– COD IW PS4 Beta –

Sheeeit, cant wait for this game to come out, been having a blast with the ps4 beta, made a video about it.

– Havent done one of these in a while –

– New APB video –

If anyone is interested, i made a new APB gameplay video

– Update on Rikugou addons and some other stuff –

Okay so, summer is almost here and the weather is great, its really hot right now and im really sweaty and lazy and i don’t even wanna look at my computer screen cuz it makes my eyes hurt. Its really sunny outside and im just dieing to get out of the house, so i spend most of the time riding my bike or getting piss drunk and high with random friends somewhere in the open. So during the summer i will be a lot less productive, you might say im on summer vacation.

That being said, ill still occasionally sit down and work on my projects now and than still, like these new addons for Rikugou that where supposed to be finished ages ago if it wasn’t for the summer. Here’s a preview of what ive been doing so far.


Most of this is still kinda preliminary and i don’t really like how some of it looks from the front, i have actually redone the whole design several times and im still not happy with it and this is turning into a real pain in the ass.

Apart from that, most of the time i do get to sit down at the computer, is when i play COD, and speaking of COD, i have made a new video too :D

Check it out