– WIP – Avatar 2.0 face expressions –

Okay so, finally have something to show, this is what i have been working on lately, the Avatar 2.0 face expressions, mouth animation, blink and all that stuff.


This is such a terrible mesh to work with, the polygon count is really low so i had to increase it in certain places for the expressions not to look choppy, and still some expressions just dont look good. I also still need to work some more around the eyes to be able to close them without stretching the textures. The biggest limitation is keeping it compatible with all the skin mods for this avatar, i havent yet figured out what to do with the eyes and some of the mouth expressions.

Anyway, this head is going to use the M3 system but a light version of it, since the head uses linden eyes, it will also lack some other stuff that only really work on an anime style head. There will also be optional rigged mesh eyes that you can attach and load M3 eye textures onto, you will be able to use the eyes with your LL avatar head or any other head that supports LL avatar eyes.

The price of the avatar 2.0 will increase by 100L after this update is live so anyone who hasnt got yours yet, better do it now, although there is no hurry really because this update will take forever to do.

– A nice start –

This is so great, when i was doing the skins for the new Venus head, i wondered if people will mod of this head like they did with the normal M3 and can this head be turned into something great. And as soon as it got released, modders pounced on it, there were day 1 mods created within 2 hours of its release.


Nothing makes me more happy than to see peoples creativity and what they can turn my products into, i love the modding community and all the amazing things they do on sl.



– M3 Venus Anime Head –

The long awaited M3 Venus(Mature) Anime Head is here!

Things to note:

The regular M3 appliers will work with this but if the skin texture isnt created for this head specifically, it will be misaligned, eyes will work just fine tho.
Eyebrows and eyelashes made for the regular M3 or the Kemono M3 will be misaligned too so make sure the mods you are getting are made for this head specifically.

– Attack On Titan –

The core game is done and open for business.


To play the game, you need to get the green pack, if you wanna host the game on your own sim, the blue and red packs are for you. Take time to familiarize yourself with the controls and try out the training course before you go down to the city to fight the titans. In addition, while the core game is done, the development doesnt stop here, later on we will be adding new features to the game such as scoring, leveling, prizes and badges on your 3DMG to showcase your achievements (the size of your e-peen).

Have fun!

– Some modeling and rigging stuff –

i was cleaning up my videos folder and found these 2 vids, hope these are useful for learning to anyone.


– The valentine’s day event video –

This is a bit late but i finally made a video of the valentines day event, enjoy.

– Surprise reveal of the new male M3 anime head –

Yes, this is what you all been waiting for, the M3 male anime head.