something i have never knew existed in the game, furthermore it shows me that second life isn’t all about cock walkers and shitty clubs and that there’s so much more to it.

Anyway this is my favorite episode because its kinda a bit mind blowing.


That’s it for now,  Gonna update the CCD later too.